Appeal: Stop the new attempt to occupy Croatia!

Dr Srecko Sladoljev

MEDIA MOBBING: Croatia’s self-proclaimed, leftist (if not communist nostalgic), fact-checker Faktograf accuses others of posting inaccuracies when they themselves spread falsehoods and inaccuracies. The following text was received with a plea for help from Croatians living abroad in order to lobby for eradication of such biased approach to confusing and twisting the truth which, it is said, has the ability to influence public opinion. Hence, anyone wishing to join the lobby please note the contact details at the end of this text.  Ina Vukic

“Due to the media lynching and illegal censuring and suppression of free speech the portal (abbreviation of PROMICANJE ISTINE or Promoting the Truth) has been subjected to by the portal (published by the NGO called GONG, which is financed by George Soros), we are forced to seek protection from all Croats and Croatian patriots who live outside of Croatia and who  care about Croatian sovereignty and freedom and the continued existence of the independent state of Croatia.

The competent Croatian regulatory body (The Agency for Electronic Media – which by law is bound to protect freedom of the press and media pluralism) has not helped us even though we turned to them for help many times!

We are therefore turning to Croats outside of Croatia for help.

Overview of the situation:

For the past two months we have been subjected to continuous untruths and banning of our texts by the so called journalists at the Faktograf portal who present themselves as ‘independent controller of the veracity of information’, and who themselves write falsehoods about on and falsehoods about our interviewees, primarily Dr. Srecko Sladoljev, an eminent scientist, and Veteran of the Homeland War, Croatian patriot and prominent fighter for justice.

On 26th March 2020, published a text entitled ‘Dr. Sladoljev, Professor at Oxford University also claims: The majority of people recover from Covid-19 without any symptoms!’

Our text contained claims by the British FINANCIAL TIMES and described the results of scientific studies lead by Dr. Sunetra Gupta, a professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford University.

The Study claims that less than one person in a thousand infected with Covid-19 requires hospital treatment and a large majority has very mild or no symptoms! The same or similar data was presented by Dr. Srecko Sladoljev for but censured it on several occasions, accusing him and of spreading lies. stigmatised on its front page and in numerous texts labelled us liars who publish falsehoods and spread lies but we only published the same thing that the reputable Financial Times published and the claims of scientists and epidemiologists from the prestige Oxford University!

They banned our articles, blocked our posts on Facebook, accused us of lying and in the same way they punished individuals who tried to share our articles on social media!

In the abovementioned article, we wrote: ‘It’s time to show who was right and the Croatian public has the right to be aware of various studies by prominent experts or shall the self-proclaimed censors in Zagreb also censor the British Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph and even a scientist from Oxford?!’

After this article was published, people from again, for who knows how many times, further reduced the reach of our posts on social media (Facebook), even though we simply carried an article from the FINANCIAL TIMES!

They previously did the same thing (blocked us on Facebook) and in addition they published articles in which they declared Dr. Sladoljev’s claims and the articles on as untruths and smeared and defamed the portal.

Dr Srecko Sladoljev

Faktograf is literally jeopardising our existence and livelihoods as well as those of many other independent Croatian portals. They censor all of them and ban articles which is why we ask you to please help us so that we can together stop this attempt to OCCUPY Croatia by foreign mercenaries who are prepared to destroy all human rights and freedoms in Croatia for Soros’ money and to take away media and every other sovereignty from the young Croatian state!

We note that is published by the NGO called GONG which is by no means objective and for which Prime Minister Plenkovic recently said is in reality an ‘extended arm’ of SDP’ (for which claim there exists firm evidence).

The following was leaked about GONG from Soros’ archives:

It is well known that among the documents that were hacked from the George Soros’ archives was a leaked report by GONG which they sent to the umbrella organisation ‘Open Society’ after the elections for European Parliament in which they write that they are satisfied with the results and they openly say which candidates they support and which they do not. They also provide a brief overview of the resumes of all of the Croatian Parliamentarians that entered into the European Parliament and give their assessment of them, praising some and criticising others.

