Croatia Bamboozled As EU Says Put On The Brakes To Refugee Influx

European Commission mini-summit on refugee crisis Sunday 25 October 2015

European Commission mini-summit
on refugee crisis
Sunday 25 October 2015


Following on to my last post the EC crisis mini-summit held in Brussels Sunday 25 October 2015 appears as yet another proof that EU leaders are still out with the Fairies when it comes to solving this crisis. Given that Germany’s Angela Merkel was very very loud in her invitations for all to come to Germany, and other Western European countries such as Sweden spread out their Welcome mats, it’s only natural that courage and the concept of entitlement are now instilled in all who are coming to Europe regardless of whether they are genuine refugees or illegal economic migrants. How can those countries who wield power in EU now ask the countries where these wretched people pass to “put the brakes on?” It is utterly irresponsible for in a mindset such as the one of welcome created, no “brake” is possible without some force. Such a situation of “needing to put the brakes on and being asked to do so for people who obviously need help” only leads in more instances than not, it seems, to humiliation, fear and going hungry as there is little food to go around.

October 2015 Refugees and migrants making their way across Croatia to Slovenia

October 2015
Refugees and migrants
making their way across Croatia
to Slovenia

European Commission from its Sunday 25 October 2015 mini-summit wants: humane conditions for the refugees, for countries affected by the massive refugee transit (such as Croatia, Slovenia…) it wants better communication among the countries and, to top the “fairy gilding” on its Magic Wand it wants an end to the “disorderly” influx of refugees and illegal economic migrants.
The leaders reportedly agreed to implement a 17 point operational measures as of Monday 26 October 2015 (Click here to see PDF version of statement on 17 points ). I refer to the Fairies here because it seems to me that those 17 points are more like a declaration of intent than an Action Plan to which all relevant parties are subscribed and for which conducive conditions exist.

At the Croatian border with Serbia Photo: Branko Filipovic/Reuters

At the Republic of Croatia border with Serbia
Photo: Branko Filipovic/Reuters


Talking of some concrete, hard figures, the 17 point plan does include 400 police officers to help out in Slovenia (where Schengen border is), the EU border security agency Frontex is to provide assistance in Greece (where Schengen border is) and on the Serbia-Croatia border (where EU border is). The European Union also pledged to help set up 100,000 places in reception centres along the route through the Balkans (50,000 in Greece and 50,000 – it does not specify. Within Croatia there are real fears of “hot-spots”/reception centres/camps being set up that would throw the country into disarray and anger at being duped or bamboozled into carrying the impossible load of dealing with refugees and illegal migrants without proper or adequate condition by its current government and the EU.
Hundreds of thousands of refugees have already passed through Croatia since mid-September – the number now revolving around 275,000 and the flow-through to the countries of desired destination (Germany, Sweden, UK…) is fast becoming clogged up with saturation of numbers the Western European countries can receive.

Croatia - Tovarnik Refugees pushing to get on train to Slovenia October 2015 Photo: AP

Croatia – Tovarnik
Refugees pushing to get
on train to Slovenia
October 2015
Photo: AP


Whether Germany or any other Western Europe country has reached saturation point, has reached or is about to reach the limit of how many refugees or migrants they can receive is not important or critical in this at all and “directives” to slow the influx are quite misguided and serve mainly the purpose of stalling a humanitarian calamity there that does not relate only to refugees/migrants but also to the domestic population whose opportunities in “sharing the livelihood cake” become increasingly depleted. With such large numbers of people on the move it’s not likely most will sit still in reception centres for years – they are likely to run and risk getting caught; most are at the stage where getting caught may appear a better prospect to many than staying still…EU (or indeed EU member countries affected) must prepare to deal with this and whether some force will need to be employed when/if saturation with refugees and illegal migrants starts threatening the livelihood of their own citizens due to lack of resources.

Refugees in Croatia Stampede is on to move on

Refugees in Croatia
Stampede is on to move on

Demands to shut down the borders are on the rise. Bulgaria’s prime minister is toying with the idea – “If Germany, Austria, and other countries close their borders, we will not let our nations become a buffer zone; we will have the readiness to close ours in the same manner,” said Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Saturday 24 October, the Slovenian government says fences are an option and Croatia’s president would like to send the army to guard the border with Serbia. Hungary’s fence was deemed un-European in September 2015, but now, the idea of fences is becoming mainstream. The fear of being overrun by refugees and illegal migrants from the Middle East has won government for the Polish conservative and Europsceptic Law and Justice Party two days ago.
Croatia can be satisfied with the results of the talks in Brussels, which were attended by Western Balkan countries on the refugee route“, Croatian interior minister Ranko Ostojic said Monday 26 October. He added that Frontex observers will supervise situation at the railway station in Sid (Serbia), where the refugees will board the trains and then be transported to a temporary winter camp in Slavonski Brod in Croatia.

