UDBa and ORJUNA Are Destroying General Glasnovic

“It is better to die standing, than live on your knees”



Translated by INA VUKIC

Let’s start with a fist to the head, and then we will return to the text later. Namely, a GREAT FRAUD, rigging, is being prepared by MOST’s orjunas (ORJUN= Organisation of Yugoslav Nationalists) and Dragan Covic’s udbas (UDBa=Yugoslav Secret Police). Their aim? To prevent General Zeljko Glasnovic from becoming a representative for the Diaspora in the Croatian Parliament. A group of young partisans, called Ćuprija, has nominated comrade Milovic to run as candidate for the 11th Electorate.  What does this have to do with the psychiatrist and the team (Psychiatrist = Bozo Petrov, leader of MOST party)? Nothing. But all this is well thought out in the the Yugoslav Covic’s workshop, with anaemic Tito’s obligatory blessing.

Who is this Milovic? Witnesses say that even Sejdo Komšić is an Ustasha for him. Little Tvrtko is a suitable Sarajevo SERB, whose grandfather Bogoljub (from the vicinity of Nevesinje) was a member of “General Draza’s (Mihailovic) guard”. After the war, he took off his cockade, put on a five-pointed star and became a high-ranking (communist) party official. Chameleon Milović was hired by his friend Čova on his portal Dnevnik.ba to glorify his character and work. Why did Uncle Tvrtko suddenly decide to be a “Croat”? Because for some, it has become a lucrative occupation. After the UDBA lost the exclusive right to represent almost 4 million Croats in the diaspora (General Glasnovic saw to this) in the last elections, they are now threatened with losing all 3 seats. And the worshipers of the lame must not allow that.

Since they do not compare with nor can they be measured at all by the quality of candidates on the “General Glasnovic’s Independent List”, their only way to somehow get into Parliament is FRAUD! First, they (unsuccessfully) tried to discredit Mrs. Ina Vukić, and now they are targeting our General. The only living LEGEND on the Croatian political scene. Not to go on and on. Don’t fall for UDBA provocations and think for yourself. “General Glasnović’s Independent List” is the only guarantee that BiH Croats and the Diaspora will have their 3 authentic representatives in Parliament for the first time. These candidates will really fight for their rights this time, not just keep quiet and turn up to pick up the paycheque. FULL STOP.

“Here’s the dawn, here’s the day, here’s Plenki and his bosom friend Bere …” The TV debate between the leaders of the two largest parties “from this area” was so important that I didn’t even watch it. Why? I had to take the rubbish out and paint my wife’s toenails. Joking aside; what’s the point of watching and listening to two assholes, lying to themselves and us? Secondly, what if anything is the purpose of such nonsense? So that the communists’ opinion doesn’t change the last minute and they vote for the “rigid right-wingers” from the HDZ? Or vice versa? Totally a show of missed opportunity and an unnecessary show. It would be better if had they broadcasted “Chapel bonfires” so that we can watch Prsan cursing the Germans’ mother.

What makes people betray their loved ones ideals? After Zdravka Bušić, who spat on everything her brother Zvonko, a TRUE CROATIAN HERO, fought for, the daughter of the First Croatian President, Dr. Tudjman spoke. “Plenković is following in the footsteps of my father Franjo!?”, said Nevenka. This should have been sent immediately for alcohol and drug testing. If the results were negative, she should have been urgently referred to Vrapče for observation (Vrapce=Psychiatric hospital in Zabreb). Because it is not possible that the majority of the nation is blind and does not see Plenki’s “successes”? Apart from the material and spiritual destruction of Croatia there are really no positive things to be seen. But we haven’t crushed ourselves with cleverness, either.  We chose Stjepan Mesic (twice), Squid (Ivo Josipovic) and Frenzied (Zoran Milanovic). Yesterday, comrade Ivo demanded the return of “the Bloody locksmith’s city squares” (bloody locksmith = Josip Broz Tito) in Zagreb? What the fuck is he … to demand something? I also demand that Red Rijeka change its name to Pavelic’s. What do we do now?

Mainly, I can see from the headlines that BiH Croats have again become a sought-after commodity. Even those two who stayed in Sarajevo. Comrade Bero, unprovoked, also mentioned the “third” (entity). Our mothers grieve because of such Delilahs. And the mothers of those who trust them are ever sadder. Well, out of 151 MPs, there will be a lot more old faces than new ones. Pupi (Milorad Pupovac) is the only one safe for now. He has been sitting in Parliament for so long that he now represents BLM, sorry Serbs, and he has become part of the furniture. So, when the cleaners wipe the benches, they remove some cobweb from the “beautiful” Milorad with a little “powder” as well. Our Pupi is tricky, fu..ed by duck Daca. If asked, I would clone General Glasnovic in 150 copies. And I would leave one MP. Mr. Stazic. Purely out of a joke, to make him uneasy.

