Croatia EU membership referendum campaigns: Blackmail and sweet-talk (Yes to EU) Vs sovereignty and self-determination (No to EU)

Media grabs – days before Croatian referendum

Bloomberg: “Croatia’s drive to join the European Union may stall as citizens are split over whether accession will drag the former Yugoslav republic into a debt crisis and erode its sovereignty.

Croatians will head to the polls on Jan. 22 on whether the Balkan country should proceed with its planned July 2013 entry into the 27-nation bloc. Support was at 53 percent in a poll published last night by IPSOS-Puls, making it possible a re-vote will be needed before EU members begin ratification.”

Neven Mimica, Croatia’s deputy Prime Minister: “Membership in EU is an opportunity of the millennium which we need to take for the future of Croatian generations”.

Vesna Pusic, Croatia’s Foreign Minister: “ I wouldn’t want to be too cruel, but if we don’t enter the Union, you’re not going to receive your pension.”

Vesna Pusic – again: “If we vote against EU membership, we lose credit rating that same week. That means we’re not capable of repaying our debts. Pensions depend on healthy economy. If you cannot repay your debts, your interest rises. Things are very simple…”

Carl Bildt, Swedish Foreign minister: “the Kingdom of Sweden has continuously supported Croatia in her path to EU membership … Croatian voice will be important in the EU Council of ministers and wider. All countries have economic problems, but it’s much easier if we solve them together.”

Carl Bildt – again: “It was Sweden itself that had during the 1990’s experienced a deep crisis, and after the referendum in 1994 and entering the EU it had achieved spectacular results.

Vladimir Drobnjak, Croatia’s chief negotiator with the EU: “citizens should not fear the EU, because Croatia can always leave the Union… it should not be forgotten that the EU today accounts for 20% of the world economy, while 7% of the world’s population lives within its borders”.

New York Times: Zoran Sluga: „Some Croatians joke … that joining (the European Union) now is like arriving at the party at 2 a.m. Half the revelers are drunk. Half have gone home.“

Tportal news Croatia: Movement for Croatia – NO EU has submitted to the Chief government prosecutor Mladen Bajic a criminal complaint against the foreign minister Vesna Pusic – citing threats against voters

Marin Skribola: “You’ve destroyed the future of our young people, you should be ashamed of yourselves. EU is a dungeon for Croatian people.

TEAM group: “Croatian government was obligated to accept Euro and enter the European monetary union. To give such promise in the worst moment of Euro struggling with the crisis is unreasonable act that has no sense. Croatian government should have asked for the possibility of not accepting Euro as Denmark and Great Britain did. Without that option we advise Croatian citizens to vote against Croatia joining the EU”.

Matea Despot/translation: “It (Croatia) will have to provide enough police officers for effective control according to Schengen standards and the best practice of the EU. When it becomes a part of the Schengen area, Croatia will in fact become the guard of the borders of the EU.

Therefore, it is very important that Croatia is able to defend its border from illegal crossings of immigrants, smugglers and criminals.

There will be some big changes in lives of people who live near the border. Just remember Slovenia entering the Schengen area when there were gates on the roads and the citizens got the keys to the gates, so that the traffic could go on. The Schengen regime will certainly complicate some people’s lives. We witnessed the situation with Italy where immigrants were coming from Africa by boats to their coast. Their aim was to enter the wide Schengen area through Italy and to go to France, Germany and other countries.”

Tomislav Kosic: “Croatia would lose its sovereignty and would be governed by neo-liberal capitalists … Croatia’s farmers may not be able to compete in the larger agricultural community in older EU nations”.

Ivica Marijacic: “Keep in your sight the advantages and disadvantages and make a responsible decision. By all means remember the innocent generals Gotovina and Cermak, and if you think that this is a minor concession worthy of EU, ask yourself, would you hand over a member of your family for a promise of a better life”.

Dr. Ruzica Cavar: “So, Croatians, let’s not betray our victims for independence and freedom!…At the referendum let’s circle the ‘NO’”

Prof. dr.Josip Pecaric: “We invite all Croatian citizens who care about the truth, pride and the dignity of Croatian people, who care abouit the truth of the Homeland War, who care about the freedom of the deserving and innocent generals to vote against Croatian membership in EU, not only at this referendum but, eventually, at a repeated one until just judgments are delivered for the Croatian generals, and that is freedom.”  

