Josip Broz Tito – embodiment of communist crimes

Recently I watched an exclusive Croatian TVPLUS interview with Josip Boljkovac (alleged communist war crimes perpetrator/WWII) and dr Vladimir Geiger, from Croatian history institute.

Boljkovac persists in justifying mass murders of anti-communists after World War II ended from the perspective communists invented: “If we don’t kill them, they’ll kill us”.  Communists were top of the class in inventing threats where there were none. He openly admits that the directive to liquidate all those who didn’t agree with communism came from the Central Committee of Yugoslav Communist Party – from Belgrade and, therefore from Josip Broz Tito.

Yet, Boljkovac has the hide to openly say that Tito cannot be responsible for the liquidations because he didn’t know everything that was going on.  What a horrible thing to say.

Dr Vladimir Geiger held his post feistily: Tito did know, Tito ordered mass murders, systematic mass murders occurred and they must be prosecuted.

Boljkovac talks coolly of mass killings as if taking a stroll down to the local markets where slaughter is necessity for survival. He truly must believe that survival of the communist regime was more important than human life.

Chilling stuff.

Throughout, I agonised: who will answer for the atrocities? No longer am I forcibly resigned to the possibility that no one will.

Someone will, someone must.

Zvonimr Hodak’s article in portal about Tito also brings into a fresh perspective the terror that Tito was, and the wretched machinations antifascists use to slip rosy-glasses onto people’s noses when looking at Tito.

Immediately, in 1941 the real antifascists charged forth from the West, and hard communists from the East and from the Balkan, so while at the end of the War the antifascists celebrated victory over Hitler, in the East and on Balkan peninsula, a bloody wedding-feast of the so-called antifascists commenced.  Frenzied killings, without trial or judgment, were according to D.S. ‘authoritarian, but justified politics’. As evidence for this D.S. offers quotes from a book written by Chetnik Danko Popovic who, among other things, says how Tito was fatal for Serbs, and for Croatians almost ‘savior from Heaven’. According to him ‘Tito is the greatest Croatian in history’. These grunts should serve as arguments in proving the un-provable. Today, even the apolitical people know how Tito, in the Spanish Civil war, as executioner in Stalin’s name, sent tens of thousands of Croatian and other communists to their death. Is it still necessary to keep proving to someone that Tito came to power on the wings of USSR and Allied victory and introduced in Yugoslavia a classical communist one-party dictatorial system filled with cold, cynical and bloody repression… At the end of the day, even the politically ignorant know how Tito’s rift with Stalin was motivated exclusively by preservation of power and that subsequently he prostituted himself ideologically by bootlicking the obnoxious capitalist west only to receive economic and political help in order to sustain his power, fearing Hazian’s heavy hand. When he, after 1955, finally permitted emigration of Croatians to work in the West, he immediately invented the ‘extreme political emigration’ and sent his UDBA (Yugoslav secret police) killer-dogs after them who, without mercy, liquidated all those who opposed ‘communism with a human face’. He even killed young children, as was the case of liquidation of the seven-membered family Sevo in Italy. And that are, according to D.S., perhaps an authoritative, but justified politics!   

Then came 1971 and 1972, and as Danko Popovic says, ‘the greatest Croat in history’ pelted how river Sava would flow upstream before Croatia would get its own state and that he has judges who hold onto the law like a drunkard to a picket fence. It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether Tito, when he pelted the two wisdoms, was drunk or mad.  And so, the authoritative, but (according to D.S.) justified politics, once again filled prisons and camps with students and Croatian intellectual elite. So, these are the facts, and comrades Trocki and D.S. may refute them if they wish but with real counterarguments, and not with phraseology.  Let them gather all the cleverness of the shallow forum moderators Boltek, Danko Popovic, Dusko Bilandzic, Tvrtko Jakovina and other galvanized communists who even today cover their rigid communism with blankets of antifascism. Their cynicism is slowly turning into a psychosis, which can successfully be treated in the existing institutions for such ailments. Oscar Wilde wrote: ‘A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing!’”

While the European Union parliament and many former communist countries of Eastern Europe and the Balkans dabble in arriving at the best ways to deal with and process communist crimes, the remarkable lack of moral concern in the West with countless atrocities committed under communist systems remains distressing.

