Croatia’s Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic Flogs A Dead Horse At UN Human Rights Council

Vesna Pusic Photo: Screenshot UN WEB TV 3 March 2015

Vesna Pusic
Photo: Screenshot UN WEB TV 3 March 2015


Croatia’s foreign minister and deputy Prime Minister Vesna Pusic is in the grand scheme of the UN map – insignificant. However, when she stands up at a UN event giving a speech on violations of human rights then Croats, indeed the world, need to pay attention, for she is the very example of hypocrisy on two legs.

She spoke of violations of human rights and how the world – UN – should fight against these when her own track record on these matters in Croatia tells us the fight under her “tutelage” has no chance of any success.

So, she flogged a dead horse in Geneva on 2 March 2015!

For years now she has served in the high position of power in Croatia and yet has done absolutely nothing with respect to the plight for justice coming from war crime rape victims from Croatia’s Homeland War. She has done nothing to ensure rapists are thoroughly dealt with and brought to justice; she has done nothing in the possible pursuit of removing the amnesty from prosecution and impunity for war crimes afforded to many Serb rapists, some of whom are still freely walking the streets of Vukovar, keeping their victims in continuous distress, for instance.

Please see this documentary “Sunny” published in 2014 to give a voice to women and men who were victims of rape in the war in an effort to grant them the status of victims of war crimes entitled to every means of assistance and support. To bring the perpetrators to justice.



And yet, Vesna Pusic had the gall to speak in Geneva this week, lecturing the world on how it should deal with sexual violence as a form of human rights violation!

Did she speak at the UN Human Rights Council with the intention of paving a way to perhaps secure herself an international position, perhaps in Human Rights field, once she is no longer in power in Croatia? My answer to this question is – yes. But I do so dread being a citizen of the world where people like Vesna Pusic give speeches and in real life do the opposite of what they are preaching, or do nothing to better the world; stand idly by while the world around them alarmingly deteriorates.
There are three types of human rights violations in the world today, Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic said at the 28th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday 2nd of March.

The violations in question are violations of women’s rights worldwide in fighting sexual violence, violations of human rights in Ukraine and violations of the freedom of speech manifested as hate speech. One of the most extreme examples of human rights violations are ISIL decapitations, the Foreign Ministry quoted the minister as saying in her address.
“… when we examine the functioning of countries’ judiciary we look at how well they fight corruption…white collar crime … but never ever have I seen an evaluation of a country’s judiciary on how well it fights sexual violence. How well it prosecutes rape cases. How effective it is in fighting through its courts, through its judiciary system sexual violence. How well it prosecutes the perpetrators. How well it fights impunity for sexual violence in peace time let alone in times of war. And make no mistake, not fighting sexual violence in peace time is directly related to widespread sexual violence in times of war…this is one area which demonstrates that however long we have been aware of the problem without fighting and finding efficient ways of addressing the problem in a way in which it will go away, in a way in which it will become centre stage problem, not just one of those things, it will stay and it will spread. So I think we need a new onslaught, new crusade against sexual violence, against impunity for crimes committed either in war or in peace…” Pusic said in her speech.

Then in the same speech Vesna Pusic spoke of violations of freedom of speech that are manifested in hate speech! And yet, in Croatia, she as a highly positioned member of the government has done nothing to sanction (at least by way of public statements) hate speech that comes in the form of labeling as fascism all expressions of Croatian patriotism or democratic avenues of protest against violations of rights, such as is the case with the current war veterans protest that is well into its fourth month in Zagreb. It cannot elude any reasonable mind to see that her government is the leading force behind this hate speech and when people, for instance, point to the facts of communist crimes she and her lot label that as hate speech! She fails to acknowledge that there is no hate speech in citing facts such as mass graves, mass murders – victims of communist Yugoslavia regime, and the like.
“…Hate speech is a form of mobilizing global lynch mobs. People who decide that they have the right to hate other people so much that they go and kill people in our streets…or people who think differently who have different political opinion. Hate speech has been extremely effective. I don’t remember in my long life seeing it as effective as it is today. To mobilise people to kill other people, to violate their human rights …” Pusic said.

