Croatia: Fascist Antifascists Form a League

Portrait of Josip Broz Tito Head of former communist Yugoslavia Portrait title "Josip Groz Tito" by Charles Billich

Portrait of Josip Broz Tito
Head of former communist Yugoslavia
Portrait title “Josip Groz Tito” by Charles Billich


When groups of people, of former or current communist persuasion, bandy together and intimidatingly label as fascists all those who are calling for the condemnation and prosecution of communist crimes, for honour and respect of Croatian independence and Homeland War of 1990’s, then you know you are dealing here with utter and ultimate evil.

The Social Democrat led government in Croatia is in serious trouble; whispers and loud calls for the government to step down and for early general elections have become a daily presence in the media and on the streets. So, as one might expect, communists, former communists who now call themselves antifascists are cranking up their noise about an existence of fascist elements in Croatian society to the point of irritation and annoyance. They do not, as one might expect it to be the decent thing to do, ever specify any person attached to the fascism they say exists! They rattle on in the hope of keeping the myth alive and keeping some votes in what looks like a fierce battle for survival in the next elections.

The days of May 8th and 9th are so well known in our democratic world. The 8th marks celebrating V-E Day, or V-Day from 1945 as the Allies celebrated victory over Nazi-Germany unconditional surrender. The Day marked the end of WWII.

9 May is Europe Day – united Europe day a strong part of which is Germany and other WWII Nazi Germany allies. In 1950 the nations of Europe were still struggling to overcome the devastation of WWII and then came the 9 May Declaration of French foreign minister Robert Schuman that proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, whose members would pool coal and steel production. The Declaration, among other matters of unity said that “world peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it”.

On 10 May, Zagreb, Croatia, held a celebration to mark Europe Day, Victory Over Fascism Day, the 69th anniversary of the liberation of Zagreb and the 70th anniversary of the Third Session of the Regional Anti-Fascist Council of the National Liberation of Croatia (ZAVNOH).

The rotten communist scoundrels currently holding governing positions in Croatia slipped into this end of WWII and post-WWII European unification celebration the “Third” Session of Anti-Fascist Council which was held on 8 and 9 May 1944, scandalously suggesting that their efforts have a great deal to do with the creation of today’s free and democratic Croatia when in fact their lot were against it and walked out of the Croatian Parliament in 1991 when independence and secession from communist Yugoslavia were on the agenda.

Surely, even if the Croatian Constitution does refer to the historic ZAVNOH sessions from WWII it clearly states: “At the historic turning-point marked by the rejection of the communist system and changes in the international order in Europe, the Croatian nation reaffirmed, in the first democratic elections (1990), by its freely expressed will, its millennial statehood and its resolution to establish the Republic of Croatia as a sovereign state”! And yet, this communist or antifascist lot have made it their business to disrespect the veterans of the 1990’s war of independence, to ignore and disrespect the sacrifices made and suffered by towns and cities, symbolized today by Vukovar.

Deputy Prime Minister Milanka Opacic greeted at the celebration in Zagreb Saturday 10 May the anti-fascist fighters in attendance, saying that they had laid the foundation for present-day Croatia. “In the Second World War, people were killed because of different religious, ethnic or political affiliation. The same thing happened in 1991 when we again faced fascism, albeit of a different kind, which killed innocent people just because they defended their country. We should thank them too, because without them we would not have present-day Croatia,” she said. She said children in school must learn about fascism – I hope she meant the fascism employed against Croatia in 1990’s from Serbia and it’s Yugoslav People’s Army! Somehow, I doubt that she meant this.

So, I ask, why was there no celebration at the same event in Zagreb on Saturday of 6 May 1990 when the Second round of first multi-party elections were held in Croatia as the beacon that lit the way to Croatian independence of today? I tell you why, because these communist scoundrels passing themselves off as antifascists are still in the business of denying freedom-loving Croats (not those that wanted communist Yugoslavia to survive) their deserved accolades. The red government pays lip-service to the Homeland War veterans as in “we should thank them” – as Opacic said – but the veterans are not include in this celebration of freedom from fascism.

It is actually quite frightening to watch what is happening on the political scene of Croatia today, more than two decades after the door to democracy was opened with rivers of innocent Croat blood at the hands of Serb and Yugoslav Army aggression. On Friday 9 May 2014 a group of anti-Croats, communists and former communists founded the Croatian Antifascist League!

The initiators of the League said that there is a need for such a body because the past twenty years there has been denial and demonising of antifascism at work, Croatian HRT TV reports. Such a body as the League is necessary, they say, to integrate antifascism into the foundations of Croatian society. “Today antifascism is civilized battle against every hatred,” said one of the League founders Ivan Fumic (Alliance of antifascist veterans). “I think that the judiciary reacts inadequately to hate speech and that that is a part of the problem we have in the affirmation of antifascism and tolerance in Croatia,” said Vesna Terselic from Documenta.

The Declaration charter of this League was signed by no other than the well-known anti-independent-Croatia propagandists, which include Serbian National Council and NGO Documenta; people such as Slavko Goldstein, Juraj Hrzenjak, Ognjen Kraus, Veljko Djakula, Milorad Pupovac, Vesna Terselic, Zoran Pusic and others.

No word in here about the need to integrate democracy, not antifascism, into the foundation of the Croatian society! Although he is a former Social Democrat and most likely still holds leanings towards the former communist Yugoslavia, let’s hope that Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic’s words spoken on Saturday that all retrograde ideas should be nipped in the bud will actually spill over into denial of any state funding of this shameful League. Wouldn’t it be a total disaster if this League attracted NGO funding from the state budget! Hopefully early general elections will occur before any such idiocy gets its foot scraping the bottom of the empty state coffers.

The terrible reality is that these so-called antifascists are nothing but fascists, if we must use that antiquated word that depicts the mainstream political orientation of some WWII countries in Europe. They are the people who use the word of antifascism as a way to climb high in the political scene from where they can continue denial of justice to victims of communist crimes by labeling all those who insist on processing WWII and post-WWII communist crimes as fascists.