There’s asymmetrical reaction to Communism and Nazism almost worldwide.

Paul Hollander, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, wrote in 2009: “Public awareness of the large-scale atrocities and human rights violations in former communist states is minimal, especially in comparison to awareness of the Holocaust and Nazism.

These differences are symbolized by the contrast between the impressive and well- funded Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and the absence of any corresponding institution devoted to the victims of communism. It should also be noted that the physical remnants of the Nazi killing machine have been recovered, preserved, and images of it seen all over the world. The Communist killing fields have been for the most part inaccessible and poorly known. Little remains of the ‘Gulag Archipelago’ and its equivalents in various former communist states.

We can readily summarize the principal factors that determined the contrasting Western perceptions and moral assessments of Nazism and communist systems. They are as follows:

Easy access to far more abundant visual images and evidence of Nazi wrongdoing and especially mass murders.

The different methods used in each system to exterminate groups defined as undesirable.

The different official ideologies, beliefs, and intentions that motivated the two sets of atrocities.

For all the above reasons, there remains a deep aversion in the West to postulating or acknowledging moral equivalence between Nazism and communism”.

Mass slaughters of disarmed Croatian soldiers and civilians after World War II was carried out by the Yugoslav OZNA (Department of national security/ Department for national protection) with the help of KNOJ (Peoples Defence Corps of Yugoslavia).

Boljkovac in the above TV interview confirms this – coldly.

Tito was the supreme commander of all, nothing went on without his knowledge and directive.

The order to slaughter came from the highest authority in the communist party. Prisoners were led to mass killing fields and usually shot in the neck and then thrown into karst caves, natural abysses, mines, tank ditches. Often, alive and tied – they were thrown into “bottomless” pits. As mentioned in my previous posts on communist crimes, over 1200 post-war graveyards have been discovered in the area of former Yugoslavia, more than 600 in Croatia.

Up till now the precise number of Croatian Home Guard members liquidated at the end of WWII and months, years, after is not known. What’s known is that numbers amount to many tens of thousands. I have encountered an account in the past that Yugoslav communists did draw up lists but these lists ‘miraculously’ disappeared in mid-1980’s. The number of civilian Croatian population, men, women and children, slaughtered with the same frenzy and blood-thirst was also large.

Without a shred of a doubt, my opinion is that Tito was the leading criminal and others coldly executed directives for murder – for personal gain and for the Party. In the above TVPLUS interview Boljkovac suggests that nothing can be done to the chief of one OZNA unit he named because the person is dead. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Plenty can be done in the name of justice for the multitudes of victims and their descendants that still, after nearly 70 years, feel and nurse the wounds that have not healed.  Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb), B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Well written and very true! Thank you!!

  2. Stephen Vadjunec says:

    Drug Croat JOSIP BROZ Tito is known to the world as ww2 Greatest Croat & Hero . He defeated Nazism, Fscism & Ustasism single handedly. 60% of JOSIP BROZ’s partizani in N.D.H. were ethnic Croats !!!!!

    • Yes many Croats were in Tito’s Partisans, but not all were murderers – those that were must answer for it. It does not matter to which ethnicity or political persuasion a person belongs when crime has been committed, we must look at the crime itself and prosecute it.

    • Miso Sorbel says:

      And Tito defeated Chetniks too according to Stephen Vadjunec. What a load of garbage – single handedly – Tito did no such thing, Tito clung to Stalin, Stalin was the friend of the Allied forces – Stalin murdered over 30 million innocent people, Tito’s regime murdered about 1.2 million and so on and on. Tito was cunning and intelligent and that helped him to hitch a ride on Stalin’s WWII “plane”.

