Serb threatening to blow up levees in Holland

The Youtube film in which a Serb, Miroljub Petrovic, threatens that the levees at the North Sea shore in Holland will blow-up if the Serbians currently held on war crimes charges and convictions are not freed, has been posted in late February 2012. Petrovic claims that Holland would be flooded and North Sea would reach the centre of Amsterdam.

The film is in the Serbian language and a translation is as follows:

We are in Holland, 20 kilometers from Amsterdam, we are at the shores of the North Sea, North Sea is behind us, it’s visible, the levee is here built for protection against water as Holland is under sea level. If it comes to the breaking of the levee, this levee is very thin as we see, about all Holland would be flooded.

 The information we have is that a group of Serbian intellectuals has made a plan for the freeing of Serbian patriots Seselj, Mladic, Karadzic and the rest. The plan is as News 011 has learned, to send an ultimatum to the puppet government of Holland to free Serbian heroes otherwise this crumbly levee will be blown up and Holland would suffer a huge catastrophe.

For that eventuality an expert on Holland’s levees professor Vojislav Petrovic has been engaged and we will talk to him on this occasion to hear what he has to say in relation to these levees of Holland.

Professor Petrovic, tell us what is the state of these levees and how dependable a protection this is for Holland?

The people of Holland think that this is a dependable protection but looking at the natural conditions created by Planet Earth, tides, Moon, this is very crumbly and poor protection for Holland and in this case penetration of the North Sea into Holland towards the centre of Amsterdam.

What are the levees built of, is it a quality material?

Quality material, if quality material is sand which you can see down there, you know yourself how strong it is. Practically that’s soil in powder that water can carry anywhere it wants.

That means that if the plan of Serbian intellectuals is fulfilled to direct rockets at this levee it would be good for Holland to build a stronger levee.

Yes, yes, and this levee is from the last Century, this is the third millennium, which means we would do them a favour with that and they would do a favour to themselves to free our patriots from the prisons where they’re holding them.

Thank you professor Petrovic on this professional statement. Especially for portal …(tone unclear), from Amsterdam, Miroljub Petrovic.”

Croatia’s Vecernji list says that the AIVD service in Netherlands is investigating two films in which Miroljub Petrovic is threatening to blow up levees in Holland if Vojislav Seselj, Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic and other Serbs held at the International Criminal Tribunal for war crimes or on war crimes charges.

The same Miroljub Petrovic has now developed a history of threats to blow-up dams, levees … During Croatia’s Homeland War he threatened to blow up Peruca dam.

Whether he himself actually participated in the blowing-up Peruca dam in Croatia when Serb rebels bombed it in January 1993 during operation Peruca, as revenge for Croatian army having liberated Maslenica, I cannot say. But what I can say is that it did happen. Thankfully, a British citizen Mark Nicholas Gray, member of the UNPROFOR (United Nations Protection Forces) there, acted swiftly and steered the excess water into side-channels near the dam, preventing the dam from total collapse. Catastrophe was thus avoided.

Perhaps Petrovic’s threats are only that. The concerning thing, is that one does not really know whether the “group of Serbian intellectuals” planning to blow-up the levees in Holland actually exists. Learning from the Serb rebel actions in Croatia during 1990’s it’s difficult to brush aside Petrovic’s threat against Holland as benign or as a ranting of an eccentric man. Unfortunately, eccentric people do eccentric things, and attract eccentrics or deviants. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps.(Syd)

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