Croatia: Freedom Festival, Media Censorship and Covid-19

Stipo Milnaris, MP (L), Karolina Vidovic Kristo, MP (C)
Zlatko Hasanbegovic, MP (R)
Freedom Festival Zagreb 5 September 2020
Banner: “Free Media is Our Media”
Photo: Screenshot


When there is utter censorship of professional and other opinion within the mainstream media, such as in Croatia, then the only way to nationally express a different opinion to the one imposed by the mainstream media is for people to take to the streets and city squares.

Saturday, 5th September 2020 on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, Croatia, saw an event unfold – Freedom Festival.  Several thousand people filled the capital city’s main square, several bus loads arriving from other cities such as Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Sibenik and Rijeka.

Organised by the “Rights and Freedom” initiative, the aim of the festival was to advocate for the preservation of the achievements of a democratic society in which decision-making based on panic and propaganda or rewriting instead of re-examination cannot be tolerated. The festival aimed at insistence on the preservation of human rights, freedoms, knowledge, solidarity and mutual respect. “We want to emphasise that our health is a phenomenon on the psychological, physical and mental, and not just on the coronary level,” said a statement on an invitation to the festival flyer.

Freedom Festival Zagreb Croatia
5th September 2020
Banner: “Common sense is our sense”
Photo: Screenshot

In addition to the tourist bus and music, those gathered carried banners with messages such as “Take off your mask, turn off the TV, live life to the fullest”, “Covid is a lie, we are not all covidiots”, “Parents and children are inseparable”, “Better grave than slave”. “Free life is our power,” “Normal and point,” “Resistance against the System”, “Free Media is Our Media” and “We believe in the power we have.” None of those gathered at the festival, which some call a protest, wore a mask.

Freedom Festival Zagreb Croatia
5 September 2020
Banner: “Resistance against the System”
Photo: Boris Kovacev/Cropix

Members of the Croatian Parliament from the Miroslav Skoro Homeland Movement (Domovinski pokret Miroslava Škore) supported the Freedom Festival, mingling with the crowds. They were Stipo Mlinaric and Karolina Vidovic Kristo and Zlatko Hasanbegovic (Block for Croatia)

“What is happening today is the culmination of the denial of human freedoms and rights through some of the measures imposed by the National Civil Protection Headquarters. Current data both in Croatia and in the world indicate that the mortality rate in previous years is comparable to the mortality rate in 2020, the year when the coronavirus appeared.

Yesterday, Dr. Srecko Sladoljev said that the virus is spreading through the population, but that no stronger symptoms develop, so I don’t know if we can talk about a disease caused by a coronavirus infection when the danger of corona fits the risk of colds or flu.

And if so, then we as a civilization are faced with the question of whether we will deny human rights, freedom of movement, expression, media freedom … because someone decided that the danger of coronavirus is terrible, and in fact mortality in the general population in 2020 is comparable to previous years. Many MPs from various clubs in Parliament demanded the removal of Krunoslav Capak and the abolition of the Headquarters.

I am looking for something concrete that can be done immediately, and that is to let experts of different views speak publicly and equally, for example, famous scientists like Srecko Sladoljev, Valerij Vrcek or Dr. Lidija Gajski get media space equal to that of the Headquarter’s Krunoslav Capak, Vili Beros and Alemka Markotic,” said Karolina Vidovic Kristo, MP.

Freedom Festival Zagreb Croatia
5 September 2020
dr Srecko Sladoljev speaks at the event
Photo: Screenshot

That which Karolina Vidovic Kristo, MP, said to journalists at the event was the real point of this Festival and not some Covid-19 denying hordes making noises as some mainstream media try to portray this event. Yes, Covid-19 pandemic was the topic but not to deny it. Rather, to allow differing professional opinions not reaching the people with view to promote informed choices and not be dictated to by a group of individuals who sit in the National Civil Protection Headquarters, sowing fear and paralysis daily.

“The time we live in is the most difficult in the history of mankind,” said Suzana Pesa Vuckovic, adding that the media is an extended arm of politics. “We want media that do not censor.” “We will open all the windows they have closed, all the hearts that have fallen asleep.”

Roberto Mates, a father who camped in front of Pakrac Hospital, said that from Monday, parents will be able to be with their children at Pakrac Hospital 24 hours a day. “Don’t touch our children,” he said.