      • Stephen Vadjunec says:

        Those numbers, what a load of BS dont know about Josephs part. As for Josip & Joseph what has one to do with the other, & that is the truth. Josip used Joseph from the begining to the end & they always despised each other & that is the well known truth. Good Try Misho, very cheap

      • Harry B. says:

        You’re a big blind romantic Stephen Vadjunec when it comes to Tito and Stalin. The numbers of brutally murdered innocents by both are a fact, and even larger than in Miso’s comment. As for relationship between Tito and Stalin you’re also alarmingly wrong. Tito was Stalins crony and Tito was trained by Stalin all the way before Spanish war, and Tito broke off relations with Stalin during the “Cold War” in order to suck up to the “West” for money …Just one of many objective writings on this is as follows: “Initially, however, the Truman administration was reluctant to provide extensive security assistance to the regime of Josip Broz Tito, who until 1948 had been a brutal Stalinist…” …
        As for numbers murdered by Tito’s regime one only needs to count the skeletons in mass graves and pits found then add to that those skeletons that were buried in unknown places but families exist today who still don’t know where their loved ones were taken to and murdered by Communists.

  3. Stephen Vadjunec says:

    Drug Hrvat JOSIP BROZ Tito sent out many Telegrams to his partizan commanders FORBIDING EXECUTIONS of Croat P.O.W.’s. & others. Rogue Serb partizani who were EX-CETNIKS killed Croats WITHOUT JOSIP BROZ’s KNOWLEDGE or Approval


      • Stephen Vadjunec says:

        No evidence just MILOVAN DJILAS LIES & PROPAGANDA against our JOSIP !!!!!!!!

      • That is simply not true.

      • Mate Kamber says:

        Thank you, I am a hardcore Ustasha and Tito was an idiot, your the only person that actually knows their history

      • Nothing wrong with being Ustasha for always the word means patriotism and freedom from communism, regardless of the fact others try hard to make it not so.

  4. Stephen Vadjunec says:

    JOSIP BROZ & Dr.FRANJO TUDJMAN were both GREAT CROATS & BOTH WERE GREAT ZAGORCI. Every Croat must be proud of them.!!!! Only Cetniks & Ustasa ‘s HATE TITO & TUDJMAN. Youre biased comments AGAINST HRVAT JOSIP BROZ is devisive for people of Croatia.

    • There is no hatred only pursuit of justice. People of Croatia ARE divided because individuals from one side from World War II that committed crimes have been prosecuted and condemned for those crimes and the individuals from the other side )Communists) that have committed crimes have NOT been prosecuted nor properly condemned for those crimes. Until everybody answers for crimes they commit division in society will exist and that is the fact because it means that the society lives under double standards for crimes. No one is above the law and justice.

      • Stephen Vadjunec says:

        No crimes were worse than Ustasa & Cetnik crimes, the partizani & communists only took revenge for the murdered people & those people who sympathised with Ustasa & Cetnik Ideals.!!!!!!

      • Crimes are not classified as good, bad, worst, worse – ALL CRIMES ARE CRIMES, ARE THE SAME, all must be punished. Yes the so-called antifascists (former or current communists) say the same as you: that it was justified to murder for revenge. Well I’m sorry to say I do not agree and the just and civilised world does not agree, the law does not agree REVENGE IS NOT A DEFENCE. Communists murdered thousands upon thousands who were neither pro-Ustashe, or pro-Cetnik but simply were politically innocent and also were not pro-communist. There is nothing you can say that will convince the world otherwise because evidence of that exists and that evidence is irrefutable.

      • Steven Kosh says:

        Yes when all crimes are convicted peace will come. Totally agree that communist crimes must be prosecuted for justice and the innocent souls heaped up in 1200 mass graves of communist crimes and other such souls.

  5. Stephen Vadjunec says:

    You who are all pointing fingers at our JOSIP BROZ paint a very B&W picture of what you & other instigators accuse him of , single handedly !!! but life isnt like that, there was alot of grey in between the B&W that was Yugoslavia at wars end & shortly after the war there was alot of kaos & Josip wasnt in total control of all the events that were takeing place so rapidly. There were scores to settle against Josip wishes & many Serb partisans who were ex-cetniks took the law into theyre own hands & dealt out revenge against Ustasi P.O.W.’s Yet you all blame Josip as if he ochestrated what took place in Bleighburg but it was all out of his hands despite the fact that Josip sent Telegrams to his partisan command demanding & forbiding all reprisals against Croat prisoners & others.!!!! All what i have written has been previously authenticated unlike the BS that Josip killed 1,200,000 – 5,000,000 people (what aload of sick lies ) you should all be a shame of youreselves trashing our WW2 hero Josip Broz.!!!! Any innocent Croat killed was killed by Rogue Serb partisans & not by Croats incl. Josip Broz.!!!! If you want youre witch hunt to be succesful stop knocking on Josips coffin & find the real culprits !!!!

