President Of Croatia Supports Biden’s Communist Revolution (?) In Disguise

Zoran Milanovic President of Croatia

While the world’s eyes kept themselves fixed upon the rocky American Presidential elections and its results at the same time the world had, from where I stood, experienced some of the most vicious and unprecedented attacks and insults on many who publicly expressed support for Donald Trump.  Would one be wrong in saying that, on balance of evidence, mostly pro-communists dressed up as liberals are capable of such hatred and disrespect of democracy in its inherent right given to all people to choose the politicians they admire without the fear of retribution or attacks. The Croatian President Zoran Milanovic went as far as saying that he cannot comprehend why any Croatian could support Donald Trump with Joe Biden being the alternative. He said in an interview on 9 November 2020: “That a Croat with Biden (around) can be for Trump. I can’t figure that out. And especially not from those who are declared believers and people of piety…”

Well, first of all, of course Milanovic cannot figure out why Croats would go for a patriot because he is not one except by name, nor has he ever been. When Croatia went on its way to secede from communist Yugoslavia in 1990 Milanovic was a die-hard communist who belonged to the League of Communists of Croatia who did not want an independent Croatia, a democratic Croatia – any Croatia away from communist Yugoslavia. He did not fight to defend Croatia and its Croatian people when the Yugoslav army and Serbs waged a bloody aggression against Croatia to try and stop it from becoming independent. Of course he cannot “figure out” why majority of Croatian patriots support Trump rather than Biden. His mindset is still in communist Yugoslavia.

Of course Milanovic cannot “figure out” why declared believers and people of piety would support Trump because he has never been a believer; he was a member of the Communist party that forbade its members to attend church or declare themselves as believers, or indeed, to believe. As to people of piety, Milanovic would not know what piety is if it hit him in the head. From time to time he will express some dose of emotion that reminds of piety or regret towards victims of communist or Serb bloody rampage against Croatians in the 1990’s but that fools nobody – his actions and the consistency of them only point to a lack of piety and respect for Croatian victims of Serb aggression.

Milanovic goes on with a dribble saying that Biden did a great deal for Croatia during the Croatian Homeland War but apart from hot air releases in the US Senate and a couple of finger pointing sessions against Serbs and Slobodan Milosevic as aggressors against Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Biden did nothing, absolutely nothing to actually stop the genocidal madness of Serbia against Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1999 Biden voted for a resolution that paved the way for a non-binding resolution to authorise military air operations (under NATO) against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)! But he did not move a finger in similar direction between 1991 and 1998 which were the war years and years of Serbia’s occupation of parts of Croatia during which tens of thousands of Croats were slaughtered, tortured, raped, ethnically cleansed by the hand of Serbia. So please, president Milanovic, don’t talk to me about Biden’s help to Croatia. It simply did not exist. But bombing of Serbia helped Serbia to continue whinging to the world what a victim it is while slaughtering its neighbours! 

Of course Milanovic supports Biden! After all, with Biden’s presidency the communist regimes will get a new lease of life of recognition or status. A new kind of communist revolution is unfolding before our very eyes and once Biden is sworn in as President of US just follow closely if you have the guts.

Although Biden’s background doesn’t clearly point out that he is a socialist (or communist dressed up as socialist) himself, a widespread concern of many is that his election means the ascendancy of Bernie Sanders or his close pals, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other self-proclaimed democratic socialists within the Democratic Party, various Obama socialist stalwarts as well as the potential for the Democratic Party to embrace and push for socialist policies in the United States that we have seen fail elsewhere and, hence, take a lead in a wider communist revolution dressed up as socialist democracy or similar.

In his election campaign Biden never unequivocally and openly rejected either socialism, the members of his party promoting it or even members of his partly that openly sympathised with brutal socialist or communist dictators. It is known that Biden was at one point considering California’s Karen Bass, for the vice-presidential spot, despite her abundant history as an open Fidel Castro sympathiser; his eventually picked Kamala Harris who has a very liberal or leftist voting record in the US Senate! Then, Biden chooses Anthony Blinken as his Secretary of State! Wow, the transparency to a communist revolution gets “better”. Blinken a graduate of Marxist nest in the US – Harvard University – who supported the invasion of Iraq, the invasion of Afghanistan, the war against Syria, the intervention in Lybia with the consequent torture and death of US diplomat Christopher Stevens, and the elimination of Kurds. All this in the pursuit of human rights, democracy and peace. I can’t wait to see what Biden’s administration has up its sleeves to achieve not Trump’s “America First” but its “America Together”. One wonders how they plan to overcome the hurdle that some 74 million voters for Trump may present to them. They perhaps may not care and that should be seen as a huge corridor of hope for America First, eventually.    