In August 2016, our colleague Marcel Holjevac wrote an article about GONG, the publisher Faktograf, Platform 112 and the Centre for Peace Studies in which he mentions the documents that were hacked from Soros’ archives which make reference to the Soros Foundation, ‘left representatives’ Biljana Borzan, Tonino Picula, Jozo Radoš, Ivan Jakovcic and Davor Skrlec as ‘proven allies’.

However, they particularly negatively assessed the patriotic representatives Ruza Tomasic and Marijana Petir (verified by the documents).

‘The problem is that GONG presents itself as objective and the abovementioned documents evidence that it is in fact very biased. Moreover, the documents show that GONG is an organisation that works for foreign centres of power who realise their interests in Croatia through GONG.

Under normal circumstances which would not allow foreign factors with ulterior motives, to influence the results of elections and to tailor them at will, this should result in either banning GONG’s activities and especially banning them from monitoring elections because they are blatantly in a conflict of interest, or to cease financing non-government organisations with funds from foreign embassies and international organisations when the Republic of Croatia has not authorised such practices or financing, each one separately.

Namely, an organisation whose activities are ‘monitoring elections’ cannot at the same time support ‘centre left parties’ which is apparently one of the essential tasks of organisations that work under the Soros hat’, wrote Holjevac in 2016.’

For the same reason, GONG should not be given a permit to publish a portal which granted itself authority to undertake censorship and suppress freedom of speech in Croatia!

I therefore ask that together we try to protect freedom of speech in Croatia from the self-appointed censors and spreaders of fake news who are financed by foreign centres of power.

How Dragan Zelic, for GONG Director was exposed:

The following is part of a text that appeared in an article on in which we exposed Dragan Zelic, the former long-time Director of GONG who pretended to be objective but in fact worked for the leftist (former communist party), and it was subsequently revealed that:

This is what Dragan Zelic, the then Executive Director of GONG, stated in 2011 when HDZ was in power:

‘Inflated electoral rolls serve as election fraud. Once again, it will be possible at certain polling stations when they are not busy, for somebody to just slip ballot papers from fictious voters into the ballot box and rig the elections in that way.’

Four years later, when Zoran Milanovic was in power, the author of this text, again approached Zelic on the same topic, asking him about inflated electoral rolls because the situation had not significantly changed in the meantime.

The same Zelic from GONG, who four years earlier fiercely went on about fake electoral rolls that serve electoral fraud, suddenly started singing a different tune. He no longer mentioned inflated electoral rolls nor election fraud but rather explained that suddenly, everything was purportedly better and more transparent even though almost nothing had been significantly changed!

‘There is a great deal of misunderstanding in the public in relation to the electoral roll as they are often compared to the population figures which is comparing apples and oranges because, eg. a person who does not have residence in Croatia and lives in Mostar or Belgrade and is a Croatian citizen will be registered on the electoral roll but will not show up in the census that was done in Croatia….’, Zelic responded at that time, attempting to justify Milanovic’s government and the former SDP Minister of Public Administration, Bauk, for doing nothing or the fact that the electoral rolls remained inflated with several hundred thousand excess voters remaining on the roll during their term in office.

It was not clear to the author of this text why Zelic completely changed his position even though nothing significantly changed in relation to the excess voters. However, after hackers got into George Soros’ database and published the information that they found there, it became much clearer as to why Zelic from GONG was not an objective interviewee and why he could not and cannot be equally critically towards the liberal Milanovic government as he is towards the HDZ government (it is interesting to note that Zelic of GONG later joined the SDP!).

It would be interesting for the Croatian public to know that, by all accounts, Soros financed GONG’s videos, as revealed by the hackers.

‘They co-financed a campaign to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of voting in the EU Parliamentary Elections and supported the activities around Partnership for Open Government which governments in Croatia and other countries promoted for better regulating the transparency of non-profit organisations’, said Jelena Berkovic of GONG.

However, a political scientist at the Institute for European and Globalization Studies warns that all those who finance someone expect something in return.

‘The operations of GONG and other civil society organisations serve the development of civil society but on the other hand, they serve to maintain the liberal left orientated order’, said Dr. Andelko Milardovic of the Institute for European and Globalization Studies in Split.

It should be noted that during the nineties, Soros financed many more projects and media in Croatia, especially those that opposed Franjo Tudman and HDZ’, which I published on in August 2016.

