New Book In English On Croatian War of Independence By Ante Nazor

Front Cover of Ante Nazor's book

Front Cover of
Ante Nazor’s book

The Zvonko Busic Taik Foundation (Zaklada Zvonko Bušić) from Croatia, founded and molded by Zvonko Busic’s widow, the well-known American author and activist Julienne Eden Busic, is doing an authoritative job in the spreading of Croatian truth into the English language. Already, in its relatively short existence, the foundation has organised and facilitated the translation into English and publication of three major works that unmistakably make enormous contributions to recording the truth about the Croatian Homeland War and Croatian history. These are vital efforts towards spreading the truth about Croatia across the world, as there is, as a matter of anti-Croatian political propaganda, a great deal of disinformation, false information and half-truths out there.
As the Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation it relies on assistance and cooperation from institutes, businesses, government grants, individual donations. Julienne Busic has informed me that the strong start in 2015 of the Foundation’s translation work has been much helped via generous donations and good-will of Australian Croatians, especially via a radiothon hosted by Mr Pero Maric. Besides two more books currently in production the books so far translated and published by the Foundation are: “The Eye of the Storm”, by Ante Gugo about which I have written previously, the second “All Visible Things: Memoirs”, by Zvonko Busic, the third, just published is “The Croatian War of Independence: Serbia’s War of Conquest Against Croatia and the Defeat of Serbian Imperialism 1991-1995” by Ante Nazor.

Julienne Busic Photo: Dino Stanin/Pixsell

Julienne Busic
Photo: Dino Stanin/Pixsell

Ante Nazor’s book is a must read and must have and, indeed, a perfect gift to local libraries, members of parliament, history departments at Universities across the world.

Dr Ante Nazor, Head of the Croatian Memorial Document Archives of the Homeland War in Zagreb, Croatia, a historian and Croatian war veteran, originally wrote the book in the Croatian language (“Velikosrpska agresija na Hrvatsku 1990-tih”).

In reality, this book is the answer to many years of disinformation within the Croatian public space that attempts to neglect the cause of the war, equalise aggressor’s and victim’s responsibility, show the Homeland War as a ‘civil war’, and attempt to show the Croatian leadership, especially the President Franjo Tudjman, as responsible for deportation of Serbs from Croatia and aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Dr. Nazor at one of many presentations of his book across Croatia.

The media’s picture of the Greater Serbian aggression (against Croatia) is completely different from the truth,” Nazor emphasises, hoping that the truth about the events will prevail in the end.

Ante Nazor Photo:

Ante Nazor

Nazor’s book is a meticulous chronology of the political and military processes lading to Croatian independence and an unparalleled collection of documentation on the Serbian aggression against the Republic of Croatia, all of which easily debunk the oft-repeated and uninformed mantras that the conflict was a ‘civil war’ or a result of ‘ancient tribal feuds’. An indispensable resource for historians, researchers and the everyday reader,” writes Dr Miroslav Tudjman, founder and the former chief of Croatian Intelligence services currently serving as Member of Croatian Parliament, on the back cover of the book.

Ante Nazor book back cover

Ante Nazor book
back cover

The Croatian War of Independence: Serbia’s War of Conquest Against Croatia and the Defeat of Serbian Imperialism 1991-1995 tells the compelling story of Croatia’s defeat, against all odds, of the Yugoslav People’s Army and numerous Serb paramilitary formations in defense of its independence and internationally recognized territory. This book offers in vivid detail many answers to the often-posed question ‘what happened in the Balkans in the first half of the 1990s?’ Ante Nazor’s blend of keen academic insight and extensive research shows irrefutably that Serbian imperialism, based on the might of the Yugoslav People’s Army and the aggressive concept of ‘Greater Serbia’, caused profound destruction and loss of life on a scale unseen on the continent since the end of WWII. The main importance of this book is that it clearly illustrates the danger Serbian imperialism would have posed to Europe had not the Croatian Armed Forces, forged in the desperate struggle to save the country, broken the back of the Yugoslav People’s Army and put an end to Serbia’s imperialistic aspirations,” writes Prof. Ivo Lucic PHD of the Croatian Institute of History.


A time for giving is always but at Christmas – especially so. All the Foundation’s books can be ordered by title and author on Amazon, but if people don’t like to order that way, they can order in their local bookstore! The Foundation puts a great deal of effort into getting these books out and even purchases small numbers in America or as many as it can afford and has them sent to major universities and politicians in the United States. I think Croatian clubs and organisations and even individuals across the world could follow suit and send a Foundation book to their local politician, their local library, High school, university… So if you are a member of a Croatian club or an organisation out there, or a supporter of Croatia and its truth, make this Christmas and New Year Season a season for Croatian truth – purchase these books and ask for them to be shipped as gift to your nearest university, your local politician, your local library. Thank you. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps.(Syd)


Click on link and connect to Amazon or Createspace for these books this Christmas and New Year’s holiday season


Front Cover of book by Ante Gugo translated into English "In The Eye Of The Storm"

Front Cover of
book by Ante Gugo
translated into English
“In The Eye Of The Storm”





An Amazon Customer Review on “All Visible things”:
“This is one of those books that take the reader on a journey. The narrative has that rare power to transport the reader to another place, another reality, another spiritual realm. Those readers who have not sold their souls will be taken to the scariest place in all creation – the inner depths of their essence. Those readers who have jettisoned their souls will be given a chance to claim them back.

All Visible Things is a work of non fiction written by an adventurer and idealist. It is also a philosophical treatise on human values and morals. The cast of characters is huge and many a historical figure jumps unexpectedly from the pages, giving poignancy, credence and currency to Zvonko Busic’s philosophies and everything he stands for and represents.

This book will surely be, in time, recognised as one of the most important works of the 21st century. A must read.”


Front Cover of Ante Nazor's book

Front Cover of
Ante Nazor’s book


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