Donald Trump Vibrations In Croatia


The people who put Donald Trump into the Office of the President of the United States want security and solidarity, not creative destruction as the one liberalism is widely credited with; they want four solid walls of abode and a roof over their heads. If anything, in these American presidential elections, a convincing majority of voters have demonstrated that they want deeper solidarity with their own country and a greater order in their country than what liberals, Democrats, have been serving them so far.


At this juncture of this article I reflect on Joseph II, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire 1765 to 1790 and ruler of the Habsburg lands from 1780 to 1790 (relevant to Croatian historical “belonging”). He is often called a historical liberal hero; he strove to make the traditional society he ruled more liberal through a from-top-to-down revolution. “Everything for the people, nothing by the people” was his motto. Leaders of today’s liberal worlds seem to have similar motto through actions promoting their beliefs that common people should gain their life’s conventions through the trickle-down effect. In America, Trump’s call to people engagement to join in into “making America great again” shows that the “Josephinism” plan has now been rejected, and America’s liberal leaders are reeling with ugly non-acceptance of the American people’s majority vote, almost dismissing anyone who dared defy them as not knowing “diddly- squat” about anything in life.


Way back on 9 November 2016, in her concession speech, Hillary Clinton said one of her goals had been “breaking down all the barriers that hold any American back from achieving their dreams”. This, of course, is a dream of liberalism, which seeks freedom from any social or economic constraint and produces political elites and leaders who appear confident that they can navigate a deregulated society on all major issues. The results so far for the liberal track records across the world has in many ways contributed to widespread unrest of the ordinary citizen and his/her profound struggle to survive, to meet daily expenses and requirements of a decent living.


As the world witnessed in November 2016, an overwhelming part of America was simply not confident in the dreams and facets of life Hillary Clinton/Democrats pursued religiously. They voted convincingly for what Donald Trump/Republicans are offering and much of America as well as of the world appear in a state of suspended acceptance of the vote the American people had given.


It is no different in Croatia, the political and people camps are divided on Trump issues and, perhaps, for a small Country like Croatia, whose liberal governments or large proportion of liberalised members of non-liberal governments during the past decade and half, especially, had kept on that destructive political tradition from former communist Yugoslavia, which nurtured and pursued dependence on external forces and alliances rather reliance on own strengths and forces as primary benchmark in developing the newfound democracy as an independent country taking care of its own interests and people first. For Croatia, therefore, it stands to understanding that times were easier in many ways when the Democrats ruled from Washington; it’s the beast of communism/socialism that favours liberalism as opposed to patriotism and conservatism. The US Democrats want a stronger European Union and have invested a great deal of political steering, professional effort and financial support into such a Europe. Trump’s Republicans are unlikely to follow Democrats’ footsteps over Europe and he has announced as much. Trump talks of America first.


Croatia’s governments have and are investing a great deal of political and life-defining actions into relying on the European Union, as opposed to its own people. We cannot forget that a dismal 28% of Croatia’s voters voted Yes to Croatia’s EU membership in January 2012. Croatia has followed the path of US Democrat political waters as well as being a member of NATO. While there is no official statements regarding unconditional support for Trump, or lack of it, from Croatia’s government or the president that I could find, President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic had said last week that Croatia has and will follow (subscribe to ?) US politics. How this outlook and orientation may change should Trump change the rules and paths of US engagement in Europe is anyone’s guess, however, Croatia’s president did visit the US during the week prior to the 20 January inauguration, reportedly seeking to establish some new ties with Trump’s incoming administration.


The uncertainties of Trump’s future moves, the liberal-led fear mongering, when it comes to Europe, do appear at this stage to expose current Croatian political/economic vulnerabilities. It is of no surprise that Croatia is divided on whether Trump is a good or a bad thing the same way every other country depending on previous US international engagement at various levels is. However, on balance, the political sentiments and allegiances as can be detected from the media and more numerous in the “against Trump” camp. That of course is a reflection of the liberalism and communism still pervading throughout Croatian institutions and public administration/customs avenues.
On many fronts Trump has announced a whole new world of possibilities that are in contrast to and on a collision course with liberalism. Without a doubt, while many try to paint him ridiculous and incompetent listening carefully to his inaugural speech one cannot avoid the conclusion that the man knows what he is talking about and is well aware of the rocky road, possibilities and impossibilities of his missions. One must admire his call to the American people to help make “America great again”, after all wanting to join into making a country work is what street rallies and demonstrations on our streets have always been about. And this is where the more conservative and patriotic political camp in Croatia, openly supporting Trump, and just as openly often ridiculed for it in mainstream media, appears to draw a good part of its breath towards the future. While that political force per se may be relatively smaller, the force of the people is much larger than the bigger political players controlling the nations all-inclusive socioeconomic landscape are; knowing how to engage the people seems a way forward not only for America. That part of Croatia which seeks to restore Croatian patriotism and unity that was once in ample supply when independent Croatia was being created, but brutally attacked for it, may have an added bonus to its lease of life because of Trump. For much of the “conservative/patriotic” Croatia Donald Trump’s victory is as legitimate for furthering their cause as Barrack Obama’s was for hindering it.