“I am glad to see a lot of different people, we are all here with one goal, to keep Croatia free. The job of the government is to protect our rights, not to spread fear and panic “, concludes Ivan Pokupec.

The elderly and infirm have been held captive for months, he points out. “Many people died because they did not have adequate medical care, not from the crown.”

“We are the employer, and this is a warning before they are fired.” “Today we are fighting for life and freedom,” he said.

Freedom Festival Zagreb Croatia
5 September 2020
dr Srecko Sladoljev
Photo: Screenshot

The arrival of the ambulance is a demonstration of power, said immunologist Srecko Sladoljev for the ambulance that came to the square at one point.

“This day is bigger than when the presidential elections took place. I always tell the truth and that’s why I’m censored. A few moments ago something happened. An ambulance came, I’ll tell you something about it.

This ambulance, which was parked right there with its sirens and trumpets turned on, is a demonstration of force and those who do not want our freedom.

When Mother Teresa was asked why she did not come to protest against the war, she said that she would have come had a festival of peace been organised. That is why this is a festival, not a protest because on the other side the energies are completely different,” said Sladoljev.

Certainly, the Ambulance vehicle could have passed through the peace-loving and well-behaved crowds silently, but it chose to turn its blasting noise up to the loudest! Indeed, a demonstration of power that also signals a threat.

Freedom Festival Zagreb Croatia
5 September 2020
Banner portraying main personalities
from National Civil Protection Headquarters:
We will vaccinate you all,
for your good and our benefit”
Photo: Screenshot

“We are all first and foremost human beings, and the life of a human being consists of emotions, contacts, family and everything that is human. It is important to stop for a while and feel how the space of humanity around us has narrowed and how the hoop is tightening on all levels “, said Velimir Ponos, a columnist for the Logično portal.

He added that a padlock has been placed on all levels of our being and it is a real lockdown.

“Another illusion is that there is an epidemic in Croatia. The decision on the epidemic was not published in the Official Gazette, if there is no such decision on the Official Gazette, then there is no epidemic ”.

There is no validity of evidence on the effectiveness of masks, he states. “We are treated like guinea pigs; an experiment is performed on us. We are nobody’s toys, we are nobody’s experiments. A dictatorship is being implemented. He can’t mask my face without my approval. That’s what the constitution says, that’s what the law says. The mask on my face can’t be forced.”

It is not acceptable to make measures and decisions, as he emphasises, on the basis of panic and propaganda. “One-sided and without re-examination.”

“As of Monday, our children are threatened by an unhealthy and unnatural environment in schools. There they will be exposed to dramatic experiences. You are depriving children of the basic social contact of closeness, ” he said.

Freedom Festival Zagreb Croatia
5 September 2020
Banner: “For Freedom of Childhood”
Photo: Screenshot

Anita Supe pointed out that everyone gathered here today with the same goal to say: “Enough is enough!”. “We have been feeling the pressure you have been feeling for months, we have heard that you have had enough because we have had enough. We have heard the world and Europe, we have seen Berlin, London, Dublin.”

She added that the measures have no health or human basis. “We have been denied the right to work, companies have been closed and thousands have lost their jobs. Parents are forbidden to stay with their children in hospitals for more than 15 minutes, the elderly are locked up like in a cage in homes … That is why we invite you to forget what separates us rather to remember what unites us. The right to freedom of choice and the right to freedom of opinion and speech. To the true information we have been denied. We will not give up our fundamental rights.”

Ina Vukic


Appeal: Stop the new attempt to occupy Croatia!

Dr Srecko Sladoljev

MEDIA MOBBING: Croatia’s self-proclaimed, leftist (if not communist nostalgic), fact-checker Faktograf accuses others of posting inaccuracies when they themselves spread falsehoods and inaccuracies. The following text was received with a plea for help from Croatians living abroad in order to lobby for eradication of such biased approach to confusing and twisting the truth which, it is said, has the ability to influence public opinion. Hence, anyone wishing to join the lobby please note the contact details at the end of this text.  Ina Vukic

“Due to the media lynching and illegal censuring and suppression of free speech the portal (abbreviation of PROMICANJE ISTINE or Promoting the Truth) has been subjected to by the portal (published by the NGO called GONG, which is financed by George Soros), we are forced to seek protection from all Croats and Croatian patriots who live outside of Croatia and who  care about Croatian sovereignty and freedom and the continued existence of the independent state of Croatia.