Falsehoods that Faktograf Stated about Articles on

I have set out hereunder short texts that were published on in which we have detailed the falsehoods that is spreading about us:

‘In the last few weeks, Faktograf journalists have three times put a notice on our texts on social media saying ‘Inaccurate information, verified by Faktograf’ all of which concern the viewpoints and claims by Croatian immunologist, Dr. Srecko Sladoljev.’

‘After an article entitled ‘They are misleading you, Corona is just a harmless flu-like illness…’ was published on 26th February 2020 in which we quoted immunologist Dr. Srecko Sladoljev, a notice appeared on social media a few weeks ago saying: ‘The partially inaccurate information was checked by Faktograf’.

They also claimed as inaccurate that ‘a vaccine against the Corona Virus existed before the illness itself’, even though this is not what it says in the text and Sladoljev does not claim this at all. Dr. Sladoljev latter commented as follows: ‘Whoever read the article and the retraction will have seen that the ‘faktografs’ retracted their own retraction’.

On Thursday, 12th March 2020 they again proclaimed that Dr. Sladoljev’s claims in his interview for were lies.

The whole text in which Faktograf explains why they declared Dr. Sladoljev’s claims and the article in as untrue is itself full of untruths and twisted facts.

Faktograf writes that ‘Sladoljev without any evidence whatsoever and in complete contradiction to the views of national and international health organisations claims that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the ‘common cold’.

The truth is completely different. Nowhere in his interview for does Sladoljev say that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the common cold but that COVID-19 merely compares it with the flu and says that it is no more dangerous than the flu but not that it is no more dangerous than the ‘common cold’, which is an important difference.

They further falsely claim that in recent years Dr. Srecko Sladoljev has become one of the most notable opponents of vaccines. In the documentary film ‘Ask freely’, which was supposed to have been shown these days at Zagreb DOX (cancelled due to the Corona Virus) and which trailer can be found on the internet, Sladoljev says: ‘I cannot say anything against vaccinations or vaccines. Vaccinations yes, but if this is done in a functionally and physiologically acceptable manner.’

It has been repeatedly mentioned in the documentary, ‘Ask freely’ that it tracks the Croatian immunologist who ‘advocates a different from of administering vaccines!’ Therefore, a different form of vaccination and not a ban on vaccinations, which is an important difference. also twists the facts in the article claiming that Dr. Sladoljev and ‘support their inaccurate claims with a false video’.

They themselves write that the video is not false. However, they add the following ‘Even though many condemned the police brutality in this case, there is no evidence whatsoever that the woman was killed or died. Moreover, all of the information shows that after she regained consciousness, she was moved to safety’.

By all accounts, they insinuate that Sladoljev and the portal falsely stated that the woman in the video was killed, even though it does not say this anywhere in our text.

Nowhere did we claim that the woman was killed as they allege.

We quote the part of the interview that is apparently at issue:

We asked Dr. Sladoljev the following question ‘Is it accurate that the police killed a girl at the police blockade that was set up because of the Corona Virus’. We asked Dr. Sladoljev whether she was killed but we did not claim that she was killed.

“I am sending you a video and you can draw your own conclusions. In my view, she came to grief because of the ‘experts’ and bureaucrats at the Head of WHO and who are responsible for this madness”, replied Sladoljev, and we added in brackets: ‘the video shows the police forcefully pulling a petite young woman from her car, she is crying and squealing but they are all the more rougher. The women eventually remains helplessly lying on the road, surrounded by 6-7 police who have yellow jackets with the word ‘police’ inscribe on them as well as writing in Chinese (or Korean)’.

Therefore, nowhere do either the journalist or Sladoljev say that the woman was killed but they merely describe the contents of the video and the fact that she remained lying down (it does not say that she died, this is insinuated by

The link to the abovementioned defamatory article published on portal:

Conclusion: We are seeking cancellation of Faktograf’s concession for publication

We propose that we lobby together in order to put maximum pressure and to ask the Croatian institutions to terminate GONG’s concessions or licence for publishing a news portal and to ban

In the hope that you shall take consider our arguments we remain,

Yours sincerely,

Damir Kramaric, Chief Editor of the portal”




George Soros’s Democracy Wrecking Ball In Croatia – Condemned!

