Croatia: Foreign Minister Pusic – The Vandal Of Truth!

Vesna Pusic

Statements and actions served upon justice and truth (let alone upon Croatian people/not those who pretend to be Croatian at heart as well as origin) by the Croatian foreign affairs minister and first deputy prime minister Vesna Pusic on her recent visit to Serbia are the stuff SICK and TREASONOUS are made of, in my book and in the book of many!

What is she still doing in that important public position!?

Why has she not been made to stand down and move away from any parliamentary or government position (where she is on account of being elected by the people)?

Why has she not been sacked yet?

Why has lustration not started with her – yesterday! She comes from highly positioned communists of former Yugoslavia. She comes to her public positions filled with poison against Croatian truth and truth in general, really! She comes from the position where in late 1990’s she was close to former president Stjepan Mesic in his vicious political attacks, saturated with lies, against the first president Franjo Tudjman …

Vesna Pusic went to Serbia Monday 24 February and said on Serbia’s TV that today’s government in Serbia “is not responsible for war crimes”, but that other people are who led them (Croats and Serbs) at the time are to blame.
“We had directed blame to Slobodan Milosevic and Vojislav Seselj, “Pusic said to TV B92, and added that the current president of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, was not in any position and that today’s people in Serbia’s government would surely not support that which these two had done during the war”.
What chance have decency and justice got when such highly positioned officers such as Pusic have the gall to equate victims with aggressors!? Well there is one chance: sack Pusic from her position of power!

It is known that she comes from the communist stock of former Yugoslavia who did not want an independent and democratic Croatia in the first place (in 1990 onwards), so such obscene comments don’t surprise! But what does surprise is that she is still in her position of power even though she purposefully omitted to say in Serbia:

Croat leaders in early 1990’s did not start the war, they were merely facilitators of people’s will and vote to secede from Yugoslavia and create an independent Croatia and your people (Serbs, led by Milosevic) unleashed terror, murder and destruction against Croats then.

Serbia’s leaders of today including Tomislav Nikolic and Aleksandar Vucic were and are extreme Serb nationalists, very loud in saying that parts of Croatia’s territory such as Vukovar, Karlobag… are Serbian territory thus inciting unrest and intolerance. Beside’s it has been said that Nikolic is implicated in one way or another the  mass killing of  Croatian civilians in the village of Antin, near Vukovar in 1991

Why Pusic found it necessary to visit Serbia at this time it’s unclear. It is assumed by some that it might have been associated with the fact that Croatia’s lawsuit against Serbia for genocide at the International Court of Justice has not been withdrawn and hearings are to commence in a couple of days, Monday 3rd March. However, she has stated after returning from Serbia, where sentiments of anger and betrayal stared at her at home (political parties in opposition and media criticising her statements for Serbia’s TV) that she went there to pick up the aerial shots taken of Croatian territory by Yugoslav authorities in the 1960’s so that these shots will assist in ascertaining who has built what house or building illegally since then!

Betrayal, treason, lies and twisting of the truth against Croatia is what her statements to Serbia’s TV represent.

What she should have said is well expressed in email broadcasts by Tomislav Kuzmanovic, a respected lawyer living and working in the USA (original text translated into English):
Unfortunately, war crimes are often a tragic consequence of war conflicts. Croatia has suffered disproportionally to a large extent in this during 1990’s. All that is needed is to compare Vukovar of 1991 with Knin of 1995 and the difference will be clearly seen between those who were destroying everything in their path and those who were liberating their own, making sure that the damage was as minimal as possible and carrying out a professional military action. As any country where the law rules and not the people, the legal processes take time, they’re not perfect, and sometimes they bring solutions that are not satisfactory to either the prosecutor or to those against whom the crime had been committed. The politics of our country did not incite to crimes, on the contrary it forbade them. If we look into the criminal court, ICTY, even the Trial process in the case of our Generals confirmed that the politics of our country did not incite to crimes. I would say to my colleagues in Belgrade that we should, of course, move towards the future but, nevertheless, my colleagues in Belgrade still need to know and understand that we will never accept the equating of responsibility for war crimes nor will we ascribe the responsibility for those to the previous government of Croatia because they, and I emphasise, are the responsibility of the individuals who committed them.  Irrefutable facts show that Croatia suffered enormous material damage and what’s most sad there are the losses of civil and military lives. Comparing the number of those accused and those so far convicted from all nationalities at the international court, ICTY, show and bear evidence that there is no legal or moral basis to the equating of responsibility”.
Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. She is Serbian concubine, which we should try for treason against Croatian national interests.

  2. Why are we losing the ‘peace’?

    • That’s what Pusic works on it seems Sunman…must not let her and the only unrest should be in the process of sacking the whole government for standing by and doing nothing.

  3. Branko Kramaric says:

    Did anyone really expect anything favorable from this Commie Venom and others like her?. The best thing that Croatia can do for herself is arrest these treacherous leeches, try and execute justice on each and every one of them. As long as there is one Ex Tito loving Person in that Parliament, Croatia will be forced to kiss the arse of Serbia as we a doing now!. Enough is enough!, time for action now!..

