Antifascist Struggle Day Equals Communist Mass Murders and Purges In Croatia

Top right: portrayal of Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia by renowned Australia-based artist Charles Billich (Top Centre Andrej Plenkovic PM, Centre middle Zoran Milanovic, President of Croatia, Left communist monument in Brezovica, bottom left and right two out of 1700 mass graves of Croatian victims of communist crimes in so far discovered/ Huda Pit and Butina Pit)

On 22 June Croatian government and those that call themselves antifascists spent that unfortunate public holiday celebrating-come-commemorating the so-called Antifascist Struggle Day at Brezovica forest (near the city of Sisak) where former communists now antifascists say the First Partisan resistance movement unit was formed 80 years ago. That’s the resistance movement against Croatian fight for independence even though they will try to convince you that their fight and resistance were against German and Italian occupation of Croatia during World War Two. This detail is crucial in the ongoing political crisis in Croatia because the former communists/Partisans keep telling everyone that they liberated Croatia in May 1945 but what really occurred is that they fought for, stood for, and managed to keep Croatia within Yugoslavia, which, of course, a great majority of Croatian people did not want!

So, we can safely say that this Brezovica related event in history marks the start of communist seizure of power through resistance to independence of Croatia from Yugoslavia, which led to the establishment of the oppressive communist regime in Yugoslavia in 1945.   

The Brezovica event on 22 June 2021, sponsored and attended by the cream of Croatia’s government led by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic as well as Croatia’s President Zoran Milanovic, is an occasion when Croatian people, in essence, should remember the tsunami of oppression, tyranny, political persecution, mass murder and purges that the communist regime unleashed after World War Two ended. The majority of Croatian people remember those painful and dark misfortunes on that day, but they do not attend Brezovica on 22 June.  Those that do attend it shamelessly glorify the communist ideology, which murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people and after which mass murders its followers, in order to gloss over their mass crimes, started calling their communist ideology – an antifascist one!

The enormous scale of communist crimes and atrocities in Croatia (in former Yugoslavia) has been documented by historians and others especially after 1991, when Croatia set itself on a path of independence from communist Yugoslavia. Over 1,700 mass graves of victims of communist crimes have been unearthed, 1000 of those in Croatia alone. New mass graves keep showing-up all the time, evidencing the horrendous depravity and brutality with which those “antifascists” murdered innocent people as well as those who fought for an independent Croatia, for a liberated from Yugoslavia Croatia.  

One would think that after its victories in the 1990’s Homeland War, after defending itself from the brutal Serb and Yugoslav aggression, after thousands of lost lives for independence, after immeasurable destruction, losses and ethnic cleansing of Croats from their homes, the lesson from the horrendous history of communist crimes against Croats in former Yugoslavia would be learned. This horrendous history was, after all, a part of the reason why on 25 June 1991, after the May referendum at which 94% of Croatian citizens voted to secede from communist Yugoslavia, the Croatian Parliament voted to commence proceedings of secession from Yugoslavia and its other republics. The injustices of communism were not limited to mass murder alone as those patriots who wanted an independent Croatia who were fortunate enough to survive were subjected to severe oppression, including violations of freedom by political imprisonment, loss of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, loss of property rights, and loss of right to work…

A cruel irony seems to be playing out in Croatia: It defended itself from the communist onslaught in 1990’s, it was victorious – only to be hunted down by the same enemy of the people and democracy, the communist mindset, incessantly with increasing force on Croatia’s own terrain!

Last year (2020) in Brezovica on 22 June, Croatia’s Prime Minister said that “the victory over fascism was a prerequisite for building a democratic Europe.” Which is undisputable. But Plenkovic omitted to say that communists were not part of that democratic Europe. Indeed, communist Yugoslavia between 1945 and 1991 was far from democracy and freedom.

This year (2021) in Bezovica on 22 June, Croatia’s Prime Minister talked about the terrible communist crimes after World War Two against Croats (who fought for and wanted freedom and independence of Croatia) but still, straight-faced, celebrates that post-war communist regime (he and those like him call antifascism for some decades now) and Partisans and their symbols and insignia! He too has the gall to claim that communists/antifascists fought in WWII for Croatia’s independence.

They did not!

This year Plenkovic paid a lip service to communist (antifascist) crimes committed post WWII against Croats who fought for true independence of Croatia during WWII.

