Please don’t visit Kvarner, Croatia – I want it all to myself!

Julie Peasgood Photo: Daily Mail UK

Julie Peasgood
Photo: Daily Mail UK

British actress, television presenter, and author Julie Peasgood has just visited the Kvarner region of Croatia (Northern part of Dalmatian coast) for the first time and has been blown away with what she has seen, reports her article for the UK’s Daily Mail:

Within five minutes of our cruise ship leaving the marina at the stunning Croatian resort of Opatija, we witnessed a spectacular display of dolphin acrobatics.

Their leaping, twisting and shameless showing off had us all spellbound and ensured that our week-long cruise got off to a magical start.

Opatija, in the country’s little-known Kvarner region, combines the Belle Epoque architecture of Nice, the grandeur of Vienna and the gorgeous terracottas and yellows of the Italian Riviera...” Read the rest of the article and more at Daily Mail portal.

One cannot help falling in love with Croatian beauty!

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