Croatia: Rebutting Accusations Against Blessed Aloysius Stepinac

Esther Gitman 24 Nov 2015

Beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1998, Croatia’s WWII Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac – falsely and wrongfully accused and condemned as Nazi collaborator by Josip Broz Tito and his Yugoslav communists – still awaits canonisation. In this day and age of political correctness getting in the way of truth, a new element has been introduced […]

Croatian Knowhow Vital Role In Saving Venice

Steel barrier for Venice by Brodosplit Croatia

    Italian city of Venice is under serious threat due to the rise in sea level and sinking of land at an alarming rate. The MOSE project will protect the Venetian Lagoon from being submerged by the Adriatic Sea and protect the famous city of Venice and the neighbouring areas from flooding. MOSE, the […]

Croatia Remembering Victims Of Vukovar And Skabrnje

Croatia's President
Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
Lights the candles along
Vukovar Street in Zagreb
17 November 2015 
Foto: Darko Tomas / CROPIX

  On the night of November 17th people of Croatia’s capital Zagreb and their friends and visitors lit up the city with candles lining its long and wide artery called Vukovar Street! This was in memory and honour of all those who perished and died defending the Croatian city of Vukovar from brutal and genocidal […]

Croatia: Forming New Government Still A Troublesome Affair

Bozo Petrov (Centre) and members of Bridge/Most
At Plitvice Croatia 14 November 2015

  Bozo Petrov, the head or the front-man of Croatia’s new reformist political group Bridge/ (“MOST” in Croatian language), which is likely to hold the balance of power in forming a new government as it won 19 seats on 8 November and neither of the two big parties with coalitions won enough to form government, […]

Croatia In A Pickle To Form New Government

Left: Drago Prgomet  Right: Bozo Petrov
two leaders of "Bridge" (Most)
group of independents that
won enough parliamentary seats to influence the
formation of government in Croatia
Photo: Robert Anic/Pixsell

  Around 61.12 percent of 3.8 million eligible voters cast their ballots in Sunday 8 November general election in Croatia. As I thought in one of my recent articles, neither of the two “big” political camps in Croatia (which divide Croatia into communist nostalgics/centre-left and independent Croatia loving cenre-right) won enough parliamentary seats to form […]

Croatia: Left Side Politics Partisanship Obstructing Right to Vote

Croatian elections

Big day for Croatia – Sunday 8 November 2015; Croatia votes for new parliament – new government. For Croats living abroad voting commenced on 7 November so they get the whole weekend to make it to the polling booths, which are restricted to consular or diplomatic premises, which more often than not have rather small […]

Purging Croatia Of Darkness Of Tito And Communism


Portrait of Josip Broz Tito
President of former Communist Yugoslavia
Portrait in oil: Charles Billich

It does not need to be pointed out that a country cannot step into a democratic political system from a communist dictatorship overnight, or without dedicated resources that would draw up and act on plans to help rid the country of a remnant communist mindset. It’s been over 25 years since Croatian people voted overwhelmingly […]

Croatian Elections: Don’t Let The Patriotic Fire Go Out

Croatian General Elections 2015:
2311 Candidates - 166 Lists!

  Croatia, like most other democratic countries, is well entrenched in the era of multi-party political coalitions and these have, particularly since early-2000’s become the norm rather than the exception. Long gone are the days when one party or two-party coalition could secure the government or majority seats in the Parliament. The era of multi-party […]

Croatia Bamboozled As EU Says Put On The Brakes To Refugee Influx

At the Croatian border with Serbia
Photo: Branko Filipovic/Reuters

  Following on to my last post the EC crisis mini-summit held in Brussels Sunday 25 October 2015 appears as yet another proof that EU leaders are still out with the Fairies when it comes to solving this crisis. Given that Germany’s Angela Merkel was very very loud in her invitations for all to come […]

Croatia: Normality Not Possible On Humanitarian Catastrophe Skid Row

Crossing Into Croatia From Serbia
24 October 2015
Photo: Zeljko Lukunic/Pixsell

  The flood of people shows no sign of slowing even though cold, wet and miserable weather conditions have set in. Over 250,000 refugees and migrants have passed through Croatia in past six weeks with the increasing likelihood and fear that transfer to other countries such a Slovenia to assist them in reaching their desired […]

Croatia: Still Playing Same Broken Record To Diaspora

President Kolonda Grabar-Kitarovic
Met With Croats From
Abroad in Zagreb, July 2015 and other times

  During the Homeland War in Croatia the diaspora, the expats living abroad, had an enormous role to play if they chose to play it. That role was multifaceted and the facets were divided into three main areas: Lobby the governments of countries they lived in for recognition of the sovereignty of independent Croatia (which […]

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