New Film: US Airmen POW’s And Humane Glory Of Independent State Of Croatia 1941 to 1945

Not only should we all watch this thoroughly well-made and fact-based film about the events of the Independent State of Croatia that underpinned the Croatian spirit for independence, but we should secure a copy of this film by purchasing it and gifting it to our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren born in the Croatian diaspora after World War Two as well as those born in Croatia.

The film covers moving stories of the kind and considerate treatment in Croatia of US Airmen shot down over Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Second World War and held as POWs by the Croatian forces and it also tells of the terror and suffering of Croats by the Serbian Monarchy dictatorship in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia that gave Croats no choice but to fight for independence and dear life.

Nikola Knez, Croatian American film maker, director of documentaries on the Croatian Operation Storm (from August 1995) and the Bleiburg Tragedy (from May 1945), has directed and together with Damir O. Rados produced a new film titled:

The “American POW’s in Croatia 1941 – 1945”.

I asked Nikola a couple of days ago what prompted him to direct and produce this documentary film:

Considering that I am a part of the generation born during the communist Yugoslavia, for many years I was exposed to the educational and propaganda intellectual-psychological treatment of Tito’s ideological criminal one-mindedness. Lies and deceptions, turning good into evil were everyday tools aimed at hiding and obscuring the truth, depriving those who want to build the world, especially the Croatian Statehood, of common sense and historically correct facts. When I received materials about American pilots who resided, lived, and survived as prisoners of war in the Independent State of Croatia, I knew that this was not only a great story but also part of the light of truth that would dispel some of the dark deceptions to which the Croatian people were exposed for decades.

The truth, which is revealed in this film, not only means exposing the communist-Yugoslav lies to which we have been exposed for 75 years, but it also makes us realise how just our people were, which is yet another foundation for a free and independent Croatian state through the centuries to come. With this film, I also wanted to point out that during the Second World War, the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) found itself under the influence of foreign powers. In the conditions of the struggle for survival, defence, and preservation of its natural territorial territory, it became an incredible host and protector of almost a hundred American pilots who crashed over Croatian territory and were captured by members of the NDH armed forces.

Through the personal testimonies of several prisoners of war and a young American priest who was put at the centre of all these events by faith and war, the film testifies first-hand to the events and gives us an insight into the true state of historical facts. The film relies on the research of Charles Michael McAdams, a historian, US Marine and friend of the Croatian people.

The American pilots survived, not by accident, but thanks to the intervention and protection offered by the political and military leadership of the Independent State of Croatia, as well as religious leaders and the citizens of Croatia themselves. Although all American pilots returned home safely at the end of the war, this was not the case with a large number of Croats who were massacred by Tito’s partisans. Croatian Air Lieutenant Dubai (Dubac), who tried to negotiate with the partisans on the transfer of American pilots to a safe zone, was shot on the spot by the partisans,” replied Knez.

What do you think are the main messages of this film, I also asked Nikola Knez:

 “The main message of this film is a testimony of the truth that breaks the false deceptions about the Independent State of Croatia. At the same time, the film itself is an invitation to people not to give up in search of the truth, to educate themselves about their history, to think for themselves and to reject as ready solutions the worldview ideological postulates to which we are exposed through media services, educational institutions, and political activism.

Although all American pilots were returned home after the war, their story was kept aside in America itself, i.e., it was not used in positive examples that would indicate the human and humane character of Croats and the Independent State of Croatia. Instead, the narrative of the British puppet state of Yugoslavia was accepted, which, although created and founded on crimes, gained legitimacy while its maintenance was possible only with the help of intellectual lobotomy, production of fear, terror and lies. Although this artificial political creation began with the terrible sacrifice of Bleiburg and ended its existence with the sacrifice of Vukovar, its Yugoslav like-minded people are still fighting to prevent the truth from seeing the light of day.

