Croatia: Covert Communist Diplomacy Against Diaspora Patriotic Community

MT4YYW flags of Croatia and Yugoslavia

Messages are circulating, becoming louder, that for true independence from communist Yugoslavia to flow among the people the Croatian patriotic diaspora community must wage a strong political war against the political parties that have held government and presidential candidates in office since year 2000. This, under the understanding that politics is the foundation of all good and all bad things that happen to people and that everyone, whether they acknowledge it or not, is a political being.

7 June marked Croatian Diplomacy Day! Official events were held in Croatia for it. This Day traditionally marks a historic event from 879 when Pope John VIII sent a letter to the Croatian prince Branimir informing him that he had blessed him and the entire Croatian people in Rome and acknowledging his “earthly authority over the whole of Croatia”. At that time, it was the highest international recognition, which, in today’s sense, recognised Croatia as a sovereign state. This is a traditional event in June when the achievements of diplomats are discussed, and guidelines are set for the next one-year.

The Croatian patriotic communities in the diaspora would have quite a lot to say about the achievements, the failures, the backward or forward milestones that the Croatian diplomatic relationship with its own diaspora has been put through since 1992 when Croatia was internationally recognised and confirmed as an independent country – an enormous gratitude for that goes to the Croatians living and being active abroad at those times. As far as the Croatian public is aware no one from the Croatian corridors of power has asked a representative sample of the Croatian patriotic diaspora community to provide the government with feedback regarding its performance on the diplomatic sphere.  So, I think this is an opportunity to look at what is happening in 2022 with regards to diplomatic currents official Croatia sends and maintains in the diaspora.  

Out of its own choice Croatian patriotic diaspora communities that rejected communism and Yugoslavia since the end of World War II have always, while former Yugoslavia lasted, lived without a relationship with the Yugoslav diplomatic and consular missions. Only those who lived in the diaspora and supported Yugoslavia had a relationship with Yugoslav consular and diplomatic missions and simply never interested in nor cared about an independent Croatia and frequently worked against such an idea. A mutually respectful, cordial, and beneficial relationship between the Croatian patriotic diaspora communities and official Croatia cemented roots in the early 1990’s, 1992 to be exact. This lasted until late 1999 when the first president of independent Croatia Dr Franjo Tudjman passed away. In many cases, Croatian patriotic communities throughout the world donated funds and worked hard at helping Croatia establish its diplomatic missions abroad, including purpose purchasing of land, purpose building embassy and consular buildings or purchasing premises and equipping them with the charitable fundraising monetary results. One would be correct in saying that in many places across the world when the Croatian Embassy or Consulate organise an event within their official building, a celebration, a soirée, they are drinking and feasting under our roof – the roof that the Croats in the diaspora erected, purchased, and paid for!   

In his speech at the official celebration of the Day of Croatian Diplomacy in Zagreb, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic referred to the beginnings of Croatian statehood and the role that diplomacy played there and spoke about the present when Croatia has a completely different position and role. The worst thing is to have a state whose position is unknown, said also Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, emphasising that Croatia must be a “reliable country” at the international level.

Well, the only Croatian government reliability that the Croatian patriotic diaspora community has seen since year 2000 is that both SDP/Social Democratic Party and HDZ/ Croatian Democratic Union governments have been engaging in is their reliable pursuits, both overt and covert, in the diminishment and the degrading of the value of the Croatian patriots living in the diaspora who contributed the most to the creation of the independent state of Croatia during 1990’s! That, in simple words, is a continuance of operations, covert or overt that communist Yugoslavia engaged in across the world where Croatian patriots lived.

The Croatian diaspora has during the past five years or so, been seeing the emergence of new, quite small, so-called Croatian community organisations sponsored and highly supported by the Croatian diplomatic corps, filled with people or members that have never been a part of the Croatian patriotic community that fought for today’s Croatia away from the communist regime of Yugoslavia. Large majority of them also did not contribute any funds whatsoever to the war efforts to defend Croatia against the Serb/Yugoslav aggressor; in the homes of many a portrait of the mega murderer Josip Broz Tito hung in prominent places. The Croatian diplomatic corps across the world has been declaring such people as Croatian community leaders even though they have never been that nor will they ever be simply because they do not appear to have in them what it takes to love and promote a Croatia for its secession from communist Yugoslavia. The extent to which such phenomena of setting up or inserting new associations among emigrants, where career diplomatic and consular personnel are key in creating them, may be considered by some as kind of suspicious attempt to disrupt the character of the Croatian patriotic community in emigration by the Croatian government for its own political party gain.