If the aim of the League is, among other things, “to integrate antifascism into the foundation of Croatian society and systematically oppose all manifestations of Nazi-fascism” (as they say it is) does that mean that pursuits for justice for communist crimes will be considered “Nazi-fascist” manifestations? If the aim of the League is “that Croatia consistently applies its constitutional articles on rule of law, democratic, secular and socially sensitive state while taking into consideration the dignity of workers and human work in general” (as it says it is) then why don’t they see themselves as part of that constitutional obligation which, I would say, directs us that if it already isn’t then labeling people with opposing political views and those seeking accounting for communist crimes as fascists must become an unlawful act under the Constitution.

They might be thinking that the very word “antifascist”, with which they insist on describing themselves, exonerates them from any responsibility or accountability under the Constitution! Not in my book, it doesn’t!

The reality tells us that fascism/Nazism rather than communism/antifascism (both of which “regimes” have equally grotesque crimes to answer for and wear an eternal label of condemnation) has become the weapon of moral intimidation and economic progress retardant! Fascism/Nazism has, since WWII, been put to us as the worst thing that has ever happened to the human kind – the supreme evil, if you like. And yet, communism/antifascism has perpetrated much more widespread grotesque crimes against innocent people – not on the grounds of race, as fascism has, but on the grounds of political beliefs!

While History means that what really happened, we do not know the true history because we are fed historiography, or the record and interpretation of what happened by fallible men and women – usually those at the sides of the victorious armies. And since Russia’s Stalin was with the Allied forces (WWII and immediately after) the History of communist regimes was thus served with severed limbs and empty pages. And anyone who tries to rectify historiography of WWII and post-WWII communist/antifascist regimes is labeled a historical revisionist and a fascist! Revisionism in my eyes is necessary because its stake is in historical truth.

Croatia cannot waste time in its hard road to democracy with individual political point-scorers such as those who subscribed to the Antifascist League! It must develop an antidote to these poisonous destructive forces of democracy that mask themselves as righteous under the banner of antifascism! They were never righteous – not during WWII, not after WWII not in 1990/1991 – not after – not today – millions of innocent deaths through communist purges (estimated 1 to 1.2 million in former Yugoslavia alone/ in total population of around 23 million) bear witness to that! It is to be expected that the coming “Bleiburg Massacre” commemorations, which symbolise innocent deaths at the hands of Yugoslav communists/antifascists after WWII will also be labeled as “fascist” by these antifascist thugs in Croatia. Well – let them! In my book all victims deserve equal respect.  And the fact the their “beloved” Social Democrat led government is in real trouble of surviving to the end of its mandate does not excuse them from bringing up, once again, the politically corrupt and humanly pathological lie about fascist elements in Croatian society. Such intimidation, based on lies and communist corruption must be firmly ousted. Croatia must refuse to tie itself and its future to those who were at the helm after WWII – it must apply lustration not only from public service key positions but also from NGO’s who seem to be dictating to the nation instead of being dictated to by the nation (the taxpayers). Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Wonderful choice of image, Ina.

    Honestly, it is rather disturbing how these “antifascists” can lie so much to themselves and the world at large, about their true intentions. They do not care one bit about any victims, using real suffering only to push their agenda and thus, making a mockery of victims and of justice. These people have no morals or ethics. They stand for nothing humane and good. They worship and perpetuate a murderous, repressive regime that is the brother of fascism/Nazism, the flip side of the coin. This behaviour is absolutely horrible and it is not enough for just Croats to oppose it, but anyone who has seen the true nature of communism must be aware of what is happening and stand against Croatia’s leadership.

    I am seriously getting sick and tired of this communism worship disguised as “antifascism”. Yes, fascism in WWII era Croatia was real. (Who even denies that anymore?) So was communism. Both are equally guilty of atrocious crimes against humanity, but only one can be called out on this? Only one group of victims is important enough to be called victims, while the other group can be used as a political scapegoat? We can only commemorate the victims of fascism, but remembering the victims of communism makes one a neo-Nazi? Bullshit. If anything, neo-Nazi/fascist ideology is much more prevalent within other European nations, but apparently only Croatia must forever bear the burden of guilt for the past crimes of a group of people that not everyone in the nation even aligned themselves with. The reality is that this move isn’t even about laying the foundations for antfascism in Croatian society because realistically, there is not even enough fascism ideology going around and gaining traction. What there is however, are calls for justice towards Homeland war veterans, victims and victims of WWII communism to be given the same consideration as WWII victims of fascism. There are calls for a Croatia-first policy/way of thinking and for REAL political and economic reform. This goes against everything Yugoslavia stood for, so it must be stopped and wiped out with the guise of promoting antifascism within Croatia. This is about perpetuating the collective guilty of ALL Croats for the crimes of the Pavelic regime and through this, introducing measures that bit by bit, chip away at the freedom and sovereignty of Croatia and all Croats within and outside the country. Yugoslavia 2.0. But there is no fascism to fight and even if there are individuals promoting and worshiping fascist ideologies, I certainly haven’t found them to be prominent and powerful individuals who are taken seriously because, the truth is all Croats want is justice, freedom and prosperity which is as far away as you can get from fascism, communism and totalitarianism. What Croatia’s leadership doesn’t want to admit to themselves, is that through their actions THEY are the ones promoting and perpetuating fascism. They are lying, disgusting and pathetic human beings who deserve to be haunted by the victims of fascism and communism until their dying day.

    • I hear you, well, Kat and so do multitudes. It is a sad, sad reality that we need to waste precious time in fighting back amidst the communist onslaught against Croatian pride and decency which sees all victims deserving of respect. I noticed also that there were some not-so-well attended protests in Zagreb and couple of other cities/town that held banners saying :Death to fascism – Freedom to people” (The old communist slogan) and I thought immediately “what a great protest against the current red government of Croatia. I’m sure they did not mean it to simbolise the widespread feelings about Croatia’s current government but rather to lend a hand to the so-called antifascists’ myth about fascist elements in society. But, the effect of those slogans backfired to describe the ones in whose favour they were protesting. Yes, the communists of today are the real fascists and they need to be told.

