Croatia: Stjepan Mesic And The Scourge Of Communist Past

Delusional, unkempt, ageing Communism sympathizers from all over former Yugoslavia descended upon Tito's birthplace to pay birthday tribute to  communist crimes and their  top executor - Josip Broz Tito  Photo: Screenshot  Boris Scitar/Pixsell

Delusional, unkempt, ageing
Communism sympathizers from
all over former Yugoslavia
descended upon Tito’s birthplace
to pay birthday tribute to
communist crimes and their
top executor – Josip Broz Tito
Photo: Screenshot
Boris Scitar/Pixsell

At best, Josip Broz Tito was a complex, conniving and controversial character. His supporters keep saying he led Yugoslavia to free it from fascism because he was an antifascist. His detractors simply point to the fact his Communist “revolution” directly resulted in the murders of more than a million in a country of barely 15 million, a toll matched by the worst of history’s dictators. As much as it might jar with the reality of those who lived through the suffering and terror of his reign, Tito’s name still stands upon the most beautiful public opera house square in Croatia’s capital Zagreb. While president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has recently removed the bust of Tito from the Office of the President of Croatia there are still public places from where all reminders to Tito must be removed.

Hopes that Croatia might finally be ready to confront the horrors of its past as part of Tito’s communist Yugoslavia are certainly raised by the removal of the bust from top office and the growing political will to admit to mass crimes and murders committed during Tito’s reign. However, Tito is evidently a potent symbol for leftists within the governing coalition parties that remain blind to the fact that four decades of Tito’s socialist economic reform had gone too far, creating social inequalities like a yawning rich-poor gap, class of political elites and pervasive corruption about which little, apart from sporadic targeting of political “big-wigs”, is being done.

In (misguidedly) venerating Tito, his supporters invariably and falsely accuse his detractors of being fascists, neo-fascists, seemingly resulting in pressure on the current governing left political wing to express its acknowledgment and condemnation of communist crimes perpetrated during Tito’s reign and some after his death in the lowest of possible voices, avoiding, thus, any inkling that their condemnation of these crimes also may mean dissent from Tito’s dictatorial and appalling reign.

But one cannot condemn mass murders even in the lowest of voices and still continue supporting the person responsible for those mass murders! You’d think one couldn’t! But it seems in Croatia everything is possible even veneration of Tito – a mass murderer; even labeling of those who show Tito up for the miserable criminal he was as – wait for it – nazifascists!

Yep, according to the former president of Croatia Stjepan Mesic  nazifascists are all those who went to Bleiburg field last week to pay respects to victims of communist crimes! They are revisionists, too, according to the odious communist Mesic. Yessiree! Statute of limitations for charges of mass murder exists for everyone else except Tito! That is what Stjepan Mesic is saying; if you’re reminding the world Tito and his communist totalitarian regime committed murder you – sir/madam – are a revisionist and a nazifascist! Because Tito’s army won World War II in Yugoslavia/Croatia you – sir/madam – cannot speak of their mass murders after the war or those during it! If you do – sir/madam – you are a revisionist and a nazifascist!

Stjepan Mesic at Kumrovec celebrating Tito's birthday calling all those who speak the truth about communist crimes "nazifascists" and revisioninsts Photo: Boris Scitar/Pixsell

Stjepan Mesic at Kumrovec
celebrating Tito’s birthday
calling all those who speak
the truth about communist crimes
“nazifascists” and revisioninsts
Photo: Boris Scitar/Pixsell

Stjepan Mesic was joined by a reported 5 or 6 thousand people (from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro) on Saturday 23 May 2015 at Kumrovec (Tito’s birth place) where the die-hard Tito-lovers, communist nuts, antifascist fascists and welfare-dependence-lover social riffraff descended to venerate Tito as some kind of a demigod, celebrate his birthday. Their slogans included in rhyme “The more lies and defamation the more we like and love Tito!”