It is noticeable that YUGO TV companies (and they are all like that) do not differentiate between candidates and treat them all equally. But in penises. Thus, the guest of Dnevnik was the “smart” Puljak, for whom, as a rule, women, children and dogs vote (if he promises them a bone). This still belongs in comedy but could become a tragedy in a couple of years. It should be borne in mind that this strange beakman and his wife are publicly funded by the “Open Society” of Soros George. So, nothing is ruled out. Not even that the big-nosed boy may one day become President. Ah, the Frenzied! He is our best example that we are living in a wonderland.

And for all those who lean to the right, the only space for promotion is FB and Twitter. Of course, only if the “reputable” Faktograf allows them to do so? When we add to this the fact that the “independent” Apis is counting the votes, there is no need to doubt the regularity of the elections. But it doesn’t matter. Let us be alive and healthy and everything else can stuff itself. Because Grunf concluded long ago, “If you want to win, you can’t lose.”

If you’ve had problems with blockages, deletion of profiles and postings on FB, get ready for much worse things. Namely, about a hundred large companies withdrew their ads from FB, due to “hate speech”. But watch this now, OURS and not theirs!? Translated into Croatian, so far, we have been able to freely express our views, and in the future, they will punish us!?  I cross myself with both the left and the right hand. What to do? We can freely share recipes and pictures of our pets. And let’s forget about politics. Unless you have Tito’s picture on your profile. This is a time of absurdity, injustice and minority terror over the silent majority. For the average, normal people, in this “advanced”, technocratic and censored world of theirs, there is no more room.

Every realistic and reasonable person is aware that we cannot expect a miracle in this election. The maximum we can get is the entry of several exceptionally high-quality people and patriots into the Parliament. But, that is something, also. Because change doesn’t come overnight. Our basic problem is lack of time. Because some things (like the election law) MUST change as soon as possible. Not today, not tomorrow – but yesterday. And then again we come to the famous 2/3 majority, which unfortunately we can only dream of.

Alternative? Referendum. I have already written about this but I am intentionally repeating it, because it is extremely IMPORTANT. We know in advance that they will rob us, but we have no other (legal) means left. This time let’s not target the number needed, because they will make fools of us again. If they say they need 400,000 signatures, let’s raise the bar to 600,000 at the start. Surely there are that many of us left? Whatever tricks they use, they can’t theoretically steal 200,000 signatures. Even if the shrunken George counts the votes alone. Since I proudly enjoy my marginal status, I can’t do more than this. Because to achieve something like this, we need strong people with a name and a surname and as many associations as possible, who are still working for the benefit of this country and people.

I can’t brag that I have followed the campaign regularly, but I haven’t noticed that someone has shattered themselves dealing with today’s main problem, GLOBALISM? Or have we already been sold (of which I am convinced), so there is no point in even mentioning that plague? What’s next? The invasion of Jihad warriors in our beautiful country, under the slogan TLM (Terrorists Lives Matter). This time I’m dead serious. When I see what HERD is doing with impunity across America, why would we be an exception? Because the Marxist-Islamic revolution is underway. For now, we’re still watching it on TV. And maybe tomorrow from the balcony? Never say never. Especially today, when nothing living has any meaning or logic.

Amazing things are happening in America and something is definitely wrong. Republicans look more and more like the HDZ. And betrayal is present at every step. Just three words on Twitter explained it all. “The lone warrior!” (LONELY WARRIOR), Trump wrote. Abandoned and abandoned by all. CIA, FBI, Pentagon…He was even betrayed by some Republicans, who are afraid to oppose the red-black gang. The question is, does this great man have any authority left?

