Croatian Presidential Elections Race: Intelligence Versus Stupidity

Left: Ivo Josipovic Centre: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic Right: Milan Kujundzic

Left: Ivo Josipovic
Centre: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
Right: Milan Kujundzic


Considering the three presidential candidates who have so far officially announced their candidacy for the impeding presidential elections planned for 11 January 2015, the current President dr. Ivo Josipovic, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and dr. Milan Kujundzic, the first two started their pre-campaigning in a rather unmethodical and often seemingly sloppy way. Perhaps there was no way but unmethodical in given circumstances when a new candidate is easily characterised by the incumbent’s camp as someone encroaching on ‘their’ territory. Although Josipovic’s current position as president has given him a significant advantage, his recent ‘Kim Jong Un’ style rating has marked some significant declines in the past months, which, of course, speaks volumes about the quality of his competitors. Unlike him, his opponents have the advantage of avoiding being burdened by past bad actions or decisions or vague ideologies while their strongest trump card is that they owe no debts to the intelligence underworld – and, very importantly – no debts to the communist ideology of former Yugoslavia. In addition, they are not struck by a ‘victory at all costs’ cramp; eventual election loss would not represent the ‘end of the world’ to his opponents while to President Josipovic, an election loss would not only be a personal loss but many would also declare his five-year term as preseident – a huge disaster.


Although the latest polls suggest that candidate Grabar-Kitarovic is breathing down the current President’s neck much stronger than dr. Kujundzic, let’s not speculate here as to which one of them will finally manage blowing Josipovic out of the Office of the President at Pantovcak in Zagreb. It’s worth mentioning, though, that dr. Kujundzic appears to be navigating through the campaign confidently and appears relaxed – interestingly, almost completely undisturbed by the Office of the President/Pantovcak/Josipovic – while Grabar-Kitarovic has for months now suffered excessive shelling from him.


For months now the incumbent president of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, has been slinging dirt and sarcasm – often wrapped up in stupid remarks, malice and sexism – against his opponent Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic. He started his snide attacks with a phrase “We have the picture, but no tone” as the media wrote about Grabar-Kitarovic as a possible candidate and she, had kept out of giving interviews or statements, but her popularity and ratings grew to the point where jitters sparked from Josipovic’s eyes and every stupid word he’d utter when referring to her. On her arrival in Croatia, from her NATO post, embarking on a pre-campaign road, Josipovic took to a scandalous route upon which he was to call her “Barbie”. Of course he denied any part in a mysteriously discovered document “Action Plan Barbie” – a step by step recipe by which he was to bring her down as presidential candidate, there was little if any doubt that his campaign quarters weaved that deplorable sexist and misogynous plan.
She was initially introduced to the Croatian public as having left NATO and had returned to Croatia to run for president. It didn’t take long for camp Josipovic to discover that she was in fact still a NATO employee (on unpaid leave) and turn this whole thing during October in public eyes as a “deliberate lie”, calling that wonderfully sincere and just person, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic – a liar. Indeed, she should not have been placed in a position where she ended up having to defend herself from such outrageous accusations by Josipovic. The campaign headquarters together with Grabar-Kitarovic did end up clarifying to the public her employment status with NATO but to my liking, they missed in their rebuttal emphasising enough for Croatia the enormous desirability of a person of Grabar-Kitarovic’s qualifications for the presidency. After all, here is Grabar-Kitarovic, a welcome staff member of an important international organisation (NATO) and there is Josipovic – a failed contender for position as judge of the International Court in the Hague.


It seems that in his fight for a second term, President Josipovic is not the one to ‘calmly wait by the river and watch the bodies of his opponents float by’ as he has taken up some frantic running around Croatia, shoving mileage under his feet and while his lips and mind run busy with stupidity and gaffs that boggle the mind and makes one ask: how in the world did Croatia ever end up with such a snake-in-the-grass for a president? How else would one imagine a man – Josipovic – who at a recent public gathering that also formed a station on the presidential campaign trail, standing next to Grabar-Kitarovic he leaned and warned threateningly: “Hey, be a good girl!” (“Hej, budi dobra!” in Croatian language)


Well, now – we come to Tuesday 11 November when Grabar-Kitarovic revealed her election platform/program at a function in Zagreb that was well covered by the media and supported by hundreds of dignitaries and high public profile citizens.


In her election platform – “For a better Croatia” – speech Grabar Kitarovic vehemently attacked what she claimed was the poor economic and social situation in the country and the current President’s inaction. ( source: TV news, 11.11.2014)
Croatia is in crisis because there is an atmosphere of pessimism, discouragement and lack of imagination… We need new unity, optimism, new ideas,” she stated. She vowed as president to bring down the current government, to save the Croatian people the pain and torture of having to live another year, pending next general elections, in this hopeless state of mismanagement and incompetence.
She pledged among other things to promote rural development, sustainable development, stronger support for researchers, educational reforms and a national development strategy.
On foreign policy, Grabar Kitarovic said she would take an active role. “As co-creator of foreign policy I will insist on a responsible foreign policy that primarily promotes national interests,” she said.

