Croatia: Leadership Moulded By European Union Is Like New Wine Decanted Into Old Communist Bottles

When history is written, two blunders of Croatia under all Prime Ministers and Presidents particularly since year 2000 to today, that is, almost immediately after Dr. Franjo Tudjman’s death, will stand out for irreparably damaging its long-term interests in developing a fully-functional democracy and validating as most precious for freedom and democracy the thousands of Croatian lives lost in the Homeland War as well as validating as the nation’s united aspirations the 93.24% referendum vote for secession from communist Yugoslavia after which the Serb and Montenegrin aggression against Croatia turned vicious and barbaric. These two irreparably damaging blunders are:

– the underhanded and ruthless helping to bring the former communists to the centre-stage of Croatian politics, and

– compliance with the European Union’s push to include in the government coalition the section of Croatia’s Serb ethnic minority that was involved in the aggression against Croatia, rebel-Serbs or those close to them, and not the section of the Serb minority that fought shoulder to shoulder with Croats to defend Croatia from Serb aggression.

Both of these moves ensured that the central pillar of stability and national unity, Homeland War values, were and are pushed to the brink of insignificance and, hence, the development of a healthy democracy severely disadvantaged. While the European Union might have, erroneously and offensively (to victims of Serb Aggression), thought that such government coalition in Croatia will produce conducive conditions for reconciliation all it did was equate the victim with the aggressor. All it did is push into insignificance the fact that 93.24% of Croat voters voted in 1991 to exit communist Yugoslavia and enter the democratic world similar to that of the so-called Western world.

These two moves also ensured that corruption and nepotism, which were perfected during communist Yugoslavia, in the public administration and government sector thrived on and to this day remain an inveterate canker afflicting the path to a fully functional democracy in Croatia.

Generally, and worldwide, though, one could be forgiven for believing that the age of fully functional democracy has ended. Two massive nations, Russia, and China, have for at least two decades been strongly trending toward one-man rule. The list of countries that have been drifting into autocratic orbits seems to be growing all the time with power being centralised, media controlled, the courts manipulated, and protest squelched.  

Once again, it seems, democracy has a competitor. Strongmen are rising in part because elected governments are struggling to address new challenges: global migration, technological advances, transnational terrorism, international economic unrest. More and more people are willing to try, or tolerate, another approach.

Croatia’s renowned War Minister of Health and former Deputy Prime Minister (December 2003 to February 2005) Prof. Dr. Andrija Hebrang was recently interviewed on 10 November 2023 by journalist Marko Juric for “Project Velebit Podcast” who had the following to say on the matter:

“I was in the government when Brussels ordered a coalition with the Serbs.

For me, the most tragic lie in recent Croatian history is the suppression of Serbian and Montenegrin crimes in the aggression against Croatia. In other nations, the perpetrators of crimes sweep the truth under the carpet, and in Croatia the victims. We ourselves sweep that truth under the carpet. We are the only war that has recorded every civilian victim. Because we have introduced a network of 32 places in Croatia in the health headquarters, where we have appointed experts for identification and all the victims have been identified, compared with the mobilisation lists, so that the list would not show someone in civilian clothes who actually was a soldier, to get a 100% definition of a civilian victim, and on that list we have 7,263 civilian victims. Forbidden data. … the former as well as Ivo Sanader’s entire government (in which I served as Deputy Prime Minister) begged me not to publish this information. Brussels said that since we were entering the European Union as member state, it was not convenient to raise tensions against the Serbs. Because if you announce how many Croats they killed, then you will have instability, and they asked us to form a coalition with the Serbs. The first such coalition emerged during Ivo Sanader’s government, to which I was a witness, as Deputy Prime Minister, a man called Mr. Svoboda came to Croatia in 2004 and said you must go into a coalition with the SDSS (Independent Democratic Serbian Party in Croatia). So, it follows that they won’t allow the truth about Serbian crimes, and they were forcing us into that coalition. There is no logic whatsoever that the former aggressor participates in the government, so Croatia is the only country in the European Union where the aggressor participates in key decision-making. It is known what minorities should do, they should maintain their cultural, historical, and folk customs, but the minority cannot decide on the state budget or key strategic decisions of the government. This is happening only in Croatia. Well, no one else has a ruling minority in the coalition. The Serbs belong to one big bloc headed by Russia, it is one mechanism that controls the world’s atomic weapons, controls the energy, and it controls numerous mineral resources. So, it is about one big entity, and that entity has its own requirements and whom to satisfy so that it can extract certain profits from them. And this is the mechanism why the Serbs were in all international bodies during the Homeland War, and the Croats were nowhere…

