Croatia Vindicated!

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  1. Today the world saw the Croatian unity,pride and patriotism!We stood as one no matter what!

  2. Esther Gitman says:

    Dear Ina,
    Congratualtions to the Croatian People, to the generals Ante Gotovina and to Mladen Markac, and yes to you as well. You stood on the side of law, order and justice. I hope that this event will mark the beginning of the vindication not only of the generals but also of the Croatian people.

    Esther Gitman

    • Thank you Esther. While it can be a difficult feat to defend the truth and real/objective justice it is especially gratifying to see them rise above all else.

  3. Michael Silovic says:

    Mishagora, we will never forget the truth and we will spread the truth now with greater conviction. yes the Judges did correct the wrongs done to the generals and yes they did have to wait 7 years to be set free but the fact remains now they are free and we all do have a lot more to do . There is a lot of truth that needs to be told and many classified documents need to be released so that we know who the traitors are in our country and those in Europe. Today God has answered one of my prayers to see the generals freed. Today I begin to search for the truth of who betrayed our country and its people so that they are exposed. Today I thank god for the truth being seen worldwide that all of the Croatia people are innocent. Today I wage my campaign for General Gotovina for president.Today I tell all of those in the world who blamed Croatia for its woes and turned their backs on us at times of needs to kiss my ass.

    • The embittering thing is, Michael, that those who from within Croatia wheeled and dealt in constructing charges and supposed evidence against the Generals are still circling the head of Croatian politics and power. These are the former and current communists and antifascists who will do anything to hide the terrible crimes of their predecessors.

      • Michael Silovic says:

        (quote) Those who from within Croatia wheeled and dealt in constructing charges and supposed evidence against the Generals are still circling the head of Croatian politics and power.

        They can not hide the truth even if they are circling around. They too will be exposed as soon as we draft Gotovina for President. We will know soon enough who betrayed us. The disporas need to form a political action committee to elect those to office who will seek the truth and make certain justice prevails.
        I look forward to any and all comments the generals make and I hope that they start naming people in our country who they feel betrayed them even though we have a great deal of knowledge of who they are they can not be protected forever.
        I strongly Urge our general to prepare to run for president and to prepare a new cabinet of ministers as quickly as possible to prepare to take over our country and put Croatia First.

  4. Congratulations. I guess you were right to insist on the presumption of innocence.

    I suppose it’s now the Serbs’ turn to complain about the lack of independence of the Tribunal.

    • Thank you martinned. The Serbs can complain as much as they like and say that there is lack of independence at Tribunal but the evidence itself never lacks independence. If Serbs choose to interpret evidence in order to show that which in reality is not that is entirely their personal matter and has nothing to do with justice per se.

      • All the Serbs have to do is look at the transcripts and recordings of their own leaders meetings during this time and they will realize that they themselves ordered an evacuation. There was no forceful deportation. But Serbs have never let anything like evidence or the truth stand in their way!

    • Michael Silovic says:

      (quote) I suppose it’s now the Serbs’ turn to complain about the lack of independence of the Tribunal.

      Who cares what the Serbs want to complain about. They are the guilty ones and the world is starting to find that out. I as a Croatian will continue to do all I can to make certain those Serbs that need to brought to justice are and to make certain i voice my opinion when I see a wrong.

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