“…At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice…In America, we understand that a nation is only living as long it is striving. We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining, but never doing anything about it. The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action. Do not allow anyone to tell you that it cannot be done. No challenge can match the heart and fight and spirit of America. We will not fail…” Trump said (Washington Post/annotated Trump’s inaugural speech). Very potent words for those who listen carefully and have the interests of their own nation at heart first, which (arguably?) is a prerequisite to being able to then look after others.

As shocked as much of the world appears regarding Trump’s directions for America, these however are not news if we carefully consider what’s been going on around the world “lately”, especially Europe where Croatia is. We’ve seen countries turning away from liberal beliefs in open borders, open markets and the resistance to national debates over fundamental national questions. We have seen a number of EU countries either building or considering building border fences to ward off unwanted immigrants or refugees, we have seen the British people vote for Brexit; France’s leading presidential candidate is ultra-conservative (patriotic) Marine Le Pen; 2016 presidential elections in Austria saw the anti-immigrant Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer enter run-off stage of elections, losing by a margin that could easily swing in that direction at next elections; In Hungary, Viktor Orban’s clearly displayed affinity for illiberalism has moved the country toward Christian nationalism and an alliance of some concerning sorts with Russia; and so on.


Speaking in grim terms about the current state of affairs in America (to which many nations including Croatia can clearly relate), Trump pledged to improve the nation by putting America and its people first. “From this day forward,” he said, “it’s going to be only America first.” Nothing wrong with that in my book. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. “From this day forward, it’s going to be only Croatia first.”

    If only someone stood up and said those works for all Croatians around the world then I would be very happy…..

    • I’d join them till I lost my voice from shouting, Steve

    • People need to once again become citizens.
      What I mean is active citizens, not passive wards of the state.
      People need to participate.
      The government is not mother and father.
      The government is a contractor you hire.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if it’s really putting America First to open up new coal mines, to open new oil fields in national lands
    ( possibly National parks), to allow shale fracking for oil and gas though it has been shown to have a negative environmental effect.
    Does it help the people if the President signs a declaration to abandon Obamacare even though the Republicans have no viable alternative and it could leave 12 million of the poorest people with no access to doctors.And, to talk of abandoning the Paris agreement on Carbon emissions which isn’t going to make the air any clearer.
    Nor is there any talk of gun control so the killing can go on.
    here is talk of import duties for items not made in America, especially cars in an effort to force manufacturers to move to the US. It would hurt them if that was reciprocated and they were left with just an American market for their goods.
    One of the main problems though which does not seem to be for some of the people is his choice of people for top jobs. A judge who dislikes negroes, a VP who thinks gays can be cured with electric shocks and a woman who is prepared to deprive state run schools of money in order to further private schools in charge of education.
    It seems America First is on his terms.
    xxx Huge Hugs Ina xxx

    • Indeed David many parts to the puzzle that’s yet to unravel but what Trump did awaken I think is people’s interest to take charge of their own country, whether this happens or not is a revelation that awaits us all, but I do find it hard to believe that he spoke without prior considerations behind him, a team of “experts” perhaps…it’s too important a position in the world not to do this. As to private schools many feel that parents of children in private schools also pay taxes, perhaps more in total than parents of children in public schools and that the taxpayer dollar should then be distributed to education on a fairer basis, which in this context is more to private schools because they’ve been getting less etc…hard issues that surround us every day…hugs to you too David very many times 🙂

    • They have no intention of just abolishing Obamacare and leaving people with nothing. It’s “repeal and replace.” And as for schools, she’s not advocating private schools, she advocates for school choice. If the public school isn’t serving a child, the parents should have the right to move that child to a place where they will flourish, whether it’s private, charter, homeschool, or simply moving to another public school. Don’t believe everything you hear. 🙂

    • The “poorest” have free healthcare
      It is the middle class that Obamacare screws

    • David, I love what you have written for this is the truth! The majority of Americans did not vote for this president including myself. Many who voted for him voted out of mis-guided fear, anger, and in some cases out right bigotry! Yes, we have issues and there is so much more to say, but I just don’t feel like putting forth the energy at this time. Thank you for your thoughtful insight.