Today, the Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic decides whether he will enter into coalition with the Serbs or not. Franjo Tudjman faced much bigger pressures than what the governments after his death did and yet, he rejected them all in an instant.   

…When was the fate of Croatia’s future decided?

In the so-called first free elections of 1990, those elections were the result of the awakening of the people and they had to defeat the communists and we defeated them in the elections. However, the communists, experienced by so many decades compared to the rest of us who entered the political forefront for the first time in our lives, quickly found their way and reacted. The elections in many post-communist countries solved the ideology, you have post-communist countries where glorification of communism is prohibited, where the five-pointed star is prohibited, because the communists lost the elections in 1990 in those countries. You have countries where their leaders were liquidated, remember Romania, where they also liquidated their fifth columnists, even those who ruled those countries in the official secret services. This did not happen in Croatia. Why? Because we, the real Croats, non-communists, lost the first democratic elections. Now you will ask how the elections were lost when we won them. We only won for one night. So, after the first round of the first democratic elections, when they saw that the communists were weak, the communist brats headed by Ivica Racan quickly handed over the weapons of the territorial defense intended for the arming of 200,000 Croats to the KOS (Counterintelligence Services of communist Yugoslavia) in Belgrade. Formally, Racan did not oppose it, so it passed. In Slovenia, they stopped the handing over of one third of those weapons and were stronger and met the aggressor armed. We met the aggressor unarmed thanks to the communist Ivica Racan (who by the way became the Prime Minister of Croatia almost immediately after Franjo Tudjman’s death).

Then comes the second round of elections and we win definitively again, but only for one night. Over that night, 98,000 members of the defeated communist party joined the ranks of the victorious HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union party). 98,000 members of the Communist League switched to HDZ. And we, anti-communists from HDZ were already in the minority the next morning. And with that, the future of Croatia was determined…

Every nation decides its own destiny. When the people mature, when they look at Croatian history, when they look at the falsifications of Croatian history and when the people mature and see, then another big step forward, another awakening, will happen… That is to say, nations mature very slowly in order to create their own state and even slower to develop it…”

On both sides of Croatian political spectrum, the so called right and the so-called left, populist leaders and movements have emerged to challenge the political elites ruling over Croatia since year 2000, but more from right, whose commitment is to patriotism and Croatian sovereignty, than the left, whose commitment to open borders holds little appeal for the victims of global economic restructuring. To illustrate the political activism in Croatia, which has undoubtedly arisen from dissatisfaction and disappointment about the way Croatia is being ruled, it is significant to know that in 2021 there were 172 political parties registered in Croatia, which has less than 4 million people. In 2023 that number is either slightly lower, or higher – as the mega election year of 2024 draws nearer those numbers will be known.  Despite the overwhelming number of political parties in Croatia there seems to be little sign of mass intellectual renewal vis-à-vis Croatian historical truth of independence plight, political realignment in accordance with it, and institutional reform that history suggests are the pre-requisites for resolving a national crisis of identity and, with it, the future that was marked and planned for during the Homeland War. The coming general and presidential elections in Croatia, due in 2024, will serve as an indicator as to just how much of the intellectual renewal there has been in Croatia that spills into the ballot boxes and sees at least enough change in the voter preferences to cause the former communists or their children holding power, to feel threatened and their position weakened. Ina Vukic