  2. What else can anyone expect from people who were and never will be true to heart Croats. We somehow seem to forget that our greatest problems were with sellouts, people who could be branded as the Benedict Arnolds of Croatia. The so-called ‘yugoslavs’, who served their masters within their harem that was called ‘yugoslavia’. The ‘yugoslavs’ were nothing new back in the early portion of the past century, as they were a direct result of generations of children raised under Ottoman rule, and then we called these ‘sellouts’ ‘poturice’ which is a unique word that can only be found in the Croatian language. So these people that are doing what they are doing today masked with the name ‘antifascist’ (in Croatia = Communist) are literally the ‘yugosalvs’ of this century, the modern day ‘poturice’. Looks like we Croats haven’t learned much from our past in the field of working today for a better tomorrow.

    • Thanks Jacob – well said and yes there is a word for “poturice” in English and that is “proselytes” (converts) – these proselytes of today stem from the communist brainwashed lot and the sooner that is dealt with through for instance serious lustration and processing of communist crimes where/how it counts the better. Must not give up – for a better future.

  3. Blago M. says:

    Tito is/was among the top 10 worst criminals on world’s scale and only the communist sickos can praise him while the whole world condemns crimes and criminals.

    • Yes, Blago M – he was and the numbers of innocent victims bear witness regardless of how much his followers or the children of his followers try and hide the fact.

      • That’s not true. Tito is the best, now and forever.

      • You can have him, Davor – all yours! I choose to rely on facts not emotion when it comes to Titos ledership in communist murderous purges. John Prcela’s book “Operation Slaughterhouse – Eyewitness accounts of Postwar Massacres in Yugoslavia” is just a small part of the “greatness of Tito” and hopefully the current court cases in Germany of the two extradited Yugoslav Secret Operatives (Josip Perkovic and Zdravko Mustac) might give a bit of a more current insight just as does the recent admission by Josip Boljkovac regarding the purges/murders in relation to which he is currently in the criminal courts in Croatia…

    • No Ante Pavelic is in the top 10 list, what alternative history books have you been reading buddy ?!

      • Sorry, but what is this supposed to mean? Just because Pavelic is in the crime books, means Tito can’t also be recognised for his massive, heinous crimes against humanity, during and after WWII? Perhaps the history books Blago M. has been reading are those that do not ignore and sweep communist war crimes under the rug, but that recognise crimes occurred from both sides? I’m sure there’s enough space in history books to recognise and condemn all dictators as the criminals they were, no need to fight over who’ll make the list, they all deserve to be there.

      • Blago M. says:

        Right on the ball, Kat!

      • alija derzelez says:

        Kat,good luck to you,after 69 years you are still trying to make “Tito is a criminal” stick.Don’t you think you should move on or take another approach by saying he wasn’t as big criminal as Pavelic but he was one.this idea of the two being even is just too stupid.

    • Mate, you sound like a Serb…….The whole world is wrong and you are right. I grew up in Tito’s Croatia and there I had more personal freedom then you have right now in Australia.I was never a communist nor anybody ever asked me to be one.The system was socialism ( not communism ) and it had a thriving private enterprise which is impossible in communism.Slovenia and Croatia were the most prosperous republics and had substantially more liberal laws then others.The secession was mainly for economic reasons as Croatia and Slovenia were supporting federal budget to the tune of 64%.Tito changed the constitution in 1974 allowing any republic to legally leave the federation ergo he did make it possible for us to now have free and independent homeland.If he was a war criminal as you put it, why then the whole world came to his funeral ( largest state funeral in the history of the mankind )??

      • Blago M. says:

        Braco Jurac – you must have skipped quite a bit of schooling since you confuse socioeconomic system with political parties, i.e. socialism and communism. Yeah – thriving private enterprise was limited to size, last time I checked – I grew up in Tito’s Croatia too! As to the largest funeral that you say Tito had, this is how the numbers attending were mainly made up: you worked at a school, factory, office, bank, anywhere – the work shut operations completely or worked with skeleton staff while the rest were ordered to attend the funeral and were designated a place where to stand along the streets or at squares etc. There were of course some who came from their own volition. The world did not care that he was a war criminal or rather post-war criminal because communist crimes of Tito, along with those of Stalin and other communist countries were kept under wraps and banned from mention.

      • The funeral of Josip Broz Tito, President of Yugoslavia, was held on 8 May 1980, four days after his death on 4 May. His funeral drew many world statesmen, both of non-aligned and aligned countries. Based on the number of attending politicians and state delegations, at the time it was the largest state funeral in history. They included four kings, 31 presidents, six princes, 22 prime ministers and 47 ministers of foreign affairs. They came from both sides of the Cold War, from 128 different countries out of 154 UNO members at the time.[Excerpt from Britannica ]
        So much for your education.Please read my previous comment again and maybe you’ll get the gist.For your information, I am a dissident from the time of Croatian Spring and have no reason to sing the praises to the commies but you have to give the credit where the credit is due.Even according to Times magazine ,the so called “war criminal ” was the most successful statesman of the 20th century and you owe him gratitude for independent Croatia which he made possible.Amen

      • I’ll bud in here, bj1jurac, don’t know about Blago M’s education any more than I know about yours, but I do know, I think Blago M. knows and you turn a blind eye to the fact of what Bleiburg Massacres stand for – commemorated this weekend! Hundreds of thousands innocent people slaughtered on Tito’s orders and policies. All those dignitaries that were at his funeral were none the wiser – if they were they would not have been there – well perhaps some would have if they were a part of the “forced repatriation” murderous scam of 1945! Here is just one link on Tito’s murderous legacy

        Tito may have been a good politician but all that falls into the water in the face of communist crimes and purges. Sorry, but that is that! Why should he not be judged for them? I too participated in the Croatian Spring and felt the communist oppression across my bones – the success of his statesmanship was visible in the aftermath of his death. Tito was an egomaniac and did not tolerate self-determination. The people who made Independent Croatia possible were the Croatian people of 1990’s NOT Tito. If the constitution did not provide for it, it would have happened anyway. When enough is enough, the people get moving, everywhere. The sad reality of Tito’s followers is that they seem to think that their crimes should not be prosecuted and condemned while others’ should! Please, keep those double-standards to yourself, this is the 21st century when facts of history will be written as they occurred whether we like it or not.

