And The Dream Team For Croatia’s Better Future Emerges

General Elections Croatia 2020
I am extremely proud to be a candidate on the independent list for the 11th Electorate headed by Zeljko Glasnovic” (Ina Vukic)

This blog portal has been my virtual home for almost 9 years and here I have had the amazing honour of meeting, corresponding with and feeling the vibes of thousands upon thousands of good people throughout the world who, like me, want the best for Croatia, a country many have never seen but heard of. People who understand what it means to fight for self-preservation and independence like Croatia had during 1990’s and paid in rivers of blood for that human right and privilege. People who are actively interested in what happens to a former communist country when it sets its sights on democracy, who have been a part of this virtual global family that congregates in this blog portal, have gifted me with immeasurable pride and courage to pursue the truth, to make a positive difference in the process and aspirations within democratisation of a nation formerly imprisoned and enslaved by the communist regime. And so, I thank you all and look forward to many more years of this wonderful virtual family and community.

It is today my honour to say here that I am extremely proud to be a candidate on the Independent List of retired general Zeljko Glasnovic at the upcoming general elections for the Croatian Parliament for the 11th Electorate, i.e., for Croats living in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the diaspora.

I, we, need to have you in our corner and if you are a voter in Croatian general elections, we need your vote, your voice. So please vote on 4th or 5th July!

Keeping the community of Croatians living outside Croatia together in its endeavours to pursue democratisation of Croatia, to promote and ensure the rights of Croatians living outside Croatia and their wellbeing was what general Glasnovic did during his last mandate in the Croatian Parliament. His voice for the Croatian community abroad was always loud and clear. He was in that mandate about decommunisation and democratisation of Croatia even when shunned by the mainstream media for it.  More than ever we need your help to keep this voice alive and thriving so that Croatia can truly prosper away from the suffocating remnants of communism that include corruption, nepotism, employment on political allegiances, discriminatory legislation, suffocating red tape in services to citizens. To achieve this our voice needs to be louder and stronger and that can only be achieved through ensuring adequate seats in parliament.

And I will be proud and grateful if we have you in our corner, with your vote!

General Zeljko Glasnovic has put together a Dream Team for Croatians living abroad, whose goal includes the development of a fully functional democratic Croatian state. And I am a part of that team! I was a part of the Dream Team from the diaspora that moved heaven and earth during 1990’s to help Croatia achieve sovereignty or independence from communist Yugoslavia. That same Dream Team still has its role in finishing the job of helping Croatia become a fully functional democratic state for all its people.

These are the candidates on general Zeljko Glasnovic’s electoral list of independent candidates for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the diaspora:

  1. Željko Glasnović
  2. Mate Knezović
  3. Ina Vukić
  4. Tomislav Sunić
  5. Marko Jurić
  6. Srećko Telar
  7. Elizabeta Mađarević
  8. Marko Perković
  9. Krešimir Tabak
  10. Milena Matić
  11. Mirna Sunić-Žakman
  12. Martina Ćurić
  13. Franjo Miroslav Perković
  14. Marina Sabljić

The Croatian Electoral Commission (DIP) has on 16 June 2020 confirmed the list as an official list competing at the upcoming general election for parliamentary seats. The 11th Electorate in which this list will run only has 3 seats available in parliament, not enough by a long shot – diaspora deserves many more! But that is a story weaved into law by HDZ and SDP governments and the story rests of discrimination against Croats living abroad by those governments. They must not be given a chance to continue with damage to the Croatian nation.

Why do many call this List a “Dream Team”? Because on it are people who are specially chosen to work together and are considered to be the best at what they do in their everyday life: fighting for and promoting well being of all Croatian people (no matter where they live) and their nation in every aspect of living and life and they are led by retired general Zeljko Glasnovic. I am extremely proud to be a part of this team!

If you are a citizen of Croatia, please vote on 4th or 5th July 2020. Croatian citizens with residence in the Croatian diaspora and Bosnia and Herzegovina can register to vote ahead of the general elections by filling in the appropriate Form for that and providing a copy of Croatian citizenship ID such as passport or Domovnica/ photo ID by 24th June. Citizens of Croatia living abroad can also register to vote at the polling booth on polling the above days in July.

