Croatia: Seems The Jerusalem Post Prefers Ivo Goldstein’s Lies To Truth!

And so, of course I wrote to the Jerusalem Post Editor on 25 August 2021 alerting them to Ivo Goldstein’s lies presented to the public through the Jerusalem Post but, as could well be expected, the Jerusalem was not interested in correcting the lies to their readers, they appear more interested in expanding on them, or maintaining them.  

Jerusalem Post preferred to publish an opinion piece written by the frequently obnoxious Efraim Zuroff, where he attacks WWII Croatia and, as per usual always tries to make WWII Serbia grand and fair even though it was one of the first countries in Europe that declared itself Jundnfrei/ Jew Free, by May to August 1942 when Serbs brought to slaughter and extermination 94% of its Jews. Zuroff and the likes will keep telling you that it was not the Serbs who exterminated these Jews, that it was the German occupiers, and yet the absolute fact is that the German occupying forces did not know who was Jewish, and who was not! It was the Serbian Milan Nedic Government who knew who the Jews were!

And Zuroff will tell you that he “was very well acquainted with the horrors of the camp (Jasenovac), since I had been very actively involved more than two decades ago, in facilitating the extradition from Argentina and prosecution in Zagreb of Dinko Šakic, one of its commanders…”, but Efraim Zuroff will not tell you that in his said work hunting WWII Nazis and their alleged collaborators he followed religiously, at least victim number of stories and manner of deaths,  the fabricated stories concocted by the communists and Serbs. And Zuroff will call anyone a revisionist if their researched truth points to the lies and distortions of WWII reality peddled to the world since 1945 by Yugoslav and Serb communists but also by those like he himself. He will shower Ivo Goldstein with praises and yet the lies Ivo Goldstein has come out with are absolutely depraved and not fit for human consumption as far as I am concerned.

And so, on 25 August 2021 I sent this letter to the Editor of the Jerusalem Post believing they would want to correct the lie Ivo Goldstein had written and they published:   

“…Then, I also refer to the Editorial ‘Don’t hijack the Holocaust’, published 22 August 2021 in which the public is told: ‘Last week The Jerusalem Post published in these pages an opinion piece which unfortunately failed to go through a sufficient vetting system. We sincerely regret this error. The oped, written by an Australian under the name of David Goldman, was titled: ‘This disgraceful mocking of the Holocaust needs to stop now.’ In it, he ridiculed and belittled Croatian Holocaust scholar Dr. Ivo Goldstein. Dr. Goldstein was given the right of reply which appeared in yesterday’s Post opinion pages under the title ‘A collage of lies.’

As a Jerusalem Post reader and a member of the public who has been served lies by Ivo Goldstein’s above article, I write this with the understanding that in my capacity as a reader for whom the article was meant, I have the right of reply. I do reside in Australia and have not met David Goldman. I wish to ask you to please publish this letter of feedback from me as like myself, I am certain that you, your newspaper the Jerusalem Post and your readers above all cherish the truth. When it comes to the Holocaust, the truth is particularly pertinent to a respectful memory of all who so tragically perished. Hence, I hereby draw your attention to the part of Ivo Goldstein’s reply to David Goldman’s article that is a blatant and evidently purposeful lie and most probably an attempt to fabricate or falsify history of Jasenovac, as if it already hasn’t had enough lies or half-truths said or written about it. 

In the 12th paragraph of the said article Ivo Goldstein writes: ‘In the TV show Sunday at 2, which is quoted by Goldman, I did not mention Hitler – this is another lie. I put forward a thesis that the corpses were also destroyed with a ‘bone crushing machine,’ which was used by the Nazis during the well-known ‘Aktion 1005’ cover-up. The Ustasha cooperated closely with the Nazis in various ways, and there are clear indications that they did so in this case as well.’