  3. I’m so happy for our country today, with the inauguration of President Trump. Unfortunately, I live in the most liberal state in the union–California. I have the same hopes for California that you do for Croatia. I hope we’ll be an example to Croatia, as well as the stubborn parts of Europe, of the way things can be (a rising tide lifts all boats) when we apply conservative principles, patriotism, unity, and allow the people to forge their own happiness. I could never understand why my beloved US would follow the European example when it clearly doesn’t work. And just as Europe is waking up, the liberals in the US doubled down. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by President Trump. Personally, I can’t wait to see it!
    May God bless us all.
    ~ Jolene

    • To whatever political ideology a state subscribes at one time one should always insist that the state remains a home that is comfortable, safe and looks after its own inhabitants first and then embraces to help others – visitors, neighbours…this has much been lost I believe and that’s why voters want a change. So I too wish good luck to Trump’s administration and very success.

      • You’re right. California has been in a drought for the last few years. We’re getting some lovely storms right now, and our reservoirs are at capacity. What did the state do? They released millions of gallons of the fresh water we’ve been praying for out to the ocean to help save a small fish. I’m all for not doing intentional harm, but humans have to come first most of the time, not a fish that’s used for bait.

    • I live in California too, Jolene. I need to move because it’s ugly being a Conservative here. I’m with you–I think my liberal friends will be quite surprised at the success of Trump’s plans. I was desolate November 8th, up until about 11pm. Then I was delirious.

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  5. I agree that somehow politics seem to clash with the demands of the ‘litle man’. I doubt that Trump will deliver, though.
    It’s the ugliness of his campaign and the deliberate divisiveness that makes his words of putting America first again a problem. If he found a non-offensive way of articulating himself and his goals as well as implementing them with humanitarian values assured and some hint of decency, his populism wouldn’t sound so worrying. His protectionism will not just hurt others but most likely will backfire through retaliation.
    Also, not just the left did “from top to bottom”, but the right did, too. Hitler, Franco, Mussolini…
    His unpredictiveness has a hint of dictatorship to it. SOrry to add to the leftist scaremongering but I feel it is well justified.

    • Too right Christoph, the man could have done with some smoothing around the edges and deeper when it comes too presentation and political or otherwise speaking, but it seems the voters saw beyond that, or he and his team saw deeper into the voting majority. You are welcome with adding leftist scaremongering – in politics it all goes and then we see what happens. No doubt there will be a lot of slipping the slippery slide under his feet as he tries to deliver but then the same goes when the other camp was on the radar. So – may the best “man” win in real life, for the “little” people. Thanks Christoph.

      • Mind, I must add that I see myself as mainly in the centre and only the ugliness of Farage and Trump campaigns push me in the left corner more and more. It hurts and insults to see the humanitarian side of liberalism tarred with the same brush as economical liberalism.
        It’s the simplification of issues that makes Trump and Farage so dangerous. Despite extensive reading of political information I acknowledge not to understand the complexities of EU law and other issues. That’s why expert mediators are needed, the very people that populists have come to distrust and discredit.
        Compromise isn’t simple but to me it is the essence of democracy. Dictatorship of 50.1% is not.

      • So on target, Christoph. Much humanness and humanitarianism gets lost in the race to the office and I guess I try to put myself into the shoes of the voter and imagine a life with or without either of the candidates to understand the results, although am aware that votes can be merchandise purchased through party loyalty or other factors. Compromise is the essence of democracy for sure but another essence that often rules that one out is the notion of victory and the victorious…that is what competition has boiled down to.

