Croatia: If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You They’re Not Big Enough

At Music Hall, Loss Angeles
Friday 5 February 2016
Premiere "
From Left:Matea Franic, Bruno Kovacevic, Janica, Ivica i Elin Kostelic te Iva i Kresimir Prosoli ispred kina nakon premijere filma Gnothi Seauton

  Music Hall on Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, was quite abuzz on the night of Friday 5th February 2016, with the U.S. and world premiere of the documentary film, Gnothi Seauton (Ancient Greek aphorism Know Thyself), 23-years in the making, about the incredible Croatian Kostelic family – particularly Janica Kostelic and Ivica Kostelic, […]

Croatia’s Minister Hasanbegovic Must Stay Put For Justice For Victims Of Communist Crimes

Zlatko Hasanbegovic
Minister for Culture
Photo: Grgo Jelavic/Pixsell

  There’s not much as repugnant and as unacceptable in today’s democracies and freedoms than when an official or employee of a non-government organisation or a government official takes the liberty of seeking that an another country’s government dismisses one of its government ministers, elected into the parliament of his/her country by the people.   […]

Victims Of Communism On Island Of Korcula Croatia

Franko Burmas i Zvonimir Separovic

If you’re not with us then you are against us, and, therefore, you must be liquidated – that was the motto Yugoslav communist Partisans lived by during and after WWII. “I did not even dare write about all the horrendous torment victims of Partisans on Korcula endured – Partisans in the village of Zrnovo were […]

Croatia: Still Hostage of Communist Fury


    The violent communist furore unleashed from Serbia and within Croatia from rebel Serbs and pro-Communists in 1991 when Croats voted overwhelmingly to secede from communist Yugoslavia has not died down to a tolerable degree despite the horrible war of aggression being long over, with Croatia – a victorious independent state on its way […]

Persecuting Journalist In Croatia For Exposing Serb Orthodox Priests Glorifying Chetnik Murderers

Marko Juric

  No judge, no jury – Croatia’s e-media (electronic media regulatory body in Croatia) has decided last week to temporarily shut down the broadcasting of Z1 TV programs as its draconian and utterly communist Yugoslavia-style response to opinion or comment expressed by TV program “Markov Trg” (Mark’s Square) host Marko Juric and an utterly ugly […]

New Croatian Government Exposes Opposition’s Communist Killjoys of Democracy And Progress

Government of Croatia 2016 
Prime Minister: Tihomir Oreskovic
First Deputy Prime Minister: Tomislav Karamarko
Deputy Prime Minister: Bozo Petrov
Minister Internal Affairs: Vlaho Orepic
Minister Foreign and European Affairs: Miro Kovac
Minister of Finances: Zdravko Maric
Minister of Defense:  Josip Buljevic
Minister of Justice: Ante Sprlje
Minister of Administration: Dubravka Jurlina-Alibegovic
Minister of Agriculture: Davor Romic
Minister of Environment Protection: Slaven Dobrovic
Minister of Economy: Tomislav Panenic
Minister Veterans' Affairs: Mijo Crnoja
Minister of Construction/Building: Lovro Kuscevic
Minister of Business: Darko Horvat
Minister of Maritime, Traffic and Infrastructure: Oleg Butkovic
Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds: Tomislav Tolusic
Minister for Social Politics and Youth: Bernardica Juretic
Minister for Tourism: Anton Kliman
Minister for Employment and Retirement Funds: Nada Sikic
Minister for Health: Dario Nakic
Minister for Science, Education and Sport: Predrag Sustar
Minister for Culture: Zlatko Hasanbegovic

      BIOGRAPHIES/CVs of Croatia’s new Government officials can be found HERE     It took 14 hours of presentation of Tihomir Oreskovic’s new centre-right cabinet for the new government and its program and discussions in the Croatian Parliament on Friday 22 January 2016 for the same government to earn a majority vote of […]

Setting Right Croatian War Veterans’ Rights

Colonel Mijo Crnoja and General Zeljko Glasnovic

If the Croatian Prime Minister designate, Tihomir Oreskovic, accepts the HDZ/Croatian Democratic Union nomination for the new Minister of Veterans Affairs the Croatian war veterans would, after several years of degradation by the leftist political winds finally reap their deserved rewards. Friday 22 January 2016 is widely touted as the date when the composition of […]

Europe’s Dithering Compassion Ignites Fears Of Inability To Cope With Refugee Crisis In Croatia

Refugees/migrants overwhelm Europe
in 2015 and likely to continue in 2016

  In the second half of 2015, the Eastern, the South-Eastern European and the Balkan countries caused an overwhelming number of headlines when it comes to migration. Hundreds of thousands of migrants/refugees from the Middle East made their way to the West through Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, as well as Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia. All […]

Croatian Artist Showcased In Notable International Success

Branka Grubic 2

  Croatian artist Branka Grubic has just won the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (United States based) international competition in “All Women Art Exhibition” with her work “Just Breathe”, beating 890 entries from 33 countries from around the world. In fact, in January, 2016. Branka received two awards for her work. Painting “Just […]

Studying In Croatia For International Students

Student Representative Council 2014
Croatian Catholic University
Zagreb, Croatia

  Recently, readers and followers of this blog asked me to consider writing about education for international or foreign students in Croatia and, so, here I am. Croatia prides itself on the level of adult literacy, which is at the rate of around 99%. Croatia loves education and knowledge and has a long and successful […]

Croatia On Cusp Of Real Progress Despite Undermining

From Left: Bozo Petrov, leader Most/Bridge 
Tihomir Oreskovic, Prime Minister designate
Tomislav Karamarko, Leader HDZ
 Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL

  Timothy Less (a UK based political analyst on Eastern Europe according to LinkedIn profile in which he claims that his “primary role is running the Nova Europa political risk consultancy which helps businesses and international organisations to understand the impact of politics on their interests in Eastern Europe” ) wrote 5 January in International […]

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