  4. Let’s get back to basics and understand what fascism is”

    fas·cism noun
    : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government

    Full Definition of FASCISM
    a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that
    – exalts nation and often race above the individual
    – that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader
    – severe economic and social regimentation
    – forcible suppression of opposition

    Fascism does not exist today. The communists are fighting some strawman that does not exist today.

    • Yes Zeljko I suspect they might also know that fascism doesn’t exist today but these communists are using the WWII concept of it for intimidation and vilification purposes. To them national pride and expression of it means fascism, which of course is preposterous, to say the least.

      • Have you heard of a red passport, there’s no country in which you could not go…….at the funeral was the most statesman EVER…….workers were protected soooo hard……..Olympiad in my town, Sarajevo……..ustashe and chetniks don’t like Josip Broz Tito, but 99,99999% of ordinary people like him. I know everything about Yugoslavia, and anthem HEJ SLAVENI, c’mon, please, that was heaven on earth, If we compare with this today……and that is a fact! End I will say something on Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian: četnicima, ustašama i handzar divizijama nije odgoravala yugoslavija i Tito, kao ni Amerikancima i ostalim silama, zna se kome. Ne komunizam, nego socijalizam gospođo! 🙂

      • Davor it seems you haven’t traveled much on Red passport in sixties, seventies etc – I recall when I tried to use it to cross borders between US and Canada when on a trip and trouble with it was awful, car searched, treated suspiciously and the only thing that got me through finally was my second passport as citizen of another country… but be that as it may you are wrong in your percentages as to how many “ordinary” people like him or perhaps you are not wrong if you as you say write from Bosnia and Herzegovina – heaven on earth? Yeah, right – that’s why so many emigrated – as I said, you are welcome to Tito – all yours! Times of Socialism may have had its advantages in those days especially with the heavy foreign debt that could not be sustained, communists called the shots despite socialism as base for economy – sadly only wealth countries can afford it and Yugoslavia certainly could not but it went with it anyway to reach 1000% inflation by end of 1980’s. We are though here talking about communist crimes not about socialist economic order.

      • alija derzelez says:

        Deleted …. You are all over the place.

      • If being all over the place means getting justice for all victims of all crimes – so be it, however Alija your offensive assumptions that are deleted do serve nobody but your malicious cynicism so you can keep them

    • therealamericro says:

      Well Zeljko, that is why I say that this so-called “Anti-Fascist” league should rename itself to the Yugoslav Fascist League, as they are Yugoslav supra-nationalists (Yugoslav identity above any other national identity), long for Tito’s dictatorial rule, and long for the failed Yugoslav “self-management” economy.

      I noticed someone forced the red herring of Tito allowing for Croatia to succeed, while simultaneously ignoring:

      a) Tito’s purge of the liberal ranks of the Communist Party of Croatia and the resurgence of Serb membership in it, as well as promotion and mass recruiting of Belgrade stable boys and girls;
      b) The continued over-representation of Serbs in SRH government, civil service, media, and especially the police, TO and active duty JNA in Croatia;
      c) The fact that the last Hapsburg, the genocidal locksmith Tito, was responsible for the war as his degenerate political system paved the way for Milosevic’s rise.

      Tito’s most famous quote on Croatia was that the Sava would flow upstream before Croatia would every leave Yugoslavia.

      Now they try to make him out as some patriot.

      Its a joke.

      Like I said – the long term effects of aberrant conditioning by decades of propaganda, and nostalgic wishful thinking and delusions about one’s own youth.

      The problem is when young people repeat the drivel, and ignore all of the statistical, economic, political (mass executions and political prisoners, etc.) and historical facts that counter all of their fables and fantasies.

  5. TITO = …comparison Deleted as blasphemous

  6. Ina, you have such an intellectual and elegant blog. It always makes me smile when you like some of my willd music! thanks!

  7. Powerful post,exposing such atrocity is a great service to humanity.Regards.jalal

  8. Good grief…this is unbelievable. The situation in Croatia gets worse by the minute. I don’t understand the lure of Communism. I don’t understand why there isn’t a stronger response to leftist agenda. For a small nation we have big problems.

    • Veronika says:

      Lustration is the only solution… the “process of purification, often applied when a new government purges officials of a former regime who perpetrated crimes and abuses of power!” It is Croatia’s only hope. This week we commemorate the victims of the Bleiburg and Death Marches of May 1945. Neka im je laka Hrvatska zemlja.

  9. Velebit says:

    Ina, I suggest that a future article(s) should address the subject of Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska in an effort to better understand this period in our collective history. I know, this is a daunting subject, and objective, reliable information sources are few, but an examination of at least the basic facts would be helpful for us all. For example, how “fascist” was NDH? How many “fascist” organizations, political parties, clubs or other such manifestations were to be found in NDH? Were all members of the Axis Powers “fascists” in reality, or were they deemed “fascists” by association -ie Japan, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria? By extension, if NDH was a “fascist” state, then certainly there would be ample evidence from Dr. Ante Pavelic’s own writings, public statements etc. that would show him to be an unapologetic “fascist”.
    I suggest that we get our facts straight and that we be precise in our language. I suggest that we define our terms and not use the term “fascist” and “nationalist” interchangeably because there is a definite difference in their meanings and connotations.
    Lastly, I will gladly say, that if a “fascist” is one whose values and principles are opposite to those of an “antifascist” of the kind that is prevalent in Croatia – past or present – well than call me a fascist!