    • well, looking back, you prove to be an example of leftist minded individual who happens to be wrong. Now we see that is quite the opposite, leftist are, as Mr. Churchill once have said “facists of the future will call themselves antifacists”

  6. Hear, hear! Nothing wrong with putting one’s own country first in my book either. Fostering a national consciousness of patriotism and self-reliance can only serve to strengthen and more tightly unite a country and its people. Trump outlined a very ambitious plan to rebuild America from the ground up; to re-energize the economy and re-engage the citizenry to reinvest themselves in the democratic process. He pulled no punches as far as career politicians and the political machinery of Washington was concerned either.
    “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed,” he said. “That all changes starting right here and right now. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer…….We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining, but never doing anything about it. Now arrives the hour of action.”
    These comments and much worse could well be said when referring to the dismal state of Croatian politics/politicians and the subsequent lack of confidence of the electorate with their govt. I think we should find our own Croatian version of “Trump” so we could focus on putting “Croatia First” for once.

    Za Dom Spremni!

  7. Well written article Ina! You are one of the very few people around the world of blogging or Journalism who has viewed and reported a modicum of positivity toward a Trump-led America, you were able to articulate the positive aspects from Trumps inauguration speech, which I applaud. In essence & in itself , the parts you highlighted make a lot of sense if they are to be implemented altruistically, in America , ( Croatia or the rest of the world,) however, I will need to see further proof from Trump when he actually is in the ‘top job’ and starts implementing what he has promised….. Just a small note; Trump has already brought more billionaires into the Washington White House than any other past president, with a cabinet worth $14bn combined. These include CEOs and officials of the very banks that profited off of the immiseration of those ordinary Americans that Trump promises “will rule again.”…….and Make America Great again ! …….I hope that does not mean more pilfering from the top!

  8. Good post! It is the natural swing of the political pendulum, now we wait to see what he will do with all that power. It is an interesting start to 2017, UK rejects Europe and USA rejects the World.

    • I knew 2017 will be special Andrew, At least you in UK know the starting point and many in the world don’t. . We fasten our seat belts, contribute where we can and hopefully enjoy the ride

  9. Ante Tomelic says:

    It remains to be seen what the Trump Administration will do, as the election promises are seldom reliable forecasts of the future. However, I think that your article, Ina, makes a lot of sense and clearly explains the facts of the present situation in the world.

  10. justincase says:

    The days of social engineering and liberalism are all but over. people are fed up. nice article Ina.. I couldn’t agree more FB

  11. Now it’s time for Trump to “walk it like you talk it “.
    All previous presidents have broken their election promises bar two ( JFK and Abe Lincoln and they were murdered for their honesty ) .
    It will be interesting to see Donald perform the difficult job he has earned from the U.S. voters . Even though he is a property and casino billionaire , bred in New York ( to get to this position one has to be ruthless in business ) let’s hope that he delivers on his
    speeches during the campaign and inauguration . Being an elderly family man , maybe his conscience will help to guide in these future days ahead . If he can over ride the advisors surrounding him and if he now has genuine compassion for his fellow beings , maybe he is the hope for an increasingly suffering world population . Time will tell .
    For the time being I am still siting on the fence . Middle ground is best . Let’s watch and see .

  12. Spelling error previous comment , “word” should read “world population” .

  13. Changes are what people want.. and its why those who now find themselves in power were voted it.. Including in the UK..

    The people are not often given choices, and are given limited options, mainly between a tick between two boxes..

    It is obvious that the majority of people who use this choice are not happy with the way this system within our political world has operated .. It is now waking up to seeing how choices have been stripped away.. Jobs, industries going overseas.. Those who are rich line deeper their pockets while the soup kitchen cues grow ever longer.. Many politicians are not connecting with the people at grass roots level as to how they feel or what it is like to live on a weeks wage which many in those higher political circles can spend on a night dinning out.

    Mr Trump has a huge task before him.. I was amazed he got the vote.. But he has and democracy has spoken, So I hope he addresses the imbalances .. But I am afraid his own track record for treading on the little people is not good.. So he needs to walk his talk..
    Or those very People he says he is giving his country back to who voted him in, could also be capable of pulling it to shreds..

    The energies right now are so volatile ..
    Your post Ina as always hits at the heart of the matter.. And your use of the word ‘Vibrations’ is a good one..
    because we are all of us within this changing vibration right now.. I hope we chose well in which energy we flow..
    I hope we choose the correct energy in which to flow with..

    Love and Hugs Ina.. and thank you for all of your own Energy you give to putting us in the picture..

    Love Sue <3 xxx

    • Thank you Sue that so on the ball when you say that the same people he gives power to could also tear the country to shreds – it’s important to stay on the mark always and I wish him all the luck for the sake of so many who voted and placed their trust in him. The world is tired of broken promises and shallow markers. I like your bit about the Energy we choose and the Energy that’s around, I am choosing to channel mine this year into a special project all the while loving to write about Croatia, about whose prosperity and peace I imagine everyday…Hugs to you too, Sue, many times over.