Ivo Goldstein did not put forth any thesis in that TV Show TV Show Sunday at 2 (June 20, 2018) as he tries to convince your readers and the public of his infallibility. Instead of a thesis in the article you published he categorically claimed the following as if it was proven fact instead of a product of his evidently twisted imagination: ( from 28min01 sec to 29 min 23 sec) ‘…On the other hand, already at the beginning of April 1945, just before the end of the war, the Ustashas, a large number of butchers from 1942., those who ordered mass crimes, were somewhere in late March early April 1945 after two years, two and a half years of absence from Jasenovac, because in 1942 there were the most crimes, 43. much less and 44., returned to Jasenovac Filipovic and Majstorovic, so the former Franciscan who was expelled from the Franciscan Order membership 41 and 42., knew best those graves, he went to Hebno so that the Nazis could instruct him how to destroy corpses, they even brought machines that destroy bones, and there were, therefore, in early April some 500 to 600 camp internees who worked on that destruction by systematic destruction of corpses. In one part they were burned on bars, and then the ashes would be returned to the graves, in the other part the bones they found or excavated were destroyed in these machines.’

These Ivo Goldstein’s gruesome fantasies about bone-crushing machines in Jasenovac camp area and systematic destruction of corpses by some 600 camp detainees working in unison on such depraved tasks, dressed up in categorical claims without a shred of evidence, and not theses, can be checked and validated by watching the relevant Youtube video of the said TV Show and the link is

Hence, as far as this is concerned Goldstein did not write the truth in the article you published. That is, he did not offer a thesis about Jasenovac on television, he offered a categorical claim about bone-crushing-machines without offering any verifiable evidence.

Suffice to say that Ivo Goldstein had had an another attempt of placing this gruesome fantasy about the World War Two Jasenovac camp and that was in May 2018 when Magazine Globus published an interview with him, three months before the above TV Show, and both events were about his coming book, which, I’m quite certain, does not mention any bone-crushing machines nor do any of his subsequent publications pursue the matter further.

Many believe, though, Ivo Goldstein has fabricated or embellished the story of bone-crushing machines to rely on it in his rather frequent claims that digging-up Jasenovac for forensic evidence would achieve nothing towards clarifying historical facts. It seems that inside Ivo Goldstein’s mind forensic science and DNA tracing are at the same level as they were in 1964 Yugoslavia (Goldstein is notorious for claiming that nothing could be found in 1964 because of wear and tear through time and, hence, nothing will be found today!).  The fact that Ivo Goldstein comes out with these impossible, if not ridiculous, claims about the Holocaust does in fact suggest that there is, in fact, regretfully, mocking of the Holocaust in his ways.

Furthermore, since Ivo Goldstein in his article mentions the Australian Croatian community, of which I am a member, in a derogatory manner, mocking some of its members for ‘openly celebrating their Ustasha links’, I can assure you and your readers that no member of the Australian Croatian community, or any other community for that matter, has or would celebrate any links that are considered by the authorities a danger in any way for the Australian people or state or the world! I can assure you and your readers that the majority of Australian Croatians are a shiny example for humanity and what it means to endure decades of humiliation and vilification to survive and stay strong for the battle of achieving the independence of Croatia started during World War II. This is not a revisionist statement, as Ivo Goldstein or others who begrudge Croatia the freedom and independence from communist Yugoslavia it had achieved, might be tempted to claim, this is and was the truth. If people like Ivo Goldstein were as vocal about massive communist crimes perpetrated by Yugoslav communists, particularly post-WWII, as they are about Jasenovac, then perhaps there would be no mocking of the Holocaust, no need to fabricate numbers of victims at Jasenovac or bone-crushing machines because both the Holocaust and the Communist purges were abominable outcomes of hunger for political power and superiority.” Ina Vukic

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About Serb Deliberate Manipulation And Mocking Of Holocaust History

PHOTO SCREENSHOT 22 August 2021 Pressreader/Jerusalem-Post

I have been writing here for almost 10 years and often addressed the depraved and incessant attempts by Serbia (in or out of former communist Yugoslavia) to inflate the numbers of people who perished in the WW2 Jasenovac camp in Croatia, while ignoring or blaming others or covering up the fact of 94% of Serbian Jews having been exterminated for the sake of Serbia’s WWII status as one of the first Jew-free (Judenfrei) states of Europe. The past several weeks have produced articles of similar content or intention in other media sources such as American Thinker and The Jerusalem Post, which caught not only my attention but also the attention of many around the world and especially across Croatia, Serbia and Israel.