Building at Slavonski Brod Croatia to house refugees

Building at Slavonski Brod
Croatia to house refugees

Slavonski Brod centre can only house 5,000 and indications are that Croatia will be placed in a position – as Western European countries tighten the passageway for refugees and illegal migrants – to house more in accordance with the EC summit decisions from Sunday 25 October to set up 50,000 outside Greece in reception centres. So, the current Croatian government is actually setting-up a migrant “hot-spot” through “back doors” and it’s telling the citizens it does not want and it will not permit Croatia to become one! The concept of “hot spot” in the context of the refugee/migrant crisis has grown to denote a place where largely unwanted as well as unwilling refugees and illegal migrants remain “by force” for a time and the way things are panning out such places are bound to become cesspits of social unrest and despair.

Site planned for refugee camp in Slavonski Brod Croatia near the building that's being prepared

Site planned for refugee camp in Slavonski Brod Croatia
near the building that’s being prepared

It’s actually infuriating to hear the Croatian government minister (the government) say that Croatia can be satisfied with the Brussels 17 points! Croatia cannot and must not be satisfied with getting Frontex EU border security personnel to bamboozle it into carrying a hard refugee burden that should have been and should be shared between Schengen countries or countries that invited them in the first place. Frontex seems a toothless tiger just as UN peace keeping forces were during the 1990’s war in Croatia backed by political interests of European elements who did not want the breakup of communist Yugoslavia. Croatia should rely on its own forces and Frontex can do the pencil-work of registering the refugees and illegal migrants if it wants. But, given that Croatia is currently ruled by those who didn’t want its freedom from communist Yugoslavia perhaps the 8 November general elections will provide Croatia with a new door into a future designed to nurture the protection of Croatian life as a priority. Once a government protects its own in earnest then helping others comes in earnest as well – the ruling Social Democrats’ political fiber, ex-communist league, has never and is never likely to look after Croats in earnest. The sooner the majority voters admit that the better for everyone. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. EU heads will talk and talk – they’re very good at talking – while the refugees struggle and the nations of east and south-east Europe struggle to cope.

    Another worthwhile offering, Ina

    much love


  2. Merkel positions herself as a strong European but she may now be remembered as responsible for the break up of the EU. Some countries, such as Croatia, suffer because of their unfortunate geography.

    • I think so too, Andrew – it’s ludicrous to even expect a country to slow down the influx on its determined way to Germany. While it is a responsibility of every country to contribute helping the refugees it’s also the responsibility to do it in a way that damages or wounds no one. But, here we are in a crisis everyone saw except it seems the political leaders and everyone will need to do the best they can to survive and let survive, which not an easy feat by a long shot.

  3. Here’s a new country to raise border fences, Ina: Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said today that plans are underway to build a fence along the border with Slovenia to slow down the flow of migrants into the country. How the hell they all think they can bring orderly control by raising fences is beyond me – they need to create a bureaucracy-free passage all the way to Germany instead of stopping and stalling. Germany waved them on so why not help them to get there!

    • Yes, and the crazy list grows at the stage when it’s impossible to stop the madness, Wade. But, oh, I do like the suggestion of an open bureaucracy-free passage, Wade

  4. I will post another one right after this, but first I want to say that the only good I got out of becoming an EU citizen is perhaps a better legal system. Up until then I was not given any rights as an equal partner since I am not in a married relationship, thanks to EU, I now have the same rights as a married woman. That’s all that I have gained from this charade of non-elected non-democratic bodies in the EU parliament/power.