  4. She is unbelievable. I can’t really understand how she can still be at the positions in government that she has?!?!? … what is wrong with us that we can tolerate this? People are so morally and mentally corrupted that there is no enough will in my generation to change the things .. most of my colleagues are looking how to become part of one of the already established systems, instead to take responsibility in our hands to change it for better, and to abandon old school post Communist way of thinking and working … money is a big power in Croatia – most of the quality people are trapped in it … working as PRs for people like Vesna, or in other government and politically driven “business” , and still waiting to be “picked” by the one who is “in power”… Croatia needs a Jesus like leader … as the level of self esteem between young is so low …. they are so disappointed and filled with hopelessness, but the energy and clear mind is present . Most of the corrupted minds are finally facing their end, but it will take 5 more years of very difficult fights between them and against new positive trends that will come for sure, but it will not develop soon if we will not push this government to leave. We have 50 / 50 of government and non government but government related employees .. that’s make it difficult, as people are not that smart and visionary in general …. I hope things will start to change from inside, people employed in public services will finally start to work for us who are outside of the system, and then change will come, but still without a proper leader, it will be so difficult, as our mentality needs a strong leadership … we – my generation – has to work on this part

    • Helena, there is so much despair and hopelessness politicians can pile up onto people – the nerves snap sooner or later – for change! Let’s hope it’ll snap sooner than later in Croatia and the decent thing will happen – this foreign minister along with others who dare to tread over truth as if it were nothing will be thrown out of their positions

  5. Politicians have their own agendas often having nothing to do with justice. They are often more concerned with putting down their opponents than they are with peace and harmony.

  6. Michael silovic says:

    My dislike for this Serbian concubine is way too deep to allow me to post what I really want to say without getting a visit from men in black. Over the years my posts have pretty much said what I think of her as politician and how I feel. Things will change soon we all just have to be patient. I really have no idea how we can get rid of this communist mouthpiece without throwing her somewhere where she can’t be seen or heard.Even then I don’t think that’s a good idea as she would pollute the area.

    • Yes Michael – patients is what many people are finding harder and harder to find. Things and ideas she has voiced are and have been disturbing and I personally think no nation should allow its history, the critical history of its independence in particular should be allowed to be raped.

      • Michael Silovic says:

        Your words are only to kind on this blog as to what is happening and I appreciate your censorship! But patience is thin and running out for many.Change is going to come sooner then many anticipate I only hope this goverment wakes up before then. No more will the people be standing idly while those in power get rich and dictate the freedoms of who we are and what we are suppose to be. I understand those who are pacifist and say we need to wait our turn but others in our country are tired of waiting. How much more time and blood must we give? How many more must suffer from hunger pains while others get rich? We are free and we need to act and be free at all costs. Freedom is ours and it has now come to the time to exert it and influence it in many ways or take it
        …. ~ Za Dom Spremni~

      • Thanks Michael – it’s not censorship but rather moderation of words for obvious purposes but with intention not to lose meaning – as to the situation I completely agree with you and, hence, I write my articles in the hope of contributing to the much needed change, swift and decisive moves to send the vandals packing!

  7. Great prospective when people suffer unrest the whole country is i a chaos.JalMichael

    • You get the idea Jalal! So infuriating and intolerable. It’s almost as if politicians like Pusic simply do not want peace for its people and to concentrate on healing the economy towards a decent life.

  8. Maybe Pusic should be branded a war criminal in the sense that her actions before, during and after the war was providing moral support and aid to the enemy for which countless innocent Croatians died…people like her only exacerbated and prolonged the war. Have a read of these articles…it reflects the true nature of the Serb leadership and indeed people…the same ones that Pusic is cozying up to – We need a wall to separate Croatia and Serbia. Whenever we have relations with Serbia it always goes bad for Croatia; we need to look away from Serbia to truly have a bright future: 1) 2) and 3)

    • Yes Sunman, the facets of war crimes are many and include moral support for the aggression and genocidal rampage Croatia suffered under. People like Pusic are those who make it their business to hide and rape the truth about the war in Croatia in 1990’s and how it started and how Croatia was forced into defending itself and the lives of its people – her moves are very similar of the communists trying to hide and justify WWII and post WWII communist crimes so in a way they are not surprising BUT they must not be tolerated from the position of public office like Pusic’s. The Links you provide are so useful, thank you

  9. Бањалучанин says:

    Why are you spreading so much hatred and blaming the Serbs for starting and everything that happened during the war in Croatia??

    • Well Banjaluchanin – there is no hated in speaking the truth, hatred is only in trying to cover up or twist the truth. Your name pretends to celebrate Banja Luka – the town ethnically cleansed of non-Serbs by Serbs in 1990’s, the town of mass murders, the town near which the Serbs established the horrendous concentration camp Manjaca. If hatred is keeping the memory alive of the horrors so that victims receive deserved justice then I will continue to demonstrated that such “hatred” is desirable. Had the Serbs not started the horrible war then there would have been no need for defence and that is what Croatia did but then you probably think that Croatia should have laid down and allowed itself to be eradicated and murdered.