There is a visible trend of a dirty political game of this scenario where the Croatian diplomatic and to some extent consular corps have started to call these people, who in their organisations may have a hundred or less or slightly more members, “Croatian community leaders” while at the same time ignoring the real Croatian patriotic community leaders who always stood by and sacrificed for a Croatia free from communist Yugoslavia. Hence, trying to create a new (false or partially true) profile of the Croatian community in the diaspora of “yes” people to the ruling political party, or those who for personal gain do not criticise the government for the betterment of Croatia for all! This was the modus operandi that communist Yugoslavia employed against patriotic Croats in the diaspora, and it is the covert politics that the communist-mindset-laden Croatian governments since year 2000 have been utilising and putting into practice. Run down the true Croatian patriots and at the same time uplift those who never lifted a finger for independent Croatia! Do not misunderstand me or the Croats who are very unhappy about this trend – we all love new people of Croatian descent to join the true and sincere patriotic community but when this is attempted through running down or degrading the existing patriotic community, those who always stood and fought fiercely for an independent Croatia, and pushing up front those who did not, then Croatia has a huge problem in the foundations of its sovereignty. Croatian governments must learn to accept and respect all its citizens and the roles they played in creating the state, even those who criticise them – otherwise democracy becomes a mere face mask; progress towards a good livelihood for all becomes a one-way street with a dead end. Ina Vukic   


  1. Very nice article on Croatia and the diplomatic day of Croatia on 7th June . Now Croatia is an Independent country free of all ‘ism’ . Thanks !

    • If it were free of all “isms” it would mean we have succeeded in fighting communism but unfortunately it is still there strongly if not officially

  2. Thank you for your clear and informative report concerning Croatia or those who, for personal gain do not criticise the government for the betterment of it at all!

    • Plan to ecpand on the issue Martina as the tactic of it very destructive to the harmony the community has had. I agree with many that we must fight ourselves to preserve ourselves

  3. It’s a sad state of affairs.. One I am not qualified as I know so little on the workings of your political world Ina.

    But it seems to me governments have less and less respect for any of their citizens, forgetting themselves of their job roles in service to respect and honour their peoples rights and freedoms etc..

    I see an agenda to separate , control and subdue, their voting public, while manipulate their own nests to further their own aims, or puppet masters they work for..

    For our governments around our world clearly are not working on We the peoples behalf.. Or it would respect the sovereignty of its nation. 💚

    Much love dearest Ina. ❤

    • So much self-absorption in today’s governments Sue and dependence on them is impoverishing eople’s lives more and more. If permitted they will do anything to stay in power! Hugs

      • I think dear Ina.. most of those in governments HAVE done many things to Stay in power…
        I have never yet met a poor politician to leave office ..
        Our local Town MP a Labour man, who was voted in year after year because this was a working mans town of coal mines mainly in the surrounding areas… finally after years of doing practically nothing for the town… He was voted out as the people in the country voted in the Conservatives… He left office a Millionaire and then some.. Governments are nothing but puppets, one undo’s what the other does and nothing changes except the change in the pockets.. .. Well that is my opinion lol and I guess its the same World Wide.. As corruption and bribes are rife …
        Big hugs right back Ina…
        I’m sorry we need to rant sometimes LOL… 🙂 <3

      • Yes it is most terrible to see how quickly the politicians (not a
        the honest ones as these are rare) amass huge wealth in a matter f handful of years and their salaries on record do not match the capabilities…Glad though my conscience is clear… sorry Sue I have just come out of 8 day hospital isolation where I was treated for the terrible double-whammy: Covid plus Influenza. Terrible stuff but the man upstairs has looked after me well, I praise Him every day. Hugs

      • Oh, no.. sorry to hear you’ve been so ill Ina…
        Not nice..My son was gravely ill in the beginning with bacterial pneumonia..prayers were answered..

        Sending love ❤ and healing vibes for your strength to recover, it can take a while..
        Much love Ina.. ❤ 😍 will be thinking of you. xx

      • Prayers certainly help Sue. I would not wish this upon anybody. Hugs and keep well you too

      • Thank you Ina, you too, look after Yourself.. You Matter ❤ ❤ ❤

      • <3 Hugs

  4. Americaoncoffee says:

    All end-time battles are God’s battles. God is all powerful and will win. We need to protect our souls and the souls of others.

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