Croatia: One (Two) Serbs Too Many

From left: Milorad Pupovac and Savo Strbac   Photo:

From left: Milorad Pupovac and Savo Strbac

Croatia’s Homeland Thanksgiving Day (Victory Day) is coming up on 5th August. It’ll be the 18th anniversary of the day the horrible war of Serb aggression ended; Military operation Storm had within a matter of days liberated the Croatian territory that was occupied by Serbs, ethnically cleansed of non-Serbs, thousands lost their lives… It’ll also be the 18th anniversary of Serb denial of their horrid aggression and crimes – their denial almost succeeded in its wicked plan to equate the aggressor with the victim had the ICTY Appeal tribunal not acquitted in November 2012 Croatian generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac (and indeed the Croatian leadership) of joint criminal enterprise against Serbs/i.e. forced deportation.

Regretfully, some loud Serbs from within and from outside Croatia still cannot face the guilt of Serb aggression. One of these is Savo Strbac – a Croatian Serb nationalist living in Serbia who even though heavily involved in the set-up and pursuit of Serb aggression in Croatia in early 1990’s “assisted” the ICTY prosecutor to formulate the failed indictment of joint criminal enterprise against Croatian generals. Even though Strbac had publicly stated many times that Serb leadership evacuated Serbs from Croatia – mind you he said that was because Croats would have committed genocide over the Serbs then had Serbs not been evacuated! – the ICTY prosecutor (Carla del Ponte) pressed on with trying to make it as if all those Serbs fled Croatia under the conditions of Croatian illegal or excessive shelling of its Serb-occupied territory (which was disproved by the court).

Here is a record of how Savo Strbac promoted Serb aggression in Croatia: He calls Croatian defence efforts an aggression; he says that Croats never wanted to live with Serbs in Croatia and YET when 94% Croatians voted to secede from communist Yugoslavia it was the 6% of Croatian Serbs (with the help of Serrb led Yugoslav Army) who rebelled and started the aggression, ethnic cleansing and murder because they wanted to live in Yugoslavia and not Croatia… news portal reports that yesterday, 3 August, Strbac had announced in Banja Luka (!) that new evidence has come to light and that it is expected that the judgment, which acquitted Croatian generals of joint criminal enterprise in 2012, will be reviewed.  Banja Luka, to remind readers, was the second largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was ethnically cleansed of non-Serbs during the 1990’s Serb aggression and untold horrid crimes were committed by the Serb forces there; and now stands as administrative capital of Serbian Republic entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. (And the world tolerates this!)

Strbac said that these new facts were not known to ICTY when the acquitting verdict was delivered against the Croatian Generals regarding Operation Storm. He refers to the remains of 110 recently  exhumed bodies around Sibenik and Zadar and concludes that these are the remains of Serbs killed during military operation Storm!

A renowned Croatian lawyer, Zvonimir Hodak, while commenting on Strbac’s latest outburst said that Strbac should go and seek medical treatment.  Then Hodak explained some things that are clear to everyone except Strbac:

Firstly, Sibenik and Zadar have no connection with the military actions in operation Storm, it’s known precisely over which territory the military operations were carried out. Savo Strbac could have dug out some remains near Krapina and said that these were the victims of operation Storm. Furthermore, Savo Strbac and his traitors from Croatia are saying that there were 971 civilians killed, but the Hague tribunal had identified and confirmed 44 killed civilians and that is the valid number that cannot be changed…the new evidence has nothing to do with the territory over which operation Storm occurred”.
Hodak says that this latest outburst by Savo Strbac is “shooting at sparrows with cannons and obvious disinformation of the public from which anger and despair arise”.

Another Croatian Serb Croatia could do without is Milorad Pupovac. One the Serb National Council website he states: “ … Serb national council also remembers destructive consequences of the war upon relationships between people and nations, upon social values and economy. The majority of Croatian citizens have not recovered from these in almost two decades. We condemn the continuance of political use of the war because the way it is interpreted and celebrated rejuvenates and prolongs the war atmosphere and war rhetoric, deepens the ethnic and social divides and stops the public to face itself with its dark side and its destructive consequences”.

Croatian Serb national Milorad Pupovac would like Croatia to:
•    Stop remembering its war dead
•    Stop remembering that it was attacked brutally when its 94% of voters opted to secede from communist Yugoslavia and build an independent democratic state;
•    Forget that it was the Croatian Serbs (aided by Serbia) who did not want to live in Croatia and therefore decided to steal its territory and cleanse it of non-Serbs;
•    Stop celebrating the victory of self-determination

Indeed, Strbac and Pupovac are two too many Serbs in Croatia; in the world. Their political rot is the reason why Croatia must never forget the price it paid for freedom and celebrate victory even more. No one must forget its victims in order to appease the criminal. And, one must take seriously Strbac’s words from the above video where he says that they (Serbs) needed to organise the exodus of Serbs from Croatia (in 1995) in order to preserve their people for a future that is yet to come – Greater Serbia at all costs. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Build a wall.