“Also, regardless of the mentioned merits of Croatian partisans for the establishment of the Federal State of Croatia – which prevented the unitarian organization of Yugoslavia in which Croatia would not have its own borders – it is time to look at these turbulent times in all their complexity.

I am thinking primarily of the post-war crimes of the Yugoslav Army after the extradition near Bleiburg, i.e. the mass executions of disarmed soldiers and civilians along the Way of the Cross, especially in Slovenia and Croatia, which is still traumatic for many families.” said Plenkovic on 22 June 2021 in Brezovica.

Just as the crimes of the Ustashas and Jasenovac cannot be justified by anything, nothing can justify the mass execution of defeated forces and often innocent people, which not only cast a shadow over the anti-fascist movement but also deepened the pernicious divisions in post-war Croatia. Post-war purges of political dissidents such as the persecution of Blessed Cardinal Stepinac, although he was one of the bravest pastors of the Catholic Church in Europe, who in his sermons publicly opposed the persecution of Serbs and Jews and saved many from death. Here, in the end, I am thinking of the establishment of the totalitarian regime of Yugoslavia that betrayed the ideals of many Croatian anti-fascists, which unfortunately happened again after the breaking of the Croatian Spring (1971),” Plenkovic continued.  

And so we must ask: Why does the Prime Minister of Croatia and his government continue celebrating the communist regime whose ideology was the turning wheel of more crimes and murders than WWII Ustashi regime ever saw!? Why does he say that the communist regime with its crimes betrayed the ideals of many anti-fascists and fails to do the same for those who fought for Croatian independence during WWII? Why does he stand behind those who want the greeting “Za dom Spremni” (For Home Ready) banned in Croatia and does not stand behind those who want the Red Five-pointed Star and Partisan/Communist Yugoslavia greetings banned!?

The answer to the above questions is obvious through his actions and the actions of his government as well as the actions of the country’s president and they, at every corner, defend the communist (their antifascist) ideology instead of coming to terms with its darkness just like the 94% of voters did way back in 1991. This is not likely to happen though, they are not likely to accept the darkness of the ideology they and their families have stood by and participated in and benefitted from for decades, and living standards and democratic processes in Croatia will, hence, keep deteriorating.

 Hence, they should be thrown out at the next elections! For that to occur, to throw the bastards out at next elections, the silent majority that abstains from voting at elections (because, with the experience of the former communist Yugoslavia power machine, they think they cannot change anything) must turn up at polling stations. The alternative, i.e. street unrests while they can eventually reap results in essence – would just not be pretty.

Unfortunately, with the mainstream media being so biased against the government’s opposition (patriotic parties, right-wing parties) effective opposition parties are unable to pursue what they need and must do: to be able to put out their message and mobilise voters. Croatia continues to experience the same issues that it did under former communist come socialist Yugoslavia – opposition to government cannot function as it should because it is not allowed to spread its message on state-owned media or in the corrupt mainstream media. Suppression of the voice of reason, truth and justice continues in Croatia. It is no accident that virtually every communist regime suppressed opposition parties soon after coming to power and that is exactly what has been happening in Croatia. It is fortunate, though, that we live in the so-called digital era and communications, including media, are not limited to what governments own or bribe. But we do live in an era where new ways of outsmarting and outperforming the mainstream media owned or controlled by the government is possible. Great resources for that are needed, of course.

The better we learn the painful and horrendous lessons of the history of post-World War Two communism (in Croatia and in terms of former communism in Yugoslavia now dubbed antifascism), the more likely it is that we can avoid any repetition of its horrors in Croatia.  Ina Vukic    

Croatia: Antifascists Vilify Veterans To The Disgrace Of The Nation

Monument to the HOS 9th Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban raised in Split, Croatia - 9 May 2014

Monument to the HOS
9th Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban
raised in Split, Croatia – 9 May 2014

On 9 May of this year the mayor of the city of Split, Ivo Baldasar (a Social Democrat) presided over the unveiling of the monument to the 9th HOS Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban. Croatia’s communist lot, who boldly call themselves antifascists even though no antifascist organisation in the world protect from condemnation and processing of WWII and post-WWII communist crimes like they do, formed a so-called “Antifascist league”. These two events in Croatia on the same day did not occur by accident.

No Siree!