Defeating Trump required Biden to build a broad coalition among the left — including, apparently and explicitly, socialists and communists. Indications so far point to a very likely scenario that Biden will promote the socialist ideological Democratic party and Obama stalwart compatriots to senior positions into his administration and show that the time of the anti-socialist consensus has come to an end in America.

China’s President Xi Jinping wasted little time to congratulate Biden on his win even though the US Electoral College had not delivered its votes that confirm a president and in doing so he made a point of saying how under Biden relations between the US and China are set to be a “win-win cooperation”! Many younger people in the US and elsewhere in Western democracies praised this expression of approval of Biden by China, but, they were not educated to know what evil communist regimes have brought to the world slaughtering more than tenfold (China alone fivefold) of innocent people than what Hitler’s Germany did in WWII! Will Biden’s presidency also mean a continuance of blindness for justice of victims of communist crimes!?

To aid this unfolding communist revolution dressed up as liberal democracy or socialist democracy, the EU Commission and the EU Parliament, including Germany’s Angela Merkel, are falling over themselves in the race to express their utter joy for Biden’s reign. Given Brexit and Trump’s leanings towards Britain rather than EU, their gushing towards Biden is somewhat logical but only for the vengeful and the EU institutions are full of leftist vengeful deplorables. UN’s communist, sorry socialist dressed up as socialist democrat, António Guterres, with his comrade dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of WHO are likewise rubbing their hands in joy at Biden’s taking over the White House while tripping over their own feet from sheer thrill of globalists’ success.

Under Biden’s administration the sweat shops in China that stole US and other Western countries’ manufacturing for profits of the Western rich individuals are set to continue. Of course Trump’s tariffs on products made in China or the banning of Huawei or Tik Tok were not popular with China and US left wing; not popular with everyone who does not want their own country to get back on its feet and revitalise its lost manufacturing to China’s sweatshops.  

With Biden’s and Obama’s stalwarts and cronies slowly filling in the White House in Washington we know that big business and some countries outside the USA will achieve even bigger harvests than ever before. But not to benefit ordinary people, voters or small countries. They will soon feel the brunt of Biden’s lead and become even bigger slaves and beggars for bread than ever before. China seems intent on absorbing the world and the greedy Western businesses over the past three or four decades who moved production to China for bigger personal profits are to blame for that.

Poland and Hungary are about the only EU countries that have come out strongly in support of Trump. That of course is in keeping in line with their anti-communist and pro-democracy, pro patriotic official stands.  

Official Croatia stood behind Biden and that is a sure marker for things to get even worse in Croatia – communist/socialist ideology will become an even bigger master of people struggling to survive than it was during times of former Yugoslavia. Unless, of course, the people refuse to give this communist mindset any oxygen like Poland and Hungary have. Ina Vukic


  1. Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Citizens of Poland and Hungary know that. We have obviously forgotten that.

    • We need to work to restore it, CCRES, and hopefully there are plenty of those who can eventually achieve essential liberty for one’s people and spill that onward beyond borders

  2. I read this with great interest. thank you for sharing this perspective.


  4. Hopefully yet, as I pray everyday, Joe Biden is not confirmed as president. This is one of the most corrupt CAREER politicians in our history. I say “one of” as the man he served under Barack Obama may yet take the first seat of corruption. Biden will as we have already seen cater to China and Russia, especially China…….he is owned by them. Since this fraudulent election, where the Democrats have already crowned Sir Biden, Obama has become very outspoken. It is no secret he is the wheel that is moving and manipulating (completely controlling) everything that comes from Biden’s mouth……..except the gaffes. This election is not over as the Democratic Socialist Party would have the world believe. Trump supporters are not going away as the DSP had hoped. I believe we are forming a 3rd ………stronger party, MAGA or Patriot Party. Democrats are going to pay for their corruption, something they never anticipated would ever happen under their Deep State (Swamp). Hope your day is going well Ina!