What a pathetic liar!

Vesna Pusic lived and thrived in Communist Yugoslavia, in a communist family who were, I believe, well aware of human rights violations of people who were against the communist regime; who had done nothing to protest against such widespread human rights violations. If she was not aware during her life in Yugoslavia of Tito’s communist purges where hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed, others tortured and imprisoned because of their political opinions, then she has become aware of them after more than 650 mass graves of communist crimes victims were unearthed in Croatia, particularly after 1990’s. But still turned the other way!

Furthermore, she and her government fund exorbitantly the Documenta NGO of which her brother Zoran Pusic is the President of the Board, and which deals with “the past” but avoids with every fiber of its being to address communist crimes! The crimes that have left multitudes of victims; the crimes that are left unaddressed – still, and which continue to feed profound distress in that society.

The European Court of Human Rights has identified a number of forms of expression, which are to be considered hate speech – offensive and contrary to the Convention on Human Rights (including racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, aggressive nationalism and discrimination against minorities and immigrants). However, the Court is also careful to make a distinction in its findings between, on the one hand, genuine and serious incitement to extremism and, on the other hand, the right of individuals (including journalists and politicians) to express their views freely and to “offend, shock or disturb” others.
There is no universally accepted definition of the expression “hate speech” and various courts throughout the “Western” world have established various parameters making it possible to characterise “hate speech” in order to exclude it from the protection afforded to freedom of expression or freedom of assembly and association.

A person with such an appalling record in fighting violations of human rights (eg prosecuting rapists, removing impunity of rapists…), a person with such an appalling record of doing nothing to improve the welfare of victims of human rights violations, such as those in Croatia that relate to the forms of human rights violations Vesna Pusic spoke of in Geneva this week, has no place in a UN Human Rights Council! Of that I am convinced and I do not stand alone in this! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. It must be possible to distinguish hate speech- eg, Serbs are rapists- from factual statements, such as that so many women from each ethnic group suffered rape as a weapon of war, or that the rapists have not been prosecuted.

    • Well yes, Clare, depending in what context one is talking e.g. within a context of war within a geographic area – if so then it’s fact if rape was a weapon of aggression – and the awful thing about all this is that while the international criminal court has labeled rape as war crime, Croatian victims are still waiting for their rights and impunity has been given to known rapists…what a sadness when a minister and deputy prime minister get up giving the world a lesson on all this and she has not even made a public statement “to make things better” let alone undertaken any positive initiatives

  2. Yes this is true. Zoran her brother is a known collaborator with the serbs.

  3. Velebit says:

    Hear,hear! Pusic has about as much credibility addressing the UN about human rights violations and the issue of hate speech as would Tito if he came back from the dead! These old Yugo-nostalgics who yearn for the good old days of “bratsvo i jedinstvo” (brotherhood and unity) did not and do not regard all citizens as being worthy of this sentiment – only those who share their communist/socialist ideology. Pusic and her stalwart cronies proclaim they are ‘antifascists’ when in reality they are rabid fascist communists who long for those glory days that saw them firmly planted atop the hierarchy of communism in former Yugoslavia. They would gladly return to those days of continuing their worship at the feet of Tito and his glorious Partisans who destroyed Croatia and its people in order to create an artificial country with an artificial language, and artificial citizens! Thank you Tito for Yugoslavia! Thank you Pusic for opening your mouth and helping us remember what we fought against!

  4. Great post,the UN is a dead horse,even blind for not seeing the Christians being persecuted by ruthless extremists.Regards.

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  6. Good evening , Ina !

