Croatia: President’s Chief Adviser Axed Amidst Attempt To Rock Foundations Of Independence From Communist Yugoslavia

Dr Franjo Tudjman Ushers Croatia Out Of Communism - 1991 Photo:

Dr Franjo Tudjman
Ushers Croatia Out Of Communism – 1991


It is pre-election campaign for Croatian President time and the current incumbent Ivo Josipovic, who wants another mandate, has axed one of his chief advisers, Dejan Jovic, for stating the country’s 1991 independence referendum as non-liberal and undemocratic. There is, however, little, if any, public trust in the sincerity of this move by Josipovic.

The appointment of Dejan Jovic as presidential adviser had been a thorn in Croatian as well as Croat/Bosniak eyes of Bosnia and Herzegovina for years. Open letters have over the years been sent to Josipovic to remove Jovic from the advisory capacity; many newspaper articles have called for the same – to no avail.

Jovic, a Croatian Serb national, graduated with degrees in Political Science from Zagreb/Croatia (1990) and Ljubljana/Slovenia (MSc in 1994). In 1994 he moved to the United Kingdom where he obtained a MSc degree in Political Theory (at the University of Manchester, 1995) and a PhD at London School of Economics (1999). Dr Jovic has served as a consultant for the Economist Intelligence Unit (UK). Jovic has defended Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic, defended or tried to justify in favour of Serb aggression against Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in early 1990’s when these states voted to secede from communist Yugoslavia, has supported Srebrenica genocide deniers, has been strongly associated with organising and promoting the international malicious hike of equating Croatian defenders/veterans of 1990’s Croatian Homeland War with WWII Nazis, equating aggressor with the victims, driving the notion that love of the Serbs (the aggressor) should be built and that Serbs’ sins of genocidal aggression and ethnic cleansing in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina should be forgiven and guilt attributed to all sides!

If you’re wondering how such a man of such obviously anti-independence for Croatia and pro-Yugoslavia political convictions could have been a chief adviser to the president of Croatia do not tire yourself: Jovic and Josipovic belong to the same political caste of former communist Yugoslavia; they belong to the same train of thought as those of League of Communists who walked out of the Croatian Parliament in 1990 and 1991 when independence, democracy and secession from communist Yugoslavia were being considered. Ditching Jovic at the hour of presidential elections campaign convinces nobody that Josipovic differs in his opinions regarding the right of Croatia to pride itself of its independence from Jovic.

A few days ago Dejan Jovic expressed his highly controversial thoughts on the referendum on independence from Yugoslavia in an academic journal, “Political Thought“.
Whether by doing so he aimed to serve two “masters” (communist Yugoslavia nostalgics within the territory of former Yugoslavia and anti-Croatia, and anti-Scotland independence lot within British political underground), all of whom would not want the notion that freedom and independence are a worthy cause to support spread across Europe and beyond, is a question that naturally arises upon reading the said article.

In his article Jovic refers to the recent referendum in Scotland, others held earlier in Quebec, and those held in former Yugoslavia, and says those in former Yugoslavia – Croatia included – were “very non-liberal. Maybe they were ‘democratic’ if by ‘democracy’ we mean only the determination of those who have more and who less [votes]. But they were certainly not liberal”. According to him, the vote was not liberal because there “was not enough freedom so that everyone, without justifiable fear of drastic consequences, could express exactly what he/she thought”.

With such a statement Jovic attempts maliciously to bring into question the veracity and legitimacy of the independence from communist Yugoslavia that 94% Croatian voters in early 1990’s ushered in and he brings into question the will of the majority of Croatian people! In this shameful display of lies Jovic attempts to say that Croatian people were forced by someone or some political force to vote for independence and that the will of those against independence could not come to expression.

Jovic chooses to ignore the fact that around the times of the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989 there was a whole lot of liberal will across Eastern and Southern Eastern Europe (bar Serbia) to ditch communist regimes and federations into the gutter where it belonged. The factual history, after all, is witness and evidence of that. Croats all over the world in 1991 voted freely, enthusiastically and with great belief in freedom and democracy that secession from communist Yugoslavia could bring. In one of the sentences of his abovementioned article in “Political Thought” Jovic claims that aggression and violence were main characteristics of “our referendums”!

The fact that Jovic chooses to ignore the fact that organised and systematic aggression and violence (Serb led/orchestrated and controlled by Serbia and Slobodan Milosevic) actually came after the referendums on independence in both Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1990’s can only serve as yet another example of Jovic’e strongly palpable political corruptness in the minds of the reader of his article.

