EU Parliament Elections List 8

Dr. Slobodan Lang

presents the Visions of Joint Movement of Good


The Joint Movement of Good appears symbolically after Easter, and in reality, for the first Croatian elections for EU Parliament.

In this appearance, vision, values, values based proposals, the candidates who give the proposals authenticity and legitimacy are most important.

Why is it like that?

Who are the candidates and why are they appearing?

All of the candidates have, though their work and activities, demonstrated that they are Good people and professionals, as well as through their defence of Croatia and in their various areas of knowledge, arts and social activities.

More than half of them have participated in defending Croatia from Vukovar to Dubrovnik, many acted either as émigrés, advisors, organised the refugees and the displaced and their return to their homes, or were interned in Serb concentration camps.

Half of them are university professors and scientists, as in medicine so too in culture, who hold appearances throughout the world, representing knowledge and Croatia.

They act and work in numerous areas, from all parts of Croatia and abroad.

Not a single one of these candidates has enriched himself/her self, nor have any ever been accused of any wrongdoing. They have lived for Croatia, loved Croatia, gave to Croatia and dreamed of future. That’s why I wrote that I believe in God, that I love People and seek Good, and that everything else is less important.

Firstly, it was essential to defend Croatia from aggression and accusations

Since the late nineteen-eighties to today we had three goals in common: defend Croatia as an independent state, defend the accused and defend the whole of Croatia from the accusations of joint criminal enterprise.

Danijel Rehak (HDLSKL/Croatian Association of Detainees in Serb Concentration Camps ) reveals that there were some 70 Serb held concentration camps, which held captive about 30,000 Croatian people. “About three hundred of the captives were killed in the camps while 2,400 were considered as missing. The whole truth about the camps has not been fully considered.”

Darko Dovranic (president of war correspondents Croatian TV HRT) said:
During the aggression we were guided by the idea that only truth can save us. However, today we have forgotten the truth and a great deal remains unsaid, and the situation is so hard that a person cannot move away from his own problems, let alone worry about problems of someone else. Again, the truth becomes the main criterion according to which we must live”.

For these hard 5,000 days Judge Meron concluded, on 16 November 2012, in the Hague, with these words: “The Appeal Chamber overturns the finding of the Trial Chamber that Joint Criminal Enterprise existed to permanently remove, under force and threat of force, the Serbian civilian population from Krajina”.

After the defence from aggression, the creation of the state and the defence from accusations, the time has now come to place efforts for success of today’s Croatia into the first plan .

Success of Croatia and Europe is now in first place

The time of responsibility, challenges and opportunities is now facing Croatia and Europe.

Visions of founding people had inspired the creation of Europe and Croatia, and the efforts, the suffering and the faith of the whole nation also inspired the defence of Croatia. We would not be living in today’s Croatia without their ideals and their efforts.

Croatia is entering the European Union at a time of harsh economic crisis. Regretfully, even among today’s leaders of Europe and Croatia there is no vision. There is a great number of politicians, bureaucrats, projects and meetings, staggering between a crisis to crisis. In order to depart from crisis we need to abandon the cult of money and return to believing and the ideals, which are the only ways that will lead us away from the existing crisis and open up the paths to employment (work), birth, family, peace and success in Croatia and Europe.

Joint Movement of Good

Our action is an invitation for the awakening of the willingness for the good and sharing the good, for the stimulation of knowledge, for connecting people, performing and transcending the good. Europe, Croatia, all countries and all people of Europe, should, want and can create a better world.

With its visions and concrete propositions Joint Movement of Good calls for Croatia to enter the European Union with pride, and to enrich it with its own ideals, experiences and propositions.

Within European Union, Croatia should advocate a sustainable prosperous economy and realisation of the Human Right to work.

On this point of our Vision we propose the establishment of a committee for full employment and sustainable development. The country that proposes a sustainable development – democratic + economic + ecological + human rights), to be freed from debt within European Union countries, which will mean a long-lasting benefit for all.

I propose to Croatia to immediately put in motion the education of our successful students at the best of the world’s universities. We propose that elected representatives with excessive remuneration jointly form this initiative.

Croatia and Europe must strive towards a healthy family life and an educated population that will pursue happiness, faith in God, goodness and the well being of all people.

That is why we propose a committee for demographic Health (birth, family, elderly, arrangement of living).

We advocate for Croatia to launch Dinners of Good at which, once a year, the invited prominent people would directly get to familiarise themselves with the life of the unemployed, the elderly, the poor and the ill in their own homes. Also, to invite foreigners of European dinner once a year.

Advocating for Nora is an example of people’s wish and readiness to do Good. (Nora Situm was a five year old who suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and died in Philadelphia children’s hospital at the end of March 2013, soon after she arrived there for experimental treatment, enormous funds for her medical treatment in the USA was raised within days among people of Croatia.)

Croatia and European Union seek humane legal system in which there is no place for exploitation or discrimination of any kind.

Let’s express our respect for the past and our responsibility towards the future by naming our town and city Squares in honour of victims. Let’s return the good people from museums to be among the people by marking with a unique sign each house where the righteous among nations had lived and worked. Let’s show to ourselves and to everybody that a “Righteous war” was fought in Croatia.

Croatia, within European Union, should actively work on connecting European young people towards creating the future and preserving cultural traditions of all countries, members of the European Union.

We propose the establishment European forces of good (humanitarian, educational, work actions …). Every country to propose one book, which would enter into a European library, be translated into all the languages of European Union member states. Every ten years we identify and mark a place in the cities where good has been done, and which should be remembered. Paths of Good will emerge from this.

Croatia and European Union, and their institutions and organisations should follow the processes and paths of democracy and human rights.

As a sign of respect towards smaller nations and countries let’s establish a Forum of smaller countries of Central Europe, let’s adopt the Romani as a nation of Europe (not only minorities within countries), let’s place the Jewish flag at half-mast in front of the European Union Parliament building as a sign of responsibility for the destiny of small nations. (The Holocaust had turned the Jews into minorities).

Croatia, within the European Union, must advocate for every person to participate in the creation of the future.

We propose a European Conference about Good, and let’s sustain a Conference on Croatian future (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, minorities, émigrés and invited internationally).

Let’s introduce an annual award for good deeds in Europe and essays among the young – “My Europe”.

The success of Croatia and Europe

The candidates of the Joint Movement of Good are of a ripe age and experienced in the creation of Croatia, worldly activities and unyielding preservation of ideals.

New generations of yesteryear and of the future can only succeed if they have ideals and if they apply themselves towards their realisation into the reality.

These are such choices and responsibilities – of the candidates and of those who vote.

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