Stjepan Mesic said at Kumrovec on Saturday that they would fight with all available means against the revision of history and that they will never accept “turning the victors into the losers, and losers into victors.” By “they” (we) he meant all those gathered at Kumrovec!
We are here because of the truth, which cannot be erased,” Mesic said and continued, “All who say that Tito was a criminal and murderer, are liars.”
Sorry to shake your blindly idealistic tree, Stjepan Mesic, but Tito has been categorised by researchers and academic writers of international note among top 15 mass murderers of the 20th century. The only liars around here seem to be Mesic and other Tito supporters.

Mesic then spoke of crimes committed in WWII at Jasenovac and at Bleiburg field. He said these two cannot be compared as equal because innocent people died at Jasenovac and those murdered at Bleiburg lived an orgy for four years and deserved death!


Can you believe that communist filth! Smack in the middle of 2015!

Oh, my goodness, the man (Stjepan Mesic) is dangerous not only for Croatia but also for humanity! He actually continues justifying murder of innocent people by Tito and his communists!

The truth in Bleiburg May 1945 was: when they surrendered at the Bleiburg field the members of the Croatian armed forces fleeing Croatia became British prisoners of war and the tens of thousands of civilians fleeing became asylum seekers. The rights and obligations of all parties came under the Geneva Convention of 27 July 1929. But the British handed them all to Tito and his communist murderers. Stjepan Mesic as all supporters of Tito keep saying that all of the Croats murdered at Bleiburg deserved to die because some of the Croatian soldiers may have committed crimes during the war!

And I, like multitudes of just people would like to ask: What is the guilt of the children, old men, women and the multitudes unarmed soldiers – many barely out of military cadetship – all mercilessly, without trial, slaughtered at Bleiburg in May 1945 and at other places during months that followed across Tito’s Yugoslavia? Of course, Mesic and communist crimes defenders cannot answer that question because these people committed no crimes but yes, they did not want to live under communism and that “sin” is what Mesic calls an “orgy” How very disgusting and depraved.
Regretfully, in today’s democratic and independent Croatia there is still no effective condemnation of communist crimes. Why have the persons who committed those crimes, and who live among the offspring of the victims are not yet brought to justice (except currently in Germany court case against extradited Josip Perkovic and Zdravko Mustac)? Why did the Croatian Parliament only half-heartedly affirm the international move for the condemnation of communist (totalitarian regime) crimes? Answers to these questions can undoubtedly be found in numerous or touching upon numerous matters, but whatever they are they must be addressed, otherwise moving forward into true freedom and democracy in Croatia will become a utopian reality just as communist Yugoslavia ended up becoming. Of course, the children of former hardline communists or former hardline communists themselves are not going to admit to living under the bloodiest utopia in the history of mankind that communist crimes made Yugoslavia become. To admit this many would need to admit to having accepted the practices of spying on fellow citizens and reporting them to secret police, of imprisonments without trials, of persecuting their neighbours, of throwing people out of jobs to make way for politically suitable candidates, etc.; they would have to admit to tolerating an oppressive political regime as long as their own personal life was not oppressed.

Croatia has not held actual people responsible for communist crimes and that is where much of the problem lies when it comes to effectively dealing with these or any crimes. When Josip Boljkovac was charged in relation to multiple/ mass murder immediately after WWII ended the court in Zagreb found  in 2014 that these mass murders did occur but that the communist system was the guilty party and not those individuals who ordered, organised and/or executed the killings!

Such judgments and court conclusions only fuel the illusion of former communists that they  or their colleagues are not guilty of anything! Not only – not guilty, but actually that righteousness was – in killing innocent people!
This is disturbing, beyond words. Such a politician, as Stjepan Mesic is, should not enjoy the fruits of an ex-president’s office and staff for life paid for by the taxpayers who have actually lost loved ones, lost limbs, lost a whole life to free Croatia from Tito’s Communist Yugoslavia in early 1990’s. I am left flabbergasted and speechless even at the thought that Croatia’s current president would even contemplate speaking to such an abominable creature as Stjepan Mesic is – former president or not! The words that came out of Mesic’s mouth in Kumrovec on Saturday deserve the strongest condemnation and ostracizing of Stjepan Mesic from the Croatian political and public scene. It is disgraceful what that man is capable of saying just to save face of murderers that many communists were, including Tito. Historical revision must be made for the sake of the truth. Communists may have succeeded in presenting history half-baked but today’s democracy demands fully baked one! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Truly amazing writing and a powerful incident ! 😀