Jovic says “the parties that promote secession from Great Britain – e.g. Scottish national party – are not only permitted to exist, but they hold government in Scotland. Nobody makes any problems with that. Similarly, the parties in Scotland and Great Britain that are against secession act freely and one can freely advocate for radical political options…even those options (radical Islam) are permitted as long as there is no advocating to violence…”. It’s interesting to note that Jovic omitted in his article to mention the well publicised UK pressure for “No” vote in the Scottish referendum; he failed to indicate to media reports alleging vote fraud currently being addressed by many in Scotland. I guess “pressure” to Jovic might mean different things, depending on which political map you stand!

League of Communists and other pro-communist/pro-Yugoslavia political parties also freely existed in Croatia from 1990 – they arose as a result of independence movement and they tried to stop Croatian independence. Jovic failed to mention in his article this fact but rather decided to uplift a Great British freedom of political expression as if helping to convince the world “all was proper in the Scottish independence referendum as far as UK government is concerned”!

Anyway, if by Jovic’s statement, one might understand that Great British “state” would act strongly against radical political options that commit violent acts, it certainly doesn’t match with the fact that Great Britain headed the international push for the UN Arms Embargo against Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1990’s, severely disadvantaging them in self-defence against the radical Serb nationalistic parties, whose soldiers ethnically cleansed territories of non-Serbs, committed genocide… The radical political option in Croatia in 1990’s was not the referendum and plight for independence from communist Yugoslavia! Given that Croatian people in their majority have long before 1990 subscribed to the political option of independent Croatia, the radical political option of the time was the Serb-led fight and violence designed and implemented with the view of intimidating people into staying in Yugoslavia! Don’t you forget that, Dejan Jovic, and those who might think you have something useful to say on democracy and independence of Croatia! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Bit svega u par riječi Predsjednika.
    Predsjednik Republike Hrvatske dr. Franjo Tudjman…:

    • I love Tudjman’s strength, CROATIAN CENTER of RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES – he knew there were/are many “Dejan Jovics” and “Ivo Josipovics” and never shied away from saying so.

  2. Once again – thank you for your tireless efforts and subsequent education of people like myself 🙂

  3. therealamericro says:

    Dejan Jovic worked for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a not-so-secret academic arm of MI6.

    This of course was conveniently scrubbed from his resume and any online search engine about a year before SDP came to power.

    More or less, he was an agent of UK intelligence (Zagreb is full of those types these days) in the top advisory position to Croatia’s womanly president.

    For the savvy internet folks, it would be great, and very important, were you to be able to dig up this fact using old mirrors / online techniques password forgeters like myself have no idea about. It is out there, just has to be located.

    His entire academic opus is one of whitewashing a) Tito’s criminal state b) Serbia’s guilt and scale of responsibility for the war and the number of the top-down, bottom-up pre-planned and extremely well coordinated and documented war crimes and genocide c) Justifying the UK’s anti-democratic and contradictory foreign policies during and after the war through to today.

    • Yes, therealamericro, I have come across the MI6, um Royal Institute of International Affairs, connection also in past year or so. Will keep on fishing although every time I think even of his name – darkness overcomes but, as one of the last phrases said in the Woody Harrelson’s “True Detective” series “… the light’s winning” – such characters as Dejan Jovic do not belong to it when it comes to Croatia. Strength and resolve to get Ivo Josipovic out of that office is a must. Will keep searching for the “True Biography”

      • alija derzelez says:

        He was advising your Kolinda too.

      • Alija, Kolinda made a statement that he was there as external consultant (not employee) when she took up the position as Minister in 2005, that his contract was sourced through London embassy and that she wanted to terminate the contract etc – as much as you would like it to be she did not seek him out, she did not employee him as Josipovic did. But yes, he was there and how much of an advice he might have given her is the point she says she never worked with him when she was minister so it could well be his contract could have been responsible to another section of her ministry/department

  4. Ina, hope you are well…what role does the Catholic Church play in Croatian or Serbian politics, what are their interests (if any)?…peace

    • alija derzelez says:

      Well as you know he spoke out against HDZ making a claim that he was an adviser to couple of them including Kolinda.