    • Yes Arlin, I would also stand in hope that the 74+ million of US citizens who voted for Trump will keep a vigil eye on matters you also mention. To me, American First is the ticket to self-determination and progress for all who want it for themselves and their families. A country is like a family and one looks after one’s family first in order to avoid them ending up putting their hand out for handouts.

  5. History can be read a number of ways, but you say “In 1999 Biden voted for a resolution that paved the way for a non-binding resolution to authorise military air operations (under NATO) against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)! But he did not move a finger in similar direction between 1991 and 1998 which were the war years and years of Serbia’s occupation of parts of Croatia during which tens of thousands of Croats were slaughtered, tortured, raped, ethnically cleansed by the hand of Serbia”.

    What parts of Croatia were occupied between 1995 and 1998?

    Biden became interested in the Yugoslav Wars after hearing about Serbian abuses during the Croatian War of Independence in 1991. Once the Bosnian War broke out, Biden was among the first to call for the “lift and strike” policy of lifting the arms embargo, training Bosnian Muslims and supporting them with NATO air strikes, and investigating war crimes. The George H. W. Bush administration and Clinton administration were both reluctant to implement the policy, fearing Balkan entanglement. In April 1993, Biden spent a week in the Balkans and held a tense three-hour meeting with Serbian leader Slobodan Milošević. Biden related that he had told Milošević, “I think you’re a damn war criminal and you should be tried as one.” Biden wrote an amendment in 1992 to compel the Bush administration to arm the Bosnians, but deferred in 1994 to a somewhat softer stance the Clinton administration preferred, before signing on the following year to a stronger measure sponsored by Bob Dole and Joe Lieberman. The engagement led to a successful NATO peacekeeping effort

    • velebit, parts Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Sirmium were occupied by Serbs until January 1998 when the peaceful reintegration of Serb-occupied ares into Croatia was negotiated with Serbia, who sought amnesty from prosecution for hundreds of Serb war criminals etc. Yup. as you say, Biden had lots of words of criticism etc between 1991 and 1998 but never even suggested that Serbia should be bombed because of its aggression and crimes in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lots of hot air and no real action.

      • I didn’t suggest Biden was just hit air. Biden wasn’t the president at the time (or the VP) but he was, as a senator, a strong advocate of the NATO bombing of Serbia in the 1990s. The Republicans were not.

        It might be “hot air” but there was “no air” coming from anywhere else.

      • Velebit, part of your comment was deleted, that is the link of Serbian Defence Council you posted. Not a link to promote here as truth is a far stranger there as far as I can see. You are wrong regarding the Republicans during Croatia’s War and the facts still remain Biden did nothing for Croatia apart from blowing hot air against Milosevic etc of Serbia and yet suggested no actual moves to disable him in his genocidal tracks…
        Re Republicans and their contribution you may want to read this article

      • My point was the Serbians nationalists seem to like Trump more than Biden. If you google “Serbs for Trump” you will get many hits. I’ve got no problems with that. The Serbian people have to decide what is best for them. And they are probably anti-communist also (well they would be as they are nationalist and royalists and old chetniks) .So, the common enemy is communism, or socialism or social democracy or someone who is a vegetarian or whatever is defined as “leftist”. But that is a rabbit hole we should not go down. The last time we agreed with the (nationalist) Serbs and joined them to thwart a common enemy (Austria and Italy after WW1) …. that didn’t end so well for us. As for Biden’s involvement – there has always been doubt in relation to how central his role was. But ,one thing is for sure, even if he did very little, the Republicans did less. So we are willing to support a party that did absolutely nothing to assist Croatia in its time of need? And what has changed? Trump is an isolationist and against NATO (or has indicated he is ..calling it “Obsolete” etc). Are we willing to say Croatia doesn’t need NATO?

      • Oh dear, velebit, do you homework better regarding the Republicans and their role for Croatia and lobbying and drafting laws etc to stop the Serb brutality. Trump is not an isolationist but has the guts to confront the institutions such as UN, WHO etc who have raked in so much corruption over the years that it makes one puke in misery. Don’t know about NATO and Trump but perhaps he would come up with a better alternative to similar effect. Perhaps most of the established international institutions wielding power today need a big overhaul, oil and grease change for sure. Many although NGO are more political than parliaments or senates etc…

      • “Oh dear, velebit, do you homework better regarding the Republicans and their role for Croatia and lobbying and drafting laws etc to stop the Serb brutality.” …Please explain – what did the Republicans do in the 1990s (many of who are still in the party today) to assist croatia?