Prof. dr. sc. Davor Pavuna: “To trust in the fairness of EU-bureaucrats is to trust Dracula with the transfusion of one’s own blood – the lasting solution for EU is a Europe of sovereign nations”.

Tensions grow by the minute in Croatia, days before the referendum on EU membership. Just a relatively small selection of grabs from the media suggest  that conscience vote will indeed play a large part on Sunday 22 January. While the pro-EU campaigns (government controlled) clutch at straws, bringing in the EU battalions who talk sweet and pamper the mainstream politicians egos (who by the way are resorting to blatant blackmail), the against-EU provide, in my opinion, a far better food for democratic thought: it’s not only the hard earned sovereignty but also the stark reality of economic insecurity that joining the EU at this time may surely bring. Let’s hope voters turn up in overwhelming numbers, just as they did in 1991 at the referendum for independence from communist Yugoslavia. Ina Vukic, Prof.(Zgb), B.A.,M.A.Ps.(Syd)


  1. Michael Silovic says:

    There are very powerful forces outside of Croatia that want Croatia in the EU enough so that manipulation of the voting process will occur. I hope that the monitoring of the election is looked at very carefully and everything is done to prevent fraud of the election.
    While I believe that at some point Croatia will be in the Eu , I do not believe nor do I support its entry at this time in our history.There are several reason I have for my objection. I can only mention a few since we are limited for space.
    First and most important is the issue of our generals and in the way it was handled. No nation should ever allow its heroic patriots to ever be extradited to another country for war crimes under any circumstances.One would have to look back at the homeland war and wonder where Croatia would be had we not had the competency of the armed forces under the generals directive.let us also look at the facts of the Croatian people who fought along side of the generals. Many Citizens of Croatia fought this war because they wanted independence and paid a very heavy price for the future of Croatia. If we did not win the war we wouldn’t even be going to the EU or even considered we would have been slaves to the Serbs and Russia.The Croatian government being a new democratic government ( very corrupt ) were in a weak position to negotiate and show strength and allowed the generals to go to the Hague. In fact I believe all of those who worked to send the general to the Hague are traitors of our country and god willing will be held accountable. Sanader is just one of many.He is a traitor to the Croatian people for his corruption alone.The EU policy is flawed. One of ways I can support entry to the EU is if we have a Croatia first policy which we do not have at this time. This means putting Croatian people first not government first.This means that any company that does business in Croatia must hire a minimum of 70% of Croatian people once a business is established. The second policy should be one that involves the national security of our minerals such as oil and gas. because these are assets in which only the Croatian people own they should be the only people to be able to work on its resources and infrastructure to a knowledgeable degree.This includes all of the pipelines in which the country needs to install. The wealth of the countries national resources should also be shared with every countryman on a percentage basis.I can continue the list but I guess you get my point of view. Putting Croatians first is what is needed in all fields.Is this a nationalist policy i am promoting? YES! and I am not shameful of it.Joining the EU does not mean Croatian citizens will benefit.One must understand that once Croatia opens its borders to the EU It is very likely Croatia will become the dumping grounds of many different nationalities which do not share Croatia cultures or values. look at France , Germany, and the USA as an example.When this happens Croatia will get an influx of people who will work very cheap as they do in america and leave many Croatians still not able to make a decent living. The Euro is not stable. Look at Greece and Hungary. Croatia will take on additional burdens when it does prosper to help pay the debt of other countries so basically any monies Croatia does make will go out of the country even faster to help pay the Eu debt. This does not move Croatia forward fast enough to the benefit of its people.For this reason I oppose the Euro as the KUNA has been steady pretty much since our democracy and freedoms. Perhaps someday there will be a forum of discussion of all of our countrymen and women to bring the ideas together to make Croatia a strong independent nation that can not and will not be influenced by outside sources with out putting Croatians first.

  2. Michael Silovic says:

    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to express my feelings for our mother land.There is so much wrong with this issue and I am saddened that our leaders have not been more active in allowing dialog in our country rather then just do as the EU wishes. My hope and with Gods will the NO EU will prevail and that we Croatians come together to correct the failed policies of the EU that will only weaken us as a nation. Any policies that do not put Croatia First is a failed policy.

    • Amen! Croatians need to operate more self-confidently as it is an amazing nation of people. Most leaders in the past fifteen years just have not been good leaders, have not nurtured the home but looked elsewhere.

  3. Just vote NO. Demand a new referendum after the ITCY appeal.

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