However, The Jerusalem Post had within two or three days taken down from its portal the article written by David Goldman, “This disgraceful mocking of the Holocaust needs to stop now” and yet kept on its portal the article written by a Serb from Serbia, Dejan Ristic, in reply top David Goldman’s article.  

Hence, not only would the reader of Jerusalem Post not be afforded the decency and the right to compare on its portal both Goldman and Ristic articles, but we have here evidently yet another example how deeply rooted support for Serbian lies and depravity regarding WW2 events in Europe and its victims appears to be. So, in case you, the reader, are reading in Jerusalem Post the Dejan Ristic, tripe published on 17 August 2021, so that you may know what he is referring to I will publish in its entirety the article Jerusalem Post published on 15 August 2021 and written by David Goldman, and taken down by the Jerusalem Post within a couple of days, but kept online by the Pressreader.      

The greatest problem and threat to the truth is that Dejan Ristic in his reply to David Goldman’s article holds that Goldman “…tried to make meaningless 76 years of continuous research, both by experts and institutions of Yugoslavia – later Serbia and Croatia – as well as institutions such as Yad Vashem and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)….” The problem and threat to the truth is that research done by Yugoslavia cannot be trusted as its outcome was nothing more than communist propaganda against Croatia’s independence fighting in WWII and Serbs were an important part of that propaganda and they continued so, maintaining a lie of numbers of victims, even after Yugoslavia was smashed apart in the 1990’s despite the Serbian aggression and atrocities committed as Serbs tried to stop the breakup of communist Yugoslavia. All Croatian research has proven that both Yugoslav and Serbian research are incorrect, devoid of many most relevant historical facts and charged with political propaganda in favour of the Greater Serbia agenda.

What David Goldman’s articles appear to pursue is the truth, bare truth and facts and Serbs don’t like this, neither do those who stand behind the Jerusalem Post it seems.   

On July 11, 2021, an Australia-based journalist David Goldman wrote an article “Erasing the History of the Holocaust” published on the American Thinker portal and in it, among other things, Goldman writes:

“…However, one of the most insidious Holocaust relativization battles is occurring in the Balkans, where the very soul of Holocaust history is being ‘stolen’ by another group and where one of the main weapons of choice is a WW2 concentration camp called Jasenovac.

While there is no doubt that it was a place of brutality, Jasenovac is also used as a wellspring of fake news to underline Serb ‘martyrdom,’ with the camp’s death toll exaggerated by Serbian historians in order to ‘prove’ that their suffering was equal to or greater than that of the Jews, so that in the Balkans, at least, Jews are being Photoshopped out of the Holocaust and replaced with Serbs.

The site, which Yugoslavia in 1979 rebranded as ‘The Auschwitz of the Balkans,’ also has the dubious honor of being the only former concentration camp that is unable to provide any forensic evidence for its claims, while at the same time publishing stolen pictures of Nazi horrors from Treblinka, Ukraine, Latvia, and Poland in lieu of providing any evidence of its own.

Moreover, recent independent research has shown its victim database as being 89% unverifiable or fake, while the original official death toll has increased 40-fold since 1945 — and is incredibly still growing in 2021!

This deliberate manipulation of Holocaust history has been given legitimacy by many in the liberal elite like Wiesenthal Center head Ephraim Zuroff, U.K. historian Rory Yeomans, and many others, who seem determined in supporting a Wag the Dog–like farce promoted by the same people who in July 1995 used their Jasenovac claims as justification of their genocidal slaughter at Srebrenica.

This substitution of the Jewish Holocaust for the mythical ‘suffering’ of Serbs,’ or what some writers termed the ‘hijacking of the Shoah,’ represents an existential threat to accepted history, exemplified by Serb nationalist Vuk Draskovic, who has erroneously claimed: ‘It is by the hands of the same executioners that both Serbs and Jews have been exterminated at the same concentration camps, slaughtered at the same bridges, burned alive in the same ovens, thrown together into the same pits.’

So as the actual Jewishness of the Shoah is further diluted, the warnings from Holocaust experts like Professor Lea David from the University of Haifa grow louder. ‘The Serbian political elite has hijacked Holocaust imagery and symbolism to present Serbians as righteous victims and justify a new nationalist ideology,’ she says.

