A Castle for Croatia

The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Australia - a gift from Croatians living in Australia to Croatia

The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Australia – a gift from Croatians                                      living in Australia to Croatia

Happy 20th Birthday to the opening of the Embassy (Canberra) and Consulates –General of the Republic of Croatia in Australia!

On 26th February 1993 the Australian-Croatian community gathered in multitudes in the Capital city of Australia – Canberra – to drive the Croatian flagpoles into the soil where the Croatian Embassy was opened. Housed in leased accommodation only for a short while, until the “castle” – the gift from Australian Croatians, is built in O’Malley.

On 28th February 1993 Official celebrations of the opening of Croatian diplomatic and consular missions kicked off at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, to be followed by celebrations in Melbourne and Perth. I personally coordinated the celebrations’ programs, and while some may have forgotten the great gift Croatians living in Australia had bestowed upon the government of the independent Republic of Croatia, I take enormous pride in remembering the thousands upon thousands of individuals who donated (gifted) their hard earned money, and worked hard out of and for love, to see the Embassy built, to see the purchase and equipping of premises for Consulates-General have a dignified start in Australia.

This Happy 20th Birthday is for the Croatian diplomatic and consular missions in Australia as well as for all the people who through selfless dedication and sacrifice gave Croatia a home in Australia, the likes of which are most rare. Amazing gift! Amazing love! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

26 February 1993 - opening of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Canberra

26 February 1993 – opening of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia                                               in Canberra


Entrance 28 February 1993 – Croatian Consulate-General Sydney  A gift                                            to Croatia from Croatians in Australia

Commemorative Banner Designed by: Ina Vukic and Nila Oreb; Embroidery: Nila Oreb

Commemorative Banner Designed by: Ina Vukic and Nila Oreb;                                                                                                            Embroidery: Nila Oreb

28 February 1993 - stage for celebrations Sydney Entertainment Centre

28 February 1993 – stage for celebrations                                                                                          Sydney Entertainment Centre

February 1993 Syd

Ina Vukic

Letter to Croatians in Australia from dr, Franjo Tudjman

Letter to Croatians in Australia from dr, Franjo Tudjman

Dr. Franjo Tudjman in his letter thanked Australian Croatians and supported their intention to raise funds for the purchase or building of premises for Croatian diplomatic and consular missions in Australia.



  1. Dubrovniklady says:

    Hvala moja dusho!

  2. I was young, but I remember those days well here in Perth. The celebrations and fundraising events here at the CRO club were huge!

  3. Surrey Gal says:

    What a wonderful story! Great stuff!

  4. I love that brochure, the Embassy looks just superb and shines with pride of Croatian diaspora! Happy birthday and many, many more – may democracy and freedom from Communism bloom ever more

  5. I love this story! Great cause, lovely people

  6. You’re some amazing people – love the Commemorative Banner – it just speaks volumes of the pride and dignity when you connect within two cultures.

  7. I remember this time, I was there is the audience, was still a child but even after 20 years I have not forgotten the tears of joy and pride in my parents’ eyes when you announced the Croatian anthem from the stage, Ina. It just felt so huge in that huge centre with more that 15,000 in the audience. Thank you for remembering and we’ll keep patting ourselves on the shoulder with: WELL DONE!

  8. Marica Barbaric says:

    What great celebrations these were! Thank you for bringing the memories back so vividly, Ina.

  9. Robert Skoko says:

    Yep – when Croats put their mind to it – they can achieve anything. Smiling now!

  10. It is and it was all about the good Croatian people. Not many countries in the world can boast of such love for it.

  11. Let’s just not talk about the shady characters from Croatia who spoiled the night for many – Neven Jurica and Stjepan Mesic. The former had, thankfully ended up in jail for “fiddling” with funds and the latter – well, I can’t wait for a similar destiny for him!

    Just as well they don’t overshadow our pride and our love for Croatia

  12. Michael Silovic says:

    My heart is filled with joy and my eyes with tears of happiness when I see such great things the Croatian people can do for our country. We lift our heads and give from our heart for our motherland and its people, the truth and democracy in our homeland shall always prevail now and in the future. May god bless you Ina for all of your work and dedication to our country and it’s people.It is all the people like you who serve our country unselfishly that give us all hope in our humanity and decency that forms our country and people….Good bless you and all of Croatia!

  13. Rick Oreb says:

    Im so proud to be Australian & Croatian, best of both worlds 🙂

    • I guess Rick Oreb that feeling falls within the category of just rewards for our, our parents’, our grandparents’ harsh lives and sacrifices we/they had to make in being forced to leave the homeland and make a new home in welcoming but still strange lands. So glad to with your comment.


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  2. […] As the laws in “Western” countries where Croats fundraised dictate, charitable funds and assets must only be used in furtherance of the purposes the funds were raised. And so, by the end of 1992 to about March 1993 Croats across the world raised enough funds to purchase the needed properties and equip the diplomatic and consular missions with all and necessary equipment and tools needed. In Australia the results were as amazing as everywhere else in the world. Australian Croats had purchased valuable properties in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth for consular offices and in Canberra they commenced building a grand building that would house the Croatian Embassy. […]

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