  5. I agree with everything you say Ina, it’s a travesty as to what is going on, but should we be surprised? When was Croatia ever an important Country? The only reason they allowed us to join this “elite” group was because we were too dumbed down and war torn out to use our resources and create a very prosperous country where we can sustain ourselves. We are one of a few if not only countries that could close it’s borders and become totally self sufficient. The populace was bamboozled with lies and propaganda, the leaders knew they didn’t come to close to filling the requirements for entry, the negotiation process was an ACT for the masses to make us believe we actually had intelligent politicians that were working in our behalf. I spent most of my life living in Canada, so I can speak with some experience that pacts and Unions only serve the ones that make it. I saw what NAFTA did to Canada, within a few years our lumber and fishing industry was destroyed. My uncle in his fishing boat would wait on the seas to drop his net every Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m, while around him Americans fished 24 hours and within 2 years, the waters were over fished and salmon was almost an extinct species. Same with lumber, they deforested, sold lumber in the China/Japan for half the price while Canadians paid double. Canada is nothing but an American state now. This is what pacts/unions do, they serve the mega corporations. I buy a head of lettuce in LIDL for half the price, but it comes from SPAIN.
    Nothing good will come out of this mass refugee crisis, but one thing that I have not yet read or heard is this: Has not anyone noticed that most of these people are not poor? They are well dressed, well shaved, well equipped and many speak English. The poor don’t have money to pay 300 euros for a taxi. So what are we really dealing with here? I don’t have a problem with people seeking a better life, we all have that right, I have always stated that we humans all have the right to live a decent life, but Croatia is the next Greece if you haven’t figured it out yet, we simply are not in debt far enough and the EU banks must get us into that state so that we can call the IMF for loans. This is the goal in my opinion and the EU cabal/mafia will do whatever it takes to get us into the cycle of borrowing/pillaging our country to pay back those loans. This crisis will cost us more than just in terms of economies, I think they are preparing Croatia for these refugees to either stay here or be sent back to where they came from. All of Europe can’t handle this influx, it’s not the amount of people, it’s the ability to create holding centers or systems to take care of them. I hope I’m wrong Ina…this does not bode well. I am sure glad I live on the Islands….it’s already devoid of people here…maybe they send them here! We need help here, Bosnians come here to work because our own youth would rather sit in a cafe and burn their brains out with iPads. Something has to change or we are in big trouble.

    • I see all that you do, Ines, and it’s a crying shame that Croatia does not rate as an important country to many of her own people – bugger the foreigners. If Croats cared in enough numbers they could move mountains but as you say: too many cafes and too many willing to waste their lives in them. Terrifying really.

      • I studied this “phenomena” after I arrived here and also as research for my book “NE Daj Se Ines”. This culture has been traumatized over centuries through occupations, foreign empires, barbarism, world wars, independence war and I hate to say this, but research points to it and that is teaching people to depend on god or anything else that might remove their own responsibilities. Due to thousands of years of trauma, it has actually passed down genetically, the trauma and fears. People in this region not just Croatia suffer from a form of PTST that is passed on. If you look up Epigenetics you will see that we actually activate our Genes through thought and our environment. It is understandable why most people are in this state. What we are not addressing is: How to remove a culture from living in it’s own past? By living in the past, we can’t form let alone see a future and if we do, it’s bleak, dark, fatalistic.
        People seem to forget that some here or immigrated were once refugees. My parents fled when I was a baby. I lived in a refugee camp for 2 years before getting permission to go to Canada. Many, almost all North Americans have roots in Europe therefore, many have at one time or another experienced migration from wars and hunger. We have become desensitized towards another human’s plight, we either can’t or don’t want to associate our own traumas with the current immigration problem, furthermore, we have lost our compassion and become a very selfish and self centered society because our governments have taken so much from us, we feel we don’t and can’t give anymore. It’s all justifiable, we can’t take responsibility for everything, but we need a government that will promote a future and not live in the past. Living in the past only keeps us from living in the future and creating a more positive future. This is our core issue that is destroying what little we have left of this country. Just my opinion, doesn’t mean I am right. Keep up the good work.

      • So true Ines and I couldn’t agree more with what you say. Those who fled or emigrated had in them the “inherited” history but when placed in an orderly democracy with rights and expectations they are successful at what they do. So yes, the domestic Croats would do well if they had government that knows and wants to bring about change of rights and responsibilities. The wretched communist Yugoslavia had nurtured the culture of “the state will provide” or “the government owes me a living” (probably stemming fron secure tenure, could not get sacked from job if one slept on it 8 hrs a day… Cheers