Just a few months ago everything looked ideal. So, if someone thinks that the virus and the protests are “spontaneous”, let them think again. Pity, because with Trump’s departure, the last straw of salvation would go. One needs to prepare for the worst, because SATANS (globalists) are the worst thing humanity has ever encountered. Exaggerating? Let’s wait a year or two so we can recapitulate the events. If we survive…

I watch Infowars regularly, and Alex Jones is right when he says the Civil War has already begun. The only country in the world without police, where street law is in force. I watch, in disbelief I hit myself on the head with a glass Coke bottle. Hell, it’s a tragedy…

Klapa songs came to my mind. Stone, rock, bread crust, drop of oil…There is a lot of truth in that. But again, it all depends on the person. Are her eyes hungry or not? I remember when after the war I did some intellectual work (unloading trucks, passing on gas cylinders to manual workers…). Because you had to eat something and pay the bills. The boss was normally a private individual and cracked like slipper. In addition to 3 houses, a new Mercedes and who knows how many millions in the “box”, his favourite saying was: “Poor me, I won’t even have enough money to buy salt!”. And we worked from 7 in the morning until we finished. Sometimes until midnight. Luckily, the joke among “working people and citizens” was top notch. And we didn’t miss out on beer either. You come home all soiled and dead, and you don’t even have the strength to take a shower. But on every first day of the month, 2000 kuna in the pocket. Like a gentleman. And again, I was more optimistic then than I am today. For F sake. The ways of the Lord are mysterious.

After the war, most of us thought positively, and after the battlefield, everything seemed easy to you. We were once ordered to walk over a hill and take up a new position. At night, of course, so that the Chetniks do not see us. Just as we descended, dawn broke and an old man was walking towards us. “Children, how did you get here?” He asks. “Through this forest, Grandpa.” “Well, all that is a minefield.” We just looked at each other, crossed ourselves and continued on…

Each of us has experienced something inexplicable in life. “Happiness,” some would say. “Coincidence,” others would say. And is that really so? For atheists, yes, because they don’t believe in anything. But I would never change places with them. Because they are afraid of death, and I am not. I don’t think about it at all and I don’t know what waits me there. But I know there is “something.” By nature, I am a hard realist and logician, so I am not able to describe that “something” in words. Few people have that gift. The first person that comes to mind is Mr. Ivica Ursić. His texts heal the soul, and in a few sentences, he explains EVERYTHING. That is that natural gift, which cannot be learned in any school.

It’s still dark outside, the normal world is asleep and I talk to myself over coffee and a cigar. I’m afraid I’ve gone a bit overboard, because my basic rule is: “Write as short and as substantively as possible and don’t bother people.”

Because, as Winston Churchill said, (while in the toilet at the bus station in Čapljina (BiH)): “The three most important things we need to do every day are:”

  1. Wake up
  2. Survive
  3. Go to sleep











Australian Croats With Zeljko Glasnovic MP

Zeljko Glasnovic in Sydney at
“Knights of the Precious Blood” Men’s prayer meeting 27 October 2019

Retired General Zeljko Glasnovic, Independent Member of Croatian Parliament for Croats living abroad and in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been touring Australia since the 17th of October 2019 and as his tour draws to an end, I asked him about his experiences and observations:


Zeljko Glasnovic at Croatian Youth Folklore Festival
Sydney, Croatian Cultural Association/club Bosna, 26 October 2019

Zeljko Glasnovic
Croatian Youth Folklore Festival
Sydney 26 October 2019


Zeljko Glasnovic at
Croatian Youth Folklore Festival
Sydney 26 October 2019

You have spent the past 12 days visiting the Australian section of the electorate which you represent in the Croatian Parliament, i.e. Croatians living outside of Croatia and the primary reason for your visit has been to participate in the various festivities of 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Australian Croatian Club O’Connor in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, followed by visits to the Croatian community of Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria and Sydney in New South Wales. What are your impressions of the important matters that Australian Croatians pursue or wish to pursue when it comes to their Croatian Homeland?

The spirit of Croatian unity and patriotism is alive and well in Australia,” said Glasnovic and continued: “Croatians in Australia are innovative, hard-working, and aware of the problems they confront in the Homeland. Socialist bureaucracy, an inefficient legal system and a mindset formed through decades of one-party rule are the main barriers which separate the Croatian diaspora from Croatian institutions and politics. They are aware that the fight for a united Croatian being in the diaspora, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and in Croatia is not being fought only on the political and cultural fronts but also on the metaphysical, spiritual level. To date, Croatia has not utilised the enormous potential of its large diaspora to enhance and contribute to the building of a fully functional state based on the rule of law.