    • Good points, Velebit. As I said in my article on celebrating 10 April – NDH was created with independence in mind, the occupying forces which leaned towards fascism of that era also rubbed off on Croatia in many ways because of the racially motivated crimes etc. So many were as you say deemed “fascist” as still are deemed as such just as the communists can also be deemed as fascists…even though they claim antifascism but their OM was definitely more fascist than anything else I think. Yes a good topic to explore, thanks

  10. therealamericro says:

    Veljko Dzakula was a leading member of the genocidal / fascist Western SRAO “Krajina” fantasy parastate.

    I look at it this way Ina, by joining forces with them, all of the usual suspects have taken off their masks and exposed their true colors for the public.

    A bunch of Yugoslav ultra-nationalist socialists and SRAO “Krajina” functionaries and apologists, and of course the ethnobusinessman Poopie, over exposing themselves.

    This Communist “Popular Front” technique is, despite the annoyance of the recycled old rhetoric, positive regime and foreign owned media coverage and framing, quite good for the cause.

    Their turnout and numbers are telling – they are mostly 1945 property “liberators,” geriatric patients and Partisan diaper brigade members, and their descendants, and are in very small numbers. Judging from the hygene and clothing of the descendents, I’d say that they are still living in the woods and trying to fit into nature and not be detected by the smell of detergent on their clothes or soap on their bodies. They are true believers, but mostly unemployed druggies, hipsters who dress like other hipsters and insist they are individuals and different from the rest (despite being part of the larger hipster mass), and self-annointed avant-guarde types on their 15th year of study. Experts on everything who have never been employed in their lives.

    Because it exposes those folks, prancing around with the unindicted war criminal and greater Serbian fanatic Dzakula in public, but also those who subsidize their lies.

    When we look at these people, their organizations, and of course their foreign financiers, two NATO allies in particular, it tells us what said allies really want to see happen in Croatia, and why they have never supported lustration – because these people are a tool for their policies which mandate keeping the Yugoslav ultra-nationalist socialist regime elements in power forever. All while lecturing Croatia about human rights and democracy – while actively and passively supporting enemies of democracy – before and after 1990.

    Food for thought for the next, hopefully ethnically and politically Croatian, government.

    • I reckon, therealamericro, you put into words my initial thoughts when I came across the League’s organising and of course the small numbers of “antifascist” protesters on the street – I thought: well yes, protests are usually against those in power and the banners spoke of “Death to fascism” – 🙂 It is actually quite sickening to see Veljko Drzakula among them – the Croatian Serb who led terror against Croats in 1990’s. Croatia’s leadership deeply disappoints once again and I do hope that people at large will see through all this (except of course we know the die-hard Yugo-nostalgics won’t). While socialist economy/way of life may have good merits and points it was poisoned by communist politics… I guess it must be nice to believe that times was good under socialism if you don’t really need to look deeply and realise that in Yugoslavia it was a case of living a kind of a “dream life” paid for others (foreign debt etc) without responsibility or even intention to pay the debt off…Many Serbs in Croatia will never give up on the idea of their “Krajina” because it fits into the Greater Serbia dream…

  11. therealamericro says:

    Zeljko, the definition you provided for fascism:

    – exalts nation and often race above the individual
    – that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader
    – severe economic and social regimentation
    – forcible suppression of opposition

    Perfectly describes the position of the so-called anti-fascist league in regards to their supra-nationalism / supra-ethnicity (Yugoslav), how government was good in their eyes (1945-1990) and how it should be in the future, their position on the genocidal maniac Tito and his dictatorship, their proposed economic model, and their own rhetoric and their media dogs treatment of any thought that deviates from their own.

    The “antifascist” league should be renamed the Yugoslav Fascist League.

    • To bud in, therealamericro, to your reply to Zeljko – my point exactly: Croatia’s or Yugoslav antifascists as in essence fascists, always have been always will be and therefore the definition or label of “antifascism” need classification or sub-categories

  12. brankec says:

    If you’re constantly having to sound off about being an antifascist, then you’re probably not one. Much like Margaret Thatcher said about being powerful, “…being powerful is like being a lady – if you have to say you are, then you are not…”

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  14. Branko Kramaric says:

    with the like of Davor, let me remind him why Yugoslavia was so good under Tito, the West bent over backwards to fund this criminal so he wouldn’t join the Warsaw Pact. Once the West realized that there were no more advantages in doing so, the so called workers utopia started to collapse, These current commies were nowhere to be seen defending our home land against Serb-Jugo aggression, all l can say is the veterans of our war of Independence should storm that Parliament, arrest these Commies under the rug and execute each and everyone of them for the Crimes against the Croatian people. … Davor!!!. Go to Belgrade and play druze/comrade with your Serb Jugo friends and allow Croatia to rebuild without your Jugo Serb loving comrades..

  15. Hi Ina! Would you like to join the League of Bloggers? It’s a blogger group that a few of us started that focuses on educating people about what’s going on in the world and how we can help create change and reform. I’d love to have people from many different countries be a part of the group so that we can cover a wide range of world issues. You know a lot about your part of the world and I’d love to have you write for us! You can either simply have your name and blog listed on our blog page, or you can write posts for us. You can also reblog your posts from here to the League page. Which ever is most convenient for you.

    Here’s the link to the blog:

  16. Hercegovac says:

    Quite frankly i find it disgusting that you post things like this. Especially that picture of Tito that depicts a great man as some bloodthirsty villian.
    Tito was probably one of the greatest people to ever walk this earth. And I find it extremley troubling that you try to portray him as a criminal. Tito gave to the workers, he gave to the ordinary man and for that I amongst many other normal people respect him. Yes, Yugoslavia was in debt and was borrowing money. However, the fact still stands, living standards were far higher back in Yugoslavia then in Croatia. Why? Because Tito knew how to use money! I am sure if he was still around he would have found another way to keep the people happy. I would also like to add that 110 different statesmen came to Tito’s funeral, or more. I belive that less then 10 came to Tudjmans and Pavlic was buried alone in Madrid.I wonder why so many statesman came to this horrible blood thirsty man’s funeral…defenitly not because he turned 6 weak countries into a world super power… Naaah.
    … Deleted …Like most right wingers you are well known for distorting facts and not taking them into account.
    And yes, Tito did kill people, no politican is perfect. HOWEVER, if you look at the damage Pavlic and Tudjman did, Tito can be barley considered “evil”.