The communism lovers from various NGO’s are all about calling and labelling members of Croatian defence forces from the 1990’s Homeland War as fascists, maliciously and without any truth, except for communist political agenda, linking them to WWII Independent State of Croatia Ustashe! Some have even gone so far as to say that the monument in Split for a 1990’s Battalion carrying the name of WWII Ustashi Rafael Vitez Boban who formed the WWII Black Legion alongside Jure Francetic is designed to equate WWII fascists (Ustashe) and WWII communists/antifascists and this to them is not acceptable! The WWII Black Legion consisted mainly of Croatian and Muslim refugees from eastern Bosnia where large massacres and atrocities were committed against the population by Serb Chetniks and Yugoslav/communist Partisans. Communists or antifascists of Croatia still sweep under the carpet the communist crimes committed against innocent Croats, the scale of which far surpasses the crimes committed by the so-called WWII Ustashe regime.

There are it seems no limits to where Croatia’s antifascists will venture in order to protect their predecessors from being prosecuted and condemned for communist crimes. While many rejected to take part in creating the independent and democratic Croatia in the 1990’s – as they wanted communist Yugoslavia – they now enjoy and abuse the independence, democracy and freedom which they use to label Croatian veterans and indeed anyone who loves an independent Croatia – a fascist!
On 25 June of this year the televised program “Calender” by editor Vladimir Brnardic sparked Croatia’s antifascists into a new frenzy in which they labelled Homeland veterans as fascists!

Above Video: Croatian TV Kalendar program 25 June 2014, editor Vladimir Brnardic – transcript translated into English:
Upon the embarkation of the Greater Serbia aggression against Croatia, Croatian Defence Forces (HOS) were founded 25 June 1991 as a military wing of the Croatian Party of Rights (HSP). HSP leader Dobroslav Paraga became its commander in chief, and Ante Paradzik undertook the duty of headquarters chief. Volunteering was exclusively the only criteria to enlist into HOS. Regardless of the label of radicalism that followed them at all times political party membership and nationality were not important. On the contrary, members of other nationalities and émigré Croats and a large number of foreign volunteers fought with HOS. Conscious of the fact that war was inevitable HOS leaders were preparing for the defence much before the eruption of the conflict.


In collaboration with the Slovenian police one of the first military training camps was organised in Zumberak (area between Croatia and Slovenia). From the very beginning members of HOS were active on all crisis battlefields. They were especially prominent in the defence of Vukovar, but also of all Slavonia, Dubrovnik, Banovina (central Croatia) and later in Livno and Bosnian Posavina then Mostar and other parts of Herzegovina.


The murder of HOS chief Ante Paradzik, in September 1991, sharpened the already high tensions between leaders of HSP and leaders of HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union), the party in government. In an atmosphere of distrust pressure mounted to abolish HOS, whose members either joined units of the Croatian Army or went to voluntarily defend Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Despite the allegations of extremism it’s essential to emphasise that they fought honourably and not a single one of the several thousand members of HOS has been convicted of war crimes.


Although many HOS members were wounded and became profound war invalids and laid their lives for Croatian freedom their status due to political disagreements, especially with the head of Croatian secret services Josip Manolic, has been devastating, even after the war. It was only in 1996 that HOS was officially recognised and only in 2004, in line with Croatian Homeland War Veterans’ Act, HOS members were recognised as true defenders and a part of Croatian armed forces. It’s interesting that the only formation that retained the HOS name and symbols was the 9th Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban, which is included in the 114th Brigade of the Croatian Army. Those killed from HOS formations still await their memorial symbols and only the city of Split had in 2014, with the erection of the monument to the 9th Battalion of HOS,  in a dignified manner paid its respects to the formation that had 46 of its members lay their lives for the defence of the Homeland.

Damir Markus KutinaOn 1 July 2014 Damir Markus from the town of Kutina arm of the Association of HOS Volunteers (UDHOS) published a firm statement and plea on the Dragovoljac (Volunteer) website protesting the labelling of Croatian Homeland War veterans as fascists. Indeed, he states that Croatia in the only country in the world that calls its army fascist!

He says: “If we intend entering into history as the only nation which won’t process all war criminals, regardless from which war, in the name of all of us who have defended and created this country we ask you to please ensure that we don’t become a rare state in which its own army is labelled fascist.