      • Бањалучанин says:

        PART DELETED…. You can not say that the Serbs started the war when Croatia declared independence illegal without the consent of the Serbs who were a constituent nation in Croatian federal unit.Croatia is simply outvoted Serbs and declared independence and in new constitution Serbs are no longer a constituent nation but minority. That led to the war.
        But then you probably think that Serbs in Croatia should have laid down and allowed itself to be divided in several states again without their approval.

      • Banjaluchanin – part of your comment is deleted for the reasons that you choose to ignore facts and decisions at ICTY regarding the fleeing of Serbs from Croatia in 1990’s after they realised they had lost their war in 1995. As to legality of Croatia’s independence and constitution I suggest you take a few lessons in democratic elections. The fact that Serbs consider that the land they live in is Serbia, disregarded and disrespected international defined state borders of former Yugoslav republics was a major reason why they attacked and started to ethnically cleanse and kill non-Serbs from those areas…no I do not think anyone should lay down and take the punches but I do think people have a right to defend themselves. I also think that people should respect the laws of the country they live in.

  10. Tom Kuzmanovic says:

    Thank you Ina, for sharing my proposed statement of what should have been said!

    • You are so welcome Tom Kuzmanovic! Your thoughts and expressions are from where truth and righteous justice reside. Thank you for writing and making known your opinion on the matter.

  11. How did this concubine get into this position anyway, why did we elect these people to lead us, where is the common sense in this young generation. Where are our protests to get rid of these corrupt politicians.

    • How did she get there, anonymous? Recruitment of pro-communist votes I believe. Much to clean out still – lustration is the answer – by hook or by crook

  12. therealamericro says:

    The unofficial foreign minister of Serbia is keeping on message.

    Nothing new here.

    She and her brother during and since the war have systematically regurgitated discredited enemy agressor propaganda.

    How ironic that during Tudman’s “dictatorship” ORUJNA, KPJ, “Krajina” and Chetnik sympathizers not only were never even bothered by any security agency, but given TV time.

    What a monstrous “dictatorship.”

    Pusic’s remarks are another nail in the coffin of this government. All that the Center/Right coalition has to do is play soundbites like this and call it a landslide.

    • No nothing new here therealamericro, just a matter of reiterating the reasons why those nails in the coffin should be driven in faster. To her and her government the need for Croatia to defend its life from aggression is the same as aggression itself. What a tragedy for Croatian people to have to put up with such evil.

  13. “Sacking” doesn’t even come close to what I want to see done to Pušić. I’m afraid I’ll refrain from sharing my full thoughts on this, your blog is not the outlet for that. Therealamericro, I hope you are right in stating that Pušić’s remarks are another nail in the coffin of this government because that is desperately needed. Come on Croatians, enough apathy, get rid of the communist cancer once and for all. This isn’t the time for pity parties and “we can’t do anything because we’re struggling financially” – ALL of the economic, social and political problems are entwined and things will only improve when the communist cancer is 100% removed and when the Croatian Republic moves away from big government.

    As for you Pušić, I hope your enjoy hell with Tito, Milosevic and all your other heroes.

  14. therealamericro says:

    Add this subversive speech to a critical audience to the list of 1,000,001 reasons to fire Vesna Pusic:

    What an imbecile.

  15. therealamericro says:

    QUOTE: You can not say that the Serbs started the war when Croatia declared independence illegal without the consent of the Serbs who were a constituent nation in Croatian federal unit.Croatia is simply outvoted Serbs and declared independence and in new constitution Serbs are no longer a constituent nation but minority. That led to the war.
    But then you probably think that Serbs in Croatia should have laid down and allowed itself to be divided in several states again without their approval.ENDQUOTE

    The problem with your argument, Banjalucanin, is that

    a) SANU Memorandum became published years before Croatia had its first free elections along with
    b) Milosevic illegally trampling the SFRJ 1974 Constitution, stripping Vojvodina and Kosovos autonomy in the “spontaneous happenings of the people” and “Yoghurt revolution” while keeping their votes on the Federal presidency after installing quisling regimes, along with overthrowing the legitimately elected government of Montenegro and installing a quisling there while keeping their vote on the Federal presidency – Vojvodina liberal Serbs, non-Serb Vojvodinians, and the majority of Kosovo, ethnic Albanians, along with the voting majority of Montenegrins, were not consulted with or even remotely represented to their proportion of the population;
    c) Serbia declared that its constitution was the higher law of the land and the SFRJ constitution was subordinate to it (a de facto declaration of independence) in 1990, months before the first election in Croatia;
    d) Milosevic and Serbian Yugoslav Army intelligence and general staff officers, along with Serbian intelligence, were arming and training ultranationalist Serb paramilitaries in Croatia starting in 1988, BEFORE HDZ even formed as a party;
    e) While Croats and non-Serbs were barred from ever voting in ANY “Krajina” election, Serbs and all citizens were allowed to vote in ALL Croatian elections
    f) Serbs were declared constituent along with ALL OTHER minorities and citizens in the new constitution.

    Nice try.

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