Open Letter To Pope Francis On Canonisation Of Croatia’s Blessed Alojzije Stepinac

25 September 2020

Dear Pope Francis, Servant of the Servants of God,

It is with a heavy heart that I must write to Your Holiness that your ongoing pursuit of dialogue regarding the canonisation of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac with the Serbian Orthodox Church and former communists of former Yugoslavia is causing moral chaos within the Croatian congregation of the Roman Catholic Church and wider.

From Australia, I learn from various media sources across the world that you have placed the canonisation of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac on hold because, according to Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Holy See State Secretary, your trusted and close associate who visited Croatia last week,  you claim that “the canonisation of Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac must be a moment of togetherness for the entire Church, and not a reason for conflict or opposition…”. Furthermore, Cardinal Parolin said that in the matter of Stepinac canonisation you have chosen a methodology of trying to get closer to the Serbian Orthodox Church’s point of view on the matter, that dialogue with that Church is crucial for Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac to be canonised.  

The fact remains that you have completed one phase of that dialogue and did not achieve any particular result because the views did not converge between the Catholic and the Serbian Orthodox churches. This, of course is not surprising when it comes to the views of Serbian Orthodox Church, which I believe will never ever back down from its persistent lies and historical fabrications against WWII Croatia and Blessed Alojzije Stepinac. It is without any doubt in my mind that the Serbian Orthodox Church had armed itself with input of people like Predrag Ilic, who wrote the book of historical discussions (Stepinac and the Holocaust in NDH/WWII Croatia), a book of utter historical tripe and cosmetically filtered or adjusted interpretations of historic documentation. I also have no doubt that, should misfortune continue and a second round of talks with the Orthodox Church is held on Stepinac, the Serbian Church will arm itself with the likes of Gideon Greif, a historian evidently on Serbia’s payroll who also wrote books on WWII Croatia (e.g. Jasenovac – Auschwitz of the Balkans) filled with twisting the history against Croats by overwhelmingly avoiding pursuit of facts as they actually were and obviously giving a credence to politically fabricated numbers of victims since WWII.

I would like to think that among other factual historical evidence on Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, you have made yourself aware of the independent research of WWII Croatia conducted by Esther Gitman and her books that have been published in the past two decades (e.g. “When Courage Prevailed – the Rescue and Survival of Jews in the Independent State of Croatia 1941 – 1945” or “Alojzije Stepinac – Pillar of Human Rights”). Esther Gitman’s findings on Cardinal Stepinac require no historical discussions, they require no interpretations because they are represented as facts found; as the truth. Esther Gitman’s factual discoveries about Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac’s work during WWII are indeed an ample demonstration of the Servant of God that he was. Same may be said for Robin Harris’s book “Stepinac – His Life and Times”. Our Catholic Church needs nothing more and nothing else to take a look at the Servant of God that Stepinac was, although there are ample other books and research papers that corroborate Stepinac’s existence, sacrifice and courage of a true Servant of God that our Catholic Church has for centuries listed among its saints.

I strongly believe that I am not the only person in the world, far from it, who considers that your pursuit of dialogue with the Serbian Orthodox Church regarding the canonisation is fundamentally wrong on many fronts as far as the Roman Catholic congregation is concerned and as far as justice is concerned, including:

Firstly, it is wrong to place Pope John Paul II beatification in 1998 of Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac on such degraded ground. Pope John Paul II, now Saint John Paul II, did not need to justify to any other than the Catholic Church his and Roman Catholic Church’s convictions at the time as to deserved merits for Cardinal Stepinac within his and our Church and faith! The “history”  Your Holiness pointed out existed at times of John Paul II only he was not as wealthy in the knowledge of facts as you are today; Pope John Paul II did not have the benefit of facts discovered about Blessed Alojzije Stepinac only after the communist Yugoslavia ceased to be and historical archives opened up and still knew the fact that Stepinac was truly a Servant of God.

Secondly, it is utterly wrong and cruel towards the Croatian people who fought for freedom and independence from the scourge of and aggression by Greater Serbia politics, always deeply rooted within the Serbian Orthdox Church, to decide upon the Sainthood of Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac under a condition that Serbs might agree with that decision. No, Your Holiness, Croatians did not exchange moral or cultural values with the Serbian Orthodox Church – ever. Whenever Serbs invaded or attacked Croatia (whether by military or politically diplomatic manoeuvres) they destroyed parts of our culture, shook our faith in God, falsified our history, stole our lands…and the Serbian Orthodox Church stood right behind them, encouraging their aggression. It is far from even an inkling of possibility that a dialogue with the Serbian Orthodox Church will result in any consensus on matters where a member of the Croatian people, such as Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, will result in pointing a shining light upon Croats and to the benefit of Croatian people.

