Croatian Government: “… pure sabotage, manipulation through fear …”

Prof. Dr. sc. Davor Pavuna

Prof. Dr. sc. Davor Pavuna

As an introduction, he put his hands together and said: I love you. He then suggested to the audience in the filled hall to close their eyes and think of someone with whom they’d like to realise a better relationship and to tell them with their inner voice: I love you.  An unusual introduction to the lecture, coloured with wonderful energy and positive force, that’s a part of the forum “Openly about faith”, delivered by the world-renowned physicist, Croatian professor with a Swiss address, dr. Davor Pavuna. His lectures strengthen, challenge the emotions of fulfillment similar to those when you finish watching a good movie with a happy ending or when you read an exceptional book, which has a message of optimism that changes your life, awakens it.

An interview with Prof. Dr. sc. Davor Pavuna
by Lidija CRNČEVIĆ
(Translated into English by Ina Vukic)

We spoke in the Classical gymnasium gardens where he held a lecture on that day to young people, who listened to him for two hours almost “not breathing”, says don Bernard. Immediately before the lecture in the John Paul II Hall, dr Pavuna implied that he was not in Dubrovnik by accident at the time when decisions are being made regarding Srdj (Srđ/golf course development and apartment building proposals), Ombla (hydroelectric plant) and Peljesac bridge … and people in the hall listened to him with total concentration and understanding, feeling that there is profound understanding to which he testifies. Yet, for half of his life, he was an agnostic and a disbeliever, and because of this he is often known to say that he knows “what’s happening in President Josipovic’s and Prime Minister Milanovic’s heads” … and then …he become a witness to God’s love and grace. Has this been only a moment or a long-lasting road along which he kept awakening and becoming conscious?

“When I was about 24 years old, a student at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb that already knew something about Physics, I realised that I cannot receive all the answers through pure science even if I was fairly and honestly a serious researcher, young man. I started to listen to the “Beatles” then, and they were flirting with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and so I completed studies of Transcendental Mediation, and on one occasion my father’s friend came to visit us and said: listen, you are seeking spirituality; that is why I proceeded to study it.

When I was 26 I went to England for my Doctorate and I marveled at how everyone there talked openly about Jesus Christ, how they mention the Gospel and the good news as something positive while back home, in the Bolshevik ‘titoslavia’, that was poison for the people. When I spoke with my parents I asked what kind of a Catholic family were we when they did not tell me that was the most beautiful news that ever was. They told me they were afraid of UDBA (Yugoslav Secret Police), because they had already had problems when they baptised me.

After that, I began studying not only the Bible, but other religions as well, I even went through Hare Krishna, Zen Buddhism, I studied the Koran, the Occult, Kabbalah, and then in India they wondered what I was looking for there when I have ‘my’ Jesus Christ, the greatest guru of them all. At the beginning of 1980’s I started going to spiritual lessons with Father Zvjezdan Linic and it was then that  I got to know Jesus Christ, during a healing prayer I was healed of all possible delusions, circusies, Satanism, and gradually I began developing into a believer.

It does not come overnight and, in a way, I am an interesting witness because for half of my life I was a disbeliever or an agnostic, and after that, a follower of Jesus and a believer. Given that I have experience in both, I know exactly the conscience that the agnostic Josipovic and the disbeliever Milanovic as well as the other disbelievers have, and I also have the conscience of the other one, the normal believer. And, on appearance, I’m the same as them from outside, but completely different from inside.

While once I was scattered, nervous, neurotic, with similar behaviour that we see today from Prime Minister Milanovic, whose behaviour is also schizophrenic at times, today I posses the greatest gift of all – the gift of faith.  That is the most beautiful gift I could ever give to anyone. When I look at myself from inside, I feel peace and joy, it’s not important what’s happening outside. There is gentleness within me, independence, lots of prayer, contemplation, maturing, but there in no greater gift for man than to realise the gift of faith and receive grace. Life and faith are grace, and when you receive that, there is no Nobel Prize or anything else in life, which is greater than that. When I was in Mostar, in December, I was told that the visionary Vicka has invited me to visit her. When I came to her I told her I did not understand, that I did not need anything. She replied: I know, brother, but the two of us are servants of Jesus Christ …”

Can we talk about you mission, you hold lectures more frequently than before, you criticise bankers, politicians, investors … your words impress more because a fascinating scientific biography of a world-renowned physicist stands behind them?