  14. I believe we need to heal ourselves before we continue to try to help others. Hillary believed in continuing the wars of her predecessors.

  15. Wonderful article. You understand what’s going on here better than a lot of my liberal friends. Truly, putting America first will serve the entire world. When we talk again in a year, I think we’ll be nothing but smiles.

    • Love your optimism, Jacqui – I too look forward to such a year in the US.

    • I just read something about a group of American university students who went to Germany a few years ago. When talking with their German counterparts, the Germans asked where they were from. When they replied “Minnesota” they Germans said, “Oh, your Governor is Jesse Ventura. How do you like him?” The Americans were floored throughout the conversation that the Germans knew more about America than the other way around. The Germans just replied, “It’s more important for us to know about America than it is for America to know about Germany.” They said it’s America the rest of the world looks to as an example. I hope we can get back to that after all the harm Obama has done.

  16. For one reason or another, Trump does vibrate now doesn’t he? 🙂

  17. I do not think I have ever seen Ina promoting a “right-wing fascist government in Croatia”. I think what Ina wants, what we all want, is a responsible, capable and accountable government that serves the interests of the Croatian people. We want a nation where people can live in dignity and be proud of who they are. We want a society where we know that the “State” serves the people and not that the people are the servants of the state.

  18. One of the many things I remember best about 1st trip to Dubrovnik–it was among the first in Europe to recognize US independence from Great Britain. From a city-state to rival Venice, that declaration means a lot! 🙂

  19. I find it shocking and bigoted to think that shutting oneself off from the rest of world is the way to go. Who will encroach on your country next, the Russians? Under Trump’s ideals do you think, A man who thinks NATO is obsolete, with lift a hand to help you. I wish you luck in your isolated world, you will need it.

    • True Heartafire, Trump might think NATO is obsolete, he also thinks as he said that other member countries don’t pay their dues for it so what will come out of that we shall see but yes living in isolation is a fate one would not wish upon anyone let alone self, but also one needs to take care of oneself first to be able and strong enough to help others as well. That does not make one bigoted it’s a fact of life, the same as if one had a frail member of family to be looked after one needs to be fit enough to look after and help the frail member…there are lots of variations to this. Thank you and cheers

      • Mr. Trump does not care about the poor, his administration is about the wealthy so it is unlikely any good will come to the poor or middle class under his watch. Trump is consumed with self-aggrandizement. His wealth built on the backs of workers who, after finishing their work for him, were abandoned unpaid by Trump. He has claimed bankruptcy 17 times to avoid paying private contractors that he has hired to build his empire. Under the same bankruptcy loophole he has not paid federal taxes himself for over 17 years. Taxes that support our military, our schools, etc. He is a hypocrite. Should a man who cannot control himself on twitter, has an enemies list, seeks vengeance on anyone he considers “against” him be trusted with the code to the worlds largest nuclear arsenal. He has made a lot of promises to the middle class, how long will it take for his “sheeples” to discover they have been duped. He refuses to come forward with his tax returns, a first in the history of American presidents. What is he hiding and does it have anything to do with the Kremlin and his business ventures there? One can only speculate since he will not release his tax forms. The electoral college which put him in office must be abolished, he lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes. We will hope for the best, Meanwhile, we will also hope he does not trigger a disaster over what he considers a nasty tweet, or become so isolated he refuses to come to the aid of our allies when, heaven forbid, perhaps Russia encroaches their borders as they did in Crimea. Thank you can cheers.

      • We can only wait and see how it will all pan out, he is elected legally and deserves a chance and so if he doesn’t deliver or places the country in jeopardy I guess he will be dealt with as any former president in that or in impeachment situation? But all the best to all is all that can be said at this stateg

    • Isolationism isn’t what he’s preaching, it’s just that America needs to heal–we need to put ourselves first in some situations. It’s not unlike on a plane–they tell if the oxygen masks come down, put yours on first, then put one on your child. Like Ina said, we have to be strong before we can help others. Obama did his level best to weaken America, and in many ways he succeeded. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what happens under Trump.

