Croatia: Some 60,000 rally against Cyrillic in Vukovar

April 7, Ban Jelacic Square, Zagreb  Photo: Sacha Stephanie Vukic

April 7, Ban Jelacic Square, Zagreb Photo: Sacha Stephanie Vukic

According to Vecernji List, the peaceful rally against the introduction of Cyrillic script on official signs in Vukovar organized by Headquarters for the Defence of Vukovar association has attracted some 60,000 people.

Messages were strong and determined: “We do not hate anyone, but Cyrillic is continuance of aggression”; “the fight for Vukovar still continues today”.

The Headquarters for the Defence of Vukovar sought at the rally that the authorized institutions of the government declare the city of Vukovar an area of special piety for all citizens in the country and the world.

If, within three months, you do not commence upon this request, you will, in that way, let us know that you do not respect our sacrifice…if, then, you come to Vukovar on the 18th of November, we will show you that you are not welcome there…” said Tomislav Josic, president of the Headquarters of the Defence of Vukovar association.

He further stated how the lack of piety towards the victims, their families and the survivors is especially frustrating. Although (introduction of Cyrillic script) based on law, it’s not enough because there is no street in Vukovar where no Croatian was killed.

That’s why we the victims, the defenders and citizens consider our demand that Vukovar area be seen as the place of most brutal suffering and piety legitimate, and that, as such, be excluded from bilingualism on official signage.

If you come to Vukovar to erect the signs, we’ll call upon all our friends to come and we will not permit that to happen”.

Jutarnji List reports that there were some 15,ooo people at the same rally. Slobodna Dalmacija, likewise.

Downplaying the numbers would be something that keeps with the pro-government flow, so I do not place too much trust upon their reports.

Looking at the aerial view of Ban Jelacic Square at the time of the rally it’s difficult to believe this number; the Square was packed with people and it fits a great deal more than 15,000.

Crowds gathering for "No Cyrillic in Vukovar" RallyZagreb, 7 April 2013, Ban Jelacic Sq., Photo: Grgur Zvcko/Pixsell

Crowds gathering for “No Cyrillic in Vukovar” Rally
Zagreb, 7 April 2013, Ban Jelacic Sq., Photo: Grgur Zvcko/Pixsell

Novi List says there were 20,000 to 40,000.

Certainly, there were rivers of people converging upon Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb today, 7 April 2013 – all asking for one and the same thing: No Cyrillic script on official signage in Vukovar.

A decent human being would consider this a decent thing to ask. No doubt about that.

Vukovar is like a memorial place for all the victims who had brutally fallen at the hands of Serb aggression in 1991. Vukovar is an area of terrible suffering; suffering that still continues because there are still many perpetrators of those crimes freely walking the streets.

European Union is reportedly “insisting” that law be applied and Cyrillic introduced in Vukovar! This is the same European Union, which consists of countries where memorial places similar to the national meaning of  Vukovar are held as sanctity, often having special provisions under the law to protect them as such.

Why then does the EU ask of Croatia what it does not ask of other countries!?

So why does the government of Croatia act so cruelly towards its own citizens!?

How hard can it be to pass special provisions under the appropriate law to protect Vukovar for what it truly stands for: a city of victims who must be remembered for their suffering.  It’s not hard, I’m sure.

It’s not hard to show some teeth to the European Union and assert within it the right of Croatia to have and protect the sanctity of Vukovar as victims of brutal war memorial. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

April 7, Ban Jelacic Sq., Zagreb - crowds gathering for"No Cyrillic in Vukovar" Rally  Photo: Sacha Stephanie Vukic

April 7, Ban Jelacic Sq., Zagreb – crowds gathering for
“No Cyrillic in Vukovar” Rally Photo: Sacha Stephanie Vukic

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