“ Yes, I know I have a mission. While I was in my ‘Indian phase’, with Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, I once wanted to abandon physics. That was just before the time when they asked me what I was looking for in India when I have Jesus Christ, the greatest guru of them all. At that time Vesna Krmpotic, our great poetess, was also there and I told her that I would like to study spirituality, and all she said was – no, stay with physics.

I suffered a great deal for having had to stay in contact with those Cartesians, Mathematicians, with such ‘bizarre’ people, who had fallen into the illusion of that knowledge, although it’s not bad, I’m happy for having understood, for having mastered everything to its last level, because it is beautiful to understand creation.  I know that well, but the ultimate truth is not in mathematics, in physics and in understanding creation.

The ultimate truth is the relation of man towards dear God, awareness, conscience and love are also important components at the moment of departure, atoms remain here, but as my mentor Tomislav Ivancevic says, the spiritual soul separates again, and that is awareness, conscience and love. Holy books and all the testaments say that we meet with dear God as with infinite light and love.  Theologically speaking, according to my belief, man is an infinite conscience of love within a being that continues, love in infinite being in conscience, and so the body is the smallest, it is the man’s limitation, the suffering and the cross, it can be comfortable, useful … but it is terribly temporary.

The worst moment in life is when you are separated from your mother at birth, when they cut the umbilical cord, because to be in the mother’s womb is something that is most beautiful. A man truly feels good when he is in synergy and re-joined with God, after holy mass, when he receives communion, returns again into the body of Christ, it is like returning into the mother’s womb.  I can even explain that as a scientist, because I’m a professional in the highly coherent quantum systems, which is transcendental to me and other people, that is a science that requires studies of Physics over 12 years, and is compatible with this mystique about which I’m talking about and if people would know the miracles we know in science, they’d immediately believe, you know the miracles from the Bible, artificial, immaculate conception, they’ll be able to achieve that as well in five thousand years … people do not understand to which degree we are potent in scientific terms as beings, and when we deepen that spiritual component as well, because we are all God’s and if we were to inherit Christ as He himself says: I am the way, the truth and the life and so you can be like me. We are like apes in our bodies, but we are also like God, the point is in the will, capacity, belief, believing to the end … as Jesus says: if you had as much faith as there are seeds of mustard, you could move mountains”.

How is it possible that Croats can be recognised as intelligent, capable, diligent people, while at home in our country everything is going in a catastrophic direction?

“I understand numbers and facts well … I won’t judge anyone, but I’m of a trained mind, so you work it out yourself … you cannot, on the one hand, calculate that the world economy has, say 50 trillion Euro, and on the other hand you see that there is 5 thousand trillion in the banks, 100 times more, those are bankroids’ deceptions, derivations, manipulations … I see how they’re deceiving us, we have all become proletarians, and we have all become debtors and I see that they’re making us into slaves or worse …

In the state of Croatia, where I was a reviewer of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and the Arts, in 1992 that was a fair strategy, but 21 years later when my children have grown up, I see that my country is a tragedy… and listen to the numbers, my homeland Croatia, which could have been a heavenly garden by now, has 370 thousand officially unemployed, 180 thousand people who work but do not receive pay, that is 550 thousand people who do not have regular income, nor are they regularly included in the society.

When you multiply this with about three persons in a family, that is about 2 million people, half the nation … is it possible that in 2013 in the 21st Century, when I talk about topics that make your hair stand on end, because I am a professional man, that my nation, and I’m the dust of this nation, a child of this nation, whatever, that half of my nation almost has nothing to eat?!