But these are just some of the threats to Holocaust history, mostly underwritten not by tiki torch–carrying white supremacists, nationalist populists, or radical jihadists, but rather by those tasked to honor and protect the lessons of the Holocaust — not just for the Jewish people, but for the entire world.”

This disgraceful mocking of the Holocaust needs to stop now” The Pressreader as it appeared in The Jerusalem Post · 15 Aug 2021 · • By DAVID GOLDMAN The author is an Australian writer and freelance journalist and director of the, a site dedicated to exposing Nazi collaborators and neo-Nazis living Down Under.

“When on a hot and balmy June weekend in 2018, as Dr. Ivo Goldstein was being interviewed for Croatia’s popular Sunday at 2 TV show on the increasingly problematic Jasenovac concentration camp, little did he know the maelstrom he would ignite.

Some 28 minutes into the interview, Goldstein was asked by the host: ‘Many have commented on the lack of any forensic evidence from this particular camp. Can you explain why this is the case?’

That’s when Goldstein, one of the most respected historians in the Balkans, dropped his bombshell. ‘…this is because in April 1945, Hitler flew special machines to Jasenovac. These machines were used to dissolve the bones that were left…,’ he said.

At a time when antisemitism is growing exponentially with one in four American millennials believing the Holocaust was faked while just over half of Germans believe that Jews overplay the Holocaust, Goldstein’s claim that as Berlin was being pummelled into dust by Russian artillery, Adolf Hitler found time to fly a hitherto unheard-of machine into some Balkan boondoggle in order to ‘dissolve’ human bones was not only tin-foil hat fantasy, but the last thing that Jews need right now.

More to the point, why allow the contamination of Holocaust history with a place that cannot provide any independent forensic evidence past a few thousand victims and that has an ever-increasing – including in 2021 – victim list that has repeatedly been proven to have been doctored?

Furthermore, why did groups like Yad Vashem and the US Holocaust Museum for decades look the other way as the Jasenovac Memorial Site stole pictures from Treblinka, Ukraine, Poland and elsewhere in order to bolster its inflated claims? And why do these organizations to this day continue to substantiate ex-Yugoslavia’s claims of an astronomical World War II death toll, despite three of its own of­ficial population censuses showing otherwise?

Located in Croatia about 100 kilometres south of the capital Zagreb, Jasenovac was established by the collaborationist Ustashi in August 1941. According to most sources, about 85% of inmates were Serbs, Roma, Bosnians and Croats, while the remaining 15% being Jews. In 1947/48 Yugoslavia’s forensic examination of the camp and surrounding county found that all up, between 2,500 and 4,500 were killed in the camp.

In 1980, a cash-strapped Yugoslavia rebranded Jasenovac as the ‘Auschwitz of the Balkans,’ in a cynical attempt to try and extort money out of West Germany, with the camps’ death toll subsequently being pumped up to 59,000, then 72,000, 77,000, 99,000, 250,000 and all the way up to 800,000 victims, like some macabre game of ‘genocide bingo.’

However, not only could Belgrade not provide any physical evidence to back up these newly inflated numbers, rather it disgracefully announced that a camp with less than 4,500 proven (mainly non-Jewish) victims was now equal to Auschwitz, the site of the ghastly murder of nearly 1.5 million people, most of them Jews.

If there was ever a clear case of antisemitism and self-hatred – especially by those Jewish historians who have allowed the history of Holocaust to become hijacked for what is basically a Balkan territorial dispute – this was it.

It goes without saying that the growing legions of Holocaust-deniers around the world would love nothing more than to be helped in their quest to dent the veracity of the most tragic and evil event of the 20th century. Historians have long commented how to the West, Serbia promotes Jasenovac as part of the Jewish Holocaust, but in the Balkans, Jews have been removed from the Holocaust altogether and replaced with Serbs.

As Dr. Lea David, professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa noted, ‘The Serbian political elite then hijacked the images and symbols of the Holocaust in order to equate Serbian victims with Jewish victims and promote Serbian righteous victimhood as enduring throughout the 1990s wars. Having established Serbs as victims of the Holocaust, the Serbian government then moved to sideline the roles of Serbian Communist partisan fighters and to rehabilitate quisling Chetnik members and other right-wing figures,’ she says.