The competent Croatian regulatory body (The Agency for Electronic Media – which by law is bound to protect freedom of the press and media pluralism) has not helped us even though we turned to them for help many times!

We are therefore turning to Croats outside of Croatia for help.

Overview of the situation:

For the past two months we have been subjected to continuous untruths and banning of our texts by the so called journalists at the Faktograf portal who present themselves as ‘independent controller of the veracity of information’, and who themselves write falsehoods about on and falsehoods about our interviewees, primarily Dr. Srecko Sladoljev, an eminent scientist, and Veteran of the Homeland War, Croatian patriot and prominent fighter for justice.

On 26th March 2020, published a text entitled ‘Dr. Sladoljev, Professor at Oxford University also claims: The majority of people recover from Covid-19 without any symptoms!’

Our text contained claims by the British FINANCIAL TIMES and described the results of scientific studies lead by Dr. Sunetra Gupta, a professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford University.

The Study claims that less than one person in a thousand infected with Covid-19 requires hospital treatment and a large majority has very mild or no symptoms! The same or similar data was presented by Dr. Srecko Sladoljev for but censured it on several occasions, accusing him and of spreading lies. stigmatised on its front page and in numerous texts labelled us liars who publish falsehoods and spread lies but we only published the same thing that the reputable Financial Times published and the claims of scientists and epidemiologists from the prestige Oxford University!

They banned our articles, blocked our posts on Facebook, accused us of lying and in the same way they punished individuals who tried to share our articles on social media!

In the abovementioned article, we wrote: ‘It’s time to show who was right and the Croatian public has the right to be aware of various studies by prominent experts or shall the self-proclaimed censors in Zagreb also censor the British Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph and even a scientist from Oxford?!’

After this article was published, people from again, for who knows how many times, further reduced the reach of our posts on social media (Facebook), even though we simply carried an article from the FINANCIAL TIMES!

They previously did the same thing (blocked us on Facebook) and in addition they published articles in which they declared Dr. Sladoljev’s claims and the articles on as untruths and smeared and defamed the portal.

Dr Srecko Sladoljev

Faktograf is literally jeopardising our existence and livelihoods as well as those of many other independent Croatian portals. They censor all of them and ban articles which is why we ask you to please help us so that we can together stop this attempt to OCCUPY Croatia by foreign mercenaries who are prepared to destroy all human rights and freedoms in Croatia for Soros’ money and to take away media and every other sovereignty from the young Croatian state!

We note that is published by the NGO called GONG which is by no means objective and for which Prime Minister Plenkovic recently said is in reality an ‘extended arm’ of SDP’ (for which claim there exists firm evidence).

The following was leaked about GONG from Soros’ archives:

It is well known that among the documents that were hacked from the George Soros’ archives was a leaked report by GONG which they sent to the umbrella organisation ‘Open Society’ after the elections for European Parliament in which they write that they are satisfied with the results and they openly say which candidates they support and which they do not. They also provide a brief overview of the resumes of all of the Croatian Parliamentarians that entered into the European Parliament and give their assessment of them, praising some and criticising others.

In August 2016, our colleague Marcel Holjevac wrote an article about GONG, the publisher Faktograf, Platform 112 and the Centre for Peace Studies in which he mentions the documents that were hacked from Soros’ archives which make reference to the Soros Foundation, ‘left representatives’ Biljana Borzan, Tonino Picula, Jozo Radoš, Ivan Jakovcic and Davor Skrlec as ‘proven allies’.

However, they particularly negatively assessed the patriotic representatives Ruza Tomasic and Marijana Petir (verified by the documents).

‘The problem is that GONG presents itself as objective and the abovementioned documents evidence that it is in fact very biased. Moreover, the documents show that GONG is an organisation that works for foreign centres of power who realise their interests in Croatia through GONG.

Under normal circumstances which would not allow foreign factors with ulterior motives, to influence the results of elections and to tailor them at will, this should result in either banning GONG’s activities and especially banning them from monitoring elections because they are blatantly in a conflict of interest, or to cease financing non-government organisations with funds from foreign embassies and international organisations when the Republic of Croatia has not authorised such practices or financing, each one separately.