250,000 farmers are on the brink of hunger and collapse, and this country could feed millions, wait, who is mad here? We have the so-called left option in government, social-democratic, that is DEMONcracy, I’m ashamed to think about them, I cannot understand why those people haven’t resigned yet, because I also said that a year ago. They cannot solve anything, regardless of which government is in power, because it’s always the same people, from the system, they are a part of the problem, they are potentates, they are bourgeois, neo-skoj ( re:Young Communist League of Yugoslavia), neo-liberal pharaohs who work for foreign centres of power, I know that because my students work for those foreign centres of power. Hence, we are dealing here with manipulation of a nation, and not only ours, the same story goes for our Greek, Spanish, Italian brothers … the only ones who have saved themselves, and we could have done that as well, are Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria … because they went with productivity, they placed an accent upon engineers and productivity, we could have done that as well.

I’m not judging anybody but I have the right to ask. And I’m asking loud and clear, let them give me an answer, it’s all the same to me whether the government is HDZ or SDP, we have been betrayed by the complete partitive politics, all respect to the exceptions, I won’t say – everyone.  But, allow me, we are among the top 10 or 20 in the world for beauty, sport, music, science … how is it possible that we are sixtieth for our economy? That means that there is pure sabotage, manipulation through fear. You humiliate and blackmail the people for every ‘carrot’.

Iceland has shown a mature democracy when, four years ago, it removed all of its rulers, jailed its Prime Minister, wrote a new Constitution, nationalised and took over all the banks, dismissed all debts … what’s quite legitimate … only people are sovereign. I am no leftist, no revolutionary; I’m only talking about the factual state of affairs. Why is Iceland better than Croatia? It’s not!

Why does this country not have the right to a referendum, why is some Srdj constantly thrown at us, some Ombla, which are complete manipulations as is Plomin? I say that responsibly, in the republic of Dubrovnik, which is a global symbol of freedom, self-conscience, where Rudjer Boskovic, the symbol of superman, I don’t know how to call him as he was exceptional even in that century … and we allow all this?? Wait, people, are we apelike for allowing this to happen? Well, when will someone bang their fist on the table, well this is a most elementary logic; I know even more numbers.

I’ll say it again, I’m not judging, I’m only talking about the factual state, is that not a task of a physicist, tell the facts and know the analysis. I know a lot more and this what’s happening to us is a horror, proven manipulation. My physicist colleagues, main professionals for the financial crisis and the public, we are mathematically qualified, we know that we are manipulated, we know exactly who, where, what and how, we know everything.

On 15th April, in Switzerland, we had a meeting of the world’s best professionals, truly exceptional, even Heads for the crisis, in the Swiss and other banks around the world, therefore colleagues who know, when I publicly asked, before the full hall of people, whether we could believe the politicians, bankers and investors, the answer was a loud and clear no. So, I say, with a complete conscience, consciousness, integrity: the politicians, bankroids, investors and media manipulators, who are manipulating us and work on this planet as well as in Croatia in order to suck our energy and resources are mafia of the worst kind … this is not a conspiracy theory, this is the factual state of things, which I attained from my students, and you can imagine how many I have, plus the real number, the details I have, which I can show to anyone at anytime. I know everything by heart, including where there is which Croat on the planet, I ask you which minister knows all that, and we’re paying him?

We have not counted the victims from the First, the Second to the Homeland war, we don’t even know how to count the corpses, and I’m involved with the studies of electrons and I know where every one of my electrons is. Listen to me carefully: two years ago, in an interview with the president of Zagreb bank administration, it was said that there was 20 billion Euros of our savings in Croatian banks, from that they lift 10-12% interest, even 2.3 billion Euro annually … that money goes abroad, who is mad here?? The savings of Croatians at home and abroad, in the banks here, go abroad, I’m not even going to talk about the privatisation of those same banks, I ask scientifically, am I a cretin, am I mad?? I am formed to know how to analyze things like that and I cannot be mad. But we are among the first world’s 10 or 20 in everything, it’s just that in the economy and in things like these that we come sixtieth … This means we’re dealing with sabotage, I can prove it to you, forgive me you political partitionists regardless of which political party you come from, but you have betrayed this nation, it’s all in black and white, that’s a factual state of affairs”.

Yes, but who will bang their fist on the table? Who is the power that’s prepared for such fundamental and profound changes? Who are the new people, for many years now the Croatian political scene, even at the lower levels, has always seen the repeat of the same people? The people are facing the wall, all offered options have been spent … why do we increasingly, more often, see that at times of elections the people are giving up their right to decide.