As the University of Otago’s David McDonald also noted in Globalizing the Holocaust: A Jewish ‘Useable Past’ in Serbian Nationalism: ‘Holocaust imagery pushed the envelope, allowing Serbian nationalist goals to gain wider, more universal appeal. It could resonate with domestic Serbs and those in the Diaspora, as well as with Jews and non-Jews… where myths of Serbian and Jewish suf­fering were interwoven, providing a new series of national myths.’

As for the US Holocaust Museum, on its website, it admits ‘Determining the number of victims… for Jasenovac is highly problematic, due to the destruction of many relevant documents, the long-term inaccessibility to independent scholars of those documents that survived…’

So why quote figures if they are ‘highly problematic,’ especially considering the museum is aware Yad Vashem throughout the 1990s repeatedly tried obtaining the original Jasenovac documents from Serbia but has been flat-out refused to this day? Just as puzzling was Yugoslavia’s decades-old assertion that more victims’ remains are ‘to be discovered,’ yet during its 47-year rule of the site, it never bothered once to try and locate these mysterious ‘missing’ remains.

Those who have conflated the only wartime concentration camp without any verifiable data with scientif­ically proven Holocaust facts have done immeasurable harm to Jewish history. In this era of hyper-antisemitism and a world of increasing hatred of all things Jewish, it’s high time that everyone – especially Jews – stopped collaborating with malign actors to mock the Holocaust.”

Regretfully, it seems to me that The Jerusalem Post failed to heed the message in the above David Goldman’s article and continues supporting the Serbian agenda of victim number fabrication and denial of victims made by WW2 Serbia. That is disappointing but not as utterly disappointing as the appalling morality that laces its keeping on its portal the article by Dejan Ristic in reply to David Goldman’s but taking David Goldman’s article down so that readers could not refer to it! Just as well the facts and the truth of history will not cower to or be intimidated by the likes of Greater Serbia propagandists and their entourage. Ina Vukic  


Furthermore, Ivo Goldstein mentioned in the above article by David Goldman has published his reply in Jerusalem Post 21 August 2021 and his reply can be read here

Croatian Vintage Pampering Australia With Superb Wines

Croatian Vintage Steve Jakic (L)John Gavljak (R) Photo: Croatian Vintage

The past several months have fallen hard on all of us living on the eastern shores of Australia. Covid-19 lockdowns have harshly affected businesses and people alike. It was about three months ago when I planned to write about and interview Sydney-based Croatian Vintage company, distributors in Australia of select wines from Croatia. They were to hold a wine-tasting event with Dalika delicious smallgoods “nibblies” at the Australian Croatian Club O’Connor on July 17, but Covid-19 began spreading once again, and the event was cancelled in compliance with government lockdown measures and moved to August 21. However, given the relentless growth of Covid-19 new infections and ongoing extensions of lockdowns the holding of this wonderful event also seems unlikely!

But our tastebuds and our need for good wines never go into lockdowns. And Croatian wines outside of Croatia are something many have chased into their shopping bags throughout the world for decades. Modern technology gives us the advantage of shopping online and Croatian Vintage in Australia is among those companies that pamper us with such an advantage. So, visit the website and experience the world of amazing Croatian wines.

Croatian Vintage company say this about themselves on their website: “Have you been to Croatia? Sensational. Let’s relive that feeling of when you were sitting on the beach on the Dalmatian coast or having dinner with friends while sipping a glass of wine, served with your favourite seafood dish or dessert… And if you haven’t been to Croatia, let us take you on an experience like no other…

Croatian Vintage is passionate about bringing fine wines from all regions of Croatia and the Mediterranean to your table.

Whether you are looking to purchase wine for your private collection, or would like to supply your restaurant, bar, or local bottle shop, we are proud to distribute these quality wines to your doorstep.”

Recently, John Gavljak, an important wheel behind Croatian Vintage in Australia just as Steve Jakic is, gave me answers to some question I had to ask. Here is that interview:

Croatian Vintage, we are talking about Croatian wines landing on the Australian wine market, which is vast and competitive. What is so special in such a market about Croatian wines? Can Croatian wines stand out in such a market quality wise?