    • Thanks RD, I am well. Both Croatia and Serbia are secular states however I do believe the Serbian Orthodox Church does have its representatives in quite a few “government” bodies. Religion occupies quite a bit of public space in both countries as views of the church are publicised on many issues but there is clear separation of state and church powers

      • Ok, I was just curious, since the Vatican has active in a lot of political business these days (and always) especially behind the scenes, did you read this:

        this banking system is trying to rule the world and the Vatican is heavily involved…curious, the new Pope is from Argentina, a nation trying to be free debt free…peace

      • Interesting stuff, RD Revilo, banks and their circles are heavily into ruling the world and who, if anybody, will stop them – a future worth pursuing I think

      • yes indeed, as you know the banking families own America through its insurmountable debt…which is consuming everything and driving up prices constantly, while destroying savings and retirement accounts…the poor souls here don’t know how the banking and monetary systems work, thus, powerless to fight back…peace

      • It seems all about creating slavery of ordinary people, what a shame

      • well…think of this…if you needed money and all you had to do was push the start button on a printer or type digits into a computer would you give up that power…we know the extremes others have to go through to get money…this is why war is inevitable…peace

      • Peace yes, RD Revilo

  5. Ante Saric says:

    I think you guys are on the right track. It would not surprise me if Jovic is an agent for the UK secret service.

    However appalling this person is the main responsibility lies with the person who hired him as a “security adviser” or did not sack him in the beginning. That person is Ivo Josipovic.

    The question remains why? Jovic’s views are well known. Here is a good example. A hatchet job on Tudman written in 2000.

    Josipovic goes one further and hires the son of a spook (ie Perkovic) who organised the murders of Croatians abroad. I believe an apple does not fall far from a tree and this traitor’s son should be nowhere near the power centre in Croatia.

    • Yes, Ante, the article tied to the link, does say a lot about the man Jovic whose mission it seems was to prove Tudjman’s words that “communists will never come to power in Croatia again” wrong. Jovic is a pathetic writer as much as he tries to hide behind academic titles etc it’s plain that he is driven by pure hatred for Croatian freedom

    • threalamericro says:

      Ante: Sasica was, despite a lack of time and grade, immediately hired by the Bearded, Treasonous Compulsive Lying Tumor Stipe Mesic as soon as IT took office in very untransparent elections with an even more untransparent financing (London/DC) campaign.

  6. How did man ever come to any form of influence in the Croatian government? No wonder that the world looks at us a weak and a pawn to be manipulated. We can’t even manage our own affairs and unity. Can you imagine a Quebec sovereignist being an advisor on national interests to the Prime Minster of Canada? This would be treasonous. In Croatia being anti-Croat gets you promoted, published and classified as a renowned expert whose opinion is highly “respected”. If Croatia votes for the left again in the up coming elections, then I despair that we are only pawns to be manipulated.

    • I think Sunman Croatian political scene was and still is to a high extent saturated with those like Jovic who care not for Croatian independence, hence, lustration is a must.

  7. Ante Saric says:

    Josipovic only came to power due to anti-HDZ hysteria whipped up by Croatia’s rabid left wing media. It was a protest vote against “corruption” and Josipovic (using modern marketing methods) was able to sell his version of “justice” to a desperate electorate.
    HDZ’s real crime was not corruption but that it fought for and won independence for Croatia and the country’s left wing has never forgiven them for that.
    Croatia’s left wing media is not about democracy or holding people accountable. It is about abuse and intolerance towards Christians, patriots and the Diaspora.
    With a fifth column like this it is no wonder we are having such a hard time making progress in this world despite all our potential.

    • And hasn’t the anti-HDZ hike been particularly strong in the past couple of years, attempts to declare the whole organisation criminal etc – I so agree with you Ante, creating independent Croatia is HDZ’s only “sin” as far as the left is concerned

  8. I think the question that needs to asked of Jovic, when the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina goes to a referendum for independence, Is that also illegal.

  9. I learn so much about a different part of the world through your blog!

  10. Dear Ina you are an amazing woman and writer. I have learned so much from reading you and learning from you. Hugs, Barbara

  11. I do not know whose who within the political arena But I know you always post such indepth subject matter Ina.. I hope all comes to power who should and for the betterment of the nation ..
    Thank you .. Sue xx

  12. ..Dejan Jovic is a vlah, whose decendents the idiotic King Tomislav and the equally intelligent catholic clergy allowed into Croatian lands 1000 years ago! The only communist who can claim Croatia for communism was Dr.Tudjman, who actually fought as paritisan in WW2, not these idiot chetnik such as Vesna Pusic, or (Dr.?) Josipovic, and the snakey Montenegrin Zoran Milanovic!

  13. BosniakPrince says:

    Croats are very naive people they have taken Serb Nationalists as political leadership what is wrong with you ? forget about Serbs as our leaders again we the Bosniaks do not talk to our Serb neighbors, former friends, we do not hire them for basic jobs we do not invite them to our parties, we do not buy anything from their shops how you we forgive them for what they did ? how can you take them as nation leaders ? why then indepedence ?

  14. Thing is, they’ll do anything to gain brownie points at election time. I’ve seen things like this happen in Britain, only for the person axed to be reinstated in another position some time later. It’s all a ploy.

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