Thirdly, in May of 2019 Your Holiness stated that “the canonisation of Stepinac is a historic case. He is a virtuous man for this Church, which has proclaimed him Blessed. But at a certain moment of the canonisation process there are unclear points, historic points, and I should sign the canonisation, it is my responsibility, I prayed, I reflected, I asked advice, and I saw that I should ask Irinej, a great patriarch (of Serbian Orthodox Church), for help…” and I would like to remind you, if you already are not aware that this “great” patriarch, like all of his predecessors in living memory, is a politician as much as he is a priest, most likely a politician more than a priest. Known for his nationalist statements justifying Serbian imperialism—a transgenerational project which underlies every 20th-century war on the territory of former Yugoslavia – Irinej’s wicked observations about Stepinac, that he “did not want to hear the children’s cry” in concentration camps, are a first-class manipulation and evil fabrication directed at the Croatian Roman Catholic congregation.

Fourthly, it may be a prudent pursuit by Your Holiness to pursue dialogue with non-Catholic Christian communities, to pursue and invigorate relations with the Russian Orthodox Church via the Serbian Orthodox Church as a link, but it is far from acceptable to judge the life of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, as a prerequisite for canonisation, with the information supplied by the Serbian Orthodox Church headed by Irinej, or any other Greater Serbia bandit.  

Fifthly, regarding any talks held with those that since year 2000 may have held or currently hold government power in Croatia or Serbia regarding the canonisation of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, please know this: you have more likely than not spoken with former communist party of Yugoslavia members (or their children) who persecuted Croatian practicing Catholics during the life of Former Yugoslavia either by degrading their value to society or taking away their human right to religion, they mass murdered Croatian Catholic priests during and after WWII as well as hundreds of thousands of innocent freedom loving civilians and disarmed soldiers … In short, know this please Your Holiness: these former communists or their offspring, brought up in the communist mindset, are of no value whatsoever when it comes to presenting the truth of Stepinac’s life and deeds, especially those of extraordinary courage and sacrifice in saving thousands of persecuted people of different races and ethnicity during WWII.

Sixthly, if it is true that you are seeking a moment of “togetherness” within the Catholic Church regarding the canonisation of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac and in that togetherness you count on those who have started attending Holy Mass after Croatia was victorious in its secession from Communist Yugoslavia, for personal gain in political careers, please abandon that trail to Stepinac’s Sainthood. These men and women will abandon the Church at a drop of a hat should political winds in their country so dictate, just like they did during the life of Former Yugoslavia, just like their fathers and mothers had as followers of the Communist Party. Your Holiness, these people or their parents persecuted Blessed Alojzije Stepinac in 1946 with trumped up charges, not alleging but stamping him falsely as a Nazi collaborator, when the truth was that at the threat to his own life he saved thousands. Do you truly believe that these people will now confess this horrid sin of theirs?

And so, it is with a Christian fortitude and knowledge of forces, particularly those belonging to the Serbian Orthodox Church congregation, which have purposefully pursued the destruction of Blessed Stepinac’s good reputation that I write this Open Letter to Your Holiness today, 25th September, on St. Sergius of Radonezh’s Feast Day, the Patron Saint of Russia who worked not only to spread monasticism and the sanctity of monastic life, but also to become a messenger of Christian values in a country then threatened by various internal divisions and external tensions.

God’s commandments are a most welcome help for conscience to get to know the truth and hence to judge verily. God’s commandments are the expression of the truth about our good, about our very being, disclosing something crucial about how to live life well and to bear false witness against our neighbour is a grave sin committed against Blessed Alojzije Stepinac by the Serbian Orthodox Church including Patriarch Irinej.

Your Holiness, Blessed Alojzije Stepinac deserves to bask in the glory of the truth and his name to not endure false witness for a moment longer.

Please announce his canonisation!

So please, Your Holiness, find the courage to stop this impasse in faith and this moral chaos your pursuit of dialogue on the canonisation of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac is causing. As the supreme authority of the Catholic Church, it would be one of most important, courageous and Christian act of your entire mandate because it would represent standing firmly on truth and rejecting historical fabrications and falsehoods that have been devastatingly promoted for decades. While we all are desirous of and pray for peace and unity, the Croatian and multitudes of other Roman Catholics will thank you and so would the great soul of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac who perished from torture and false witness against him, saying: “When they take everything from you, you will be left with two hands; put them together in prayer and then you will be the strongest.”