Croatian National Ethics Tribunal Saturday 11 February 2017 Photo: Oscar Sarunic

Croatian National Ethics Tribunal
Saturday 11 February 2017
Photo: Oscar Sarunic


In July 2016 the globally influential financial analysts Zerohedge claimed George Soros “singlehandedly created the European refugee crisis”; Breitbart news said Soros’s funding of Black Lives Matter was part of an agenda to swing the US presidential election; and popular US radio host Alex Jones says “Soros is behind the Muslim takeover of the West”. In August 2016, hackers thought to be linked to the Russian government found thousands of documents from Soros’s foundation’s servers and put them online, the year prior to that Russian state prosecutor found that Soros’ Open Society fund was not desirable in Russia because it reportedly represented a threat to the national security and constitutional order in Russia. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has recently ousted all Soros’ non-government organisations because, it was said, they serve global capitalism and are seeking political correctness at the expense of national interests. US President Donald Trump has accused Soros of being part of “a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.”

George Soros Photo: Bloomberg NE WP

George Soros
Photo: Bloomberg NE WP

As the world turns to the right more and more, Soros and his Open Society network of organisations are increasingly under the watchful eyes of political and economic analysts with view to unraveling the complex mesh of damage it has done particularly to the transition into democracy and independence in former communist countries. We remember – he was credited with goals to help countries transition into democracy from communism, but it appears that was a sinister mask and disguise. As the analyses and moves to distance Soros from influencing non-government organisations with money it is to be expected that all moves of such distancing will be attributed to some hatred or conspiracy theories by the left. But the fact remains that the conservative side of politics has “smelled a rat” in Soros’ operations and the rat is real!

And so, there are a series of reasons why Croatia still, after a quarter of a century since it began its path to democracy and independence, suffers chokingly from communist mindset and habits. While the high-profile politicians on the left (former communists of Yugoslavia) received a great deal of attention in Croatia as it proceeded to secede from Yugoslavia, get rid of communism and develop a full democracy mirrored on Western democracy, people tend to forget that they were only able to push and maintain their anti-Croatian national agenda because the society had money injected into it to do so. One of the major sources for that money: radical leftist billionaire George Soros, who is single-handedly funding many of the left’s projects that concentrated on a good part of civil society playing a part in stifling the transition from communism. He has also wielded influence upon Croatian governments to fund organisations that push his agenda.

George Soros, the ardent supporter under whose patronage grew pro-liberal associations and societies in the post-communist countries of Eastern Europe; his so-called Open Society operates in over 50 countries throughout the world, by rule and no exception its impetus is on destruction and the weakening of the conservative or the patriotic side of politics. Soros is said to come from an anti-Semitic Jewish family. “My mother was quite anti-Semitic, and ashamed of being Jewish,” Soros said in an interview with The New Yorker (2010). “Given the culture in which one lived, being Jewish was a clear-cut stigma, disadvantage, a handicap-and, therefore, there was always the desire to transcend it, to escape it.”  Soros later said in an interview with US 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft that he did not feel any remorse “about confiscating property from Jews as a teenager.” No wonder all the former communists or their supporters love Soros in Croatia – many still live in WWII and post-WWII confiscated/nationalised properties.

George Soros, or better said – his money, has been present in Croatia since 1993, when he (mainly due to the support he received from Croatia’s two former presidents, anti-Tudjman operators, anti Croatian independence operators, Stjepan Mesic and Ivo Josipovic) founded his Open Society branch there, under the guise that it’s important “to study the ways in which the existing system would push through so that it may be possible to act from within.” He had said that his goal was to topple “Franjo Tudjman’s dictatorship!” As years passed many associations and organisations were founded as part of civil society of non-government organisations. According to Kamenjar portal, out of 1400 associations formed in Croatia the strongest ones among them were the ones in the business of acting against the sovereignty of Croatia: Croatian Open Society, Croatian Helsinki Committee, Croatian Legal Centre, Centre for Peace Studies, GONG, B.A.B.E., Rekom, Platforma 112, Documenta (leader of which, Vesna Terselic, was personally ethically convicted by the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal for treason).