“Who is going to be the one to bang his fist on the table? Well, among them I’ll be one as well. You know, these are collective phenomena. It’s like when a butterfly moves its wing on Hawaii and a storm happens in Boston. The times of Tito and Hussein are finished. We are protected by information, manipulations, that’s called the correlated era, neither the politicians nor the bankroids can understand these things I’m talking about … neither they nor the investors can pull us out from that because they do not possess trained minds like Physicists do. Mathematicians could, but even they cannot connect the details with mathematics in the concepts I’m talking about.

However, physicists have analyzed the so-called econometrics and distribution, we understand it, we can even tell when the phase transition of information occurred, in the 1960’s when we transitioned from one type of correlating information into an another type, the next unavoidable phase transition will be in about 2050, give or take twenty years, because we are in such a biosphere of correlating that we will experience financial collapse or we will pull ourselves out, but that depends on us. Accordingly, we all act in planetary ways, but we must awaken people … we have initiated that phase transition but it won’t be as if we choose our new leader and, with that, we will save Croatia … let’s not create illusions about that.

Different centres of power blackmail even an expert team, it’s known exactly who they are, because that is a global problem, of course. Croatia is not in a typically Croatian problem, Greece, Spain, Italy … are there … When what’s happened to us happens, and betrayal has happened over the past 15 years, instead of creating a country like Austria, Switzerland, in other words an industrious country that we have in our genetic code, Croats are prosperous, but we have entered into bad Sanaderisation, Berlisconisation, a prostituted component of this nation, we just ‘lick’ someone over, we just bow to someone … the various types of theft, those social phonies, those people who push themselves into politics, don’t know anything.

When you talk to me you can tell that I’m more or less sophisticated in my communication, but you cannot say that I do not know my numbers, my facts, my relations. I bring out hard numbers, as every engineer does, engineers make products from ideas, revenue works with these, and those people only cheat, scam, speak nonsense … I think every woman sees that very well. And then it happens that the country becomes a colony, all become Greece and that becomes unavoidable. That is like a vortex you cannot stop. So, we must awaken the young and we too must awaken, there is a lot of the how and the what. We act. Why are we not talking about them? Both domestic and foreign intelligence services are involved in that, so, in order to protect ourselves and in order to win, we must work ‘under the radar’ so they don’t see us”.

One could conclude that your coming to Dubrovnik before the referendum, in the moment when the role of “saviour” of the survival of Croatian economy – from investments in Srdj and Ombla, was imposed upon it, was not accidental?

“Of course it wasn’t accidental. I came to save Dubrovnik from Srdj, Ombla and similar smut, including the Peljesac Bridge. Water is the absolute fundamental property, water from springs can be rotated, it is like a happy molecule that dances, when you place it into a tap or a bottle, it’s like people in a bus, it cannot dance, that’s absolutely important, it’s more important than petroleum. Especially for this century.

And then it happens that some kind of zombies, the so-called investors, out of reasons totally different from nobleness and golf, are offering such a project on Srdj.  For Dubrovnik’s profit? For greater profit for Dubrovnik, golf on Srdj is as if you go and colour Stradun in with lovely felt-tip pens, as if Stradun will be more beautiful if you colour it in – some more.  Literally cretinism, odd corrupted types speak nonsense.

I have nothing against golf, we can talk about that, but not this here and not in this context, because the Dubrovnik landscape is historically important here, and the water in this countryside, in Konavle, is important … and the absolute foundation is at the back of Ombla. We’re talking here about classic manipulation of the so-called dogsbodies, for some odd interests and some odd betrayal. There’s a lot more to this, symbolics are there, I’m not here by accident, including the need for Peljesac Bridge, it is an absolutely normal thing that we connect the Dubrovnik region with its parent country.