She accused the current President, Ivo Josipovic, of failing to take care of ordinary people’s interests.
He took care of protecting the political interests and positions of the current government, and ignored the common interests of citizens,” Grabar Kitarovic said.
If Ivo Josipovic was a determined and independent President, in this dramatic situation in which the country finds itself, he would roar and expressly demand a government session,” she continued.
Josipovic was later asked what he thought of her election program and he called it a fantasy!
This is not really a program, but a certain fantasy, and its main determinant is ‘hit the President,'” Josipovic said. “What she presented implies the abolition of the government, parliament and local government,” he added.

See what I mean: Josipovic is a stupid, hopeless president. He does not even seem to know what a program or electoral platform is! There is no doubt that what he says is not a program, is actually a program and a superb one at that! It is the program that Croatia needs and great majority want:


Get rid of the incompetent bastards!


Many wonder why Grabar-Kitarovic decided to run for president of the country that is facing bankruptcy, why on earth would one want to leave a top position (NATO) for a lower one (President of a small and economically frail state)? Perhaps the answer lies in patriotism or nostalgia that so easily flourishes in one’s mind and heart when living abroad away from ‘home’. Whichever it is, both are powerful motives and the strongest of foundations for success. There’s that demeanour of intellingence with Grabar-Kitarovic and stupidity with Josipovic. No contest! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Where can I get a copy of “Action Plan Barbie”?

    On another election related topic, I also wrote this

    Open Letter to Dr. Kujundžić: Croatians deserve dedication and professionalism

  2. Thanks Ina!
    What I find incredible about the mud-slinging at Kolinda is that the so-called feminists in Croatia, groups like BaBe, Zenska Mreza, and other NGO’s seem to be conspicuously silent on this issue. Hypocritical, to say the least.
    While I would never encourage anyone to vote solely based on gender, but rather qualifications, I find these so-called feminist NGO’s often get embroiled in issues solely based on gender. Having said that, why are they so silent on supporting Kolinda, an intelligent, worldly, professional, educated woman who held her own at NATO, becoming the first woman ever to be appointed Assistant Secretary General of NATO.
    Why are they not condemning Josipovic’s attacks on her, a fellow ‘sister?’
    The so-called Croatian feminists’ silence speaks volumes.

    • Yes, Erica, that also was a disappointment to me but then I personally do not think B.a.b.e. etc are standing up for such things, they would not want to offend the “hand “that feeds them 🙁

  3. alija derzelez says:

    Her chances of winning are about 0%.

    • But of course, Alija – it’s YOU who says that so we can be pretty sure her chances are fantastic!

    • alija derzelez says:

      She has nothing going on for herself and for some reason you don’t understand that her and Kujundzic will split her voting block while good old commies will come out for Josipovic in full force.

      • Oh you are a totally hopeless nut, Alija! I don’t know where you get these ideas that I or anyone for that matter don’t understand that the more candidates the less votes to each. Go back to primary school, Alija – we others can count and do maths but you need schooling to help you realise that other people know stuff too. But as to stuff going for Kolinda – it’s enormous and I hope she wins.

      • Zoran Nosic says:

        K will have limited impact and gone in 1st round. Don’t be such a scaremongerer.

      • (B)alija, obviously…

    • Alija – Budalija if you have nothing intelligent to say, stay off of Ina’s blog. All you ever spew is nonsense.

      • alija derzelez says:

        Right, on the end of the day I always happen to be right,so let me repeat myself ,Kolinda has 0% chances of winning,did you just see her latest interview ,I did and it was painful,she can’t even say if she would have or not War Criminal Norac on her team,pathetic.

      • You are certainly not a prophet, Alija – but I can see you are irritated at the prospect of Josipovic losing – read: communists losing in Croatia. I wonder if you have sought Josipovic to tell the public who would or would not be on his team. As to Mirko Norac he has paid his dues to society but your Tito or even, Josipovic’s father who oversaw the torturous communist Yugoslavia Goli Otok prison for those who were against communism, hasn’t as yet. So much work left for the future.

  4. Rex Croatorum says:

    Kujundzic for President !

  5. Zoran Nosic says:

    Easy and to the point…Yusipovic OUT….Grabar-Kitarovic IN!
    But, the supporters have to come out and vote, otherwise, the well oiled party machinery of the Yugophiles will prevail.

  6. On another note Ina….I hear another butcher of the balkans is dead. Josip Boljkovac. I await your blog on this monster.

  7. I like the symbolic placement of the candidate’s pictures above (left-to-right) 🙂

    What kills me is the hypocrisy of the incumbent, who repeatedly vowed that he would not lead a ‘dirty’ campaign. Mind you the campaign hasn’t officially started, so all the sh*t-slinging that he’s directed at the other two main candidates, (which he has been doing on the official clock which is paid by the people), isn’t technically a part of his campaign yet. Can’t wait till things pick up! Also, loved Brkic’s reply to Josipovic’s threat to sue over the exposed fact that through his connections he was able to withdraw a very large sum of money from a bank in the process of dissolution – “I’m not afraid of little white mice”. I wasn’t a big fan of Brkic’s in the beginning but since reading about his wartime contributions, I’ve gained respect for the man.