  2. Let’s hope that over time, more and more of Tito’s supporters are voted out and replaced by true democrats with the future in mind. Maybe then changes can be made necessary to teaching people of the truth as to that reign of terror and criminality. Maybe also it will be seen that ex President’s who put themselves before the people of Croatia should not receive the benefits they currently do and It can be stopped by new legislation. I hope the current President stays in power and the Prime Minister and others are replaced by members of a party who see the good she has done/is doing.
    Democracy is a slow process there but sooner or later all the old guard will be gone. Sooner would be better. I think Croatia will shine then
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Indeed, David – Croatia will shine and to get there heavy hand is needed to deal with the destructive past and those who contribute its upkeep in however small or big doses. A law cutting state benefits to all former presidents or prime ministers etc who work against progress of democracy would be such a great step forward.

  3. Wilkinson says:

    Tito’s Vampires congregate

  4. Geez…. I actually have no words for this. Its rare that im wordless but I am! For a former president to be celebrating Tito? What the hell!

    • He was Tito’s boy through and through, Anna but what’s sickening is that he hasn’t moved an inch forward – still covering up for the bastard

      • I didn’t know that. So how did he get voted in then? Are Croatians that blind to his commo ways?

      • Well, he was the last president of Yugoslavia, saw that Croatian independence was coming and quickly got into the Croatian Democratic Union with Franjo Tudjman, became second man in Croatia only to start digging Tudjman’s grave with lies and tricks as early a 1992, he built up so much muck against Tudjman and the homeland war that he managed to get elected as president after Tudjman’s death, stayed there for 10 years and that was as terrible fate for Croatian democracy as the bloody war of Serb aggression was.

      • Ahh so thats the (basic) story! I remember being in croatia and watching him in tv withbaba. She was cursing and calling him a monkey. Lol. So basically he is a slimebag who weasled his way in and then stabbed Tudjman and his legacy in the back. charming. Thanks for the lesson. I really need to learn more about Croatian history and politics. X

      • The biggest slime-bag I reckon

  5. Zezevica says:

    The question that Mesic has to answer now is, What did he divulge to the JNA and Belgrade during the Homeland war? This piece of political + crap probably gave them all the information they needed so that he could cling to his dream of Bratsvo Jedinstvo.
    I hope he rots in hell with his murderous mates of the Communist Party.

    • You’re most likely not far from the truth, Zezevica. Mesic was and is a terrible man, politically dishonest all to self promotion and his self is worth zilch.

  6. There were no British PoW, the British never accepted them. It was naive from their leaders to seek the rights of the Geneva Convention while their men slaughtered people and didn’t abide by the Geneva Convention in 1941-1945.

    • Actually, Miro – you are completely wrong! Check your history regarding British POWs during and at end of WWII. Don’t know which men slaughtered people but certainly the ones fleeing to Bleiburg did not. Tito carried out “ethnic cleansing” and mass killings on a far greater scale than what Serbs did during 1990’s, against Croats, Germans and Serbs, and with the sanction of the British and American governments and this commenced with Bleiburg massacres. His rule in Yugoslavia (1945-1980), which coincided with the “Cold War” era, was generally supported by the Western powers, who regarded his regime as a factor of stability in this often unstable region of Europe. Your communist stench reaches far, Miro but never mind you can keep fooling yourself as long as the wheels of justice for communist crimes keep moving forward

    • Wilkinson says:

      Here you go Miro have a bit of a look – there are thousands more mass graves by your communist lot

    • Veronika says:

      Miro, you might want to read something beyond agitprop.
      It’s amazing how your ilk refuses to acknowledge what Tito and the Commis did. Just amazing. You and the oldies in the photos in Ina’s article are like the useful idiots who carry pics of Stalin around in Russia.