      • Isolationism is exactly what he is “preaching”, we will never heal as long as there are hater’s like Trump preaching to the his sheep. Wake up, I don’t know how a woman can support a man who feels it is ok to grab the genitals of a female without her consent, because “when you are rich you can do that”. Obama has nothing to do with this…I may not be an Obama fan but I know a narcissistic power hungry buffoon when I hear one.

  20. Pozdrav Ina, splendid quality communications, your words matter!

    “… cannot avoid the conclusion that the man knows what he is talking about …” only to conclude that the man’s ‘talk’ struggles to articulate what the man knows. Yet, we need not struggle with understanding his talk because in soon time his deliberate actions will be definitive actions that will directly achieve remedial results to reinvigorate our individual courage to challenge ourselves to achieve our individual accomplishments.

    Truly wondrous is the difference from President Kennedy. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” that was appropriate for his time but fails to invigorate Americans (and world-wide courageous stalwarts) in the forward vista that 2017 spreads before us. America is HUGE an even greater enormous nation NOT NEEDING of “do for your country”. NOW it is ‘do for your personal prosperity’, now with courage to be the best YOU have ever dreamed that you can strive for. If everyone accepted full responsibility for themselves, all America will transform prosperity at elevated level! Trump is not an image of contagion, Trump is an image of courage!

    YES, I support the President Trump vision for: “Make ‘America’ Great Again”. Even more so I say: Make ‘Americans’ great again! I am 2nd generation Croatian-American with living in both countries pol-i-pol! Doing this, I even envy myself 🙂

    • Well said, Connor. As things are appearing now Trump must truly posses a great deal of courage – perhaps the voters recognised that quality in him? Cheers and it is great to have a president of ones support. Thank you for visiting Connor

  21. trump won the Electoral vote not the Popular vote which is important to us Americans though it does seem silly because he won. Americans and every one able to do something about these rules have been debating it for years,but it is still sitting on a shelf somewhere. be an American is this era of trump. I feel trump started his bid for pres shouting that Obama was NOT an American and if you follow his rise,and i do not use that word loosely, it is can be compared to white supremacy, napoleon,kingdomship and dictatorship; none of which is the norm here in the USofA. I voted for Hillary,i knew what we had here … was a binary choice, this man is NOT not presidential material, cannot fix our problems alone, he is NOT our savior nor does he care about his constituents who sadly were are misinformed,willing to be pushed into whatever direction they need to get change. However,the change that is coming is one that will appear positive and given the position of power the President has, he can and will do anything he wants and has so the changes will be negative. Why do i say this,any person with so much power should know not to act with revenge in your mind but he is narcissistic in all its forms will not only impact their lives and has already with the roll back of ACA but his reach will be long and global. The idea that a women should be punished for making decision about her own body is crazy but he has just made it impossible for Americans to help women globally with the reagan gag rule…this man is a protectionist an isolationist with nationalists standing by him wearing suits ..history speaks to us rejecting this behavior but he will be the thing the vehicle for women on both sides of the political aisle race etc …who obviously see or are seeing that this man should not be in power thus the enormous numbers of women marching not just in America but globally and while he is only talking to his constituents this carpetbagger can’t help but make all things about him,has stomped on our constitution already,broken what most will say are American values and while republicans wring their hands in joy their corrupt behavior will show itself as some of our economist suggest could be another ride into another ditch with all the costs created by moving the Israel embassy,repealing ACA just to name two lest we talk about block granting education medicaid and increasing qualifiers reinstating others or including more restricting … this is NOT the savior this is the emperor though he seems to act as if he was voted in as a king …hopefully, his clothes will shed enough for his voters in time.
    FYI i am still crying because a person of colour my rights my body will now be a threat while living depending on what city poc live and how they interpret trump’s rhetoric his dogma will be spread as often as he holds rallies for the people to see him and the spicers of the world are willing to say whatever it takes to keep them calm in imo. It’s apparent this needed to happen to America … freedom and the pursuit of happiness is gone


    • As you say Nativegrl77, he won and the fact that the victory is legitimate is a fact Americans set in motion and designed, I do hope that as time goes many things will come right if not then there’s always ways to deal with it, people should know in the end. How much he delivers of what he set out to deliver and how that will pan out in the community is a reality yet to unfold, I’d like to think that things can get better but they will never be perfect because of differing political egos…Cheers and thank you