  7. Ante Saric says:

    This woman is sick. That is the only conclusion you can draw from her utterances. In a normal nation, a woman of that ilk would be nowhere near power and influence let alone be a Minister of Foreign Affairs.
    I remember when I lived in Croatia for 6 years hearing her for the first time on TV. I thought to myself “Who is this clown”? I recall, in an interview she did, Pusic was asked about Tudman. She just rolled back her eyes and head and looked away from the camera.
    This woman is just so arrogant and full of herself. She loves nothing better than talking down to people in her typical know all manner. Her rivals on TV debates just become exasperated because rationality and reason mean nothing to her.
    Pusic just cannot accept that Croats are not like her. We are not anational. We are patriotic. We want what is best for Croatia and not what is best for the “region”.
    Just unreal. Surreal.

    • Yes, Ante Saric, she does look down upon all and one may assume that is her way of blinding herself to herself. But thank God other see her

    • Hi Ante, jel se možeš sjetit koja je to emisija, please? Ili Ina, ti možda znaš na koju je to emisiju Ante mislio ? Dobro bi mi došlo za jedan članak. Hvala.

      • Translation of comment by Klara: Hi Ante, can you remember which show it was? Or you Ina do yopu know which show Ante was talking about? I could use that information for an article. Thank You
        REPLY: I’m not sure, Klara and I hope Ante sees this. Nisam sigurna, Klara i nadam se da ce ovo Ante vidjeti

  8. Sincerely hope that more and more people can see what she is.
    She is not the only one of that ilk in that government. Perhaps a part of her arrogance comes from knowing that nothing has been done about her, and believes that will continue.
    I feel there is a long-lasting fear in Croatia regarding taking a stand on what they know is wrong. This is not unusual for people who lived in fear during communism, but it can be done.
    Follow how Kolinda is facing issues straight on, be proud she was elected, and believe in her strength as she is not alone in her beliefs. “Grass root” organizations, oftentimes started by woman, can and do change countries.

  9. Norwayman says:

    Remember reading a sick war story from Bosnia a 16 year old croat boy had come home from school his parents had been caught into pieces with a knife by the Serb neighbors imagine doing that to people who was greeting you everyday people who you made food for you …….

  10. This is related to human rights which are soon to be deleted if we allow it to happen:

    “Think of the Child” Ad campaign – banned by “mardi gras”
    See Video: “Marriage Equality”? . What about Equality for Kids?

    Plus see video by Dr. David van Gend. (share these with others ASAP)

    MEDIA RELEASE Saturday 7th March, 2015
    Australian Marriage Forum ad broadcast during Mardi Gras
    – opposes “marriage equality” and calls for “equality for kids”

    “For too long the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate has been framed solely in terms of the demands of adults”, according to Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum, speaking at the launch today of a multimedia campaign opposing same-sex marriage.
    [However] “We intend to reframe the debate in terms of the fundamental human right of every child to have, wherever possible, both a mother and a father. That birth-right would be abolished by the institution of same-sex ‘marriage’, which carries with it the right to adoption and surrogacy. That deprivation is an INJUSTICE against the child”.

    Discrimination against the child
    Dr van Gend explained the timing of the launch this weekend: “We decided to broadcast our TV ad at the time of the Mardi Gras Parade because it is a political protest rally, broadcast nationally, which features a ‘marriage equality’ float. Our ad is a gentle but direct counter-protest, pointing out that ‘marriage equality’ for adults always means inequality for kids. That is the discrimination at the heart of so-called ‘marriage equality’, and that is what we oppose.”

    “Beyond that injustice against the child, our campaign will address other grave consequences of normalising homosexual ‘marriage’ in law, such as the radicalising of sex-education and the crushing of conscientious and religious freedom [NOTE: plus crushing FREEDOM OF SPEECH***] with the full force of anti-discrimination law”, Dr van Gend said, during a promotional video for the ‘Think of the Child’ campaign.
    [*** in several states in the USA people are being prosecuted in court – and losing – for eg: “declininng to decorate a ‘gay-wedding’ cake” because the decorator did not believe she could do so in clear conscience”. Many such objectors have gone broke, or chosen jail, rather than comply with demands of the savage fascist “gay-gestapo”].
    It’s really happening as we speak!!!