    • The Operation Storm had saved thousands of lives. It ended the war and stopped the unnecessary suffering of millions of people in the Balkans. If the Operation Storm was not successful, 1/3 of Croatia and 2/3 of Bosnia-Herzegovna would be racially purified by sick Serbian nationalist minds that inflicted so much suffering on millions of people in the Balkans.

    • The Operation Storm had saved thousands of lives. It ended the war and stopped the unnecessary suffering of millions of people in the Balkans. If the Operation Storm was not successful, 1/3 of Croatia and 2/3 of Bosnia-Herzegovna would be racially purified by sick Serbian nationalist minds that inflicted so much suffering on millions of people in the Balkans

  2. therealamericro says:

    I would note that Strbac was a key participant in the JNA KOS / Serbian SDB arming of greater Serbian fascist terrorists before HDZ even formed as a political party, i.e. before the Serbs became, according to their genocide justifying propaganda and hate speech, “endangered people.”

    That and Strbac was a Milosevic, Martic, Perisic, Simatovic, Stanisic, Babic, Martic, Mrksic and Hadzic Joint Criminal Enterprise participant, and that his sham NGO “Veritas” was founded by him, at the behest of Slobodan Milosevic, with direct financing provided by Milosevic’s war criminal party the SPS, and the Serbian government which funded the sham NGO from its inception in 1993 through to today.

    • therealamericro says:

      Meaning that when the ICTY even began working with Veritas, through to its continued work with them today, it has been in a screaming conflict of interest.

  3. therealamericro says:

    Haters gonna hate:

    May they revel in their filth an squalor.

    Sretna Oluja svima! (Happy Storm to all)

    Vijecna Slava Svim Palima, od osnivanja ZNG, kroz Herojskog Otpora Vukovara, Orkana 91, Cagalja, Medaka, Blijeska, O-L-U-J-A i MAESTRALA! (Eternal glory to all the fallen, from the founding of ZNG, through heroic resistance of Vukovar, Orkan 91, Cagalja, Medak, Flash, S-T-O-R-M and Maestral!)

  4. So, why hasn’t Croatia or anyone else sought to indict Strbac; even to sue him for hate speech would be appropriate.

  5. therealamericro says:

    Because Strbac’s line is the same as 80% of Croatia’s “independent media” and a good chunk of Dutch and British media and official government policy (past and present). Suing him would cause an uproar amongst the greater Serbian fascist sympathizing rats.

  6. My beef is with Pupovac, not necessarily the man but the idea that we need a guaranteed member of the Sabor who’s tacit job is to represent a minority. I have the same view for any minority. I’m atheist and therefore also in a minority but I don’t seek to have a special bit of parliament sectioned off for me and i don’t agree that should apply to anyone else. We try to be a democracy, one person, one vote. That’s all we need, just like any other democratic country worthy of the description.

    • Pavao, minorities have a voice in the parliament of a country, the problem is when minority reps like Pupovac act as if they’re not concerned with the country (Croatia) in whose parliament they sit but they/he work as if that minority is not a member of that country. Hence, Pupovac’s Serb minority still do not accept Croatia as the country whose laws, problems etc are also their won

    • therealamericro says:


      I have to respectfully disagree.

      I think that minorities, as well as the Diaspora (which has a far larger population than all of Croatia’s minorities combined) should have guaranteed seats in Sabor based on percentage of worldwide Croatian population (Domovinska Hrvatska + HRHrB + Dijaspora) i.e. Croatian citizenship holders – I would prefer a return to the bicameral system (however would change the pension for life laws to Pension after Legal Retirement Date based off of a 35 year service proportional pay / retirement system, not the obscene 1 mandate, pension at full pay for life system) to make this easier, and keep Sabor at its current membership (or drop it to 2 a Zupanija in the case of a return to a bicameral system).

      The reason – it is fair. And by leading by example, BiH Croats (those in BiH and those abroad) can be encouraged by Croatia at the diplomatic level to demand the same rights in the failed colonial creation / international protectorate that has been, with OHR backing, trampling their constitutional rights under the guise of Bosniak ultranationalist / Islamist demands for one-man, one vote in the Federation (when it suits them, they do not want it in Mostar where the OHR under The Troubles-causing state terrorist Fatty Assdown gerrymandered districts to increase Bosniak desires and megalomania to solidify RS).

      What I would change in Croatia, however, is the illegal racket called SNV, Pupovac’s personal fiefdom, and I would allow, and for that matter, mandate, all Serbian Croatians (including the tens of thousands of Croatian Serbs and their families who were Croatia-loyal and who took up arms and weathered the bombing with their Croatian neighbors) with Croatian citizenship to vote in all elections, especially the Serb seats in Sabor elections, as well.

