Accused War Criminal Fails Last Ditch Effort To Avoid Extradition To Croatia

DRagan Vasiljkovic Captain DRagan Daniel Snedden

  Serb national and Australian citizen (who migrated to Australia at the age of 14) Dragan Vasiljkovic, 60, also known as Captain Dragan, who has lived in Australia under the name of Daniel Snedden, is a man wanted by Croatia on charges of war crimes committed during the 1990’s war. On Friday 15 May 2015 […]

Croatia: Bleiburg Massacres Victims Still Hostages Of Communist Ideology

Centre: Cardinal JOsip Bozanic
at Bleiburg 16 May 2015
Photo: Zarko Basic/Pixsell

Croatian media sources say some 30,000 and Austrian sources say some 50,000 people gathered at the Bleiburg field in Austria on Saturday 16 May 2015 to bow and pay respects to the post-WWII victims of heinous communist crimes. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the terrible deaths suffered at the hands of the communists […]

Eurozone: A Hobson’s Choice For Croatia

European Commission president 
Jean-Claude Juncker welcomes 
Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic (R) 
 prior to a meeting at the EU commission 
headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, 30 April 2015. 
Photo: EPA/Oliver Hoslet

Rather often one comes across people debating, surveys taken on whether Croatia should join the Eurozone. The reality, though, is that if Croatia wants to say a member of the European Union it must join the Eurozone, sooner or later. It’s like a Hobson’s choice: Take it or leave it. To qualify for Eurozone membership […]

History Of Croatians In Mother’s Image

"History of Croatians"
sculpture by Ivan Mestrovic
in marble

It’s Mother’s Day today and I pay special tribute to a most special mother to Croatians. Eighty-three years ago, in 1932, Croatian world-renowned artist and sculptor Ivan Mestrovic (1883-1962) created a marvelous sculpture through which he would interpret and symbolise the history of the Croatian people. Ivan Mestrovic’s sculpture of a mother, his mother, holding […]

Croatia: Historians Row Over Significance Of Tito

Debate on Tito role in Yugoslavia

  On 4th May, 1980, Josip Broz Tito, communist leader of former Yugoslavia, passed away and it just happens that this year on the 35th anniversary of his death two prominent Croatian historians appeared for just over 6 minutes on the HRT News program. “Historians agree only in one thing and that is that Tito […]

Croatia: Rights Of People With Disabilities Need Urgent Attention

Croatian War invalids/veterans
led the "Unity" protest
in Zagreb on Saturday 2 May 2015
All disadvantaged, disempowered, unemployed 
asked to join protests
for better Croatia

  “The Croatian government should urgently heed the calls by United Nations disability rights experts to improve its disability rights record”, Human Rights Watch said Monday 27 April. Based on a submission made on 30th March 2015, the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities had on April 17, 2015, recommended that the […]

Croatia: President Paid Respects To Victims Of WWII Jasenovac Camp And Prime Minister Did Not!

Croatian President
Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
At Jasenovac memorial centre
22 April 2015 - 70 Anniversary
of liberation of this WWII camp where thousands
lost their innocent lives

  The past week has marked the 70th anniversary of liberation of WWII concentration camps throughout Europe. In Croatia, on 22 April 1945 some 600 prisoners at the Jasenovac camp revolted and broke out; most were killed in this break out. 22nd April is the official Remembrance Day for the victims of Jasenovac camp. On […]

Croatia: Reparations For War Damages – A Priority In Relating To Serbia

Armed Serb rebels 
commenced aggression
 in Croatia with barricades

  This month, the Croatian government announced its backing for legislation, set to be voted in May, entitling rape war crime victims to a one-time compensation payment of up to 20,000 euros ($21,500), a 320 euro ($340) monthly allowance, health care, psychological counseling and legal aid. “The focus of the law is on the victim, […]

Croatia: Bear Hugs In Home For Abandoned Cubs

Playful brown bears at
Kuterevo Bear Rescue

There is a sanctuary, a refuge for brown bear cubs in a small village Kuterevo, Croatia. Besides abandoned brown bears, baby brown bears that due to an accident or poaching have been separated from their mothers and are too young to live independently have found a home in Kuterevo, on the slopes of Velebit Mountain […]

Exorcising Croatia Of Remnants Of Communism

Tomislav Josic
President of 
Committee for the Defence of Croatian Vukovar

Almost 25 years since its declaration of independence from communist Yugoslavia, Croatia (as other states of former Yugoslavia) has not in its entirety come to terms with the tyranny of communism and is infested with demons of communism at all levels of the society and state-governance. Many former communists and/or their descendants evidently ignore the […]

Historian Claims Allies Raped Almost 1 Million German Women After WWII – Could Delivery Of Croatians For “The Bleiburg Massacres” Share Same Motives?

Bleiburg, Austria, May 1945
Fleeing Croats delivered by
the British to communist Yugoslavia

  Today’s generations everywhere cannot nor should they wear the guilt of heinous crimes committed by their ancestors, but today’s generations everywhere should and must expose those crimes and seek justice for the victims of such crimes at least in ensuring that history reflects factual accounts no matter how ugly those accounts are. The Western […]

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