    The funniest thing is Croatian polls. You might as well ask the FIFA octopus or call a psychic hotline to get a clearer idea of who’s in the lead. The most indicative recent poll that I saw was held on, a haven for spoiled brats of privileged yugophiles and also the yugophiles themselves to an extent. It turned out that KGK had enough votes to win in the first round, and even if you took away some votes, in the second round she would be challenged by… Milan Kujundzic.

    • The incumbent “Yusipovic” is a snake in the grass, and he is getting more nervous by the day so we can expect more vile venom, Brankec. Ah, but this time around he’s not getting off lightly if not from the mainstream media then from various internet portals and pages that are starting to bother him :)))) As to Brkic I believe he is a very hard working individual with solid commitments to Croatia…can’t wait for the “official” campaigning to kick off, too

  8. Thank you for this incredibly “in depth” look at candidates. It clarifies the situation.

  9. Friends,
    Wherever you live please send the branitelji/defenders on Savska St. in Zagreb a postcard showing your support :
    100 % For CROATIA – 100 % ZA HRVATSKU
    10 000 ZAGREB
    For more details see:
    Thanks for the great blog Ina.

  10. Here’s a quote from Prof. Tomac about the situation in Croatia and the return of Seselj:

    Dobro je za nas što se pokazuje što je Srbija koja sprema doček Šešelju kojim dokazuje da se puste laži da se srpska politika promijenila. Srbija se nije suočila s katarzom i onim što je napravila, a to dočekuje i doček kojega su Srbi priredili Šešelju. Dobro je da to vide naši novinari, udruge, intelektualci i razne udruge koje su sada zašutjele. Dobro je da to vidi i Stipe Mesić koji u braniteljskom prosvjedu vidi pripremu državnog udara. Brinu ga branitelji, ali ne i velikosrpska politika koja za njega nije problem. Gotovina i Markač u Haagu su rehabilitirani, ali ne i u Hrvatskoj”, zaključio je profesor Tomac.

    What is wrong with our people. This is an insane situation. Serbs celebrate criminals and glorify crimes against humanity, murder, torture and rape and the world is silent, if not a participant to the celebrations;; Croatians are silent. Yet when innocent and honourable men and women who defended their homes and never breached any foreign borders we are vilified by the world and even worse vilified and humiliated from within our own people. The Serbs don’t need an army to defeat Croatia, seems we’ll do it ourselves. I am very sad and distraught.

    • Thank you, Sunman, for this very important point, which truly shows how deep and alarming the work of communists is for Croatia.
      Translation of the part in Croatian language in your comment: It’s good for us to see that Serbia is ready to welcome Seselj proving to be releasing lies and that Serbian politics have changed. Serbia has not faced catharsis and that what it did to welcome the reception for Seselj staged by the Serbs. It is good for our journalists, NGOs, intellectuals and various associations that are now silent to see this. It is good for Stipe Mesic, who in the veterans’ protests sees a preparation for a coup, to see this. The veterans woory him but not by the politics of greater Serbia, which for him is not a problem. Gotovina and Markac have been rehabilitated by The Hague, but not in Croatia,” concluded Professor Tomac.

  11. Judging by Ivo Josipovic’s comments and behavior it looks like Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic is a real threat to him and his party.

    • It does, Carol – the only thing is that he is pretending not to be a member of any party – he left Social Democrats at time of last presidential elections to run as independent but he has been anything else but independent of it, the party that grew out of the League of Communists.

    • Zoran Nosic says:

      Yes Carol, Kolinda is the real deal: experienced, intelligent connected and a woman (beautiful to boot). She is everything that scares Yusipovic and his Yugophiles. So far she is running a smart campaign focusing on the issues and failures of Yusipovic, Milanovic tandem.

  12. I don’t know much about her, but I hope Kolinda wins, just due to the fact that she’s had to put up with such sexist bullshit in this day and age. Should never happen. Doesn’t that idiot realise being sexist these days isn’t going to do him any favours? How stupid can you get?

  13. Hi Ina. I don’t know much (if at all) about Croatian politics. But as the way it goes in many cases—especially with the [relatively] newly established sovereignties, there are always foreign’s interests at play. And these foreign friends don’t naturally bet on only one candidate (their differing allocated supports indicate their preference). And we all know, the motive is rarely (if ever) for the people’s sake, but has something more to do with the ‘divide and conquer’ thing.

    Again, I’m talking in general, not just about a few countries (let alone one) in particular. So you can consider this as a support (however little the significance is). I sure hope a ‘place’ like this (blog or whatever) will spread some real collective awareness everybody needs. Cheers!


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