Croatia: Vukovar Warriors Need Your Help For Computer Game!

Creating and developing computer war games for wide audiences across the world is, in my books, one of the most successful ways in demonstrating the Croatian truth, which is so often being twisted by the anti-Croatian propaganda. Computer games engage one, immerse one into the world of the truth contained in the game itself. Vukovar, during 1990’s Serb aggression is a symbol of how Croats fought for the Croatian nation against all odds and brutal murder and ethnic cleansing, and I was truly gladdened when recently I came across a project endeavouring to develop and distribute worldwide a computer game titled “Battle of Vukovar”.

As the HRT Croatian radio program broadcasted recently: “The biggest and bloodiest battle in the Croatian Homeland War (Vukovar) inspired young developers who started sketching and writing the script for the computer game Battle of Vukovar a few years ago.

They were joined by veterans from Vukovar in order to make the Vukovar War Computer Game, as hundreds of millions of people in the world play it, as credible as possible. After the Battle of Vukovar, the game will be upgraded with other operations and battles, until the never-before-performed action of the Fire Chariot.”  

I came across the invitation for people, Croatian patriots, from across the world to join the game-building team and asking for donations, as well, so that the project may successfully be developed and launched and distributed. It is a very exciting project I believe and I hope there will be plenty of people taking up the invitation publicised by Mr Damir Plavsic who was one of the commanders in the defence of Vukovar during the Croatian Homeland War and was taken prisoner by the Serbian aggressor and taken to concentration camps in Serbia where he was tortured among many other Croats.

 Damir Plavsic writes:

“JOIN OUR TEAM and ‘Don’t ask what the Homeland can give me, but what I can give for my BELOVED HOMELAND!’


WE INVITE all Croats who can help us in any way in gathering the team and making the FIRST CROATIAN WAR GAME “Battle for Vukovar”. We are looking for young Croatians – PATRIOTS who want to give their contribution and from the heart, VOLUNTEERING, help us start creating a game that will be played by millions of people around the world. Join us and be a PROUD part of the team that will prove that CROATIAN WISDOM and the COMMUNITY OF THE CROATIAN PEOPLE can do a miracle just as the HEROES OF VUKOVAR and Croatian Defenders did in 1991.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: developers in C ++ and Unreal Engine 5, character and object modelers, young people who know how to make a good promotional video, experts in marketing and advertising, DONORS and everyone else who is willing to help us. Behind this project are the HONORABLE names of Vukovar warriors: First Commander of the Defense of Vukovar, Ivica Arbanas, Vukovar defenders: Ivan doc. Andjelic, Marko Karaula, Zvonko Gelemanovic, Damir Plavsic and many others. Join our group via this link below and help us create another Croatian miracle together.

The account number to which you can deposit your Donations is at the end of the post.

You can donate money on account:

You can pay your Donation to this account number:


Settlement Slavonia I 11

35000 Slavonski Brod

Name of bank: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

Address of bank: Radnička cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Account Number: HR6223400091111140321


All donors who contributed 500 and more than (EURO, CAD, USD or AUD) will have their name appear in the game credits. (All Donors who pay 500 or more euros, CAD, USD or AUD, their name will be entered in the group ‘Bronze Donors’, at the end of the game.).

All donors who contributed 1,000 and more than (EURO, CAD, USD or AUD) will have their name appear in the game credits and will receive a t-shirt with the team logo from the development team. (All Donors who pay 1,000 or more euros, CAD, USD or AUD, their name will be entered in the group ‘Silver Donors’, at the end of the game and will receive a gift T-shirt with the logo of our team).

All donors who contributed 10,000 and more than (EURO, CAD, USD or AUD) will have their name appear in the game credits and will receive a t-shirt with the team logo from the development team and will receive a card thanking them signed by the whole development team and the heroes of the battle of Vukovar. (All Donors who pay 10,000 and more euros, CAD, USD or AUD, their name will be entered in the group ‘Golden Donors’, at the end of the game, will receive a gift T-shirt with the logo of our team and a special Thank You from the team that made the game and Hero of Vukovar).”

Joining and/or helping this team on its way to develop the computer game “Battle for Vukovar” can certainly mean a great deal in boosting one’s self-pride and the pride of belonging. Because there are very few battles in history that could compare with the battle for Vukovar, in terms of the defence of Croatia, in terms of its great psychological charge which only strengthened the Croatian people’s determination to defend itself from brutal aggression on its way of rejecting communism and establishing democracy and independence from the communist Yugoslavia. Today, Vukovar is still an inspiration to all Croatians, to a nation and being a part of developing a computer game that has the potential of inspiring future generations of all creeds and nationalities in the grandeur of defending one’s self-worth and justice for victims is truly worthwhile.  I hope many of you will respond positively to this invitation to be a part of “Battle for Vukovar” computer game. Thank you! Ina Vukic

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