In Memoriam Dr. Slobodan Lang

    “…Forgive my grief for one removed, Thy creature, whom I found so fair. I trust he lives in thee, and there I find him worthier to be loved…” Alfred Lord Tennyson, In Memoriam A.H.H., 1849. There are times in human life when writing In Memoriam about the life of a person who has […]

Croatia: Tears And Prayers As Bosnian Croat Dario Kordic Arrives Home From ICTY Prison

    Former vice president and a member of the Presidency of the Croatian Community of Herceg-Bosna, and later Croatian Republic of Herceg-Bosna, and at one time the president of the Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HDZBiH), Dario Kordic, landed at Zagreb, Croatia, airport after serving 16.6 years of the 25-year prison sentence […]

Croatia Suffered Genocide And Prevented It In Bihac!

  Croatian Cultural Council, on its Croatian Weekly portal has published an article written by dr Slobodan Lang in relation to the Croatia Vs Serbia genocide lawsuit and case currently being heard in the International Court of Justice at The Hague. I have translated that article into English and bring it to you with the […]

Croatia: Cyrillic In Vukovar Reveals Governmental Discord With Democracy

Croats of Vukovar continue protests against the introduction of bilingual signs on public buildings. The protests are peaceful and messages that the people have made significant advancements in democratic pursuits than the government (led by Zoran Milanovic), or the president of the Republic (Ivo Josipovic) for that matter, become clearer day in and day out. […]

Let’s Create the Europe of Good

Dr. Slobodan Lang headed the list of candidates for the Joint Movement of Good that ran for the European Union Parliament elections in Croatia last month. Although the group of candidates did not succeed in achieving seats in the EU Parliament the underlying election platform of the group lives on, in the hope that future […]


Dr. Slobodan Lang presents the Visions of Joint Movement of Good (FOR THE TEXT IN THE CROATIAN LANGUAGE PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK/ HRVATSKI) The Joint Movement of Good appears symbolically after Easter, and in reality, for the first Croatian elections for EU Parliament. In this appearance, vision, values, values based proposals, the candidates who give […]

Croatia: Joint Movement of Good – A Refreshing Force for EU Parliament Elections

Croatia will become the 28th member state of the European Union on 1st July this year – it will enter an established “international club” and it will strive to positively contribute to the life and the future of this “club”. The Croatian Democratic Centre party (DC) had invited a group of distinguished Croatian citizens, who […]

Croatia: EU Parliament Elections In Sight

Croatia: Sex Education Causes Calamitous Rift In Society

Croatian government and the Croatian Catholic Church have been at serious loggerheads, to say the least, since the government announced late last year its new school health education plan, which includes sex education in all its “modern-day” imagery, facets, spectrum. Suffice to say, the government would not budge from its plan to implement the program […]

New lies about Tudjman announce new aggression against Croatia

By Dr. Slobodan Lang – 14 December 2012 (Translated by Ina Vukic) On the 2nd of June of this year I went to Medjugorje and kneeled beside the visionary Mirjana, as she was receiving a message from Our Lady. I prayed for the freedom of Generals Gotovina and Markac. On the Day of Assumption of […]

President Franjo Tudjman’s Messages

They televised from the International court in the Hague: „The Appeal Chamber, REVERSES, with Judge Agius and Pocar dissenting, convictions against Ante Gotovina for persecution, deportation, murder, and inhumane acts as crimes against humanity, and of plunder of public and private property, wanton destruction, murder, and cruel treatment as violations of the laws or customs […]

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