Dubrovnik is a much bigger brand than Croatia, or in the extreme case Rudjer Boskovic, who was an exceptional scientist and member of all academies; there is none like him today … accordingly that is the defence of the essence of authenticity. We are here today to defend that that is most important, and that is – identity. Let’s compare that with water – which would not be what it is if it were not for oxygen and hydrogen. Identically, it’s important for Dubrovnik to be Dubrovnik, and to destroy Srdj or Ombla means that you destroy the essence of Dubrovnik, taken oxygen and hydrogen from it … that’s as if you place a mother into some artificial formation and leave her to bear children. An absolute no must be said to that, no, no and no!

We’re dealing with the manipulation of citizens here, these people are hypnotised with some supposed needs. Consumerism is already a terribly known terminology for manipulation, when you enter into a shop, people are hypnotised by colours, meaning the red and yellow attract better etc., so, it’s done in the same way in the media. People are being convinced into usefulness of Srdj, from employment onwards, but people are manipulated with this”.

What has happened with Croatian intellectuals, where is their social engagement, ultimately, accountability? Why are most of them keeping silent?

“Partly because these zombie-like dogsbodies in power have ‘destroyed’ them, ridiculed them … the self-conscience of this nation has slumped so much, and that is a part of that manipulation. To break a nation, to bring it to a state of numbness, you must break its self-conscience. Everything and everybody is being manipulated. I’ve already said: whoever wants to invest in Dubrovnik – and your Mayors, all of them are to blame – must become a citizen of Dubrovnik, pay taxes here, bow to St Blaise and become Catholic. Then we can talk about investments. Do not permit some sort of “Genghis Khan globalisation”, for them to occupy this free republic, because we all fall with that, anyone that doesn’t see that is either stupid or foolish. That is the message that is crystal clear. Hence, there are not only wars that occur with weapons, there are special wars, this is a war of spirit, a war of strategy … Dubrovnik is being defended here even today!”

You are an adviser to the American President Obama for Energetics…
“Not only to him, I’ve worked in America for over 20 years, I work with the Chinese, Koreans, Turks, Slovenians, Montenegrians, … European Union, it’s almost more difficult for me to say with whom I have worked that with whom I haven’t …”

except in our country?

“ Well, not really … in recent time my mathematics, natural science, biotechnical account in Croatia has ‘exploded’. Suddenly my colleagues, whether they like me or not, people who know things, work with things, calculate something, say: help, this is a nightmare, these social phonies have destroyed the country.

Engineers and scientists are in a consternation, it’s like as if you know how to play football but you’re always seated on the bench, and those people just zombie around, there is no productivity any more, everything has crashed … Why do we need so many Economists, we have a surplus of Economists, what are they going to sell when we don’t produce anything any more. My own account has engaged me, given that I’ll be an Emeritus in Switzerland in a few years, I’m moving towards retirement, I want to be engaged … If the Koreans could move from a subservient colony to a leader in productivity in only two generations, this nation can achieve that quicker.

You can see that we have emboldened ourselves, this is revolution … conscience, consciousness and love. Croatian people must bang their fists on the table and those various Mayors, local pharaohs, I’m not at all interested in how you might call them and to which party they belong, that partitiocracy must fall. I’ve said – I have the solution. Iceland, Iceland, Iceland. Some humble people in Iceland removed the whole government, emptied the parliament, re-wrote the Constitution, threw all the banks into the garbage, dismissed all debts …like a computer that you unplug from the electricity.

Turn it off and then turn it back on, reinstall the operational system and appoint honourable and dignified people who will work in the interests of the people, and people are sovereign. Accordingly, we no longer want those pests, honour to exceptions, but they are collective pests. Because only pests can allow all this that is being done to the people. Slaves had greater rights than what people have in this country … we must ‘fight’ among ourselves for a referendum. That’s impossible in a country, which has good social maturity”.

Who are the people of love whom you often mention?

“People of love are everybody, including the two of us … they are not exclusively Catholics. People of love are those who understand the sciences of Jesus Christ, at times they are perhaps disbelievers, but in practice they apply science. But from the psychological, the psychiatric perspective science is eerily logical … let’s presume that someone is not a believer, but he understands the meaning of forgiveness and love, which from the psychological point of view are obviously important.