Namely, an organisation whose activities are ‘monitoring elections’ cannot at the same time support ‘centre left parties’ which is apparently one of the essential tasks of organisations that work under the Soros hat’, wrote Holjevac in 2016.’

For the same reason, GONG should not be given a permit to publish a portal which granted itself authority to undertake censorship and suppress freedom of speech in Croatia!

I therefore ask that together we try to protect freedom of speech in Croatia from the self-appointed censors and spreaders of fake news who are financed by foreign centres of power.

How Dragan Zelic, for GONG Director was exposed:

The following is part of a text that appeared in an article on in which we exposed Dragan Zelic, the former long-time Director of GONG who pretended to be objective but in fact worked for the leftist (former communist party), and it was subsequently revealed that:

This is what Dragan Zelic, the then Executive Director of GONG, stated in 2011 when HDZ was in power:

‘Inflated electoral rolls serve as election fraud. Once again, it will be possible at certain polling stations when they are not busy, for somebody to just slip ballot papers from fictious voters into the ballot box and rig the elections in that way.’

Four years later, when Zoran Milanovic was in power, the author of this text, again approached Zelic on the same topic, asking him about inflated electoral rolls because the situation had not significantly changed in the meantime.

The same Zelic from GONG, who four years earlier fiercely went on about fake electoral rolls that serve electoral fraud, suddenly started singing a different tune. He no longer mentioned inflated electoral rolls nor election fraud but rather explained that suddenly, everything was purportedly better and more transparent even though almost nothing had been significantly changed!

‘There is a great deal of misunderstanding in the public in relation to the electoral roll as they are often compared to the population figures which is comparing apples and oranges because, eg. a person who does not have residence in Croatia and lives in Mostar or Belgrade and is a Croatian citizen will be registered on the electoral roll but will not show up in the census that was done in Croatia….’, Zelic responded at that time, attempting to justify Milanovic’s government and the former SDP Minister of Public Administration, Bauk, for doing nothing or the fact that the electoral rolls remained inflated with several hundred thousand excess voters remaining on the roll during their term in office.

It was not clear to the author of this text why Zelic completely changed his position even though nothing significantly changed in relation to the excess voters. However, after hackers got into George Soros’ database and published the information that they found there, it became much clearer as to why Zelic from GONG was not an objective interviewee and why he could not and cannot be equally critically towards the liberal Milanovic government as he is towards the HDZ government (it is interesting to note that Zelic of GONG later joined the SDP!).

It would be interesting for the Croatian public to know that, by all accounts, Soros financed GONG’s videos, as revealed by the hackers.

‘They co-financed a campaign to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of voting in the EU Parliamentary Elections and supported the activities around Partnership for Open Government which governments in Croatia and other countries promoted for better regulating the transparency of non-profit organisations’, said Jelena Berkovic of GONG.

However, a political scientist at the Institute for European and Globalization Studies warns that all those who finance someone expect something in return.

‘The operations of GONG and other civil society organisations serve the development of civil society but on the other hand, they serve to maintain the liberal left orientated order’, said Dr. Andelko Milardovic of the Institute for European and Globalization Studies in Split.

It should be noted that during the nineties, Soros financed many more projects and media in Croatia, especially those that opposed Franjo Tudman and HDZ’, which I published on in August 2016.

Falsehoods that Faktograf Stated about Articles on

I have set out hereunder short texts that were published on in which we have detailed the falsehoods that is spreading about us:

‘In the last few weeks, Faktograf journalists have three times put a notice on our texts on social media saying ‘Inaccurate information, verified by Faktograf’ all of which concern the viewpoints and claims by Croatian immunologist, Dr. Srecko Sladoljev.’

‘After an article entitled ‘They are misleading you, Corona is just a harmless flu-like illness…’ was published on 26th February 2020 in which we quoted immunologist Dr. Srecko Sladoljev, a notice appeared on social media a few weeks ago saying: ‘The partially inaccurate information was checked by Faktograf’.

They also claimed as inaccurate that ‘a vaccine against the Corona Virus existed before the illness itself’, even though this is not what it says in the text and Sladoljev does not claim this at all. Dr. Sladoljev latter commented as follows: ‘Whoever read the article and the retraction will have seen that the ‘faktografs’ retracted their own retraction’.