    A choice and a challenge
    Dr van Gend, who is a family doctor in Queensland, explained how society is confronted with a choice between giving priority to the demands of homosexual adults OR to the rights of the child. “We have to choose; we CANNOT honour BOTH the right of the child to have a mother and father, AND the demand of same-sex couples to marry and form motherless or fatherless families”, he said.

    “In our view, same-sex couples are free to live as they choose, but they are NOT free to IMPOSE a motherless or fatherless life on a child.”

    “I conclude with a fact, a judgement and a challenge”, Dr van Gend said today.
     – “The fact is that instituting marriage without a woman creates families without a mother.
     – The judgement is that it is wrong of us to deliberately deprive children of their mother.
     – The challenge, for all those activists and journalists who advocate “marriage equality”, is to justify this profoundly unequal treatment of children, this violation of the deepest bond in a baby’s life, this discrimination against kids done in the name of ‘equality’ for homosexual adults.” (they will find NO logical justification).

    “Whether activists take that challenge to heart depends on their capacity to ‘Think of the Child'”, Dr van Gend concluded.

    Question? Are such people – who live so immersed in their own selfishness – prepared to be merciful enough to cast off their unbridled greed, in order to seek genuine JUSTICE for children as well as the “common good” for the whole community?

    – let’s see how honest they really are!

  11. Related to human rights:

    It is very interesting that “gays” themselves expose their own immense HYPOCRISY and massive DECEIT about their (REAL) agenda – which is to “turn the culture on its head” and re-write history according to their own image…by:

    DESTROYING the sacred institution of (real) Marriage? … How? … Easy! …
    — by “TRIVIALISING the TITLE of “Marriage” – with their insistence of legally appropriating the “TITLE of Marriage” (which historically has ONLY ever belonged to a man and a woman in a public declaration of their love in the presence of God and before the community, and of their life-long commitment and fidelity in real Marriage and for the purpose of being responsible parents to off-spring).

    Here it must also be pointed out that if God is not acknowledged at the ceremony – then it does NOT qualify as a marriage.
    Most “gays” describe themselves as “NON-BELIEVERS” and are “PARTICULARLY HOSTILE TO ANY IDEA OF GOD” … therefore it is “gays’ themselves who relegate “gay” “marriage” to a distillation of satirical caricature of very bad taste.
    This is NOT “gay-bashing”. IT IS OUR RIGHT TO COMPLAIN against the willful malicious DESTRUCTION of our very culture. It is no less destructive than if “gays” had set fire to our Parliament.

    It is interesting to note that even though homosexual groups evidently “don’t see themselves as anything more than 1 to 3% of the population, and most saying that they are NOT EVEN BEING REMOTELY INTERESTED in marriage (because they “crave variety” in partnerships), a growing number of them now openly admit that what they actually REALLY want is “to turn western culture on its head altogether” by “normalising“ their lifestyle:
    Why do they feel compelled to do this?
    Apparently they are desperate to eliminate the burdensome “cloud of guilt” which even non-religious “gays” appear to find particularly unsettling .
    1. “Being queer means PUSHING THE PARAMETERS of sex, sexuality, and family, and in the process transforming the very fabric of society…” – Paula Ettelbrick, (ex-legal director of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund)
    2. “In the gay life, FIDELITY is almost IMpossible. Since part of the compulsion of homosexuality seems to be a craving on the part of the homophile to ‘absorb’ masculinity from his sexual partners, he must be constantly on the lookout for (new sex partners). Consequently the most successful homophile ‘marriages’ are those where there is an arrangement between the two and to have affairs on the side while maintaining the semblance of permanence’ in their living arrangement.” – Former Homosexual William Aaron (William Aaron, Straight (New York: Bantam Books, 1972)
    3. “Typical gay city inhabitants spend most of their adult lives in ‘transactional’ relationships, or short-term commitments of less than six months.” – research by University of Chicago Sociologist Edward Laumann (Adrian Brune, “City Gays Skip Long-term Relationships: Study Says”, Washington Blade –
    February 27, 2004)
    4. “Few homosexual relationships last longer than two years, with many men reporting hundreds of lifetime partners.” – Researcher M. Pollak (M. Pollak, “Male Homosexuality in Western Sexuality: Practice and Precept in Past and Present Times”, ed. P. Aries and A. Bejin, translated by Anthony Forster, New York, NY: B. Blackwell, 1985)
    5. It is even more alarming to note that “gays” themselves further expose their (REAL) agenda:
    “…to get the public to affirm their lifestyle” … “to see government and society affirm our lives” – (United States Congressional Record, June 29, 1989).
    (again, to lift that inconvenient “cloud of guilt”)
    But most disturbing is that part of the homosexual agenda seems to be to alienate people from Christianity – which they perceive as “the enemy“:
    “The teaching that only male-female sexual activity within the bounds and constraints of marriage is the only acceptable form – should be reason enough for any homosexual to denounce the Christian religion” – (Advocate, 1985).