        Also it is more than a little annoying that every response I make has to be submitted and then approved by you. That is hardly free speech. Other blogs don’t do that but this is your so you can but it is much like something you would get in a communist regime. The irony.

      • Velebit if you pay attention on the bottom my blog there is a Disclaimer and Terms of Use which talks about comments being moderated if they are inappropriate or offensive to persons etc. I do not tolerate offensive and insulting comments to persons etc. You may be annoyed but that is a standard practice on many portals in line with various legislation around the world. Free speech does not exists without defamation laws etc etc. It has nothing to do with communism but a great deal to do with the likelihood of certain people writing comments that are offensive, untrue etc. But, if you check a bit laws are around regarding portals being held to account for defamatory comments someone dumps on their sites, that law is also currently being considered in Croatia. Free speech is free until one starts offending, insulting, lying etc when there is no public interest for that.
        Regarding the Republicans, I did suggest you do the research as you seem to have done it regarding Democrats and Croatia. I am satisfied with what I have found. Besides, I sent you in my reply before a link to a Washington Post article and if you read it you will see that A Republican initiated and drew up first draft for that law that Biden boasted about as if he was doing it…

      • You are editing comments by not including my entire comment if it doesn’t suit you .. and you just did it again with my last comment.
        There was nothing offensive in it but you censored it anyway and then replied to what was left which is unfair to the person making the post.

        Why is it unfair? Because you say i was censored because I said something offensive. You didn’t tell me what it was but you told the world it was offensive. People will get the impression that i did say something offensive but they don’t know what it was, and neither do I.

        There was no profanity, there was no insults (if there was let me know what they were) but there was an observation as to who censors? By censoring an argument discussion is being killed and all we are left with is an echo chamber. I acknowledge it’s your blog and you can do what you want but I would have thought that if you wanted to expose me as an idiot or someone who is incorrect or unreasonable then it would be better to leave my entire comment up for the world to see (as long as there is no profanity (there is a normal word just as good for every swear word) or insulting language which may offend).

        To your credit you have allowed contradictory views from some people but by the same token they were making statements not asking questions of you in relation to your post.

        I don’t need any help in the law as I am a lawyer of many years standing (too many) who works in discrimination and human rights law so I think i can read a disclaimer (though in the real world disclaimers do not offer any protection to abuses of .the various human rights legislations …. I’m not saying that happened here but I am making the observation).

        And if this (Australian) government passes various laws proposed (and if they don’t a Labor one will definitely) you will find the definition of “offensive” will go a lot further than you would have liked it to. And, it will affect a lot of blogs.

        And, that is a worry.

        I have serious reservations about any censorship and am of the firm belief that anything up to, but not including, inciting another person to commit violence should be allowed but that is my particular version of freedom.

        So, I’m hoping you post this comment, and in total.

      • Velebit! First of all I cannot possibly make you look like an idiot because you hide behind a pseudonym “Velebit1” and we do not know who you are. Second, I did reply to you saying which part of your comment was deleted or moderated and in this case it was a link to a Serbian site which you must know I do not permit on my site not yet anyway not until Serbs and Serbia accept and own up to their brutal aggression against Croatia in 1990’s together with Yugoslav Army. To me and to many here to give space to Serbian propaganda and lies is offensive. I write my opinions referring to various facts of which sources and veracity can be verified independently. As you say, it is my blog, my time and at the same time it is a kind of a public service in providing another avenue to Croaian truth or truth about Croatia, this article was sparked on by the comments president of Croatia made about Trump supporters in Croatia and it was necessary for this blog to fence itself away from that kind of communist garbage. Thank you!

      • My link to a Serbian site run by reactionary nationalist Serbs was simply to show that they LOVE Trump almost as much as you do. I was not about to summarise all their arguments in support of Trump … I wouldn’t want to waste the time. The link was just a shorthand way of showing Croatian Trump supporters that they will have strange bedmates.,

      • Velebit, as I said I do not care about who the Serbs or Serbia support or not. It is a free world when it comes to choosing which political line one supports. This article is about Croatia and the differences in supports etc, not about Serbia. So take your links elsewhere please. As to strange bedmates that is your conclusion not mine as everyone is on their own when it comes to supports in this matter.