On Thursday, 12th March 2020 they again proclaimed that Dr. Sladoljev’s claims in his interview for were lies.

The whole text in which Faktograf explains why they declared Dr. Sladoljev’s claims and the article in as untrue is itself full of untruths and twisted facts.

Faktograf writes that ‘Sladoljev without any evidence whatsoever and in complete contradiction to the views of national and international health organisations claims that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the ‘common cold’.

The truth is completely different. Nowhere in his interview for does Sladoljev say that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the common cold but that COVID-19 merely compares it with the flu and says that it is no more dangerous than the flu but not that it is no more dangerous than the ‘common cold’, which is an important difference.

They further falsely claim that in recent years Dr. Srecko Sladoljev has become one of the most notable opponents of vaccines. In the documentary film ‘Ask freely’, which was supposed to have been shown these days at Zagreb DOX (cancelled due to the Corona Virus) and which trailer can be found on the internet, Sladoljev says: ‘I cannot say anything against vaccinations or vaccines. Vaccinations yes, but if this is done in a functionally and physiologically acceptable manner.’

It has been repeatedly mentioned in the documentary, ‘Ask freely’ that it tracks the Croatian immunologist who ‘advocates a different from of administering vaccines!’ Therefore, a different form of vaccination and not a ban on vaccinations, which is an important difference. also twists the facts in the article claiming that Dr. Sladoljev and ‘support their inaccurate claims with a false video’.

They themselves write that the video is not false. However, they add the following ‘Even though many condemned the police brutality in this case, there is no evidence whatsoever that the woman was killed or died. Moreover, all of the information shows that after she regained consciousness, she was moved to safety’.

By all accounts, they insinuate that Sladoljev and the portal falsely stated that the woman in the video was killed, even though it does not say this anywhere in our text.

Nowhere did we claim that the woman was killed as they allege.

We quote the part of the interview that is apparently at issue:

We asked Dr. Sladoljev the following question ‘Is it accurate that the police killed a girl at the police blockade that was set up because of the Corona Virus’. We asked Dr. Sladoljev whether she was killed but we did not claim that she was killed.

“I am sending you a video and you can draw your own conclusions. In my view, she came to grief because of the ‘experts’ and bureaucrats at the Head of WHO and who are responsible for this madness”, replied Sladoljev, and we added in brackets: ‘the video shows the police forcefully pulling a petite young woman from her car, she is crying and squealing but they are all the more rougher. The women eventually remains helplessly lying on the road, surrounded by 6-7 police who have yellow jackets with the word ‘police’ inscribe on them as well as writing in Chinese (or Korean)’.

Therefore, nowhere do either the journalist or Sladoljev say that the woman was killed but they merely describe the contents of the video and the fact that she remained lying down (it does not say that she died, this is insinuated by

The link to the abovementioned defamatory article published on portal:

Conclusion: We are seeking cancellation of Faktograf’s concession for publication

We propose that we lobby together in order to put maximum pressure and to ask the Croatian institutions to terminate GONG’s concessions or licence for publishing a news portal and to ban

In the hope that you shall take consider our arguments we remain,

Yours sincerely,

Damir Kramaric, Chief Editor of the portal”




Croatian National Ethics Tribunal In The Making

dr. Zvonimir Separovic

dr. Zvonimir Separovic

In this era we live in, it has become more and more unsettling in a democracy to watch politicians in government or power turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to the plights of their constituents (citizens) to protect and improve the interests of the people, the nation. Cries of helplessness ring at every corner, in every crevice of the developed as well as of the undeveloped nations. The ethics in activities of those in power that affect the citizens’ and the nation’s very lives and livelihood have become to resemble a kind of a “fly-by-night” phenomenon and, yet, they are crucial to the preservation or destruction, if unchecked, of humanity and prosperity.

It goes without saying that the government and society can no longer promote and enforce ethical behaviour solely through the utilisation of ethical codes of conduct or through the promulgation of a plethora of legislation. Something new is required – a measure that will at least serve as a deterrent for unethical behaviour which imposes irreparable or profound damage to national interests.

A group of citizens of Croatia has decided to establish the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal, which will not have behind it the force of the police or the State court system. It will, though, have the force of ethical arguments and public “finger pointing” at those who have inflicted damage upon Croatian interests and who have worked against Croatian independence and have betrayed Croatia in relation to its fight against Serb aggression.