  7. croatian new says:

    my beutiful people proud of Them

    • I think you need correctional vision, croatian new or simply join them next time and you might see better. As long as justice for communist crimes keeps moving forward these communist zombies in Kumrovec can dance as long as they want

    • Wilkinson says:

      Here is only a smart part of what your people from Kumrovec tolerated or even did but unlike Tito and his communists I would not like to convict anyone without a trial and evidence. Tito committed crimes against humanity and your people from all over for Yugoslavia can have him, no place for him in independent and free Croatia

    • Veronika says:

      Anyone who calls them ‘beautiful’ and is ‘proud of them’ is disturbed. It’s as disgusting as calling Nazis and Stalinists the same. You need help. Perhaps institutionalized help.

  8. Croatia shall shine. Croatia shall move forward. Thanks for enlightening us on what is going on.

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    Also added you here Ina

  10. Im hoping to go to croatia someday because I have heard it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I love reading your blog because it will also give me a different foundation for my trip.

    • Oh great news psychologistmimi re your planned trip – indeed, Croatia is most beautiful along the coast and interior – much history visible too in buildings and monuments

  11. Tito kept Yugoslavia semi-independent from the USSR-dominated bloc, despite the historic alliance between Russia and Serbia. Had that any benefit?

    • The way that most see it, Clare, is the (wrong) perception of independence or moving away from USSR the west had about Tito’s Yugoslavia made way for relative ease for Tito to pump up foreign loans during cold war years into Yugoslavia, which in turn provided Tito with funds to experiment with his jobs-for-life-regardless-of-productivity economy (essentially designed to make people believe that communism/socialism was the best); it all ended up in a terrible mess with with run down, bankrupt companies, corruption embedded in public administration, employment, trade … Tito was a cunning bugger – he never moved away fully from Stalin, he never moved towards the West and he got himself active in non-Aligned movement to trick all

  12. NewCroatian says:

    I just took a bus here in Croatia and some of the local schools children to Yugoslav hero places to celebrate our most glory history as Croats when we were Yugoslavia!! Thank you father Tito for liberating us without you we will had been a province in Germany today! he saved Croatia! Viva Mesic!

    • Germany is doing much better these days and in fact since WWII economically than Tito’s and Mesic’s Yugoslavia, NewCroatian so I guess you can have them both boots and all

  13. therealamericro says:

    Stipe Mesic was, along with Josip Boljkovac and Martin Spegelj, named as KOS (Yugoslav Army Counterintelligence) men by Yugoslav Army General Veljko Kadijevic in his memoirs.

    Mesic was a UK puppet who took Croatia back to 1989. A retrograde village swindler-politician, Mesic was a war profiteer and corrupt politician who made millions during privatization, who opened top secret archives to foreign journalists, including known journalists who are really intelligence plants. Mesic decimated Croatia’s military and intelligence service, lowered standards, lowered morale, and even went so far as to reintstate Yugoslav Army officers who chose to sit out the war in Croatia.

    One day an Ustasa, the next day a Partisan, Mesic is a man for every regime as long as he makes his money and maintains power.

    For the Tito troll(s): that genocidal pig’s bust has been removed from the office of the Presidency, and was placed ignominiously in a museum in Zagorje where a dozen or few Yugozombies showed up to drool for the miscellaneous ceremonial delivery.

    Tito squares across the country are about to be renamed, as the Mustac and Perkovic rulings will prove once more, and in court, that Tito was a murderous dictator. SDP is in trouble too as the Communist Party of Croatia leadership gave permission for the assassinations, and they are the legal successor to the CP.

    The genocidal locksmith will be called out for the treasonous, genocidal maniac and totalitarian dictator he was, and history books in Croatian schools and universities – much to the chagrin of some full time faculty at the Philosophical University – will inform generations of his treason and genocidal mania.

    • As the steps to remove reminders of Tito from Croatia increase and those that remain, as in books, become edited to reflect the genocidal maniac he was, truth and justice will be served well, therealamericro. Until that process completes Tito’s zombies will kick hard and harder in protest, I’m sure. As to Mesic, I truly cannot fathom the hold he still has over some powerful people in Croatia – I would have sunk him to oblivion in early nineties