For your convenience please click this link for a copy of the Registration to Vote Form, print it, fill it in, email or fax or take it to you nearest Croatian Embassy or Consulate BY 24 JUNE and contribute positively to the outcome of general elections.

Thank you! Ina Vukic



Croatia: Huffing and Puffing at Huffington Post


Huffington Post has 27 March conspicuously decided to publish on its website John Feffer’s, a George Soros “Open Society Fellow”, interview with Danijel Srb, president of Croatian Party of Rights, which Feffer equally conspicuously published only 21 March even though the interview was held mid-October 2012!

While in principle the practice of journalists holding onto their material until the “right” time comes for publishing it, the fact that EU Parliament representatives’ election campaign is currently at full swing renders it most conspicuous that Feffer (and Huffington Post) decided to publish an interview which talks about Croatian World War II Ustashe movement (Nazi collaborators) and fails abysmally at noting that there were potent and equally widespread anti- Fascist/anti-Nazi movements in World War II Croatia as well. Furthermore, it surely could not be by accident that John Feffer (and Huffington Post) decided to publish a lengthy interview with the president of a minor Croatian political party (Party of Rights) who has been huffing and puffing about what things are “wrong” in Croatia (and European Union for that matter) and yet has done little, if anything (apart from complaining), to actually solve them. It has failed monumentally in gathering any significant following among the people and that, in itself, could well confirm a wide discord between the Party’s values and program and the nation.

Whether this interview is designed to portray an image of Croatia as a country that does not trust the European Union, or to portray the European Union as a destructive conglomerate, which sucks into oblivion the sovereignty and identity of individual nations that make it up, is a matter for individual preferences, but both impressions are possible.

It is of note that Huffington Post omitted to let its readers know that Danijel Srb – president of the anti-EU Croatian political party – had the day before they published Fiffer’s interview presented himself and his Party’s colleagues as candidates for EU Parliament in the coming elections.

When he presented his Party’s candidates for the EU Parliament Srb said “although they are Eurosceptic, they have put themselves forward as candidates because without them the identity and the sovereignty of Croatia within Europe will be endangered.”  He claimed that the candidates of the two largest parties in Croatia will in EU Parliament be raising their hands to directives and that these will have an advantage over the interests of Croatia.

One cannot avoid the feeling that Danijel Srb and his Croatian Party of Rights know little about the “job descriptions” of EU Parliament representatives, while at the same time shrugging off as unimportant the fact that not a single country member of the EU has lost its identity or its sovereignty throughout the decades of the Union’s existence.

It is of course, a matter of skill to be able to represent and fight for the interests of ones own country in such a wide Union of countries, and Srb’s party do not seem to possess such a skill.

Does Danijel Srb truly believe that “thieves of sovereignty and national identity” fill the EU Parliament and he will come among them to stop them from thieving the Croatian ones!? That is surely the wrong attitude to harbour and certainly the one that brings the least of wanted results.  The right attitude to have would, to my view, be: here we are in the EU, let’s all join forces and make this world better for all the people in it.

Given that we are here on the subject of Croatian parties of Rights, the conservative lean of political orientation linked to right wing ideology, we need to know that there are more than one: Croatian Party of Rights, Croatian Pure Party of Rights, Croatian Autochthon Party of Rights, Croatian Party of Rights Dr. Ante Starcevic, and Croatian Party of Rights 1861.

Among them all, the EU Parliament candidate from the Croatian Pure Party of Rights, dr. Tomislav Sunic (non-party candidate) stand out far above the rest. Sunic, an academic, world acclaimed author of several books, a former diplomat, part of the European New Right movement, is in no way superficial or irrational (as Srb seems to be) when it comes to national identity and the facets of its sustenance within the intricate political and economic weave of the modern world.

Being a EU Parliament candidate myself, I’d rub shoulders with Sunic in EU Parliament much rather than with Danijel Srb. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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