    So what is their “Trojan Horse” strategy?
    Easy! “DESENSITIZING the public“: “The first order of business is “desensitization of the American public concerning gays”…..To desensitize the public is to help it view homosexuality with INDIFFERENCE … Ideally, we would have “straights” register differences in sexual preferences the way they register different tastes for ice cream or sports games….At least – in the BEGINNING – we are seeking “public desensitization” … if only you can get them to think that it is just another thing…then your battle for [“equal rights”} is VIRTUALLY WON” – (“The Overhauling of Straight America.” Guide Magazine. November,

    So the “gays” themselves – by their own admissions about their (REAL) agenda – put the whole matter in a very different perspective.

    It is so important for us to defend WITHOUT DELAY what is worth defending – the very future of families and the defence of civilised customs and traditions which are slowly, insidiously being undermined and destroyed – even by short-sighted, ill-informed governments who have mindlessly “rolled-out-the-red-carpet” to selfish malicious destroyers of civilised cultures.
    The family has been under serious malicious attack for decades and also now by a very spiteful and destructive minority who would have us believe that that they do not ALREADY have legal rights (eg inheritance, superannuation, etc.) under the ALREADY available “legal unions” available to any two people, regardless of sex.

    The law ALREADY provides for “gays to have existing advantages of the above legal avenues … BUT civilized cultures MUST NOT allow such irresponsible bullies to (FALSELY) appropriate the TITLE of “Marriage”.
    Responsible citizens, who value their FREEDOM OF SPEECH (yes, there are already increasing steps being taken in several MORE countries to make any criticism of “gays” a punishable crime). Even Peter Hitchens (convert to Christianity and brother of the late atheist Christopher Hitchens) has commented emphatically: “It is important to speak out now (about an increasingly morally corrupt society). I am speaking out now – while I am STILL ABLE TO!”

    Therefore it is the inescapable duty of all Christians to take heed of the facts and to fight for values which are the truly admirable aspects of Christian culture and who do NOT want it reduced to such a noxious caricature. Even the designers Dolce and Gambanna have struck out in SUPPORT of traditional Marriage as an absolute Human Right for all children and as absolutely necessary for their proper psychological development.

    As for this truly stupid statement: “This will be a step towards a truly patient and inclusive society…” the behaviour of “gays” boils down to nothing more than the “TYRANNY and OPPRESSION of political correctness” and which defy common-sense and any civilized culture.

    “Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ is ‘Anthropological Regression ‘ ” (Pope Francis)

    It is time for the public in all nations to take serious note of this (admitted) sinister agenda of the self-serving culture-destroyers which would terrify even George Orwell himself.

  12. Saying one thing on camera and doing another when legislating hmmmm like our US Republican Congressional members! Sad

    • Yes, Nativegrl77, perhaps if we keep showing such appalling behaviour things may improve – not holding breath though, it’ll all take a long time

  13. Extremely intriguing and interesting article, Ina, Thank you so much! Hugs to you and a happy Sunday!

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