Ina Vukic – Biography and How to Vote In Croatian Elections

Ina Vukic, June 2020

Election campaigning silence for the Croatian Parliamentary elections (4th and 5th July) starts from midnight Thursday 2nd July. As all who have visited my blog are aware, I am a candidate on the Election List No 10, for the 11th Electorate (representing Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian Diaspora worldwide). List 10 is the Independent List Zeljko Glasnovic. I am certain that all of you in my blogger circles will understand and forgive my absence from corresponding with you during the past week. As such matters go, I have been very busy with the Election Campaign. I do, however feel the warmth presence of all of your creations in my heart and mind. I have been privileged with you and with worldwide readers who visit my blog portal on a regular basis. Thank you!

In the 100-second video presented here, in the Croatian language, I provide my brief biography. For the readers who do not speak the Croatian language the following statements in the video are translated:  

Ina Vukic:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Disability including Mental Health, funded by the Australian Government, Sydney
  • Master of Psychology / two university degrees in psychology and a postgraduate degree (University of Zagreb, University of New South Wales and University of Sydney)
  • Accomplished specialist in clinical and political psychology
  • Management diploma from the Australian Institute of Management
  • Vice President of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the Diaspora and Homeland / HAZUDD, based in Switzerland
  • The most prominent woman activist in the diaspora in the creation of an independent state of Croatia today
  • Awarded in 1995 by Dr. Franjo Tudjman with the Homeland War Memorial Medal and the Order of the Croatian Trefoil Medal for special merits and contribution in the creation of the democratic, Independent Republic of Croatia
  • Influential worldwide English-language blogger on Croatian truth and the transition from communism to democracy
  • Candidate on the Independent List Zeljko Glasnovic, List No. 10, for the 11th Electorate in the elections for members of the Croatian Parliament 2020.
  • Ina Vukić, who endured the many storms during her activist advocacy for Croats, was born on the island of Korčula and stands firmly on the defence barrier to continue tirelessly advocating for Croats.







VOTE FOR LIST No. 10 – Independent List Zeljko Glasnovic – 11th Electorate



Ina Vukić – biografija

Ina Vukić!

  • Glavna izvršna direktorica (CEO) za mentalno zdravlje i invaliditet financiranih od vlade Australije, Sydney
  • Magistar psihologije/ dvije sveučilišne diplome iz psihologije i poslijediplomska akademska sprema magistra (Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Sveučilište Novi južni Wales i Sydney sveučilište)
  • Usavršena stručnjakinja u kliničkoj i političkoj psihologiji
  • Manadžment diploma Australskog instituta upravljanja
  • Dopredsjednica Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti u dijaspori i domovini/HAZUDD sa sjedištem u Švicarskoj
  • Najistaknutija žena aktivistica u iseljeništvu u stvaranju neovisne države Hrvatske današnjice
  • Odlikovana 1995. godine od strane Dr Franje Tuđmana Spomenicom domovinskog rata i Redom hrvatskog trolista za posebne zasluge i doprinose
  • Svjetski utjecajna blogerica na engleskom jeziku o Hrvatskoj istini i tranzicije iz komunizma u demokraciju
  • Kandidatkinja na Neovisnoj listi Željko Glasnović, Lista broj 10, za XI Izbornu jedinicu na izborima za zastupnike u Hrvatskome saboru 2020.
  • Ina Vukić, koja je izdržala bure tijekom svojih zalaganja za Hrvate rođena je na otoku Korčula i čvrsto stoji na braniku da neumorno se zalaže za Hrvate.