In simple terms, science of the Gospel is forgiveness, towards one self, towards fellow man, even towards dear God, and then we can experience that love, the channels of love begin working. But when you deliberate even without regard to the religious part, forgiveness is important, it is psychologically important. You cannot heal a patient if the doctor-patient channels don’t exist, or if the patient is not active. It’s known that we have 60 thousand thoughts in a day, of which even 95% are negative. We have even moved the spectrum of thoughts in this civilisation and that’s why prayer is important, contemplation, faith. Well, if we change that now, and the people of love do that, we have a chance.  Action is important!

Let’s be active; let’s demand accountability, and that means that we are moving towards the better, that we experience heavenly garden in this our country, and that is possible.  Because we have splendid water, splendid land parcels, we can have splendid food, let’s experience love, togetherness, compassion … it’s possible to achieve this in half a generation here”.

The election of such a new Pope, humble, with a steel, not gold crucifix around his neck, named Francis (Franjo) … is also not accidental.

“Let’s be frank, we could not receive a greater gift than to return the essential simplicity of God’s science, Jesus Christ … that is the way out from the enormous consumerism, manipulations … our church is also partly to blame, one of the guilty parties for that. We have not been adequately active, we know that Satan has crept into the church, even into the Vatican, that’s no secret … this of which I speak is called awakening because of that … we will either perish as a civilisation or we will conquer. We, as people of love, must count on all possible dominations, but as we are Christ’s, we are the conquerors, love conquers forever, and that’s why I am a great optimist. Thanks be to Jesus and Mary”.

Davor Pavuna 1ABOUT Prof. Dr. sc. Davor Pavuna: Professor, Institute of Physics of Condensed Matter FSB – Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Born in Croatia 1952. Diploma work on magnetotransport in metals (Zagreb, 1977); Ph.D. Thesis on electronic properties of amorphous metals (1982) under Prof. J.S. Dugdale, at that time, the President of the SRC of Great Britain. Following 3 years of research in the CNRS as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Grenoble, where he initiated successful research program on quasicrystals, Pavuna joined EPFL in 1986 as a superconductivity and subsequently functional materials group leader. His publications include more than 150 research papers, 25 reviews, 24 edited professional books, widely used (>100 Universities recommend it worldwide) textbook on superconductivity. Pavuna teaches elementary physics, basic and advances courses on quantum fluids and properties of disordered solids. He has co-organized 15 international conferences and 3 summer schools. In addition to more than hundred lectures in leading institutions worldwide and invited conference talks, he collaborated with and advised companies in Korea, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Ireland and USA. Source:

Croatia EU membership referendum campaigns: Blackmail and sweet-talk (Yes to EU) Vs sovereignty and self-determination (No to EU)

Media grabs – days before Croatian referendum

Bloomberg: “Croatia’s drive to join the European Union may stall as citizens are split over whether accession will drag the former Yugoslav republic into a debt crisis and erode its sovereignty.

Croatians will head to the polls on Jan. 22 on whether the Balkan country should proceed with its planned July 2013 entry into the 27-nation bloc. Support was at 53 percent in a poll published last night by IPSOS-Puls, making it possible a re-vote will be needed before EU members begin ratification.”

Neven Mimica, Croatia’s deputy Prime Minister: “Membership in EU is an opportunity of the millennium which we need to take for the future of Croatian generations”.

Vesna Pusic, Croatia’s Foreign Minister: “ I wouldn’t want to be too cruel, but if we don’t enter the Union, you’re not going to receive your pension.”

Vesna Pusic – again: “If we vote against EU membership, we lose credit rating that same week. That means we’re not capable of repaying our debts. Pensions depend on healthy economy. If you cannot repay your debts, your interest rises. Things are very simple…”

Carl Bildt, Swedish Foreign minister: “the Kingdom of Sweden has continuously supported Croatia in her path to EU membership … Croatian voice will be important in the EU Council of ministers and wider. All countries have economic problems, but it’s much easier if we solve them together.”

Carl Bildt – again: “It was Sweden itself that had during the 1990’s experienced a deep crisis, and after the referendum in 1994 and entering the EU it had achieved spectacular results.