    • Well, well Hercegovac – the communists of Croatia led by Stipe Mesic made sure Tudjman was well defamed and vilified with lies so to ensure little foreign dignitaries at funeral – we now can confirm that with facts with the ICTY final decisions but too late now because when the communists acted lies were rife. Nevertheless Tudjman’s funeral was attended by masses willingly going to the funeral while Tito’s funeral was full of workers who had to attend by order of the Communist Party,,,Tudjman ordered no murders and Tito did, sorry to rain on your parade but to me facts are important and communist crimes must be condemned and dealt with. As to standard of living on borrowed money and lots of thieving to me is no standard at all because sooner or later one needs to pay for it and today’s generations are paying for it. Political orientation (right side as you refer) did not create the facts of the murders it only wants the victims of these murders to receive justice – but then that is hard for you to understand as you may belong to those who justify murder such as communists. So please do not confuse politics with FACTS! The picture of Tito posted is how his victims saw him, who are you to speak about it – you obviously were not one of them.

      • Hercegovac says:

        It’s ironic that you would bring up the ICTY when just recently they stated that the “great Croatian hero” Franjo Tudman was part of a joint criminal enterprise against the non-Croat population of BiH. WOW! What a President!
        You are telling me that the workers were forced by gunpoint to go to the funeral? Were the various statesmen forced to go to the funeral as well? UDBA flew around the world gathering statesmen and kidnapping them for Tito’s funeral? A likley story in a Right-Wingers wet dream….
        And if these people were indeed forced to go to the funeral why havn’t we heard about this? Tito and his “oppresive” Yugoslavia are long gone, you have the freedom to write what you wish.
        Also, look up Hajduk-Crvena Zvezda 4 maj 1980. You will find a video of an ENTIRE stadiumc crying and chanting “Druze Tito mi ti se kunemo!” Were they ordered as well? Perhaps the JNA was there spraying pepper spray into the crowd…
        You speak of the communists like they are some sort of evil race of people when in fact they were normal people who just wanted to live a normal life. Franjo himself was a HARDCORE Communist having gone back to work on the same day of his marriage. He was also a Partisan, you know, the people who went around killing poor Croatian Ustasha.(sarcasm)
        And in response to your last statement, my great uncle was an Ustasha, and we had friends in HVO and HOS.
        Of course my grandpa knew that communism and Tito and his partisans were fighting for a greater cause then Pavlic and his vandals. And in turn educated his children such and they educated me the same way. “Work hard and you will be rewarded” and he was…

      • Hercegovac – No irony at all about the ICTY Appeal Chamber decision! As to the latest case you mention that has not been through an Appeal process yet so I would rather wait for due process to complete before I make any statement of definitive nature – but of course the likes of you may not appreciate the due process just like communists and Tito did not – they murdered and accused without trials, with sham trials, made up evidence etc etc.

        I never mentioned “forced by gunpoint” but I do speak from personal experience when workers had to stop work by order of their “director” who was always a communist party member and operative and attend funeral and each company had a designated spot on the streets to stand in, the same occurred when Tito visited towns and cities. No wet dream here – just the truth, which you obviously either do not know or do not want to know. That is your choice and it has no bearing on the truth.

        Hahahahahahaha May 1980 Hajduk-Crvena Zvezda game – the days when Tito was on his last stinking breath if not already dead – the whole friggin Yugoslavia was in a cramp of Marshall’s impending death. The cramp was orchestrated by the Party and oh dear, oh dear – as if people did not know what they would do without Tito – that is how much independence was spread throughout Yugoslavia – none! The reality of Tito’s death showed the helpless and dependent nation. Bad way to be!

        Indeed, Tito and Partisans fought for a greater cause: geographically speaking of course – they fought for Yugoslavia, not Croatia! Yep, Yugoslav communists taught people to work so very hard to end up with personal and national wealth depending on state coffers and welfare in most cases.

  17. Alija, would you just quit with your bullshit mate? Tito was a criminal on a massive scale and this should not be minimised or compromised because if that’s done, then justice is not served. Croatia has seen enough double standards imposed on its people and especially those who have been victims. You may be fine with giving up and accepting bullshit double standards (“another approach”), but that says a lot more about you than it does about us who still refuse to give up.

    • Never give up on truth and justice! The Alija’s of this world can fester in their corners as much as they want.

    • alija derzelez says:

      Kat,thanks to you and diaspora’s great work we even had FIFA to teach us about history,they even brought Hitler into it,we got hammered to the point where Joe’s lawyer said”Well yea but Joe didn’t yell Spremni the fans did”.Now you should go and take it up with FIFA… DELETED – NO FACTS PROVIDED FOR ASSERTION…So poor Joe went from hero to the JOE – DELETED AS OFFENSIVE…One other thing I would like to tell you about is the polling done in Croatia,polling that shows that Drug Tito was ,is the greatest Croat ever.I could never forget the one done in 2004 where he won in landslide and Tesla was second.the most surprising part of it was a fact that educated people voted for Drug and uneducated for Tudman.well as you can see you didn’t convince your own people yet so how are you going then convince the world.Good luck to you.

      • Hahahahaha – I’ll but in here, Alija Derzelez – the 2004 survey done was done by the communist and croatian-independence destructor Nactional weekly magazine (which of course like Feral Tribune folded shamefully) during the time when communist Ivica Racan was in opposition having just lost government. In any case the results when Tito is concerned were actually pathetic and certainly say nothing great about his popularity – indeed the opposite. Only 26% (2055) of the 7779 people surveyed gave Tito the first place. Let’s hope that this percentage has fallen drastically since then as well perhaps to the couple of hundred that turn up at Tito’s birthday celebrations in Kumrovec.

      • You’re all over the place, Alija. 😉 (And just a bit naive too, poor thing).