Hence, this unique testimony given in the film is a great example of breaking the cult of communist-Yugoslav structures. Why is this important? Because history is repeating itself again. Today, we are living witnesses of how media-political propaganda are trying to turn the honourable and defensive Homeland War from a just war into the opposite. A media campaign has been intensified in which the victim is found guilty, and the crime committed by the Serb aggressor is placed on the level of a justified act. The right of the Croatian people to freedom and statehood is denied. The same process prevailed during Yugoslavia. We must all be aware that military victory in the Homeland War is a big part of achieving our statehood, but the overall struggle in all fields for the survival of our nation is a present and future determinant whose course we must constantly follow in the light of freedom, unity and building richer, happier, better and a stronger Croatian society.

The right to life, liberty and homeland are postulates shared by all peoples of the civilised world. We Croats have been fighting for the same high ideals for centuries. It is important to keep that awareness alive and not allow other people’s interests to rule with deceit our right to our sovereignty. We should strive to set, speak, and bear witness to the truth about our great people and honourable history with positive examples. As American citizens and as Croats throughout the diaspora, we acknowledge and thank Croatian political, military, and religious participants as well as individual citizens of the time for their determination, courage, and humanity, a full 75 years later,” replied Knez.

Aptly, before the matters covered in the film it begins with reminding us of George Orwell’s renowned saying: “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

And then the film contains these well articulated statements of facts pertaining to the history of Independent State of Croatia (NDH 1941-1945) that clearly delineate what occurred prior, during and after World War Two for freedom-loving Croatians and include the following quotations from the film:

In 1941 as Word War Two raged the city of Zagreb was the capital of the Independent State of Croatia. For centuries Croatia had sought unsuccessfully to realise its destiny as a fully independent nation embodying the fundamental principles of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Although Croatia had achieved independence World War Two was a complex time of domestic and foreign aggression, dubious allegiances, and conflicting interests. The Independent State of Croatia (NDH) found itself under the influence of both the German and the Italian military and police formations. The well-financed Serbian paramilitary Chetniks and Tito’s Stalin-backed communists the young Croatian state faced those challenges at the military, political and diplomatic levels. One could argue that no other nation drawn into World War Two experienced as many conflicts of competing interests within the confines of its borders as did the tiny nation of Croatia; that beautiful piece of real estate nestled along the Adriatic coast.  

Over the course if the War Croatia became the unlikely host and protector of nearly a hundred of US Airmen who had crash-landed there and had been taken prisoner by the Croatian Armed Forces. The fate of the American POW’s lay in the uncertainties of military and political drama that was unfolding. Through the personal accounts of the several of the POW’s as well as that of a young American priest fate and war placed in their midst, we follow the advance that transpired…”

… Under one name or another for 23 years the most brutal methods of the times were sanctioned, financed, and imposed on the Croatian people by the Serbian King Alexander and Peter II governments in Belgrade involving the dissolution of the centuries old Croatian Parliament and the abolition of municipalities, provinces, schools, and judicial systems. The arbitrary and capricious military imposition of taxes, the nationalisation of state properties including forests, mines, public buildings, and monetary fund.  Systematic denial of Croatian language and the arrogant theft of Croatian culture.  Sanctioned and financed the Serbian paramilitary terrorism on Croatian soil, violation of human rights, denial of free speech, due process, assembly, and suffrage. The list of grievances was long and real. By any definition this is genocide in progress…”

Proudly – on 10 April 1941 the birth of the Independent State of Croatia was proclaimed with Dr Ante Pavelic, the exiled revolutionary leader of the Croatian Uprisers (Ustashe), at its helm. The proclamation was received with enthusiasm by the Croatian people and was seen as a victory after 23 years of Serbian genocidal policies towards the Croatian people. The call for liberation was clear and seen as just.

After the proclamation of the Independent State o Croatia the loosely organised students, workers and intelligencia deposed the Yugoslav government with minimal casualties before the arrival of the first contingents of German and Italian armies, their political attaches and diplomatic core. Croatia was de facto and de jure recognised by 25 states and legations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas… 

Croatia wanted its independence, Italy wanted Croatia to become its colony, Germany accepted Croatia’s independence with the expectation that Croatia will be incorporated into the domain of the Reich to counteract Italian expansion. Croatia’s thirteen-hundred-year dream of independence was shattered.