      • I think that is probably good advice and something I had realised but denied. And, for the record I’m not American and don’t support Biden or the Democrats, but I support bad rhetoric even less.

      • Rhetoric is rhetoric, Velebit, but if based on facts then it ceases to be mere rhetoric – it starts getting a life, whatever shape that may end up in

  6. I appreciate your blog post! I was never impressed with Biden and don’t “get” all the hype surrounding him.
    Nothing has been settled yet in this election; the Electoral College hasn’t met either. Stay tuned!

  7. 🙂 🙁 🙂

  8. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Too true–great comments. I am in shock.

    • Cheers Jacqui. I’m in shock also primarily because I know and have lived through times where patriotism was shunned and even forbidden and especially by the left or communism in my case. If I am proven wrong in this case for America in my article I will be very happy.

  10. This is a very interesting article. I am not sure who is in charge in the Biden basement, perhaps Hunter considering his ties to China. China recently published a list of demands China wants Biden to do once Biden is in the White House. Sounds like US election fraud may have exposed Zoran Milanovic President of Croatia for what he is, a Communist. I would think Communists would gravitate together. The better world news is that considering all that is happening with the election fraud it will be Donald Trump who will be sworn in for a second term. CNN seems to have recognized Joe Biden will never be USA president

  11. Dear Ina,
    You need an editor. I find your posts hard to follow. Your English is a million times better than my Croatian, the language of my grandparents who left Croatia in the early 1900s. Still, it would be helpful to a reader who is not convinced of your point of view or is unfamiliar with it, if you could trim your posts of loaded words and simply state facts. By the way, Donald Trump has done great damage to my country and I look forward to his departure from the White House on January 20, 2021.

    • Thank you Theresa, the reason why my posts are longer than usual is because of all those who are not familiar with issues to do with Croatia are not all up to date or fully informed, so I make sure I give enough information for people who need to or want to to dig deeper, away from the post. That way it is easier for them to navigate or expand the issues I address. I state facts within the posts but all posts contain my opinion as well. That is the point of my blog. But thank you for your observation. As to your sentiments regarding Donald Trump, I respect them, they are yours and wish you all the best.

  12. Michael Thomas says:

    The Biden analysis is incorrect. He’s been much harder on Communist and Ex-Communist – or neo-fascist – regimes than Trump ever was.

    He will truly make America Great Again after four years of being ransacked by oligarchs.

    • Oh dear, I believe you will find the oligarchs on Biden’s side and, by the way, the analysis may be incorrect or it may prove correct, let’s wait and see post January 20th. I must say that my analyses have never been far from reality or underground that become reality. But, let’s wait and see. I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong in this case for I know the darkness of communism and its subtle and unsubtle ways.

  13. I think you are missing some crucial evidence on this issue. Trump married a daughter from the Yugoslav communist party. How for a Croatian is that even acceptable? Her father denounced his country to become part of the Yugoslav problem. What proof do you have of Biden’s socialist ideologies? Where is your evidence? Trump would have been best mates with Tito no doubt. How do you not see what sort of evil tyrant he is? He ruined America and Biden now has the huge task of repairing a country that was great.

    • Oh dear, Anica, more than half of government members if=n Croatia were either members of the communist party while Yugoslavia lived or are children of communists who retained that mentality, unfortunately. As to Melania’s father, Viktor Knavs, he is said to have been a member of the communist party in Slovenia so that he could get a government job as a young man and the job he got was that of a chauffeur to the mayor of his little town – certainly not a communist operative as evidence later when he branched out of that and his wife was never a member. “Real” communists enlisted the whole families into membership but not Knavs. What Yugoslav problem are you talking about? You mean he wanted out of that sh*t hole? Proof of Biden’s ideologies is touched upon in the very article you are commenting on and you can surely did further if you dare. You can even go talk to Bernie Sanders, he’s mate with Biden. Trump ruined America in 4 years!? Give us a break please! Those that came before him had already ruined America but only saw it when Trump started pointing out various things etc. Anyway, you have a right to your opinion and the future shall tell us more

    • Wow Trump ruin America NOT MY AMERICA we love how he fights for our constitution, borders and businesses who should come home from China and elsewhere.

      Biden has been a politician for 40+ years and useless as far as I can see by his record.

