„Dara of Jesenovac“ – Another Serbian Movie To Obscure Jew-Free Serbia And Its Holocaust Implementation

You may notice how on the topic of WWII Holocaust, Serbia systematically insists that the extermination of Jews (abt 94%) in WWII Serbia was not done by Serbs but by the German occupier. They will tell you that Serbia was occupied by the Nazis (Germany) then – you will not hear them saying that Germany had occupied the entire Yugoslavia (the then Serb-led dictatorship of the crumbled Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which included Croatia) in April 1941. They will tell you that only Serbia was occupied and that the German Nazis exterminated Serbia’s Jews!

Yet as a matter of historical fact, Serbia’s Milan Nedic government had with all its might implemented the Holocaust and made sure that by June 1942 Serbia was one of the first countries in Europe to become „Judenfrei“ (Clean-of-Jews/ Jew-Free). Croatia or rather its Ante Pavelic government at the time never pursued a „Judenfrei“ status, even if it was, as most countries in one form or another, guilty of racial laws that saw many perish or be ostracised, but overwhelmingly less than what Yugoslav communists with Serbs have been fabricating since 1945, and overwhelmingly less than what „Jedenfrei“ status required. Not that such reality justifies any victims of WWII racial laws, but it certainly places into perspective the intrinsic need of Serbia to hide its miserable WWII truth by pointing fingers at others, including Croatia, in order to throw attention away from itself. In that, Serbia and communist Yugoslavia, not only set themselves on the path for blaming Croatia for the WWII Holocaust within Yugoslavia’s borders but also fabricated to the unimaginable the numbers of Serbs allegedly killed by Croats in that war together with the Jews.

On 25 January 2018, in its relentless propaganda pursuits of hiding its own WWII „Judenfrei“ state, Serbia opened at the UN building in New York an exhibition called „Jasenovac – The Right Not To Forget.“  

In January 2021 it released a Serbian state-funded movie „Dara of Jasenovac“ and it has the audacity to even submit the movie as a nomination for 2021 Oscars! It did not, for example, produce a movie by a name such as „Hannah from Cannon Sheds“ (Topovske Šupe concentration camp at outskirts of Belgrade). Of course it did not, if it did it would have to produce a film about the extermination of Jews in Serbia and not pair Serbs as victims alongside the Jews as it is doing in the movie „Dara of Jasenovac“.

Here below are excerpts from the article „Dara of Jasenovac Review: A Holocaust Movie With Questionable Intentions“ written by Jay Weissberg and published by the renowned Variety Magazine portal on 25 January 2021:  

Serbia’s Oscar submission is thinly disguised propaganda, cynically using the Holocaust to push a troubling nativist agenda.

Isn’t it long past time that there was an honest discussion about why there are so many Holocaust films? Unquestionably some meet the challenge posed by the injunction “never forget” but too many others exist because the market has proven that the Holocaust sells. The movies falling into this latter category trivialize and they sensationalize, fiddling on heart strings with a facile bow whose chords jump between lurid and saccharine. A subset within this group folds more troubling objectives into their cynical understanding of the market, using the Shoah to push agendas that have little to do with comprehending the unfathomable.

It’s a testament to the cravenness of the Holocaust industry that an undisguised piece of Serbian nationalist propaganda like Peter (Predrag) Antonijević’s “Dara of Jasenovac” dressed up in concentration camp clothing, can find distribution outside its native land. Less surprising is that it’s been submitted for Oscar consideration…

The makers of “Dara of Jasenovac” emphasize that the screenplay comes from witness testimony, using that tried-and-true statement to shield themselves from criticism: It happened; therefore we are above reproach. The problems with the film however are twofold: Its unconcealed anti-Croatian, anti-Catholic nativism is badly designed as incendiary fodder for current rifts between Serbia and its neighbors, while its delight in visualizing the sadism, contrasted with childhood innocence, pushes aside any reflection on the dagers of nationalism, murderous racism and genocide, replacing them with cheap sensation and sentiment…

Were there no contemporary context to “Dara of Jaenovac,” it would be just another unmodulated Holocaust drama using violence in the same way as any number of serial killer movies. But background is inescapable, and in this case, Serbian nationalists’ use of Jasenovac as a rallying cry for Serb victimhood through the centuries turns the film into propaganda. Scholar Jovan Byford has cogently detailed how linking Serbian suffering to the Shoah has long been a play to garner international sympathy and legitimize territorial expansion together with racist policies, and that’s exactly what “Dara” plays into. In addition, situating the Ilić family’s home in Mirkovci is tossing red meat to the anti-Croatian brigades given that the town remains a bitter site of contention after the genocidal breakup if Yugoslavia. A Holocaust movie designed to stoke animosity against Germany today would be roundly condemned; to not recognize the same problems here is wilful blindness…”. Ina Vukic


  1. Wow! I didn’t know that. History should be the most important subject in school in my opinion.

    • I agree Kendall, history is like generations of one’s immediate family that form an identity and sense of belonging and foundation for growth in many ways. We need to know it in its true sense otherwise our identity is false.