Vladimir Drobnjak, Croatia’s chief negotiator with the EU: “citizens should not fear the EU, because Croatia can always leave the Union… it should not be forgotten that the EU today accounts for 20% of the world economy, while 7% of the world’s population lives within its borders”.

New York Times: Zoran Sluga: „Some Croatians joke … that joining (the European Union) now is like arriving at the party at 2 a.m. Half the revelers are drunk. Half have gone home.“

Tportal news Croatia: Movement for Croatia – NO EU has submitted to the Chief government prosecutor Mladen Bajic a criminal complaint against the foreign minister Vesna Pusic – citing threats against voters

Marin Skribola: “You’ve destroyed the future of our young people, you should be ashamed of yourselves. EU is a dungeon for Croatian people.

TEAM group: “Croatian government was obligated to accept Euro and enter the European monetary union. To give such promise in the worst moment of Euro struggling with the crisis is unreasonable act that has no sense. Croatian government should have asked for the possibility of not accepting Euro as Denmark and Great Britain did. Without that option we advise Croatian citizens to vote against Croatia joining the EU”.

Matea Despot/translation: “It (Croatia) will have to provide enough police officers for effective control according to Schengen standards and the best practice of the EU. When it becomes a part of the Schengen area, Croatia will in fact become the guard of the borders of the EU.

Therefore, it is very important that Croatia is able to defend its border from illegal crossings of immigrants, smugglers and criminals.

There will be some big changes in lives of people who live near the border. Just remember Slovenia entering the Schengen area when there were gates on the roads and the citizens got the keys to the gates, so that the traffic could go on. The Schengen regime will certainly complicate some people’s lives. We witnessed the situation with Italy where immigrants were coming from Africa by boats to their coast. Their aim was to enter the wide Schengen area through Italy and to go to France, Germany and other countries.”

Tomislav Kosic: “Croatia would lose its sovereignty and would be governed by neo-liberal capitalists … Croatia’s farmers may not be able to compete in the larger agricultural community in older EU nations”.

Ivica Marijacic: “Keep in your sight the advantages and disadvantages and make a responsible decision. By all means remember the innocent generals Gotovina and Cermak, and if you think that this is a minor concession worthy of EU, ask yourself, would you hand over a member of your family for a promise of a better life”.

Dr. Ruzica Cavar: “So, Croatians, let’s not betray our victims for independence and freedom!…At the referendum let’s circle the ‘NO’”

Prof. dr.Josip Pecaric: “We invite all Croatian citizens who care about the truth, pride and the dignity of Croatian people, who care abouit the truth of the Homeland War, who care about the freedom of the deserving and innocent generals to vote against Croatian membership in EU, not only at this referendum but, eventually, at a repeated one until just judgments are delivered for the Croatian generals, and that is freedom.”  

Prof. dr. sc. Davor Pavuna: “To trust in the fairness of EU-bureaucrats is to trust Dracula with the transfusion of one’s own blood – the lasting solution for EU is a Europe of sovereign nations”.

Tensions grow by the minute in Croatia, days before the referendum on EU membership. Just a relatively small selection of grabs from the media suggest  that conscience vote will indeed play a large part on Sunday 22 January. While the pro-EU campaigns (government controlled) clutch at straws, bringing in the EU battalions who talk sweet and pamper the mainstream politicians egos (who by the way are resorting to blatant blackmail), the against-EU provide, in my opinion, a far better food for democratic thought: it’s not only the hard earned sovereignty but also the stark reality of economic insecurity that joining the EU at this time may surely bring. Let’s hope voters turn up in overwhelming numbers, just as they did in 1991 at the referendum for independence from communist Yugoslavia. Ina Vukic, Prof.(Zgb), B.A.,M.A.Ps.(Syd)

Croatian Anti-EU activists demand postponement of referendum while the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vesna Pusic says if people vote No to EU membership there’ll be no money!

Things are hotting up in Croatia as the designated EU accession referendum date (22 January) draws closer.

The “official” campaigns have started early this week.

Both the current and the previous government representatives are calling upon the citizens to turn up and vote “Yes” for EU membership.