      • alija derzelez says:

        Ina ,if you find something to be wrong,fake or a lie,well there is no need to hope,right.

      • Well Alija, there is always the hope that others will see the light

      • therealamericro says:

        Are you referring to the same “newspaper” that had the triumphant, screaming Nov. 15, 2012 headline about Gotovina and Markac’s convictions being upheld being an indictment of Croatia under Tudman?

        The drunk guy with the torn up Tito shirt laying face down in a puddle of vomit and urine, singing Partisan songs at the park might be a better source of public opinion.

      • therealamericro says:

        So you agree with the falsities posited by the Slovenian witness for Milosevic’s defense at his trial?

        Are we to presume that you agree with his claims under oath given at Milosevic’s trial, Alija?

        As Zrinski shouted before battle, ZDS!

        ; – )

  18. Ina,this is a reply to your response dated 18.5

    • You are truly believer in a freedom of speech and seeker of truth and also claim to have contributed to Croatian cause ??

      • Freedom of speech bj1jurac does NOT include spreading who thinks what happened to the tragedy of communist crimes against Croats. You may like to do that but I will not permit such insults to victims on this blog. Those innocent men, women and children were murdered! That is a fact and the reality that other murders occurred at the time do not justify nor excuse those done by the communists.

  19. therealamericro says:

    Ina, I’d have to say that this post has led to a tragicomically great case study in the long-term effects of aberrant conditioning and totalitarian dictatorship brainwashing.

    • Yes, therealamericro, cracking a clear and fair path to real democracy was never going to be easy with some of the Red lot inherited by Croatia and I too reckon this “case study” confirms this – giving I trust more resolve to move forth until they see the wrong in what they call right…

  20. therealamericro says:

    QUOTE: It’s ironic that you would bring up the ICTY when just recently they stated that the “great Croatian hero” Franjo Tudman was part of a joint criminal enterprise against the non-Croat population of BiH. WOW! What a President! ENDQUOTE

    It is not like that had anything to do with the fact that the UK, France, Netherlands, US and UN itself had any interest in whitewashing their own open and tacit support for greater Serbian aggression against Croatia and B&H or anything.

    Not at all.

    FYI, the ruling is on appeal. Gotovina & Markac were convicted, as were Tudman, Susak, Bobetko and other Croatian giants, and in Nov. 2012 their names were cleared.

    The Prlic et. al. indictment is, as monstrous as the politically charged, irrational, illogical, evidence-suppressing, used toilet paper indictment authored by Puhovski and Strbac, worse than the Gotovina & Markac indictment, and its rape of elementary logic and reason is far more violent.

    That the entire case is premised on the suppression of exculpatory evidence.

    Namely, the State Department cable, “The Ugly Virus Of Moral Symmetry -WHO IS DOING THE “ETHNIC CLEANSING” IN B-H?” from December 3, 1992.


    In addition to Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Reginald Schrader’s seminal, clinical analysis

    In addition to the fact that for the entirety of the war, the JNA/VJ/RSK/VRS used B&H territory as a staging area and supply line for genocidal aggression against Croatia and the Croatian nation in B&H.

    As does the fact that Muslim aggression against the Muslims saviors, the B&H Croats, was pre-planned from the highest eschelons of power.

    Not only did Alija “Tekbir” Izetbegovic NOT want a multiethnic, power-sharing BiH, he never did, and neither did SDA, the party he formed and the party he was head of.

    Here is their 1993 meeting video. Alija was a speaker and was present for the entire meeting, fyi.

    Memorable quotes: “Taktizirali smo s Hrvate koji su pomagali, prohrvatsku struju eliminirali.” “Cijelovita BiH nije cilj nego sredstvo za ostvaranje Bosnjackih interesa.” “Teritorij je svetinja a more, Neretva i Sr. Bosna strateski cilj.” “Treba nastavit rat, neka traje jihad!” “Granice ce se mjenjati, muslimanska drzava treba biti motiv i cilj.” “Armija BiH je 100% muslimanska.”

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 8
    Part 9
    Part 10
    Part 11
    Part 12
    Part 13
    Part 14
    Part 15
    Part 16
    Part 17
    Part 18
    Part 19
    Part 20
    Part 21–ck1Y
    Part 22
    Part 23
    Part 24
    Part 25
    Part 26

    QUOTE: You are telling me that the workers were forced by gunpoint to go to the funeral? ENDQUOTE

    No, but celebrating his death like the overwhelming majority wanted to, meant prison. Arguing that people were genuinely sad over his death is like arguing that the tears of sadness in N. Korea after the Great Leader’s death, were genuine.

    Last I checked Tile was buried in the house of flowers in his spiritual home, Beograd. Tudman was buried in Croatia, here is some footage from his funeral: That was a statesman. Buried under the Croatian flag, in a free, democratic Republic of Croatia that he led to victory.

    Tito was an opportunist who got lucky and went on Western / Eastern Bloc welfare for three decades. Without the Cold War his fantasy state would have collapsed in the 1950s as its economic model was UNSUSTAINABLE, and remained so to his far too late death. The Last Hapsburg was buried under a blue-white-red red star flag, in Belgrade.

    Sure, the fanatical drooling brainwashed Communist dolts were sad, and cried uncontrollably. Most everyone else was pretending, toasting the traitor and sellout’s death in their homes privately. That is what happens in totalitarian states.

    QUOTE: Were the various statesmen forced to go to the funeral as well? ENDQUOTE

    Being that most of those same Cold War statesmen applauded Milosevic’s rise and defended him and Serbia’s genocidal aggression the duration of the war, it would not be wise to make that appeal to authority (itself a logical fallacy).

    QUOTE: UDBA flew around the world gathering statesmen and kidnapping them for Tito’s funeral? ENDQUOTE

    No, but they flew around the world and murdered over 80 people at least, to and include writers, philosophers, academics, democrats….