Zeljko Glasnovic
at First Communion Mass
St Anthony’s Croatian Catholic church Summer Hill Sydney

Decades after the Homeland War Croatians outside the country still view state structures as an ideological foe that cannot be trusted. They are well aware that laws which have been passed in other post-communist countries have in Croatia unfortunately been passed in the reverse order. Croatian institutions are still largely staffed by former inefficient communist cadres and their descendants. Having spoken individually to many dozens of Australian Croatians during this visit I can summarise that many members of the diaspora ask questions related to the non-existence of electronic and postal voting, unsolved property issues and associated legislation, and the tiresome process of obtaining citizenship. Corruption is ingrained in all segments of Croatian society just as it was in the former regime; returnees complain that socialist bureaucracy generates this corruption and prevents liaison between the Homeland and its diaspora. It has become apparent that many returnees have become victims of an outdated and inert legal system in which case closure sometimes last for decades. Thousands of people whose private property was forcibly confiscated by the communist regime are still awaiting closure.

Zeljko Glasnovic
Signing Petition for justice for “Croatian Six”
Croatian Club Sydney Punchbowl – 27 October 2019

To add salt to the wounds the recent European Parliament resolution which calls for the condemnation of communist crimes has gone almost totally unnoticed in Croatia. Falsified history and lies spread by the communists still lead the country astray. Propaganda should not be confused with history as real history can be a guide. One of the major stumbling blocks to reconciliation in Croatia is the never truly condemned nor fully processed litany of communist crimes. Until justice is satisfied Croatia will remain divided; it is time we wrote our own history based on forensics, eye-witness accounts and documents.

Zeljko Glasnovic and renowned artist Charles Billich at Billich Gallery, Sydney

I would like to thank the entire Croatian diaspora for their continuing selfless help and sacrifice in rebuilding a Croatian state based on identity, faith and true patriotism. Without their immense contribution Croatia today would not exist. Politics is the art of determining priorities. And one of those priorities must be a complete integration of the Croatian diaspora into the country’s body politic. Also, the future of Croatians of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) must be solved. This is a question of strategic importance for Croatia. Up to now the country’s governing cliques have not afforded enough time or resources to deal with this problem. For example, if we are able to pay tens of thousands of pensions in Serbia we can certainly afford to take care of Croatian veterans that have served with the Croatian Defence Council (HVO).  

The world is in constant transformation. If we do not utilise the immense resources of the Croatian diaspora to meet oncoming challenges history will judge us.”


Ina Vukic


Australian-Croatian DOMOVINA TV/Cro Media TV interview with Zeljko Glasnovic, October 2019:


Diaspora Croats Do Not Need An Arrogant And Paternalistic Homeland

The law in Croatia that provides for a “Croats Outside Croatia Day” does not recognise the value Croats living outside Croatia hold for Croatia, but it clearly and loudly points out the arrogance vis-à-vis Croats living outside Croatia that exists in Croatia. The law does not acknowledge nor recognise the fact that Croatians living outside Croatia feel the same for Croatia as those who live in Croatia – it has always been so and so it is now, and the very history of diaspora engagement in the creation of an independent Croatian state is a strong proof of that. Article 9 of the Relations of Republic of Croatia with Croats living outside Croatia Act states that “The Republic of Croatia connects all Croats, both in the Republic of Croatia and those outside the Republic of Croatia…”, and thus, the act of connecting is not an act or task, pursuant to the legislation, equally shared between the Republic of Croatia and Croats outside the Republic of Croatia. The centre of power and decision-making on this issue is with Croats living in the Republic of Croatia, and thus real pluralism and progress on integration of all Croats (homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina Croats and the diaspora) in Croatia fall into the water irrespective of the fact that there is a governmental advisory body at the government’s office for relations with Croats outside the Republic of Croatia, established in the days of Zoran Milanovic’s government, pursuant to that Act!

Article 10 of the Act reads as follows: “The Croatian Parliament, on the proposal of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, makes a decision on the proclamation of the Croats Outside the Republic of Croatia Day”. There are only three seats in the Croatian Parliament representing Croats outside Croatia, only one of which is currently independent!

This kind of “attention” or consideration towards Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia is condescending and nothing more than paternalistic “patting on the shoulder” of the part of the Croat people who live outside Croatia and are otherwise, by similarities and differences, the same as the Croat people in the Homeland. The fact that within the so-called government advisory has some fifty people from the diaspora, who have had their say in the proposal to activate Croats Outside Croatia Day, does not mean that the dialogue on the proposal is mutually satisfactory or that public discussions about it have enjoyed a full and due process. On the contrary, most Croatians outside of Croatia and their representative organisations in different countries did not have a say in the proposal, nor was a solid part of that population asked about it. Croatia’s government simply pushed this legislation through parliament in 2011 without asking or consulting with the Croatian community outside Croatia!