Croatia has many indigenous grape varieties that deserve to be recognised and shared internationally.  Most of our wineries are smaller, specialised wineries focussing on local indigenous wines and are often family run and in the world of mass production this is our unique selling point.  We only import premium quality Croatian wines from the major wine regions of Croatia.  This ensures that our wines stack up in terms of quality in the Australian market.

Your wine distribution company Croatian Vintage has several wine labels from Croatia. What are they and what is so special about those wines? What made you choose those wine labels, given that Croatian wine production is such a large and rich industry?

Our aim was to create a wine journey through Croatia and we have focussed on wineries from all the major Croatian wine growing regions.  From Slavonia we source our wines from Feravino, Krauthaker and TRS wineries (Grasevina, Traminac and others) from Istria the Franc Arman winery (Malvazija & Teran) and from Dalmatia the Rizman and Skaramuca wineries (Posip, Plavac mali/Dingac & Tribidrag). We have recently added Korta Katarina wines to our selection as well as high quality spirits and liqueurs produced by Degenija from the beautiful, unspoiled mountainous region of Velebit, Lika, Croatia.

All these wineries are of repute and their range focus on indigenous Croatian grape varieties.  In addition, each of these wineries were excited to work with us and have their wines represented in Australia.  

Croatian Vintage Wines and Dalika Smallgoods Events

Have you a favourite Croatian red and Croatian white?

Personally, as a red I enjoy our Rizman Tribidrag, an indigenous varietal, the original Zinfandel, with some Tempranillio added – from Komarna, Southern Dalmatia. With a history dating back to the 15th century it is easy to drink and food friendly. From the whites I enjoy our Krauthaker Grasevina from Slavonia. A dry, fresh, aromatic white wine from the Godfather of the Croatian wine industry Vlado Krauthaker.

Why did you start the Croatian wine distribution business in Australia?

 During the first Covid19 lockdown we decided to take two of our passions – wine (drinking it!) and Croatia (loving it!) and launch Croatian Vintage.  It was all about sharing a wine journey through Croatia – so we started sourcing and importing quality wines and spirits from Croatia.

 In the vast selection of wines on the market and wine being a popular beverage in Australia what is one piece of advice you would give someone in choosing a good wine?

Be adventurous, look for those countries that have perfect wine growing conditions and aren’t as well known and then go on a journey – like Croatia.

TRS Winery Croatia Photo: Croatian Vintage

 There is a sentence on your company’s website which goes like this: “ …if you haven’t been to Croatia, let us take you on an experience like no other…”. How special are the Croatian wines your company distributes and are delivering on unique experiences mentioned in this phrase?

Absolutely. All our wines are premium wines, sourced from reputable wine makers with a love of their regions and their indigenous varietals. Many Australians have visited Croatia as a must-see tourist destination and now have the opportunity to revisit it through our wines or use our wines as an entrée into Croatia.  We take pride in the wines we source and want them to be a positive reflection of the Croatian wine industry.

The wine-tasting events you planned to hold at the Australian Croatian Club O’Connor in Canberra where Dalika delicious smallgoods and Croatian food were also be offered have all been  cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Are you planning to hold similar events bringing the Croatian wines closer to the communities across Australia in future?

Yes of course subject to Covid-19 restrictions.  We have held a number of private wine testing events where the feedback to our Croatian wines from non-Croatians has been fantastic. Our aim is not to only bring it to the Croatian communities in Australia but to the wider Australian community.  Our goal is for Australians to know Croatian premium wines and to reference them to other better known European wine countries (like Italy or Spain).

 How important is showcasing of wines within the communities and are you counting on people of different backgrounds will attend not just Croatians in Australia?

 Australians of Croatian descent are an important market segment.  We want to import and source Croatian wines that they are proud to share with their non-Croatian friends. The sustainability of our business model mandates that the appeal of our wines extend beyond the Croatian community in Australia. For example, our wines are already being showcased in a wine bar in the Sydney CBD – Vini Divini, where wine lovers are having the opportunity to indulge in our Croatian wines in addition to ordering them from our website  We are aiming to introduce the whole of Australia to high, quality Croatian wines – we want to be proud of the wines we source and import and want every person who tries them to be left with a positive image of Croatia.

 Interview by Ina Vukic

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