Ina Vukic, Prof. Psych. (ZGB); B.A., M.A.Ps, (SYD)

Open letter to Pope Francis in the Croatian language/Please click the picture below.

Otvoreno pismo papi Franji na hrvatskom jeziku/ Molim pritisnite na sliku dolje.

Reaction to Communist Red Star Installation in Croatia This Past Weekend

The contemptuous unfortunates say that the new five-pointed star installed on top of a building in Rijeka on September 20, 2020 is, among other things, a symbol of struggle for a better future! Get away from the Croatian people – here are just a few pictures of the future the five-pointed star had installed for Croatians in Yugoslavia! There is no future for Croatia with the five-pointed star and communist apologetics! Ina Vukic

Kažu prezrivi nesretnici da je nova petokraka instalirana na vrhu zgrade u Rijeci 20. rujna 2020. i simbol borbe za bolju dudućnost!

Odmaknite se od hrvatskog naroda –

evo vam samo mali dio u slikama petokraka u Jugoslaviji! 

Hrvatskoj nema budućnosti uz petokraku i komunističke apologete!

Creeping Anti-Croatia Serb Minoritarianism


Croatian patriots and those who fought for the independent Croatia in 1990’s are living a political nightmare.

What Croatia is seeing these days more than few years back when minority governments started entering into coalition with rebel Serb minority leaders in order to form a government is that the representatives of rebel Serb political minority have been given the lion’s share of power in Croatia, including the position of a Deputy Prime Minister.

The Serb minority (rebel Serb or Croatian Serbs that vie more for Serbia than Croatia) are almost ruling the country. Andrej Plenkovic’s HDZ minority government evidently finds no fault with Milorad Pupovac, Boris Milosevic etc even though they use every moment to criminalise the Croatian Homeland War, or at least degrade it or make it irrelevant. The same Homeland War in which the Serbs were the aggressors, mass murderers and ethnic cleansers of Croats from their own lands and homes!

But also, the same war that with Croatian victory solidified and founded modern independent Croatia.

To be clear, Croatians do not have a problem with Serbs living in Croatia as an ethnic minority and ensuring the minority is protected and afforded due care and respect. After all, many Croatian Serbs fought with Croats on frontlines to defend Croatia from Greater Serbia onslaught in 1990’s. What Croatians don’t want is the rebel Croatian Serbs who fought with those Serbs and the former Yugoslav Army or stood behind the Greater Serbia politics of expansion and control over Croatia. The latter were the ones who did not want an independent Croatia no matter what the cost to achieve that. The cost was horrifying for Croats and, despite that, their courage prevailed, and victory was magnificent.

The political nightmare in Croatia is that the Croatian Serbs who align with the Greater Serbia politics rather than independent Croatia form that part of the Serb minority in Croatia that has achieved a high-status in Croatian government. The ruling HDZ party is in coalition with them and in this we are no longer talking about the protection of minorities by a government but about minorities taking an upper hand in legislature, in government – in the direction Croatia is going.

To put it bluntly, the murderer (rebel Serbs and former communists) are now, almost thirty years after they lost the war in which they tried to prevent the creation of an independent Croatia, are sitting in the parliament and in the government of Croatia! That would not be so devastating if their politics aligned with the values stemming from Croatia’s Homeland War, but their politics are those that Croats fought against, defended Croatia from Serb aggression and paid with rivers of blood.

This is as macabre as politics could possibly get in a country still grieving its victims of war, still pursuing to locate and bury its missing civilians and soldiers perished in the Serb aggression, still nursing their wounds from torture at the hands of Serb aggressor, still living among the rubble of the devastating war. No wonder barely 16% of the eligible voters in Croatia voted for Plenkovic’s HDZ, that is now a minority government collaborating with rebel Serb minority! The brewing of anger and bitter disappointment within the silent majority must be debilitating for if it was not so, and masses from the silent majority turned up at elections the result would most likely have been different.

So, one must ask: how far should society go (even by standing still) to accommodate the wishes or aims of minorities? And if the relatively largest minority is the one that attacked, ethnically cleansed the absolute majority, mass murdered and persecuted, plundered and devastated their belongings, mass raped their women and girls, men and boys, should that minority be accommodated for anything bar just condemnation and rejection?

Judging by the current official political climate in Croatia forged by the HDZ minority government, the answer to above would appear blatantly clear: yes the minorities should be accommodated in everything bar condemnation of their crimes and compensating Croatia for the grave damage done during the Homeland War of the 1990’s through sheer viciousness of local rebel Serbs and their comrades in Serbia. The way the starkly leftist, or former communist-moulded Croatian government collaborates with the anti-Croatia Serb minorities the answer to above is “yes, give the rebel Serbs anything they want in Croatia!”