    • Bleiburg tragedy occurred because Tito struck a forced repatriation deal with the Allies, same as Stalin – planning to murder the repatriated on their return. That is a fact. Yes, indeed, Tito is not the only culprit and there is not witch hunt, just a hunt for justice to catch up with everyone.

      • Stephen Vadjunec says:

        wrong, even so JOSIP wasnt allways in control of the events that rapidly unfolded after the repatriation of Croat P.O.W.’s. Serb partisans who were ex-fascist cetniks took the law into there own hands & acted like vigilantes

  6. Every country wrote the history books with their own biased version. No one really knows, and if they really know your probably can’t take their word for it. All I can say for sure is that serbo-cetniks, nazi-croats, and partizans all committed war crimes against one another and they all had personal reasons to do so. The only real victims were the children.

    • Not just the children that were victims, grown ups too. The truly sad fact is that only nazi-croats paid for their crimes (rightfully so as all crime must be punished and victims of all crimes must receive justice) and serbo-chetniks and partisans have not yet reached the courts of justice. Serb-chetniks and partisans wrote the history and hopefully the children of today, the young of today, will correct that and write the true history.

      • Francis A. says:

        Tito and the Partizans did commit many crimes during WWII. It is sad that there can very rarely be a good side in these wars in the Balkans, only sides which are “less bad” than others. Chetniks also committed many war crimes, and of course there were the Ustashe and the SS divisions. In the end, perhaps it is better than the Partizans won the fight, but that does not change the methods and means they used to win, and the subsequent oppression, executions, and arrests which immediately followed Tito’s thrust into power.

      • Cut your link to YadVashem again Francic A. Sorry it’s a matter of principle with me. If any readers want to visit that website they can google it. When those who pursue justice for Holocaust victims stop justifying Communist crimes and use their influence to assist justice for victims of communist crimes, then the world will be a better place. Again, I say, I condemn all who committed crimes and it does not matter which nationality they were. The history was written by those who chose to write about certain crimes and sweep under the carpet the other crimes. That to me does not represent the truth, it only represents the fact that his was written mainly with political motives, today we have a true democracy where politics are accessible to everyone through voting at elections and written history can be corrected not “revisionised” as some like to call attempt of getting at the truth! Communist crimes, purges and murders in former Yugoslavia are much greater in number than Holocaust crimes- methods were equally cruel. It’s not just the Balkans – it happened in many places throughout the world.

  7. Bravo Ina. Josip Broz was the only mass murderer who got away.Vadjunec grow a spine and admit you are wrong

  8. dubrafka says:

    im asking you,way you dont write about ante pavelic and crimes he made?

    • Because, dubrafka, this article is about Communist crimes. But regarding crimes under Ustashe you may want to click the picture of Korcula: Timeline: Croatia 1900 – 2012 and you will find a reference to what you’re seeking. This post is about Communist crimes that no one has answered to yet and they were massive.

      • dubrafka says:

        but the you cant say that fascism didint had crimes and that crimes werent massive :d

      • No you can’t and I never have. This article though is about Communist crimes which have not been processed in courts as fascist or Nazi crimes have. We do want justice for all.

  9. dubrafka says:

    than you need to do a article about fascism crimes

    • Many others have done that dubrafka and the fact that fascist crimes occurred has been established and accepted about fascist crimes, so there is no point in repeating that at this time, however Communist crimes still remain unaddressed in justice sense of the word and I aim to contribute to that so that victims of all crimes receive equal justice. If you want to write articles about fascist crimes you have the right to do so and find yourself a publisher – I, for one, will continue writing about Communist crimes until such a time when they receive equal condemnation as fascist crimes have.

  10. eeerrtt says:

    what crimes ??? learn history

  11. Como descendiente de victimas del genocidio armenio siento lo mismo.
    También lo siento como ser humano.Algo que el mundo debería entender.
    Un beso.

    Google translate of comment: As a descendant of Armenian Genocide victims feel the same.
    So it is being human.Also feel like the world should understand.
    A kiss.

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