  14. Is there no shame? Eradicate the damn thing!

  15. Vaš je članak sramota, vaša analiza je osrednja, samo prečaci, pa je složeniji od njegove, ja sam hrvatski i ponosan sam što sam Jugoslaven, neka živi Tito zahvaljujući njemu, imali smo posla, danas Hrvatska je, kao i druge jugoslavenske republike, osim što je kurva Europe, ono što je, a onda ne zaboravite nešto ludo, oni koji su se oduprli nacistima su Hrvati, prvi odred partizana za cijela Jugoslavija rođena je u Hrvatskoj u Sisku 22. lipnja 1941. godine i bila je sastavljena samo od Hrvata. Predsjednik Jugoslavenskog antifašističkog narodnooslobodilačkog vijeća (CALNY:
    vrsta jugoslavenskog sabora) bio je hrvatski: Ivan Ribar. Ladimir Bakarić, hrvatski izaslanik i Titova buduća desnica, rekao je: “Danas hrvatske mase sudjeluju u nacionalnooslobodilačkom pokretu diljem Hrvatske, a danas možemo reći da je hrvatski narod dio ljudi koji su svojom borbom u ovom ratu stekli pravo da sami odlučuju o svojoj budućnosti … “U to se vrijeme mladi Franjo Tuđman borio protiv okupatora i postao najmlađi general Titove vojske. To čini apsurdnim tvrdnje onih koji tvrde da bi Tuđmanova Hrvatska bila nasljednica režima Ante Pavelića.

    • Kevin – jeste li namjerno izstavili u vašem komentaru onaj dio moje analize u kojem govorim o potrebi osude i kažnjavanja komunističkih zločina u komunističkoj Jugoslaviji? Činjenica je da je svugdje po svijetu bilo “bolje” prije pola stoljeća itd ali kad su strani zajmovi prstali kapati u Jugoslaviju svi znamo što je bilo i što se našlo u javnim poduzećima. “Nacionalnooslobodilački” pokret o kojem vi govorite nije oslobodio Hrvatsku iz Jugoslavije, dapače borio se da Hrvatska i dalje ostane dio Jugoslavije. Vi možete se osjećati Jugoslavenom to je vaše pravo i sretno vam

  16. Ali danas je bolje? Hrvatska, Slovenija okreću se EU i mora privatizacija učiniti divljom, razgovarao sam s mnogim mladim ljudima iz svih republika Jugoslavije i većina njih ne nađe posao koji više ne jede na glad, Mesić, 90-ih Tuđman, vodi politiku privatizacije hrvatskog gospodarstva. Optužen je da je “prodao” hrvatske tvrtke ratnim profiterima, ne čujem da više ljudi nešto govore, želim da budete antijugoslavenski, ali uklonite povijesne spomenike partizani Ja sam oprosti, ali to je povratak ustaške atmosfere,

    • Ne ustaške atmosfere nego atmosfere nezavisnosti. Nažalost ili ne privatizacija je fenomen diljem svijeta, a u Hrvatskoj je slučaj bio da privatizacija javnih poduzeća nije donijela profit državi jer su bili gotovo bezvrijedni…uz korupciju koja je cvala tijekom Jugoslavije to nasljeđe najviše šteti…

  17. Kako možete razgovarati sa mnom o neovisnosti? Kad ste podvrgnuti Europskoj uniji NATO-a, vi ste u ekonomskoj krizi, osim što se većina Hrvata nije htjela vratiti u EU, ali hej, njegova se demokracija napokon malo mijenja. socijalizam diktature, ali barem u komunističkoj diktaturi svi su imali posao koji je pojeo da je gladovao, imao je krov, SFRJ je izbio jer je jedina zemlja u regiji koja nije odbacila ono što je ostalo od njegovog socijalizma umjesto toga instalirati tržišni sustav bez ometanja prodora kapitala. Jugoslavija je doista odbijala potpuno otvaranje svoje ekonomije, svog važnog javnog sektora i nacionalnih resursa po sniženim cijenama za investitore i međunarodne kreditore. Upravo zbog tog neslaganja protiv kapitalističkog inkvizitornog katekizma, i za ništa drugo, da je Jugoslavija napadnuta, demontirana i opustošena to je prava istina kad sam išao u hrvatsku u sloveniju srbija makedonija sve oplakivati ​​Jugoslaviju, ali c prekasno je, sada ste željeli “demokraciju”

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