    QUOTE: A likley story in a Right-Wingers wet dream….
    And if these people were indeed forced to go to the funeral why havn’t we heard about this? Tito and his “oppresive” Yugoslavia are long gone, you have the freedom to write what you wish. ENDQUOTE

    You are seriously putting quotes around “oppressive” when writing about the genocidal locksmith and his degenerate failed one-party state that kept Croatia locked in the Balkan backwater for 45 years? Read up:

    QUOTE: Also, look up Hajduk-Crvena Zvezda 4 maj 1980. You will find a video of an ENTIRE stadiumc crying and chanting “Druze Tito mi ti se kunemo!” Were they ordered as well? ENDQUOTE

    More or less. Not doing so would have made them an enemy of the state, ended their careers, likely ended up in prison.

    QUOTE: Perhaps the JNA was there spraying pepper spray into the crowd… ENDQUOTE

    They saved that for Dinamo – Zvezda:;, when they, and the mostly Serbian police at that stadium, sided with one of Tito and Beograd’s favored killers, Arkanica (who later went on to head the Pink Tigresses unit).

    QUOTE: You speak of the communists like they are some sort of evil race of people when in fact they were normal people who just wanted to live a normal life. ENDQUOTE

    The normal ones were sent to the Srijem Front, or liquidated after the war, and when more started popping up, purged during the Croatian Spring. The successor party to the Communist Party, SDP, walked out of the vote on Croatian independence. That is not normal.

    QUOTE: Franjo himself was a HARDCORE Communist having gone back to work on the same day of his marriage. He was also a Partisan, you know, the people who went around killing poor Croatian Ustasha.(sarcasm)ENDQUOTE

    Tudman left the party long before it became cool. And Tudman defeated the party continually the duration of his career. In fact, were it not for the massive foreign government (read: US, UK, Netherlands) subsidization of Mesic and SDP’s campaigns following Tudman’s untimely death, Croatia would have had a normal government in 2000, would have seen lustration and a normal economy and far earlier entrance into the EU.

    Unfortunately, the UK is obsessed with keeping the UDBa-Jugocommie vampire alive, and the US is on board as their approach to the world is carrot and stick, and the US is the carrot and UK is the stick in terms of Croatia (all because of the UK’s hysterical obsession with Germany, and propping up Serbia, for if Croatia to actually not have subsequent London-owned puppet governments since 2000, including this circus freak show in power, Croatia would have experienced significant FDI and infrastructure development and would be the unquestionable dominant power in SE Europe thanks to its geography and ports).

    QUOTE: And in response to your last statement, my great uncle was an Ustasha, and we had friends in HVO and HOS. ENDQUOTE

    Touching personal anecdote, but your arguments have all been logical fallacies, ergo, invalid.

    QUOTE: Of course my grandpa knew that communism and Tito and his partisans were fighting for a greater cause then Pavlic and his vandals. ENDQUOTE

    Yeah, that really worked out for Croatia – Serbian boots on the ground for 45 years, suppression of free speech, one-party state, emigration of nearly 1/4 of all Croats that were left after the war, and the political system that brought Milosevic to power which was followed by a five year war – all Tito’s legacy. What a higher cause that was. But, it was for the better, right? I mean, SFRJ had much better industry and growth than those primitive Austrians, W Germans, Scandinavians, Dutch and other Marshall Plan recipients.

    QUOTE: And in turn educated his children such and they educated me the same way. “Work hard and you will be rewarded” and he was… ENDQUOTE

    Relience on logical fallacies to defend a proven genocidal maniac and dictator is usually not the sign of an education.

    Read up:;

    • alija derzelez says:

      Yea it must be a reason why he named himself a Vrhovnik,went around country and changed names to soccer clubs and didn’t except democratically held elections just because HDZ lost,above is the fact and comes out of dictators playbook my friend.

      • alija derzelez says:

        And that marshal uniform he loved to put on has never reminded me of any great world leader but of Drug Tito.

  21. therealamericro says:
    • alija derzelez says:

      Slovenian witness,I guess a guy doesn’t. have a name or just simply put you have no know an idea of who you are talking about.Tudman problem is “Why the hell didn’t you burn the tapes”.and couple of Croatians like Mesic,Manolic,Paraga,late Spegelj,Markovic,Racan ,Granic ,Sarinic and every single politician from that time.Also his Generals Blaskic,Rajic,Stipetic and so on ,I personally find it weird that you would pick and blame some Slovenian .Take Cro history lessons because Zrinjski has nothing to do with ZDS.

      • therealamericro says:

        Thanks for not addressing a single argument that I brought up.

        As usual ; – )

        Markovic – Belgrade loyalist, failed economist, crony capitalist and discredited liar. Mesic – discredited liar, war profiteer, crony capitalist, privatization criminal, perjurer, and named as a KOS operative by Kadijevic in his memoirs. Spegelj – dismal strategist, played by Kertes, named as Kadijevic as KOS operative. Racan- walked out of independence vote, failed economist, failed Prime Minister, Yugoslav relic. Manolic – OZNA murderer, UDBa murderer, useful idiot, named as KOS operative by Kadijevic.

        Granic – never said anything about “dividing Bosnia.” Sarinic – never said anything about “dividing Bosnia.”

        As Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Schrader pointed out in his book, and as the State Department stated, B&H Croats saved the Bosniaks, and their entire military policy was reactive – to both greater Serbian / JNA and greater Bosniak aggression.

        Blaskic, Rajic – all commanded and fought defensively as pointed out by Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Schrader.

        Barry Lituchy, the “star witness,” was a witness for Milosevic’s defense (

        Alija, nice try, but another epic fail:

  22. “She said children in school must learn about fascism – I hope she meant the fascism employed against Croatia in 1990’s from Serbia and it’s Yugoslav People’s Army!”
    Ahahahah why do you have to say this? I mean, fascism is fascism. What is the problem if she meant also the fascism from WW2? Why are you so obsessed with the serbs? Isn’t Croatia free nowadays??
    Smack! <3

    • Croatia is free, Nikola and therefore, free to defend itself from lies that keep coming – it’s not an obsession, it’s reaction and that is a thing free people do too

  23. DELETED as inappropriate and incorrect

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