In Memory Of Croatian Civilians Massacred In Uzdol

Child victim of Uzdol, Bosnia and Herzegovina Photo:

Child victim of Uzdol, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Associated press 16 Sept 1993 (reporter George Jahn)
The United Nations issued an unusually direct and detailed statement condemning Muslim-led government troops for the massacre, which it called a ”cowardly atrocity.”
The killings took place Tuesday in Kriz, near the village of Uzdol in central Bosnia. Lt. Col. Bill Aikman, a spokesman for U.N. peacekeepers, said a British commander reported seeing at least 35 bodies, mostly of elderly people and including one young girl.
The U.N. statement said 70 to 100 Bosnian government soldiers launched an early morning attack on the hamlet, luring out Croat villagers. Government forces then crept around the Croat positions and attacked the Croat command in the village, killing two Croat soldiers, it said.
”This group then retreated, murdering the remaining population with firearms, knives and axes, and setting fire to some houses,” it said.
The United Nation’s Bosnian command will investigate the slayings, the statement said. Cedric Thornberry, the most senior U.N. civilian in the region, demanded ”speedy and exemplary punishment” for the perpetrators”.
September 14th 1993, Muslim led Bosnia and Herzegovina Army soldiers attacked the Croat villagers of Uzdol. Upon their arrival in the village the infantry killed everybody in sight, and only 100 women, children and elderly people remained in the village. On the following day, the Croatian HVO soldiers entered the village and found 29 mutilated bodies of murdered Croat civilians.
Majority of residential and farm buildings in the district area were destroyed during the shelling of Serbian artillery, and in the clashes between Muslim led Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina and HVO (Croatian Defence Council) soldiers.
The following is the list of massacred civilians (with dates
of their birth) from the village of Uzdol:
1. Domin Raic (September 21, 1936);
2. Ivka Raic (April 16, 1934);
3. Zorka Glibo (October 10, 1938);
4. Mato Ljubic (October 6, 1923);
5. Kata Ljubic (September 10, 1948);
6. Kata Perkovic (September 24, 1922);
7. Luca Zelenika (April 25, 1906);
8. Janja Zelenika (August 28, 1931);
9. Dragica Zelenika (April 25, 1934);
10. Ivan Zelenika (June 1, 1930);
11. Ruza Zelenika (April 14, 1931);
12. Jadranka Zelenika (January 8, 1981);
13. Ruza Zelic (December 25, 1943);
14. Marija Zelic (September 12, 1980);
15. Stjepan Zelic (January 2, 1983);
16. Ante Stojanovic (March 5, 1920);
17. Anica Stojanovic (November 4, 1949);
18. Franjo Stojanovic (January 6, 1916);
19. Stanko Raic (May 20, 1927);
20. Lucija Raic (September 26, 1933);
21. Sima Raic (July 6, 1914);
22. Mara Raic (November 26, 1938);
23. Mijo Raic (September 12, 1924);
24. Ivka Raic (April 29, 1921);
25. Serafina Stojanovic (February 12, 1922);
26. Mara Grubesa (elderly, birth date unknown);
27. Martin Ratkic (elderly, birth date unknown);
28. Kata Ratkic (elderly, birth date unknown);
29. Jela Dzalto (elderly, birth date unknown).

May they rest in peace and our love and memory for them never die.

Justice has yet to see all those individuals responsible for these massacres brought to account and punishment.  It represents one of many crimes committed by Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) that have somehow eluded the wrath of justice – hopefully not forever.  Ina Vukic, Prof (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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