      And now for some Zen:

      • Love the zen (not really, but hey!). I take your points, Ina and realamericro, but it’s worth noting that the UK has perhaps the deepest mix of creeds, colours, races and cultures compared to anywhere in the world. Yet, they see no need for any representation of any minorities in parliament – not one. It works for them IMHO.

      • Perhaps Pavao the UK works by way of having units of offices attached to gov or ministers that specifically deal with minorities. Must say I prefer that system because it would suggest a more orderly approach to minority issues rights & obligations under UK law.

  7. Perfect…he has blood on his hands and it will cause an uproar with sympathizers of evil. I will gladly donate to a legal fund that will pursue him for his crimes

    • Me too Sunman – ideas are being put on paper as we speak – need to wait a couple of months to present to the UN first

      • therealamericro says:

        That is good to hear Ina.

        I think that the ICTY’s savage conflict of interest working with this war criminal and Milosevic, Martic, Babic, Hadzic, Mrksic, Perisic, Simatovic and Stanisic Joint Criminal Enterprise since 1993, when he was, until Operation Storm, the “Secretary” of the genocidal, nazi-fascist SRAO “Krajina,” through to today.

  8. therealamericro says:

    , needs to be a key element.

    Sorry, didn’t finish my thought.

  9. This war should never happend 🙁

    • Yes funny facebook status you are right but it did – because Croatian people wanted self-determination and not communism

      • therealamericro says:

        The problem is that 94% of Serbian voters in Serbia (and, according to YUTEL, “104 percent” of Serb voters in Croatia) voted for the primitive, hate-filled, violent, anti-democratic axis of Chetnik neofascism spearheaded by Draskovic and Seselj, and Yugoslav nationalist-socialism spearheaded by Milosevic (who took 64 percent of the Serbian vote).

        With a not so veiled support by the USSR, China, “France,” UK, Netherlands and Scandinavian states, as well as the illegal and immoral arms embargo, and with Tudman’s pleas for both UN and NATO troops to be deployed on both Croatia’s and B&H’s borders, war was inevitable thanks to the overwhelming majority fo Serbs who VOTED FOR IT.

  10. therealamericro says:

    Milosevic took 64 percent of the vote, Draskovic and Seselj split most of the rest along with some other minor nazi-fascist candidates to get the sum of 94 percent – the LDP only recieved 5 percent of the vote in the 1990 election and they were, and remain, the only sane political party in Serbia.

  11. So sorry but I was born in Croatia, and war there started when Serbs houses blown up, Serbs were beaten… but today after 20 years everyone forget that!? No one talk about that facts? Thousands of Serbs were killed in Jasenovac and they started to fear about “New Jasenovac”, and than war started.

    • Andrija – the Serb houses were burned as response to Serb attacks, murders and ethnic cleansing that started when 94% Croats voted in democratic elections to secede from communist Yugoslavia and Serbs didn’t want that. They wanted Yugoslavia. So don’t try and change the history by using a WWII excuse for 1990 violence Serbs imposed upon Croats in Croatia. Your excuse tries to justify the 1990’s Serb aggression and that is pathetic. Croatia had to defend itself, Serbs started the war because they did not want an independent Croatia; Croatia never attacked Serbia’s soil but Serb’s did Croatia’s, there would have been no war had Serb’s respected democracy and people’s rights to self-determination in Croatia… sorry but your pathetic excuse for murders, destruction and ethnic cleansing Serbs perpetrated in Croatia at the start of war do not wash … Why should anybody talk about the start of war that is not correct: don’t forget Serbs declared their self-proclaimed territory in Croatia at the start and terrorised and ethnically cleansed the areas of Croats and non-Serbs and then Croats were forced to defend themselves and their territory. The burning of Serb houses came after the Croat houses were burned by Serbs and their land stolen or occupied. So it seems you think that people have no right to self-defence … that is sad

    • What the hell are you talking about? Just because Serbs supposedly “feared” a second Jasenovac, doesn’t mean their paranoid thoughts would come to be. A huge majority of Croatians wanted to succeed from Yugoslavia and it COULD have happened very peacefully had Serbs not decided to spew this paranoid “this happened in WWII so it WILL happen now unless we stop evil ol’ Croatia” (or “Greater Serbia”) excuse as justification for forming terrorist groups and attacking Croatia and unlawfully taking territory (Krajina) thus putting an end to a possible peaceful succession. Were Croatians supposed to sit by and watch as their homes were destroyed and chunks of their country taken over by JNA/Chetniks?

      Of course Serbian homes were burnt, what do expect from people when tensions were running so high, when feeling were so raw? Of course people let their feelings of wanting revenge overtake common sense, which I don’t condone, but again, all of this could’ve been avoided had Croatia been allowed to break away from Yugoslavia peacefully.

      • zokinho says:

        allow croatia to break from yugoslavia, but not allow krajina from croatia? democracy only works selectively, or?

      • Democracy includes respect of internationally recognised sovereign borders, zokinho

  12. zokinho says:

    Yugoslavia wasnt internationally recognized?

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