ret. general Zeljko Glasnovic, MP/Croatian Parliament
Photo: Screenshot Croatian Parliament January. 24, 2020

Speech by retired general Zeljko Glasnovic, Member of Croatian Parliament, Zagreb, on January 21-22, 2020 (Translated into English by Tom Sunic, translation edited by Ina Vukic):

It’s now one month after the Presidential elections in Croatia and still we come across endless discussions being held about the election results. However, all these political palavers ignore the obvious. Not a single word is being uttered on the psychological factor that hinders Croatia from becoming a modern state. It is common knowledge that the clientelistic network of the geriatric Yugo-communists and their progeny is well embedded in all pores of our society. The legacy of the failed experiment, called SFRY (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), is clearly visible today. The mindset which had generated nepotism, corruption, culture of sloth, the folklore of ‘one hand washes the other’, along with vestiges of socialist bureaucracy, coupled with the cumbersome and sluggish state apparatus, continues to shape the life of our citizens. Under the guise of liberal globalism and progress, Croatia’s political chameleons are still promoting the idea of proletarian internationalism. Former Czech politician and sociologist Tomas Masaryk remarked long ago: ‘The Bolsheviks know how to kill and rob, but they don’t know how to work’. That’s the way it is today. For example, since 1995, in order to cover shipyards’ losses various state agencies have ripped € 5,000 from each Croatian family of four.

We must distinguish and we must not forget, that former ‘Tito-Jugend’ (Tito-Youth) relay-baton carriers were not raised in the spirit of Scandinavian-type socialism, but learned their trade in the deadliest and most immoral ideology in the history of mankind. Mental Yugoslavs, such as MPs Stazic, Grbin, Pupovac and many others siting in here now, are not able to square away abstract ideas of the world revolution with the terrible human tragedy caused by communist regimes. One can’t grasp it unless one defines Communism as a form of psychopathology. The Old Left and its Marxist shrinks, both here and in the West, have managed to brainwash numerous generations through perfidious use of techniques, such as ‘group therapy’ and self-criticism. The alpha and omega of this evil, Chairman Mao Ce Tung, used these brainwashing techniques as a weapon against his own people. He is reported to have said: ‘This is the only way to prevent the contamination of our comrades’ minds and the body of our party from political dust and germs’. His precepts are now being copied in North Korea. An ex-cult leader, the so-called Reverend Jim Jones, used the same psychological deception in 1978 when he allegedly prompted 900 members of his sect (the so-called church of his) into committing collective suicide.

The New Left Antifa ventriloquists today use the same techniques as their predecessors did. Subverting parental authority remains one of their founding principles. The so-called ‘kinder-laden’ movement that emerged in Germany after World War II was the offshoot of the Frankfurt School doctrine on novel social engineering. Its goal was to over-sexualise children in kindergarten and to ‘liberate’ them from their parents. The Left still rationalises pedophilia in the guise of much vaunted ‘sexual rights for all’. Daniel Cohn – Bendit (nicknamed the Red Danny) – a former Member of the European Parliament – has been at the forefront of advocating for ‘sexual liberation’ of children. Pedophilia has a long history in Antifa circles. The nation-killer Stalin and his apprentice Tito abused 13 years old girls. Children in communist systems were taught to rat out on their parents’ and friends’ politically incorrect behaviour. If in the former communist East Germany 2% of the population collaborated with the communist secret police, the infamous STASI, one must also raise the question how many snitches did Socialist Republic of Croatia harbour in ex-communist Yugoslavia? Many of those individuals still hold key positions in public life today. This is the reason why Croatia’s state archives were selectively cleaned off before being handed over to Croatian academic institutions. It is often forgotten that in May 1990 the entire KPH (Communist Party of Croatia) archives on microfilm were handed over by its namesake, the quickly re-baptised Croatia’s SDP (Social Democratic Party) to the Yugoslav Communist headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia. As of today, the entire personnel apparatus of the largest criminal organisation in the history of southeastern Europe remains immune to domestic and international scrutiny.

Therefore, the greatest threat to the survival of Croatia as a nation-state is not of external but internal nature. The remnants of the revolutionary mob rule are still present in all spheres of the Croatian society. Social lowlifes, self-righteous narcissists, neurotics and sociopaths have always been at the forefront of violent revolutions. This mindset, which first came into being during the French Revolution in 1789, threatens not only Europe but the entire Western civilisation. No discussion, no dialogue with the carriers of criminal communist chromosomes is possible or feasible. These creatures have deceived themselves and remain immune to the truth. In his book Homo Sovieticus, the late Russian author Aleksandr Zinovyev labels a man who grew up in the USSR ‘an honest liar’; true, he goes to church even though he doesn’t believe in God – just in case God exists.

Someone stated recently: ‘Folks, our DNA was programmed to seek the truth and justice. Without those we can never be at peace with ourselves and with others. The past is the past, but the past must be reconciled with the truth in order for justice and lasting peace to be achieved’. Thank you for attention.”


One does not necessarily need to be a qualified Psychologist or Psychiatrist in order to conclude that all Totalitarian regimes implemented to extremes (such as communist regime in former Yugoslavia, in the Soviet Union [Russia], in Cuba…) represent and, in actions, both political and government institutions’ operations, demonstrate a stark form of unconscious psychopathology acted out by the “leaders” as well as by their followers. Their actions tell us that these are people who had/have identified with this form of political system and they pass their mindset onto their families, their children and anyone they can influence in the society they live in (and beyond) regardless of time and culture. There are uncanny similarities in the underlying psychopathological mindset for control over people between Totalitarian and Tyrannical regimes. In both, the main aim of the system is the need to put into practice, at any cost, the personal, delusional omnipotence, and megalomaniac fantasies of the leader.

In communist Yugoslavia the communist political penchant spilled into the society and its culture with the aim of creating social change and, indeed, a new nationality – a Yugoslav nationality! The utopian naïveté present in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto drove that ultimate goal of drowning/obliterating all the distinct nationalities that made up the Federation of Yugoslavia into a new nationality whose backbone would be defined by the degree of unquestioning loyalty to the communist leader. The leader, Josip Broz Tito, who, due to his deranged communist purges, rates among the top ten world’s mass murderers of the 20th century.  Indeed, and to the point of this post, the politics of communism in former Yugoslavia (including Croatia) went about its business of crafting a whole new society, with a dominant culture that would celebrate and identify with communist achievements. New anthropological views describe cultural influences on personality and psychopathology by focusing on the effect of social change in local contexts on sociopsychological processes.

At the time Croatia formally seceded from communist Yugoslavia in 1991 and by the time Croatians defended themselves and Croatia from the bloody Serbian/Yugoslav Army aggression, five decades of the criminal communist Totalitarian rule that preceded had meant that this underlying psychopathology was pervasive and entrenched in much of the Croatian society. Failure to expunge, to lustrate, this psychopathology from the Croatian society, which was adamant to develop into a democratic one, means that Croatia and its political leadership in power, its other powerful political parties such as Social Democratic Party, still nurture that communist psychopathology in many forms of aberrant democratic reality. Public administration and legislation adopted or passed in Croatia are still a far cry from what they should be in a democratic society. Deep-rooted corruption and nepotism, whose beginning and thriving date back to the communist Yugoslavia Totalitarian regime are just some examples of such aberrance. Ina Vukic


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