Ina Vukic

Zvonko Busic Committed Suicide Because Of Croats Operating Like Zdravka Busic


Retired General Zeljko Glasnovic and his
Independent List of candidates for Croatian Parliament are
the only political force to reel in the positive changes for all Croatians in Croatia, in BiH , in the Diaspora

Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatians in the Diaspora – at this time of General Elections for the Croatian Parliament remember this: the only candidates running for you who deserves your vote are the candidates on the Independent List Zeljko Glasnovic. List Number 10.  I say that because it is retired General Zeljko Glasnovic who has been consistent and steadfast in pursuing in the Croatian Parliament all issues that benefit all Croatian people whether they live in Croatia or abroad. Those issues deal with the absolute need of fixing the entire government system and its departments that do not but must work to benefit all Croatian people, the entire judiciary, the entire economy, the employment laws to bring in stringent measures that would finally disable nepotism by which the current laws and practices are defined and chase Croatian people into emigration. Do not be fooled in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the candidates on HDZ and other lists. They have managed to swindle you into thinking that it is HDZ who is giving you money. They have not because any financial aid to BiH coming from Croatia is the money given by Croatian taxpayers, majority of whom are on the side of General Glasnovic’s attempts to make our lives normal and difficulty-free. After all, it was General Glasnovic and his activities to benefit you who forced the HDZ government in 2017 to pay out the arrears of HVO veterans’ pensions in BiH!

Do not be fooled by the candidates from the  other lists for the 11th Electorate. Candidates on List No. 10 are the only genuine candidates for for the betterment of Croatia. As for electorates I – X, for areas within Croatia proper: do not remove from your minds that it is and it was in the past 20 years the HDZ and SDP governments who ensured that multitudes of you are brought into a corner with no choice but to emigrate from Croatia in order to secure yourselves a living outside the failing Croatia. Just take one example (of many): Croatia is rich in farmland and agricultural land; Croatian farmers could feed the entire nation and beyond throughout the year, be the supplier of food to the significant Tourism industry, and yet Croatian farmers are either leaving the country in droves due to inability to supply and sell their produce in Croatia! HDZ in BiH has done the same damage.

In April 2018 Dr Jure Buric, Mayor of the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, when Serb aggressors devastated the ancient and world heritage listed city, member of Croatian Parliament over the years after the end of Croatia’s Homeland War, handed in his longstanding membership in HDZ/Croatian Democratic Union party with a protest that said:

“You have become a ‘spiritual Chernobyl’ in the Croatian people.
We are leaving the party because we are ashamed of:
your arrogance,
your hypocrisy,
of your disparagement,
your inconsistencies,
your servitude,
your cowardice,
your greed for positions,
your renunciation of the laws of God.”

That sums up not only HDZ or SDP’s devastation of Croatian economy but also of all other political parties in Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina who have over time been in coalition with them – MOST/BRIDGE in particular.  Through the privatisation that occurred after the secession from Yugoslavia in both Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in both of the countries the nations’ capital ended up in wrong hands, particularly in the hands of former communist operatives who became personally very wealthy on account of the corrupt privatisation process. Nepotism and political-affiliation driven employment market led to the sad reality of today that incompetent workers in key positions throughout secured themselves jobs that are far beyond their capacities and knowhow. 25 years or so of this means that today both Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are sitting on a time-bomb about to explode.

Do not vote for HDZ, SDP and MOST at these elections! Your, your children’s and grandchildren’s lives will continue to plummet into poverty and desperate emigration.

And when it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina / do not vote for HDZ, SDP or MOST. HDZ has again placed at its electoral list for 11th Electorate Zdravka Busic! Zdravka Busic has evidently for years used and abused her surname Busic and the glory for Croatian independence her late brother Zvonko Busic deserved and committed suicide becayse of people like Zdravka Busic who personally contributed to the devastation of both Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina when it comes to the rights of Croatian people and their welfare. Zdravka Busic used her surname for personal gain, thus securing positions in key government departments which devastated the nation and its care for the ordinary Croatian people and citizens.

Zvonko Busic suicide note
Source: Zvonko Busic book of memoirs and diaries “Zdravo oko sjećanja”, Večernji list, 2014

In his suicide note Zvonko Busic said: “I am sorry but I cannot stand the Plato’s cave anymore…Goodbye friends, goodbye relatives, goodbye all good Croats. Forgive me for everything, stay true to our original Croatia and protect our homeland Croatia.”

In Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Diaspora, in the 11th Electorate vote for people for whom it is proven they will never stray away from the good and hard fight for all Croatian people. The list is headed by  and has candidates who are veterans and heroes of the Homeland War, it has candidates who have for over 30 years been staunch and loud activists for equal right of all Croatian people no matter where they live, candidates who have professional experience in the developed democracies of the world in state administration, in health care, in legislation, in business development, to only name a few.

Candidates for Croatian General Elections
4th and 5th July 2020 on “Independent List Zeljko Glasnovic
From left front row! Marko Juric, Zeljko Glasnovic, Ina Vukic, Mate Knezovic Back row from left: Milena Matic, Tomislav Sunic, Marina Sunić-Zakman, Elizabeta Mađarevi, Srecko Telar
Candidates not on photo: Marko Perkovic, Martina Ćurić, Franjo Miroslav Perkovic, Marina Sabljic, Kresimir Tabak,

Vote for List No. 10 / Independent List Zeljko Glasnovic. These independent candidates have armed themselves with determination and knowledge to:

  • Change the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and include in its Historical Foundations the role and immense value and key role of Croats from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from the Diaspora in the creation of the independent state of Croatia;


  • Bring about a total overhaul and fix Public Administration system so that it serves the people, all people not just the politically suitable;


  • Bring about a total overhaul and fix of the Judiciary;


  • Bring about a total overhaul and fix of the Croatian economy so that it, for example, gives priority to Croatian production of goods and produce, of government support and meaningful incentives for investments;


  • Overhaul and fix Health cover and protection in ways that will see larger participation for Health in the government budget and a fairer contribution to it by the individuals; of particular importance is the fact that retirees who return to Croatia to live pay through their noses for their health care insurance while in Croatia / firstly through double taxation of foreign pensions (which our candidates on List.10 for the 11th Electorate at elections are adamant to scrap) and then through exorbitant personal payment into the state Health insurance fund … HDZ and SDP have been double-dipping into the purses of returnees;


  • Install a new law for Elections where Croats from outside Croatia will have more seat in the parliament as deserved both because of their large numbers and because of their key role in establishing independent Croatia; bring in electronic and postal voting. General Zeljko Glasnovic with his team has ensured that the draft of this new law is now completed and ready for presentation to the Constitutional Court for assessment! I as a candidate on his list of Independents am a member of a group of Croats from the diaspora who have in April 2020 lodged at the Constitutional Court of Croatia a claim for the assessment of the existing law on elections as to its discriminatory elements against Croats living abroad. We mean to achieve results!


  • Bring in lustration related law via the completed draft of legislation regarding access to information; General Zeljko Glasnovic with his team has ensured that the draft of this new law is also now completed and ready for presentation to the Constitutional Court for assessment!


  • Bring about an overhaul and fix of the current legislation on rights of Homeland War veterans, both in Croatia (HV) and in BiH (HVO). General Zeljko Glasnovic’s actions are particularly known in the field of ensuring the status and pensions of HVO veterans in BiH are secured and commensurate with their enormous and self-sacrificing role during the Homeland War for freedom and continued existence of Croats in BiH as constitutional people of BiH!

These are the realities of today’s Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. While we are in the times of electioneering for parliamentary seats these facts contained in this article remain and must guide everyone’s hand in voting at the upcoming elections. Otherwise the HDZ, SDP, MOST… smoke screens will remain and choke every chance our future generations have at being productive according to their personal merit and effort, at being treated with respect and equal rights and access to those rights! Vote for List No. 10 in the 11th Electorate. Our hard work, dedication, knowledge, relevant for progress professional experience – our steadfastness in achieving positive results despite the unfriendly and aggressive climate current and past governments and their followers have been hitting us with is YOUR Passport to a much better and positive future for all. Ina Vukic


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