Occupied and facing the domestic rise of Tito’s communists the country became a killing ground. With American entry into the war American planes joined the air war, bombing German sites. Many US bombers hit by German flag were suffering heavy damage in aerial combat with German air force flew over Croatia as they attempted to return to Italy from their bombing missions. American bombers crash-landed all across the Croatian territory. Those airmen who survived were picked up by the regular Croatian Army and treated as prisoners of war/POW’s.”

“… All of the American POW airmen remained safe and protected until the end of the war when they were safely repatriated to their units. Their protectors did not fare as well. The war and its aftermath were costly; Croatian population was decimated, their political system scarred deeply…”

Many of Croatian airmen were killed by Tito’s partisans after the war ended. Croatian air commander Vladimir Dubai who tried to negotiate with the partisans for the transfer of US airmen to a safe zone was shot on the spot. May he and other Croatians who gave our American pilots safe shelter during those harsh times forever be remembered for their bravery and their kindness.”   Ina Vukic

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Vukovar/Skabrnja – November 1991/ Lest We Forget!

Croatia: Covid-19 and the Eighth Commandment – Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness…

Council of Croatian Bishops/ Conference 2021

Croatia’s Permanent Council of the Croatian Bishops’ Conference on 12 November 2021 sent a public message entitled “Is the vaccine against Covid-19 morally acceptable ?!”, which we are transmitting in its entirety.

One may assume that this public message is associated with the fact that the situation in Croatia with new Covid-19 infections has become an alarming concern with more that 7,000 new cases recorded daily and the hospital system bursting at the seams. Furthermore, given that new cases are mainly recorded through Covid-19 testing and testing numbers are relatively small one may assume that the real situation on the ground is much worse and numbers of new cases much higher than those reported. Vaccination rate in Croatia is relatively low (around 50%) and death numbers with Covid-19 rising. Also, there is a strong presence in Croatia of those who oppose vaccination and measures put in place under Public Health Orders and protests are rather frequent but also are publications of blatant lies, disinformation, and misinformation. So, while citizens have every right to protest against vaccines and restrictive measures put in place in attempts to slow down the spread of Covid-19 virus infections they have absolutely no right to spread lies.

For example, on 8 November 2021 a lady with the background of having a Masters degree in medical biology, Josipa Juricev-Sudac, appeared on the Bujica Z1 Television program where she stated the following: “So in Sydney, 25,000 children were brought to one stadium without parents, vaccinated, so the doctors vaccinated those children, five children died on the spot, three children were taken to the hospital in a coma, and later the consequences and injuries of children and how many children after that died so no objective information can be obtained, mostly suicides of only children have increased in a large percentage. in Australia the mental state of children is catastrophic, parents do not know what to do at all, mostly what happened in Australia is obviously an intention all over the world and that is why the age limit is lowering lower and lower…“ Of course, we alerted from Australia, Sydney, the television show that these are utter and complete lies about Sydney’s High School pupils vaccination and that the program should publish the sources used for the lies published so everyone can check the source’s credibility. We received no reaction within the three days after the complaint and had no alternative but to publish an article in the Croatian language, alerting the public that terrible lies were told about Sydney.

 Here is the truth about the vaccination of 25,000 or 24,000 “children” at the stadium in Sydney, which is falsely told by Ms. Juricev-Sudac: August 9, 2021, students (last year of high school) arrive for vaccination at the stadium Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, Australia, which is converted to the vaccination centre against COVID-19. In the two weeks from that date, approximately 24,000 Year-12 students from eight local government areas of concern during the pandemic in Sydney received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine, in an effort to create a safe environment for students to take the Face-to-Face Final Examinations. The age of these students ranged from 17.5 to 18.2, and most were brought there by parents, and many parents, we are informed, fearing that the Pfizer vaccine supplies would disappear, tried to arrange an appointment for their children to be vaccinated sooner than planned.