I personally believe, and I think that many will agree with me here, that the relations between the Republic of Croatia and the Croats outside the Republic of Croatia must be a two-way street in the fullest sense of the word, and many in diaspora are concerned that most of them have not been represented nor included in the making of such decisions and considerations which affect them directly. Such relative inconsideration certainly undermines the influence the diaspora should really have right to, especially when it comes to issues directly related to it.

This is not time for Croatia to celebrate Croatians Outside Croatia Day, it is time for Croatia to repeal from this Act the article dealing with Croatians Outside Croatia Day! It is time to seriously address aspects required for a real integration of the Republic of Croatia with the Croats living outside it, which does not in any way include having a separate Day for celebrating Croats and their merits outside Croatia. Such a Day is counter-productive for real integration.

Not only would the “Croatians Outside the Republic of Croatia Day”, if by misfortune the proposal for it reaches parliamentary voting and passes, diminish the value of the Croatian Diaspora, it will alienate it even more that the so-called “antifascist soldiers” (former communists) have done during the past twenty years.

It was in October 2011 when the HDZ’s then alarmingly worn-out and scandalous government led by Jadranka Kosor pushed through the Croatian Parliament the Act dealing with Croatia’s relations with Croatians outside Croatia. The Act includes an article that says “the Croatian Parliament can vote on government’s proposal for a Croatians Outside the Republic of Croatia Day”. A couple of months later, Zoran Milanovic and Social Democrats came to power, and it was not long before the government established, pursuant to this Act, the Central Office for Croatians Outside Croatia, which contained a formula by which the office would gather some fifty Croats from around the world who would serve as government advisors regarding issues for Croats outside Croatia. But it became immediately apparent that this government formula for relations with Croats outside would pretty much end up as photo opportunity for government officials with Croats from the diaspora than a real, democratic and representative body of Croats living outside Croatia. That is, by the same Act of Parliament, only individuals belonging to some club or association could be nominated as such “advisors” and this automatically meant that majority of Croats living abroad were excluded from this because most do not belong to nor engage with clubs or associations.

The times after year 2000, when the so-called “anti-fascist” (former communists) elements of society took power in Croatia, were the times of especial negation of the Croats outside the Republic of Croatia. This denial/negation grew through concrete and deliberate procedures such as Croatian diplomats throughout the world ignoring those Croats in the diaspora who had contributed significantly towards the creation of the independent and sovereign Croatia, through the spread of lies and false incrimination of the Homeland War and its heroes, through empty but loud calls for the return to the Homeland, and through the adoption of this law on Relationship of the Republic of Croatia with the Croats outside Croatia. All this and much more, in fact, masked and belittled the enduring love, the emotional attachment and loyalty to Homeland Croats living outside Croatia felt and feel. Thousands of Croatian clubs, associations, religious communities outside Croatia always raise the Croatian flag, whether inside or outside their buildings, send their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends to visit Croatia and visit themselves, send financial assistance to Croatia, invest in Croatia, and put their hands together in prayer for Croatia … In return, Croatia turns a “cold shoulder” to them and considers them second-class Croatians! And now, it will supposedly all be okay if Croatians Outside Croatia Day is proclaimed, for that is the conclusion that can be drawn from what the current siding with the proclamation of this Day says or suggests!

In this move for the proposal for Croatians Outside Croatia Day and the palpable expectation in Croatia that Croats outside Croatia will accept this proposal (Law) without a nuance of criticism is in fact the latest manifestation of the negation of the diaspora. Because, it would seem, we should have a Day that will mark and celebrate the Croats outside Croatia in separate ways as a credible part of the Croatian being! The conditions are being set that Croats will prove to Croatia in this way that they are worthy of the Croatian name. Hence, the status of Croats outside Croatia within Croatia becomes conditional! Conditional by showing and proving their value and merit, every year!

Over the past month, since the move by the governmental Central Office for Croats outside the Republic of Croatia placed into action the proposal for the proclamation for the Croats Outside Croatia Day, to be on August 22, or on the Our Lady (Queen of Croats) feast day, there has been opposition for this Day from within Croatia and within the diaspora. The belief among these prevailed that such a Day will be harmful to and disparaging of everything that has through history been achieved by diaspora for Croatia. It is perceived as counterproductive for the desired integration of Croats in Croatia, Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and of Croats living in the diaspora. It is considered paternalistic towards Croats outside the Republic of Croatia. After these views were publicly expressed came justifications or explanations for such a Day from representatives of the Office for Croats outside Croatia and from this we learned that those who support the introduction of that Day say:

“… it is important to finally determine what is true and what is perception and to recognise the value of the diaspora” (https://m-mojahrvatska.vecernji.hr; 4 March 2019) (and that that is what according to this that Day would achieve!).