The last of the many media outbursts in which formations from the Homeland War, especially HOS, are equated with fascism points to a clear tendency to generally criminalise the values of the Homeland War. For the first time since Croatia’s independence HOS is openly and unambiguously called a fascist organisation, i.e. an Ustashe formation, in the announced lawsuit ‘Antifascist league’ versus the author Vladimir Brnardic, who in his TV program Calendar examines the events from the war. How is it possible that the so-called ‘civil associations’ like that phantom one called ‘antifascist league’, which is well funded from the state budget, openly name-call and vilify as fascists the volunteers who defended the Homeland in 1991 – 1995? In which country of the world is it at all possible for an association or an individual to call their country’s victorious army formations criminal and treat them as fascists?!!

Let alone the fact that we have repeated many times that we have no connection with World War II but that we are a formation founded during our holy Homeland war and in reality are, as are all other Croatian army formations, the answer to the Greater Serbian fascism. It’s becoming more and more evident that our clear responses cannot bring results also due to the fact that the anonymous individuals who hide behind the phantom civil associations are still conducting calls to account from WWII. That is their right.

But, they do not have the right to draw us into their dirty games and it’s scandalous that the institutions of authority permit such things. In any other country the institutions would have long ago gone about sanctioning of subjects who vilify the values of the war for freedom of the Homeland and the formations that reined in that freedom. In our country, regretfully, the situation is reverse. Not only the WWII and post-WWII criminals are not sanctioned but also the terrible crimes committed by the Greater Serbia fascist hordes during the aggression against Croatia have not been investigated. In light of this, the paradox that the Croatian army formations are called, nothing more and nothing less than fascists is possible and that historians like Vladimir Brnardic, who objectively research the Homeland war, are threatened with lawsuits for promoting fascism!?!

Of course we also are contemplating lawsuits but it’s difficult to undertake anything under the law when we do not have the protection of the state and when the ghosts from the past vilify the Homeland War without signing their name to their deeds from within phantom associations. We invite all the state institutions to protect us in this, i.e., to respect the law of the country and to not succumb to the laws of phantom pressures of ghostly associations, who still live for retributions for events that occurred 70 years ago”.

Turning the clock back to 24 February 1990, Croatia’s first president Franjo Tudjman said: “The advocates of the hegemonic-unitarian or Yugoslav state attitudes see in the goals of HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) nothing except a demand for a rehabilitation of the Ustashe NDH (WWII Independent State of Croatia). They forget, though, that NDH (The World War II Independent State Of Croatia) was not merely a ‘puppet’ creation and ‘fascist crime’ but that it was also an expression of both the political aspirations of the Croatian people for their independent state and of the perceptions of those Croatian aspirations and its geographic borders within the international factors, in this case the government of Hitler’s Germany, which tailored a ‘new European order’ on the ruins of Versailles. Accordingly, NDH was not a mere whim of the Axis forces but rather a consequence of the quite specific historical factors.”

Of course, as one would expect, the 1990’s anti-Croatian independence pro-Yugoslavia communist forces hurled around the world and in Croatia maliciously branding this speech by Tudjman as pro-fascist and “as a beginning of turning the Ustashe into good and patriotic boys”, reiterates Novi List journalist Ladislav Tomicic with a mean spirited slant.

Who benefits from labelling Croatia’s independence defenders of the1990’s as fascists? Certainly not Croatia! No one but communists or false antifascists benefit! Do Croatian authorities truly want such social rot to take hold? It would seem that the answer to the latter is yes and that yes is closely associated with sabotaging growth of democracy and freedom. Why else would authorities tolerate the situation where antifascist organisations and their individual spawns label the country’s honourable veterans as fascists?

Croatian veterans of the 1990’s had sacrificed everything to defend Croatia from Serb and communist Yugoslav People’s Army aggression and atrocities. They sacrificed their lives for democracy and freedom only to find themselves vilified and falsely accused as being fascists, as being an extension of WWII fascism! This is beyond insulting! This is a disgrace for the whole of the Croatian nation! This cannot be tolerated! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

Croatia: Fascist Antifascists Form a League

Portrait of Josip Broz Tito Head of former communist Yugoslavia Portrait title "Josip Groz Tito" by Charles Billich

Portrait of Josip Broz Tito
Head of former communist Yugoslavia
Portrait title “Josip Groz Tito” by Charles Billich


When groups of people, of former or current communist persuasion, bandy together and intimidatingly label as fascists all those who are calling for the condemnation and prosecution of communist crimes, for honour and respect of Croatian independence and Homeland War of 1990’s, then you know you are dealing here with utter and ultimate evil.