Both governments had not in past years encouraged public dialogue on EU accession (the ex HDZ government was incumbent and today’s government’s foreign minister Vesna Pusic / member of governing Kukuriku alliance, was head of the National committee on EU negotiations), but rather communicated EU accession in a very top-down, state-centred manner, where they processed information and briefed the public in small meals of their successes.

Although the government has published a ridiculous and scanty publication “Myths and legends about the EU”, where some questions on national identity and sovereignty are answered with cartoons and few sentences barely fit for a grade 3 student at a Primary school, negative sentiments and possible negative consequences for Croatia as EU member were left to some media outlets, minor political parties and individual citizens. Their voices though were not as strong and their supporting funds relatively poor.

I find it repulsive that the foreign minister Vesna Pusic is using cold-cash as a carrot to secure the “Yes” vote. The way things are at dire disarray, EU is no longer the place where things run smoothly or where milk and honey run freely. It is absolutely irresponsible to bring money into the debate, leaving an impression that if citizens vote “Yes” to EU they may do it for the money, branding themselves as dependants, which they are not! Croatia is a nation of hard working people in essence – one only needs to look at the great successes multitudes of Croatians who fled Communism have made of their hard working life in the West since late 1940’s (and before).

It is widely accepted and known that many Croatian’s still suffer from “the-Government-will-get-the-money-I-need-to-live” aberrant mood, instilled during the Communist Yugoslavia reign (1945 – 1991). Instead of educating the people into self-reliance and the need for all individuals to contribute to the country’s wellbeing, the mainstream political forces seem bent on retaining the retardant remnants of that past.

It was a false economy used to brainwash the people to think how Communism was a great thing and it is a false economy now to tell the people that reforms and strengthening of the economy will only be successful if they join the EU!

The foreign minister Vesna Pusic said on January 2: “Should the citizens decide against EU, we remain where we are – without money”. She further explained that in case of “No” vote the government would continue with reforms but with much less money. That the referendum would need to be repeated in say 6-12 months or that EU could take the view for Croatia to be placed in the EU accession package with the rest of the countries from the region.

The Croatian government is thus killing Croatia’s hard-earned sovereignty pride for the Euro before it gives its people a proper chance to think about what joining the EU may mean to the hard earned sovereignty and self determination.

One would expect the former and current government representatives would at least mention Croatia’s War of Independence (1991-1995) in their leading campaign phrases or catchwords.

After all, thousands of Croatians were killed in battles, hundreds of thousands displaced refugees, many thousands still regarded as missing…

The question of sovereignty and self-determination had haunted Croatians for a thousand years! Independence was achieved with almost unfathomable costs to the human being and yet the government brushes this aside as it raises its EU campaign platform on “Yes” and money!

But there is hope for the ordinary citizen yet – the referendum may be postponed?

On January 3 the non-parliamentary political parties, civil society organisations and prominent individuals in Croatia that make up “The Council for Croatia – no to EU” movement have asked Croatian institutions to annul the decision on holding the referendum on January 22 and to organise a public discussion in which both the EU proponents and opponents would be given equal opportunities to express their position.

The movement is currently joined by 12 political parties, 11 organisations and several prominent individuals (including Davor Pavuna, Academic Prof. dr. Josip Pecaric, Dr, sc. Slaven Letica, Prof. dr. sc. Velimir Srica, Sladoljev, mr. Karino Hromin Sturm, Aleksandar Soltysik, Vladimir Biondic…) who say that they’ve joined authentic forces with the goal of defending Croatia’s sovereignty.

Vera Tomasic, President of Croatian Party of Rights Dr Ante Starcevic, told the Croatian Times that “Croatia and its people are not ready to vote so soon. There should be a detailed and transparent analysis about the benefits and harm to Croatia by joining the EU”.

Referendums are a form of direct democracy. They decide on issues of national importance. The government would have the duty of putting before the people both the “Case For” and the “Case Against” and let the people decide. This has not happened in Croatia (yet). Perhaps the people of Croatia should truly exercise their direct democratic power and give a slamming vote of no confidence to the government forthwith! Ina Vukic, Prof.(Zgb), B.A., M.A.Ps.(Syd)

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