  6. Stevie10703 says:

    Croatia (Milanovic,, Ostojic, etc etc) are just as at fault here and the rest of the EU. Croatia could have followed Hungary’s lead and closed its borders to these people. More and more you’re seeing people that aren’t refugees, rather what you’re seeing is invaders. You have to ask yourself why didn’t any of the rich Arab countries take these people in? Each and everyone of them said “no” yet, Saudi Arabia does have the money to build Mosques where these people settle. You have to ask yourself, where are the women, children, and elderly that you normally see in a refugee crisis. Why are 70% of these “migrants” males 40 years of age and under? Shouldn’t these men be fighting? The media is reporting a false narrative, the few women and children there are being used as propaganda tools for the media savvy “refugees.” You just need to look at Sweden to see what these people will eventually do…or just look at the start of this crisis when they refused food from the Red Cross because of the red cross on the boxes, when they threw food and water on the train tracks in Hungary, in Croatia when they threw furniture and televisions out a hotel window they were being housed in Eastern Slavonia and how at the border with Slovenia they burned down tents. These people are here for trouble and this is nothing more a Trojan horse in which the EU and their complicit media have been a part of.

    • Certainly the boldness of many does make one think, Stevie. Order will need to be put in quickly as Austria announced fencing off border with Slovenia and aggressive desperation will swell in the masses “trapped” in Croatia and other countries en route to Western Europe

  7. You may think living where I do that I’m not affected by this, but the other day the mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah said he wanted to take several thousand of these people. 🙁

    • Seems, Rob, there are kinds of people promising the world or indicating the would give the world to the needy for political mileage and that only exacerbates the irritability of those in need because it may tell them that all should be welcoming regardless of whether they are able to or not. What truly upsets is that such people do not suffer any consequences while others must sustain almost unbearable burdens

  8. I am hoping that next weekend a new Croatian government with some sense, (read: not the SDP), will be in power to clean up the mess these commi turkeys could not resolve. I am just waiting for disease and violence to start spreading like wildfires. When you have a massive group of people of an entirely different culture and religion on the move, there is bound to be trouble. Many pundits said it correctly when they called on the likes of Milanovic, Ostojic and Merkel to take these people into their own gated homes, backyards, communities! HA! Like that would happen.

    • Yes, praying for a better government, Veronika – lets hope the voters see that as the crisis will worsen and as you say, there will be trouble with large groups that think they have nowhere to move but are feeling the urge to move on

  9. Ina, looking at the trends and momentum in the Cro election I am concerned that karamarko will not win or defeat milanovic. The SDP seem to have wind in their sails while the HdZ has failed to campaign effectively and seem without an effective strategy. Karamarko is failing to inspire and convince croatians he is the better choice. His refusal to debate milanovic and and other leader is a fatal decision. He looks either like a weakling unable to defend his policies and if he can’t defend his position against an incompentant like milanovic how can he be trusted to defend Croatian interests. Or it makes him look arrogant and aloof just like milanovic. I hope he can mobilize the HDZ vote better than he can campaign.

    • I concur, Sunman – need some more fire toward victory under HDZ or opposition heels. Perhaps this coming week will be the winner on that front? Cheers

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  11. I am so disappointed at the way the European Union and European Countries leave you in the lurch. Union seems no longer an appropriate title.
    A friend of mine is currently volunteering in Berkasovo in Serbia and says that so much more is needed.

    • Terrible state of affairs, Christoph – I agree with you re unity or rather disunity. I see on news from the area every day that so much more is needed – not enough food, clothes, drink, water and personal hygiene products….battling to stop diseases … just a constant state of battle for all: for refugees as well as for those trying to help them

  12. Michael Silovic says:

    Not going to comment much on this matter other then I told you so! Only a fool could not understand what was going to happen with this crises.

  13. People if you can Vote next weekend!
    The 11 electoral district is for diaspora.
    General Glasnovic is running. He’s #8.
    Ina hvala na svemu.

  14. …what has happened to the where-abouts of our friend, “ante saric”? Longtime no hear from!..I don’t think that that was his real name nor that he was a real Croatian!…probably some … from the Dalmatian coast spreading “sublime” anti-Croatian propaganda!

    • Well Tempus Fugit, don’t know where or who the commentator was but I do think that all have a right to an opinion and that all do not need to like or agree with all opinions…there is not need to insult by calling people names

  15. This is the biggest humanity tragedy in the 21st century..ah, I hope there will be a solution soon for them and for EU too.

  16. I wonder if this is the real reason NATO has been building up along European borders… just a thought. Of course, that would mean they knew this would be happening – and what it would lead to.

    • I do believe they knew what would happen and how big a problem this would be – the cards were on the table from few years ago…the urge to “protect” borders is getting stronger, Helena, and unless someone (/NATO) steps up there will will utter chaos and unrest and violence everywhere there I think

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