    • This is NOT moving toward a more perfect union but i believe that for us to gain insight this is our lot
      and i understand your point, i said as much when we elected Obama, watched as opposition party pledged to do nothing so wages,jobs,infrastructure was put on hold unless and until they could do it and get the credit but soc sec,medicaid,affordable healthcare congress enjoys,paid by US taxpayers but not available to the rest of us! i say he is talking in tongues… i live in the USofA i thought we didn’t or don’t censor the govt,the people or control women, tell scientist that any and all info about climate has to pass a review panel before the public sees it is or should be considered crazy! The notion of being told to have babies, the media needs to shut their mouths,might engage in torture,nukes should be available while side stepping the 1st Amendment … maybe a lot of amendments as he harkins back to a time to govern as they wanted …not too many amendments back then just to name a few …i am resisting.I am not stupid,he has a trifecta that will hopefully end in 2018.
      thanks for letting me speak

  22. I agree with you about trump voters. It is not dissimilar to why so many here voted to leave the EU. We want our sovereignty back and more solidarity too. 🙂

  23. I can see how you hear “America first” in its global context. But many heard something else between the lines. What does that mean, in light of our rich diversity and differing interests? White America.

    On a different note, I wish we saw more posts on the relationship between the changes in America and countries overseas.

    • Oh, Holistic Wayfarer, I personally did not understand “America First” to mean White America, not by a long shot, what I understand from that phrase is “American lives, prosperity for American people first”…so let’s hope the changes if they come do achieve that for nobody can look after anybody else if their own livelihood is eroded or jeopardised etc

      • I knew you did not take it to mean White America, Ina. =) And I really appreciate your support of the perspective you understood it to mean. By the way, in case I myself was not clear, the second point was a compliment, that I wish more bloggers connected the international dots as you do so well.

      • Aw Holistic Wayfarer nice to hear Hugs <3

      • Dear Ina, I wish that the phony avatar-name people that reply to your stalwart messages had the honesty to have a real name, declare where they live and what they defend in their life as a real person like the courage of the men who signed the US Declaration of Independence risking their everything. Signed, Connor Vlakancic and alive identified in any Internet search!

      • It takes courage to use ones real name in these cases Connor and there are plenty of cowards and trolls around, we just need to recognise them and discard them as per appropriate 🙂 Cheers and thanks

  24. The real Danijel Kacunic says:

    Hi Ina,

    This the real Danijel Kacunic. The post made using my name was done by a troll in effort to upset myself and insult you.

    Please ignore it. Even better I would appreciate that you delete it.

    And keep up the good work. I am a fan of your work.

    • Aw thank you Daniel Kacunic, I did moderate or delete part of that comment as it was most inappropriate in part, we can deal with trolls but once they get too far then it’s a cut. Much appreciate you feedback 🙂

  25. investments in fear, discrimation
    and hate paid off with dRumps election!
    may we all survive this mistake 🙂

  26. What President Trump needs mostly is Prayer and some pieces of advice here and there. Is anybody willing to fill that post?

  27. Still the Liberal Leftists think that they know what is best for America and that the rest of us are complete idiots and mindless stooges! We (the conservative voters) wanted our country to return to a working class, God loving society and we took it back from the “give me’s” who want everything for nothing socialism! God Bless America and may He bless and guide our president in his endevours!

    • All who reap victory from the electoral system, law, people etc needs to be given a chance to prove themselves worthy the votes received, otherwise, democracy is down the sewer…

      • Bok Ina, How many many times (and we all have heard it and/or said it), what Croatia needs is a good dictator, not even mentioned ‘benevolent dictator’ variety. Of course “benevolent” and “dictator” are generally mutually exclusive words. Can you say ‘oxymoron’ boys and girls? Here in Zagreb, HRT has coverage of President Trump many times a day. BObama was about once a week. Anybody reading this message ‘warning’ you are being monitored by the liberal giant web spidering bot.

      • On the track, Connor 🙂

      • We the people can be such fools! Mindless followers of days and systems that no longer apply to anything we remember from our parents times. Yet they still vote for the same old Bull-Slingers time and time again! The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! Have we finally figured that out? I pray that we have and that God will give Trump the guidance and support from that so-called leadership in Congress. Though the Swamp still needs a good cleaning. Cowards and political hacks still sit in both chambers of Congress, afraid of taking a position on the mandate that the voters gave them! Wake Up you phonies and do what you were told to do by “The People

      • People always know best, poemsandponderings 🙂

      • People”

      • 😀

  28. Thanks for posting. We MUST #RESIST across the world!


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  2. […] Donald Trump Vibrations In Croatia // Croatia, the War, and the Future […]

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