It is clear to all, or at least I hope so, that the truth about the (great) value of the “diaspora” can not be determined by having a Day to celebrate Croats outside Croatia because the diaspora has long lived its truth and its values, regardless of whether that is seen in Croatia or not.

Croatians outside Croatia have shown to the whole world their enormous Croatian:

  • State-building values – when they employed their dedication to democracy and freedom for Croatia before, during and after the Homeland War and engaged with political lobby for it, organised mass rallies across the world against the Serb aggression upon Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, when they went to Croatia in large number as volunteer defenders of Croatia against military aggression…
  • Welfare guardianship values – when they generously donated their hard-earned money during the War towards feeding and defending Croatia in its most difficult times …without this help the establishment of the operating structures necessary to place the mass Croatia’s freedom movement into action and efficiently defend Croatia from Serb aggression would not have been possible …
  • Patriotic values through many decades of building and maintaining with own resources their Croatian identity by building Croatian Catholic Centres throughout the world, Croatian churches, Croatian retirement villages and Nursing Homes, schools and studies of the Croatian language, folklore, music, literary pursuits, Croatian media …

Croatian leaders since the time of the Homeland War have been acknowledging and recognising these and all other values Croatians outside Croatia possess. Hundreds and hundreds of Croats from the diaspora, along with Croatians living in Croatia, have been awarded Croatian State medals of honour for their contribution to the Homeland. We do not need a Croats outside the Republic of Croatia Day for this because the recognition of values already exists in appropriate and most dignified ways as started by President Franjo Tudjman from the beginning – as part of Croatia and all Croats.

As for the perceptions of the diaspora Croatians that the mentioned media article refers to, this may have meant the unfortunate and completely wrong and maliciously “carved” perception one sometimes encounters when walking along some of streets in Croatia which tries to tell the people that the diaspora is nationalistic and that all in it are Ustashas? If those promoting Croatians Outside the Republic of Croatia Day think that by having such a Day of celebrations such perceptions will be broken – forget it! This will not happen until communist crimes from the former Yugoslavia are condemned publicly and officially and a ban on communist totalitarian regime symbols is legislated for.

Some suggest a ‘Day of Croats’ as a nation – to celebrate togetherness – certainly why not. But this is not (and I do not think it should be) the meaning of the Croatians Outside Croatia Day. We want to address the Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croats in Vojvodina and Croats around the world …”, said in the above mentioned article a government advisor from the Croatian diaspora. So, if togetherness is not what the government office for relations with Croatians outside Croatia wants to celebrate with the proposed Croatians Outside Croatia Day, and togetherness just happens to be one of the highest values Croats from the diaspora cherish and have always fought for, then what does this tell us? To me this says that the concept and reality of togetherness, of true integration between the Homeland and the diaspora, continues to be diluted.

The government’s advisory office for matters of Croats outside Croatia suggests that Croatians Outside Croatia Day should be celebrated on the day of the Virgin Mary (Queen of Croats), while at the same time some are trying to tell the public that by that, it would have the same meaning as celebrating St Patrick’s Day means to the Irish all over the world. They say that this is because Croats in diaspora, in Bosnia and Herzegovina have “a large number of our parents from the territory of the Republic of Croatia and BiH and we grew up with the long-standing tradition of worshiping the Blessed Virgin Mary and in times of hardship and trouble people turned to Her for help …”. Yes indeed, but it is also true that an even larger number of emigrant Croats have in days of need, hope and distress turned to the Heavenly beings of Croatian origin such St. Nikola Tavelic, St. Leopold Mandic, Blessed Alojzije Stepinac … So why, I read in Croatian regular and social media, if for this purpose Croats are being compared to the Irish and St Patrick is there a move in this unfortunate state of affairs around having a Day for Croats outside Croatia to distance Croats from their own Croatian saints to whom they have built churches and centres around the world!?

Recognising the mutual contribution and dependence of the Diaspora and Croatia can provide a firm basis for discourse to shape the character of true integration in the 21st century and to ensure the survival of Croatian identity. An essential condition for such discourse would be an emergence of a new, mature attitude in Croatia toward Croatian life in the diaspora, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For that, a substantial increase of seats in Croatian Parliament that represent Croats outside Croatia is essential; just as essential as reviewing the currently patronising law on relations between Croatia and Croats living outside it. Ina Vukic

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