      President Trump ruffled feathers when he stated countries would pay for our services and no free handouts well I for one always found it unacceptable to be constantly fighting others wars as I was one seeking peace for our lifetime.

      Our President might be brash and seen as a bully but for me he says what 70+ million Americans think enough BS let get work done!

      Thanks for your take on this inavukic xo

  14. Truly surprised that a number of Croatians and others don’t recognize a lifelong careerist functionary like Biden. Nearly 50 years of government work has made him and his family multi millionaires. Trump was the non political whirlwind that shook the status quo and pushed back against new world order philosophy , while building a stronger practical base in America. he’ll be missed.

    • He will be missed I think by many, Kolpavat. But that is democracy and it bites back, for sure, sooner or later when living becomes a hard chore …

  15. Steve Zupan says:

    Well, this American voted for Trump. The Left in this country get goofier by the day. And anyone who doesn’t think Biden has dementia hasn’t watched him in interviews. No doubt that Iran and China hope Biden is the President. They won’t have any opposition from Biden to anything they do. Liberals, Socialists, communists, they all sit on the same side of the aisle, the Left.

  16. Oh so loved this Ina.. I felt the passion within your words, and bravo to everyone..
    Some people have no idea what America is fighting for within their election results.. In fact the whole world is teetering on the edge of being plunged into Communism if Biden is ever declared President..
    Poland and Hungary know too well the devastating tyranny of such rule..
    And the way we are heading here in the UK we are quickly becoming a Police state where our liberties and freedoms are being quickly taken in the guise of keeping people safe..

    I have never taken such an interest in ALL of my life in American Politics, but this year I have, because when one really researches and does one’s homework you unveil the real truth..
    As you see the web of lies, and the way the media have tried to pull Donald Trump down at every opportunity..

    I listened to his speech today 45 mins long, as he spoke on the huge amount of Election fraud.. Fraud we all know goes on in all countries..

    I am praying for him… And the exposure of the corrupt… and that Justice will prevail in all lands…

    Lots of Love dear Ina… glad to be back within WP again dear friend <3

  17. I had a friend before the Nov. 3 election say to me, knowing I was a Trump supporter, “I just can’t imagine how anyone could vote for that Donald Trump.” My response was “You can say that to me, when your choice, I can’t even say alternative, is Joe (career politician do nothing) Biden? Tell me one thing he has done for this country in 47 years?” She had no answer. By the way I am learning from several sources Trump had nearly 80% of the total vote. Vatican and Italy funded the vote flipping done in Germany when they tossed the votes electronically over. Apparently our Space Force has technology that was capable of tracking it. Also tracked the funds that left the Vatican Bank and was transferred to Italy and Germany when the votes were flipped. Something is brewing in D.C. The Capitol looks like a prison camp with the razor wire on the inside. At 3:30 AM (I think Friday morning) there was a lot of activity at the capitol. Lots of buses, military and law enforcement vehicles. Most going in towards the Capitol Building (at 3:00 – 6:00 AM). No main stream media to be seen. I have video of it happening, about 30 minutes worth. Looks like possibly some arrests and for some reason I got the feeling a Military Tribunal taking place. That is just a guess at this point. I do believe the military is in control of our country, and Biden is either being forced to play act for now, or it isn’t even Biden. I in 1871 the U.S. became a corporation. In 2019 Trump dissolved the corporation, so Biden isn’t legally our president. He signed an Insurgent Act before Jan. 20th which place military in control. Biden thinks he is at Disneyland pretending to be president. Soon, we will be back under our original Constitution. Trump should be president by default (do to the fraudulent election, which I believe he and the military set up as a sting operation). We’ll either have a new election or we’ll accept the votes according to the evidence the military has and we will have an inauguration on March 4th according to the Constitution. We will not be a socialist/communist nation! Tell your President he will soon be in for a huge disappointment. Get me started I can write for ever. The history how we got here is both troubling and fascination, goes back to our Civil War actually. Then throw in the Cabal/Illuminati/Deep State and all, we’ll have quite a history. It just needs to be written accurately. At any rate as Trump would say “The best is yet to come!”

    • Thank you for this Arlin. I also am following the developments in Washington DC and personally find it very difficult to believe that the army is there to protect from physical danger within, i.e. danger from the protesters on 6 January. That is a fairytale spun to create fear… and I hope “the best is yet to come” comes soon 🙂


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