I don’t buy this from any perspective whatsoever, not even from the forgiveness or reconciliatory perspective because the rebel Serb minority in Croatia simply do not acknowledge that they have done anything wrong and, yet, they devastated Croatia and its people with the help of their Greater Serbia political strongmen.

Croatian mainstream media has currently created the situation when the silent majority opposing such politics living in Croatia are afraid to open a newspaper or turn on the TV or the radio in fear of the Serb minority representatives, headed by the twisted anti-Croatia Milorad Pupovac, jump out at them, bashing them up just because they love Croatia, fought for Croatia, fought for independence and self-preservation. The Serbs and Serbia have one way, or another, been oppressing and torturing Croats for at least one hundred years, never losing sight of their determination not to permit Croats to rule over their own land and destiny.

The other part of the silent majority that’s sick and tired of the political impasse Croatia is in, primarily because of refusing to decommunise the anti-democratic and corruptive ways of leading the country inherited from former Yugoslavia, have been leaving Croatia in droves.

Those of us that are fortunate to have lived and are living in a civilised liberal democracy of the West, know that majorities owe certain things to harmless minorities: tolerance, civility, and the rights affirmed in the Constitution — freedom of speech, assembly, right to work and establish private business, right to education, etc. However, we also know and see that minorities owe something to the majority in return: mainly, a proper respect for their tastes, beliefs and sensibilities, and a decent restraint in challenging them, if there are some reasonable grounds for challenging them.

Take the case where Croatian Serbs, those that belonged to the rebel groups and aggressors against Croatia’s independence and mass murdered for that, insist that the Croatian town of Vukovar (the symbol town of Croatian suffering at the hands of Serb aggressor) must be bilingual. That is, Milorad Pupovac has insisted recently, yet again, that Serb Cyrillic must be introduced on public buildings etc signs in Vukovar. That Cyrillic must come to Vukovar, well, because a Serb minority lives there or has returned there after it had devastated the town in 1991 and mass murdered hundreds of its Croatian civilians. While the relevant legislation in Croatia does state that such two-language signage needs to exist if the minority population reaches at least around 32% of the general or majority population, even seeing the Cyrillic writing opens the terrifying and terrible Homeland War wounds to the Croatian majority there. The census of Vukovar has not been done for several years, it is estimated that the Serb population actually living there, as opposed to having their residence registering there but actually living in Serbia, is much lower than 32%. And the Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic with his government do absolutely nothing to shut Pupovac up on the matter.

One, particularly the leftist lot, could say that it would be a great convenience for all the minorities, including the Serb one, if the government did everything multilingually as there are a number of minorities in Croatia – Serb, Italian, Hungarian, Roma etc. Is that an accommodation we — we, the Croatian-speaking majority — should make? Why not? Where’s the harm in it? The harm is, that every time we make an accommodation of that kind, we lose a bit of the common thread of norms that people who have organised their lives around the Croatian identity (Croatian meaning and independent nation) don’t want to lose their national identity for which they paid for in rivers of blood.

Take the case of the Victory (over Serb aggressor) celebrations on 5 August when Croatian rebel Serb insist that commemoration of their dead must be held at the same time with the presence of Croatian government officials!

Croatian rebel Serb minority simply will not permit Croatians to celebrate and live their victory over the blood-thirsty Greater Serbia onslaught. They are systematically running down the Croatian state through their roles in the coalition government, their NGO’s funded by the Croatian taxpayer, their media and staunch support from Serbia for the pursuit of Greater Serbia.

This is where the modern political concept or reality of Minoritarianism has its players as the rebel Serbs’ representatives in Croatia are given a high degree of primacy in decision-making for Croatia. And yet, these representatives were voted into the parliament with barely a handful of votes, thanks to the ridiculous legislation that permits minority representatives to secure a seat in parliament even with a handful or just one vote!

How will all this end with the rebel Serb clan being given the lion’s share of power in Croatia? I don’t have an answer for that, but I do hold grave fears. I am reminded that Greater Serbia nation-building politics have always involved ethnic cleansing! It was so in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 1990’s and judging by the impetus of Serb-agenda wielded around in Croatia not much ground is visible for the Croatian nation-building. Unless, of course, that invisible ground is solid within the silent majority realms of aspirations. Without a doubt, the time of final reckoning wit former communists, with rebel Serbs in Croatia is on the horizon and HDZ government will have a great deal to answer for.  Ina Vukic



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