  2. I just visited the IMDb page for this movie, and looked at the reviews. It seems like it has gotten impossibly many positive 10/10 reviews in a very short time. I got suspicious and checked some of the profiles from which the reviews are written. It seems like many of the profiles are only 3 days old, and have only written one review, which is for this movie. The ratings look overwhelmingly positive, with over 90% giving the movie 10 out of 10 stars. Out of those NOT rating the movie as 10 out of 10, the majority rated it 1 out of 10. Interesting. There seems to be a coordinated effort to raise the rating of the movie using fake profiles and fake reviews. I can’t post pictures here in the comments, but look at IMDb yourself. This should be exposed. Maybe I’ll contact IMDb but I doubt they’ll do something about it right now. At least, I hope that mainstream media will warn everyone about how this movie harms croats and pushes reconciliation between croats and serbs further away.

    • Thanks for this Salli05. That would fit into the MO of those who do anything to push an agenda and it does not surprise me. I do hope that such ratings don’t blind people.

  3. So, the Serbs were actually the bad guys in WWII and the Croats did better to protect Jewish people? Serbs were with the Nazis? This film is a farce?

    • Let’s put it this way Paul – Croatia did not pursue a Jew-Free state like Serbia did. Wherever one has even one victim that is one too many. The point is that Serbia denies its crimes and blames others for those they committed, and in that process has been relentless in fabricating the number of victims in Croatia to impossible levels.

      • Paul Dail says:

        Could you please reference you statements?

      • Paul Dail, Sorry to say but I have no intention publishing links to texts regarding the extermination of Jews in WWII Serbia that are written by those involved in falsifying history by blaming Germans and not Serbs for the Holocaust in Serbia, such as the Wikipedia links you suggest. Instead here is a link of Holocaust survivor statements (there are of course many more of such credible, no propaganda, accounts, which of course I have written about before on this blog and will continue in the future until the truth sits at the rights place)

  4. Stevie10703 says:

    I am glad that even the movie critics are saying this reeks of propaganda. But, it looks like the Serbs are starting to get their wings and trying to discredit Croatia as much as they possibly can. You have a Serb in Lika who threw a bomb at a local HEP agent and they made excuses for him saying how Serbs are being treated terribly in Croatia, you had a Serbian minister of “human rights,” who visited Knin and openly said that this was a Serbian city and will be again, and then this movie. The Serbs will do anything to create a Greater Serbian State. As for Croatia during WWII one has to remember the winners write history and all that happened then was blamed on one group and that is the Croatian people…but one has to understand two things, first why the Ustase were created in the first place and that was because of the jailings and the murder of Croatian citizens in the first Yugoslavia by the Serbian monarchs and his gendarms. Secondly, Croatia was fighting WWII against two enemies, one was the Serbian Chetniks and the other the Yugoslav Partizans and both the Chetniks and Partizans committed war crimes on Croatian territory. Croatia never invaded another country and they only protected their borders as best as possible. Don’t forget that the Chetniks collaborated with the Italian and German occupiers of Croatia as did the Partizans.

    • Needs to be said over and over again. Vigilance is necessary for sure, Stevie, Serbs still want Croatia’s land to be landowners not simply as citizens of Croatia. Terrible.

  5. ???

  6. Nico Salieri says:

    So, are you saying that this movie is propaganda based on lies?

    • Yes, there are multitudes of things, details in the movie that did not and could not have happened. It’s all a show, a bad one at that, to keep burying the Holocaust in Serbia which to my knowledge was one of the worst in Europe.

  7. History is really “His Story” ..depends on who is writing it..there are no such things as 100% truths..Only those who have gone through Jasenovac know 100% truth …but they only know Their truth. No matter what you wrote and how you wrote it, your opinion is based on information you have chosen to read. You have some great points but it is your own opinion. So your article is pointless really. You are writing about Serbs masking the worlds eyes… yet you live in 2021 and you write truth about about something that happened almost 100 years ago?

    The movie is good and I liked it. The article is the way you perceive this situation and it is your propaganda …just like you call this movie Serbian propaganda..
    …there are millions of Americans who believe they won the Vietnam War and all because they watched Rocky in the 80’s. They also still believe that spinach is high source of iron because of Popeye… Propaganda is just that, someone else’s story about his-story.
    Germans invented it, Americans have perfected it and now Serbs are using it- as you are . Big deal. Croats should go ahead and make one about Hannah and her struggles. If it’s good I’ll definitely watch it (has to have a rating of 7+ 🙂 At the end of the day it’s someone’s story, it’s entertaining to watch and passes the time. Movies are not truths and if you’re using them to change peoples opinions then the only minds you might change are the dumb ones…so you really shouldn’t care..and watch the movie, it’s 8+.

    • Oh dear Jelena, keep living in your deluded world. Everything I write I write with backing of the truth, 100% truth and base my opinions on that. You forget that archives from WWII Croatia have been opened in Croatia, but sadly Serbia is holding onto the ones it has, probably because they show the 100% truth, which they know but choose to cover up and deny. And regarding the Americans and Vietnam War – they knew what occurred and did not need a Hollywood movie to tell them, they had and have plenty of veterans as eye-witnesses. 100% truth exists only in factual records, not doctored ones, and I for one look to them …have a nice day


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