Croatia: Marking Tito’s Birthday – “Tito thieved, but he gave some of the plunder to the people …”!

Don’t think for a moment that, after reading the title of this article, you could compare Josip Broz Tito (lifelong president of former communist Yugoslavia) to Robin Hood. Robin Hood and his men, from English folklore of 19th century, are known for “robbing the rich and giving to the poor”; keeping nothing of the loot […]

Croatia: Shammed Democracy – Persons With Military Background Cannot Have Opinion

For many citizens it landed like a much needed balm of good and promising prospects of advancement to the shattered state of political confusion, lack of clarity and direction as to national interests and the seething economic hopelessness the Croatian nation has been suffering in a crescendo for at least a decade – about to […]

Croatia: Bonjour Tristesse

What tragic consequences await the people led by governments which, in their hunger to fit into international halls of applause, look away from their people to abide to what others who are beyond borders say, rather than looking in to put their own nation first, may perhaps prove to be nothing less than what Françoise […]

Croatia: The Mother Of All Gags Creeps Back In

So, let’s say I notice that a Croatian Public Servant (Government employee) is having a two or three-hour taxpayer funded lunch break (which can certainly happen in Croatia on a regular basis – an unwelcome habit formed during the days of Communist Yugoslavia) and I comment with disapproval about that in public (to one or […]

President Franjo Tudjman’s Messages

They televised from the International court in the Hague: „The Appeal Chamber, REVERSES, with Judge Agius and Pocar dissenting, convictions against Ante Gotovina for persecution, deportation, murder, and inhumane acts as crimes against humanity, and of plunder of public and private property, wanton destruction, murder, and cruel treatment as violations of the laws or customs […]

Croatia: Josipovic’s helter-skelter politics

The palpably ever-present helter-skelter in the Croatian left-wing politics have shown their unsavoury face during the past week, again. It’s blatantly obvious that the head of the Croatian state, President Ivo Josipovic, just like his predecessor Stjepan Mesic has absolutely no visible strategy or ordered plan for the integration of Croatian Serbs into a desired […]

Croatia: Antifascist citizens show their ugly face at rally in Zagreb

On Friday 13 April, in the evening, several hundred visibly rowdy followers of Citizens action United Against Fascism came to Zagreb’s Ban Jelacic Square – ready to pounce upon the right-wing Croatian Civilisation /Culture Movement (HUP) gathering. But the HUP gathering attracted barely twenty people. The police presence was strong and they formed a human […]

Dismal 28% of Croatians vote in favour of European Union accession

Media in Croatia (and abroad) is abuzz with the high percentage of casted votes delivering a “Yes to EU” vote. 66.27 % Yes votes counted by midnight 22 January 2012 (Croatia’s official electoral office results). Looking further at those figures: a)      TOTAL number of registered voters at counted polling places – 4 488 938 b)      […]

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