Hope Needs Your Help – Fundraising To Prevent Croatian Veteran Suicides

Croatian movie director and producer Jakov Sedlar has for several months now been on the trail of securing funds for the production of feature movie “2761” – a movie about Croatian Homeland War veteran suicides. It’s a tragic story that emerged from 2761 personal stories and the movie aims to influence prevention of suicides especially among those experiencing the personal dilemma whether to commit suicide or not, not to kill themselves. It’s a tragic story not only because of the number of veterans who have committed suicide but also because of 156 veteran wives and 52 children who have also taken their own lives. That is a dreadful story. On reflecting upon the plans for the movie Sedlar said on Croatian TV in March 2017:

I think we have a responsibility towards our country and towards our people to undertake certain things about which we must talk … if we won’t who else will talk about these things.

Jakov Sedlar
Croatian movie director and producer

Valentin Perkovic, a member of the leadership team of “Croatian Diasporan Voice” (Glas hrvatske diaspore), to which I myself proudly belong, has started a “Gofundme” online fundraising campaign with view to raise funds that would make up the shortfall needed to complete the movie project. I look forward to seeing as many as possible people, especially those of Croatian heritage, across the world joining this worthy cause with their donations.

The link to the fundraising page is:


That’s the number of Croatian war veterans – branitelji – that have taken their own lives since the Homeland war. This tragedy has come about mainly due to the consequences of PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A lot of them have felt marginalised in society very similar to the Vietnam War vets of the seventies.

Croatian movie director and producer Jakov Sedlar famous for brilliant films like “Gospa”, “Četverored” and documentaries on people like Croatia’s own football legend Joe Simunic.

We understand that one film cannot stop this completely but even if it stops one person from taking their own life it will be worth all the money and effort. This feature film will be made up of 45 of the best Croatian actors and filming will start in January 2018. The whole project comes at a cost of $900,000 and there is a shortfall of $190,000. The donators’ names will be shown in the credits at the end of the film. Please give what you can as every dollar counts.” Quotes from Gofundme fundraising page.



Amidst soaring concern about veteran suicide, lack of coordination, rising dissatisfaction and criticism about the inadequate government-backed and government organised supports for veterans suffering PTSD communities of veterans in Croatia and their supporters are self-organising, and Croatian Diasporan Voice as an organisation outside Croatia is a supporter as are numbers of others.

While helping a suicidal person can be a difficult process, remember that the assistance we all provide could save someone’s life. The movie “2761” is one of many ways of helping prevent suicide and this manner of help via donating funds towards the production of the movie is a role many of us can play.

Scientific research looking specifically at combat-related PTSD in Vietnam era Veterans suggests that the most significant predictor of both suicide attempts and preoccupation with suicide are combat-related emotions that creep into the mind and heart. Many Veterans experience highly intrusive thoughts and extreme emotions about acts seen committed during times of war. These thoughts can often overpower the emotional coping capacities of Veterans. The same applies to the veterans of Croatian Homeland War as its course and foundations have often been interpreted, especially by former communists in Croatia who did not want an independent Croatia, in the same ways as those of the Vietnam War; all the more reason for us to stand behind and support with donations the making of “2761” movie. Thank you – all! Ina Vukic

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