The Social Democrat led government in Croatia is in serious trouble; whispers and loud calls for the government to step down and for early general elections have become a daily presence in the media and on the streets. So, as one might expect, communists, former communists who now call themselves antifascists are cranking up their noise about an existence of fascist elements in Croatian society to the point of irritation and annoyance. They do not, as one might expect it to be the decent thing to do, ever specify any person attached to the fascism they say exists! They rattle on in the hope of keeping the myth alive and keeping some votes in what looks like a fierce battle for survival in the next elections.

The days of May 8th and 9th are so well known in our democratic world. The 8th marks celebrating V-E Day, or V-Day from 1945 as the Allies celebrated victory over Nazi-Germany unconditional surrender. The Day marked the end of WWII.

9 May is Europe Day – united Europe day a strong part of which is Germany and other WWII Nazi Germany allies. In 1950 the nations of Europe were still struggling to overcome the devastation of WWII and then came the 9 May Declaration of French foreign minister Robert Schuman that proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, whose members would pool coal and steel production. The Declaration, among other matters of unity said that “world peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it”.

On 10 May, Zagreb, Croatia, held a celebration to mark Europe Day, Victory Over Fascism Day, the 69th anniversary of the liberation of Zagreb and the 70th anniversary of the Third Session of the Regional Anti-Fascist Council of the National Liberation of Croatia (ZAVNOH).

The rotten communist scoundrels currently holding governing positions in Croatia slipped into this end of WWII and post-WWII European unification celebration the “Third” Session of Anti-Fascist Council which was held on 8 and 9 May 1944, scandalously suggesting that their efforts have a great deal to do with the creation of today’s free and democratic Croatia when in fact their lot were against it and walked out of the Croatian Parliament in 1991 when independence and secession from communist Yugoslavia were on the agenda.

Surely, even if the Croatian Constitution does refer to the historic ZAVNOH sessions from WWII it clearly states: “At the historic turning-point marked by the rejection of the communist system and changes in the international order in Europe, the Croatian nation reaffirmed, in the first democratic elections (1990), by its freely expressed will, its millennial statehood and its resolution to establish the Republic of Croatia as a sovereign state”! And yet, this communist or antifascist lot have made it their business to disrespect the veterans of the 1990’s war of independence, to ignore and disrespect the sacrifices made and suffered by towns and cities, symbolized today by Vukovar.

Deputy Prime Minister Milanka Opacic greeted at the celebration in Zagreb Saturday 10 May the anti-fascist fighters in attendance, saying that they had laid the foundation for present-day Croatia. “In the Second World War, people were killed because of different religious, ethnic or political affiliation. The same thing happened in 1991 when we again faced fascism, albeit of a different kind, which killed innocent people just because they defended their country. We should thank them too, because without them we would not have present-day Croatia,” she said. She said children in school must learn about fascism – I hope she meant the fascism employed against Croatia in 1990’s from Serbia and it’s Yugoslav People’s Army! Somehow, I doubt that she meant this.

So, I ask, why was there no celebration at the same event in Zagreb on Saturday of 6 May 1990 when the Second round of first multi-party elections were held in Croatia as the beacon that lit the way to Croatian independence of today? I tell you why, because these communist scoundrels passing themselves off as antifascists are still in the business of denying freedom-loving Croats (not those that wanted communist Yugoslavia to survive) their deserved accolades. The red government pays lip-service to the Homeland War veterans as in “we should thank them” – as Opacic said – but the veterans are not include in this celebration of freedom from fascism.

It is actually quite frightening to watch what is happening on the political scene of Croatia today, more than two decades after the door to democracy was opened with rivers of innocent Croat blood at the hands of Serb and Yugoslav Army aggression. On Friday 9 May 2014 a group of anti-Croats, communists and former communists founded the Croatian Antifascist League!

The initiators of the League said that there is a need for such a body because the past twenty years there has been denial and demonising of antifascism at work, Croatian HRT TV reports. Such a body as the League is necessary, they say, to integrate antifascism into the foundations of Croatian society. “Today antifascism is civilized battle against every hatred,” said one of the League founders Ivan Fumic (Alliance of antifascist veterans). “I think that the judiciary reacts inadequately to hate speech and that that is a part of the problem we have in the affirmation of antifascism and tolerance in Croatia,” said Vesna Terselic from Documenta.