As dr. Zvonimir Separovic, recently said at the launch of his book “The Croatian Claim” (Hrvatska Tužba) – pertaining to Croatian lawsuit against Serbia for genocide that was recently heard at the ICJ in The Hague – “Pantovcak (The Office of the President of Croatia) is a larger Serbian branch than the Embassy of Serbia in Zagreb, itself!” This statement needs no explanation, no corroboration – for it is the political truth that is bringing multitudes to their knees.

And so we are at the dawn of a new era in Croatia. A new era that will see a public Tribunal (Croatian National Ethics Tribunal) pave the way of standing firmly and loudly against the betrayers of Croatian national interests.

Proposal for the establishment of the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal


Croatia is in a deep political, moral and general crisis. The group of politicians in government does not manage the country with Croatian national interests at the helm. Betrayal of national interests is at work. It is time to establish a national ethical court that would bring judgments against individuals for betrayal of the country (treason).

We can find examples in Ancient Rome where individual citizens could raise a national claim (Actio popularis) against those who had acted contrary to public interests. In the last century we come across the Russell, and later the Sartre’s international tribunal that brought judgments against the U.S.A. for the war in Vietnam and later against Israel for the discrimination against the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. At the instigation of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela formed Commissions for Truth and Reconciliation at which informal judgments were delivered in South Africa – this was a form of lustration and a small number of individuals did consequently end up in official courts.

Different to the examples above, the Croatian case would mount a national ethics tribunal that would judge upon the responsibility for public actions when it’s assessed that the same constitute a betrayal of national interests.

National interest is defined as the aim a State has in the areas of economy, military or culture, but it can apply to wider areas as every interest that is of vital importance for the survival and prosperity of the people and the State.

Members of the Tribunal would be prominent individuals of moral integrity, professionalism and reputation, prominent personalities from public life. Judgments would be based on known ethical principles. The judgment is only moral in nature. Judgments would only be made in cases of severe breaches of ethical principles in public activities.


The Preparatory meeting with view to founding the Tribunal was held on 24 April 2014 and initiated by the Croatian Victimology Society. Those present included Prof. dr. Andrija Hebrang, Zeljko Olujic – prominent lawyer, dr. Nikola Debelic, prof.dr. Danko Milosevic, dr.Srecko Sladoljev, prof. Nevenka Nekic. Ante Beljo, Miljenko Romic – academic artist, Zdravko Vladanovic – lawyer, Rozalija Bartolic – the Association of Homeland Widows, Negzana Pavicic from Skabrnje, Aleksandar Soltysik, and the meeting was chaired by dr. Zvonimir Separovic – the President of the Croatian Victimology Society. Apologies with support for the Tribunal were recorded from prof. dr. Zeljko Horvatic, Marko Franovic – Sydney, Australija, Ante Glibota – Paris, France , prof. dr. Josip Faricic – Zadar, prof. dr. Hrvoje Mazija, Zvonimir Hodak – lawyer, prof. dr. Branimir Luksic – Split, Vlado Iljkic – Headquarters for the Defence of Croatian Vukovar, Croatian Army general Tomo Medved, academic Slobodan Novak, prof. Josip Jurcevic – historian and politician, Mate Kovacevic – publicist.

The meeting accepted and delivered the following conclusions:

1. The establishment of the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal (HNES) is justified, current and socially beneficial;
2. The Tribunal in its activities is independent of the State and Political parties, objective, legitimate and it does not deliver executive decisions;
3. Research for the Tribunal’s use is undertaken by committees or by individuals appointed by the Tribunal;
4. The Tribunal proceedings are open to the public, Tribunal’s decisions are published to the public;
5. The person who is the subject of an investigation or a claim will be notified about the sitting of the Tribunal at which the hearing will take place, and they have the right of presence at the hearing;
6. The Tribunal’s Founding Assembly to be held by the end of May 2014 and other potential members of the Tribunal shall be invited to it;
7. The Organising Committee – Zvonimir Separović, Zeljko Olujic and Zdravko Vladanovic will prepare the draft of the Program Declaration and other essential documents for the Founding Assembly. ( Source of details regarding the founding process of the Tribunal: Dr. Zvonimir Separovic)
Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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