Five children did not die at that stadium after the vaccination, as Ms. Juricev-Sudac claims, not a single child died. No child fell into a coma after the vaccination, as Ms. Juricev-Sudac claims. Child suicide has not significantly increased in Australia as claimed by Ms Juricev-Sudac and mental health status of Australian children is not catastrophic as Ms Jurcev-Sudac claimed.

All in all, Ms Juricev-Sudac has been referred to as a known activist against Covid-19 vaccination and Public Health Measures in Croatia but that does not give her or anyone the right to tell lies as she did regarding Sydney and the television host Velimir Bujanec did not stop her nor did he ask her publicly to reveal the sources of her claims. Unforgivable!  

So we come to the message that on 12 November 2021 was sent by the Council of Croatian Bishops’ Conference and appropriately so because even the 8th of the Ten Commandments (of God) tells us “Thou shall not bear false witness”.  In other words, nobody is denying those who are against Covid vaccination to express their view and exercise the rights they believe they have but they have no right in passing on blatant lies, fabrications and misinformation in attempts to make their views ‘more justified’. The Croatian Bishops’ Conference message is:

Although there has been talk of the Covid-19 vaccine on several occasions, it seems advisable to say a few things repeatedly. Primarily aware of the dangers posed by the Covid 19 pandemic, as well as the current state of society, we encourage believers and people of good will to reflect and constructively cooperate in the current circumstances for the common good of individuals and society. With this short Statement in the spirit of Jesus’ command to ‘be the salt of the earth and the light of the world,’ we want to provide the light of the Gospel in this challenging social moment.

1. When the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on December 21, 2020, published a note on the use of certain vaccines against Covid-19, it indicated that it was ‘morally acceptable to receive vaccines against Covid-19’ (No. 2). In addition, it encouraged ‘the production, approval, distribution and offering of ethically acceptable vaccines that do not create a conflict of conscience, among health professionals and among those who will be vaccinated.’ (No. 4). Vaccination, therefore, remains a means of preventing and suppressing the transmission of an infectious agent, but on the instructions of the Congregation, it ‘must be voluntary’ (No. 5).

2. In recent days, an atmosphere of certain pressures has been created on persons who have manifested the problem of their own conscience. By thematizing the loss of jobs and social status due to the fact that some did not get vaccinated, it additionally burdened and shook the trust and the social climate. Bearing in mind that the basis of social order is respect for man and his dignity, we consider it necessary to take into account the arguments and reasons of individuals who, for justified reasons, exclude the possibility of vaccination. In this context, all measures and decisions to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection should be without coercion and conditionality, as pointed out by the Congregation, in particular with regard to the right to work, services and participation in social life. The use of non-invasive methods and other forms of testing is also recommended.

3. Having before us man and his dignity, we encourage believers and citizens, employees of social events, holders of responsible services in society, as well as employees of the media to give their personal contribution to creating a healthy interpersonal climate. In preventing coronavirus infection, they should pay attention to human dignity and human rights so as not to create discrimination in society. Particular attention should be paid to the elderly and the poor, and they should be provided with health and other care to feel protected and ‘at home‘ “.

While Pope Francis and bishops across North and South America, Poland, have called on believers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus the Croatian Bishops’ Conference (HBK) is mostly silent on vaccination when it is not sending ambiguous statements, as the one above which they rest upon an “Atmosphere of certain pressures”. Nevertheless, it is possible to conclude that the Croatian Council of Bishops’ Conference is against forced vaccination and invasive Covid testing. The bishops said in summary also that we must prevent the spread of infection and discrimination. We watch and wait and are vigilant to see how all this will be achieved during this war-like state between those that wish to be vaccinated and those that do not. It is a pity that the Bishops’ Conference omitted to send messages regarding false information sent around communities about Covid-19 and which creates alarming fear in people. God bless us all and may He shine a light upon a solution that will bring peace and chase us the lies that so miserably breach His 8th Commandment. Ina Vukic

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