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(Click on photo to enlarge) – “No Child Left Hungry & No Person Left Powerless” Raising hope, empowering dreams by helping feed Croatian school children.
Thank you to everyone who has donated funds to this most worthwhile and needed campaign.
The IndieGoGo Campaign “No Child Left Hungry & No Person Left Powerless” has ended successfully – exceeding the target of US$6,161.

The organisers Press release of 15 March 2015 includes the following:
“This Campaign was set up by Tajci Cameron, Croatian celebrity and HuffPost blogger from Nashville, TN in support of “Da ni jedno dijete u Hrvatskoj ne bude gladno,” (“So that no child in Croatia will be hungry”) organized in Zagreb, Croatia by Portal Dobrote.
The beauty and the strength of this campaign is in its message that we are not powerless.
As individuals we have joined together to make a difference for the hungry school children in Croatia. Through our action, we have proven that many hands working together can create a force for change. This campaign has been about more than giving money, it is about raising hope, restoring faith and giving someone an opportunity to believe that all is possible – even when you find yourself in despair.
Over the past few years I’ve travelled to Croatia regularly and have witnessed how one by one, more and more people are waking up, rolling up their sleeves and moving forward in solidarity and strength, despite the bullies and the system that would still like to shame us into the belief that we are powerless.” – Tajci Cameron, from Huffington Post article: ‘Winning at Life in Croatia…and in Our World’
As of Tuesday, 17th March a summary of all the funds received for the campaign was – Direct to Portal dobrote (Croatia) campaign – 195,546 HRK or US$27,140 (These funds also include amounts raised by Portal Dobrote since December 2014)
IndieGoGo (American, Canada and Australia) campaign – US$7,614 or 54,935.65 HRK”

no child left hungry &no person left
A total of 458 school students from the following schools have already received help thanks to the campaign: “Mate Lovrak” Primary School, Petrinja – 53 children; Lovas Primary School – 10 children; Primary School Julija Besenica in Ilok – 99 children; Primary School “Ivana Brlic Mazuranic” Strizivojna – 34 children; Primary School “Vladimir Vidric” Kutina – 13 children; Primary School Jasenovac – 25 children; Primary School Sunja – 83 children; Primary School “King Tomislav” Udbina – 14 children; Primary School Tovarnik – 20 children; Primary School Mikleus – 35 children; Primary School “Davorin Trestenjak” Hrvatska Kostajnica – 46 children; Primary School “Vladimir Nazor” Komletinci – 26 children.
Portal Dobrote is constantly researching schools that may need help. Any funds left over from the IndieGoGo campaign will go to new schools, or saved for the following school year starting August 31, 2015. All amounts will be documented on Portal Dobrote website.
Although the IndieGoGo campaign has closed, Portal dobrote’s Croatian bank account can still receive donations at: Erste bank IBAN: HR5924020061500035096 Account name: Humanitarna udruga Portal dobrote, Bank address: Trakošćanska 21, 10000 Zagreb. Please state reason for deposit as – “za akciju Da niti jedno dijete u Hrvatskoj ne bude gladno”.


The campaign has been a success on many levels; the number of donations received, shares, thoughts and offers for help have been amazing. We are grateful for the Croatian National Television becoming the media sponsor for the #DaNeBuduGladni campaign in Croatia. Thanks to their support, the issue of child hunger has finally gained the attention it deserves!
There are many, many people to thank. We would like to make a special mention of the following organizations who have contributed to the campaign since the launch of IndieGoGo extension on February 3, 2015: Adria Building Consultants, Toronto, Canada; Australsko Hrvatsko Žensko Društvo Katarina Zrinski, Melbourne, Australia; Blessed Aloysius Stepinac Parish, Chicago, USA; Blue Chip Manufacturing, Cleveland, USA; Dalmi Inc, Toronto, Canada; Dandenong City Hajduk Soccer Club, Melbourne, Australia; F.A. Hrvatska Zora, Melbourne, Australia; Grgich Hills Estate, Napa Valley, USA; Hrvatski Vjesnik, Croatian Herald, Australia; Ilirija Hotels, Biograd, Croatia; Melbourne Croatia Social Club, Australia; Melbourne Knights Soccer Club, Australia; Ragusa Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia; St Jerome Croatian Parish, Chicago, USA; TWO-M Precision, Cleveland, USA; Victorian Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Australia; Vinoklet Winery, Cincinnati, USA.
We would also to like to thank our individual donors from all over Australia, including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the USA including Texas and Virginia, and in Canada, in particular Ontario!


As part of the campaign, the Jasenovac Elementary School took part in an Art competition judged by Elizabeth Hardin-Klink, Associate Educator of Family and School Programs, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati USA. The winners and final submissions are shown on the gallery section of the IndieGoGo campaign ‘No Child Left Hungry & No Person Left Powerless’.
School Director of Jasenovac Elementary School, Mr Šepović – “Morale in our school was low. When the students learned that someone from an Art museum in the United States would look at their work and decide a winner, and that they might be published, the students of the school were transformed. The hope of just their drawing being shown in America, encouraged a greater effort, careful approach and thorough work plan. Of course, not to mention the plan how they will boast to their friends!
Several winners will receive art supplies provided by Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center and through generosity of an anonymous donor.
Elizabeth Hardin-Klink says: “I found it very hard to pick a winner because all of the students did such a fantastic job. I could tell a lot of thought went into your work. The staff really responded to the use of bold, beautiful color and the story that each picture told. What I love about art is that it’s a universal language for everyone to share and appreciate from all over the world.”
There is still much work to be done. Please join ‘Wakingupforgood’ group on Facebook so that we can continue Winning at Life in Croatia….and in Our World”.

(Update collated from Press Release by Ina Vukic, Prof. [Zgb]; B.A., M.A.Ps. [Syd])


  1. I’m delighted to see the scheme has been doing so well though I’m sure it could do better still.This is an important message, to make people aware of the needs of others, especially children.
    If a Go Fund Me request is opened again withing Europe lease let me know so I can try and promote it.
    xxx Huge Hugs Ina xxx I still say Oz is most fortunate. xxxxxxxx

    • Thank you David. And yes thigs could always go better as sadly there are people in need and children especially should never go hungry. Hugs, back and I agree re Oz 😀 😀 😀

  2. Fine post, Ina, in support of an essential cause.

    BIg Hugs


  3. Thank you for visiting me ! 🙂

  4. I am glad the campaign went well and children are receiving food from it. The idea of hungry children is so sad. I’m glad you updated us here, Ina!

    • Thank you Christy – it’s so important everywhere to care that there are no hungry children anywhere. Yes the idea of children being hungry somewhere is very sad. Cheers and thanks

  5. you do great work here… really inspiring

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  7. How’s social mobility in Croatia?

    • Someone from readership may have a better answer, authorbengarrido, on the issue of social mobility. Overall and to my relatively amateur view on the matter social mobility downward seems to be a trend more than social mobility upward due to the state of the economy and, hence, growth in professional employment has slowed given that new jobs created are few. As a result, it has become harder for those at the bottom to move upwards and many are seeking to move abroad to build on their careers. The depressing situation appears to see that downward mobility is on the rise whereas upward mobility is becoming increasingly rare. By the way, such a trend is being seen in many other countries

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