The Declaration charter of this League was signed by no other than the well-known anti-independent-Croatia propagandists, which include Serbian National Council and NGO Documenta; people such as Slavko Goldstein, Juraj Hrzenjak, Ognjen Kraus, Veljko Djakula, Milorad Pupovac, Vesna Terselic, Zoran Pusic and others.

No word in here about the need to integrate democracy, not antifascism, into the foundation of the Croatian society! Although he is a former Social Democrat and most likely still holds leanings towards the former communist Yugoslavia, let’s hope that Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic’s words spoken on Saturday that all retrograde ideas should be nipped in the bud will actually spill over into denial of any state funding of this shameful League. Wouldn’t it be a total disaster if this League attracted NGO funding from the state budget! Hopefully early general elections will occur before any such idiocy gets its foot scraping the bottom of the empty state coffers.

The terrible reality is that these so-called antifascists are nothing but fascists, if we must use that antiquated word that depicts the mainstream political orientation of some WWII countries in Europe. They are the people who use the word of antifascism as a way to climb high in the political scene from where they can continue denial of justice to victims of communist crimes by labeling all those who insist on processing WWII and post-WWII communist crimes as fascists.

If the aim of the League is, among other things, “to integrate antifascism into the foundation of Croatian society and systematically oppose all manifestations of Nazi-fascism” (as they say it is) does that mean that pursuits for justice for communist crimes will be considered “Nazi-fascist” manifestations? If the aim of the League is “that Croatia consistently applies its constitutional articles on rule of law, democratic, secular and socially sensitive state while taking into consideration the dignity of workers and human work in general” (as it says it is) then why don’t they see themselves as part of that constitutional obligation which, I would say, directs us that if it already isn’t then labeling people with opposing political views and those seeking accounting for communist crimes as fascists must become an unlawful act under the Constitution.

They might be thinking that the very word “antifascist”, with which they insist on describing themselves, exonerates them from any responsibility or accountability under the Constitution! Not in my book, it doesn’t!

The reality tells us that fascism/Nazism rather than communism/antifascism (both of which “regimes” have equally grotesque crimes to answer for and wear an eternal label of condemnation) has become the weapon of moral intimidation and economic progress retardant! Fascism/Nazism has, since WWII, been put to us as the worst thing that has ever happened to the human kind – the supreme evil, if you like. And yet, communism/antifascism has perpetrated much more widespread grotesque crimes against innocent people – not on the grounds of race, as fascism has, but on the grounds of political beliefs!

While History means that what really happened, we do not know the true history because we are fed historiography, or the record and interpretation of what happened by fallible men and women – usually those at the sides of the victorious armies. And since Russia’s Stalin was with the Allied forces (WWII and immediately after) the History of communist regimes was thus served with severed limbs and empty pages. And anyone who tries to rectify historiography of WWII and post-WWII communist/antifascist regimes is labeled a historical revisionist and a fascist! Revisionism in my eyes is necessary because its stake is in historical truth.

Croatia cannot waste time in its hard road to democracy with individual political point-scorers such as those who subscribed to the Antifascist League! It must develop an antidote to these poisonous destructive forces of democracy that mask themselves as righteous under the banner of antifascism! They were never righteous – not during WWII, not after WWII not in 1990/1991 – not after – not today – millions of innocent deaths through communist purges (estimated 1 to 1.2 million in former Yugoslavia alone/ in total population of around 23 million) bear witness to that! It is to be expected that the coming “Bleiburg Massacre” commemorations, which symbolise innocent deaths at the hands of Yugoslav communists/antifascists after WWII will also be labeled as “fascist” by these antifascist thugs in Croatia. Well – let them! In my book all victims deserve equal respect.  And the fact the their “beloved” Social Democrat led government is in real trouble of surviving to the end of its mandate does not excuse them from bringing up, once again, the politically corrupt and humanly pathological lie about fascist elements in Croatian society. Such intimidation, based on lies and communist corruption must be firmly ousted. Croatia must refuse to tie itself and its future to those who were at the helm after WWII – it must apply lustration not only from public service key positions but also from NGO’s who seem to be dictating to the nation instead of being dictated to by the nation (the taxpayers). Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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