Prof. Zvonimir Separovic President Croatian National Ethics Tribunal Saturday 11 February 2017 Photo: Oskar Sarunic

Prof. Zvonimir Separovic
President Croatian National Ethics Tribunal
Saturday 11 February 2017
Photo: Oskar Sarunic

In the literary sense of the word they are destroyers. The are the opponents of the sovereignty of the Croatian state,” said Prof. Zvonimir Separovic, president of the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal in his summation on Saturday 11 February 2017, emphasising and paraphrasing Blessed Alojzije Stepinac that enormous effort is needed in order to sustain our sensitive, vulnerable Croatia and the lasting victim that Croatian people are. He added that Stepinac himself was a victim. Established in 2014 the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal is made up of distinguished Croatian intellectuals whose aim is and has been to examine ethically the behaviour of individuals and the operations of some institutions.

On Saturday 11 February 2017 the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal (members: Zvonimir Separovic, Nikola Debelic, Josip Pecaric, Josip Jurcevic, Nevenka Nekic, Zorica Greguric  and Zdravko Tomac) held its public meeting in Zagreb at which George Soros was declared persona non grata. In its conclusions the Tribunal said the following:

1. Ban George Soros’ and his organisations’ work in Croatia and declare George Soros a persona non grata in Croatia.
2. We need to examine the financing of the civil society in Croatia and place under strict control all form of financial assistance from abroad.
3. We propose to the government of Croatia and to the Croatian Parliament to pass a law on control of financing of non-government organisations, along with banning finances from overseas if the organisations are used for subversive aims against Croatia’s sovereignty and interests.
4. The meeting especially emphasised that it was essential to: condemn practices of hatred against Croatia especially in the media, to prevent the implementation of (Serbia’s) SANU Memoranum II that has the aim of destabilising Croatia, to protect the dignity of supreme authorities, Church and values in Croatia, to condemn corruption in Croatia, e.g. at HAVC (Croatian Audiovisual Centre), to protect our citizens before the court in the Hague.
Well done Croatian National Ethics Tribunal and keeping pressing on! Ina Vukic

Psychological Operations And Information Warfare Against Croatia and Croats – Part V

Click on Banner image to enlarge

Click on Banner image to enlarge

Guest Post
By Ante Horvat

The former Yugoslav regime elements and their children spearheaded subversive activities against the facts, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) Croats from the 1990s, through to today.

While overtly Yugoslav nationalist in their rhetoric, still to today expending taxpayer resources celebrating the Communist “liberation” and 1945 Partisan (private property) “liberators” of Croatia, they were the first to declare any opponents of their sham anti-war agenda as “nationalist,” “primitive nationalists,” etc. – blaming “nationalists” on “both sides” for the war, and not the marriage of greater Serbian fascism and retrograde Yugoslav Communist Titoism and the detailed Serbian General Officers plan for aggression, beginning with the reorganization of Territorial Defense in the mid 1980s, through to the ‘Yogurt Revolution,’ trampling of the SFRY Constitution, quasi-legal attempt at Kosovizing Croatia and the rest of then Yugoslavia, and of course the Rampart (RAM) Plan, with the explicit order to target civilians to demoralize ‘enemies,’ and overtly stated goal of creating a Greater Serbia at the expense of most of Croatia and the whole of B&H, with access to Croatia’s coastline.

Among the more vocal propagandists in the front of the charge was none other than Croatia’s current Minister of Foreign Affairs, and unofficial Shadow Foreign Minister of Serbia, Vesna Pusic, sister of UJDI (Association for Yugoslav Democratic Initiative) co-founder and current GOLJP head (Citizens Committee for Human Rights), Zoran Pusic.

Vesna Pusic helped form Erasmus Gilda in 1993, a declaratively pro-European organization, along with Slavko Goldstein, and other post-1990 self-styled “human rights” activists (the systematic violations of human rights before 1990 was apparently not a problem to them as they were silent and remain silent about them) and disinformation luminaries who all just happened to be against Yugoslavia joining the European Community prior to the first free elections in 1990, because the EC was a free market economy.

Along with the previously mentioned outlets like Arkazin, Feral Tribune and others regurgitating Belgrade’s propaganda on a weekly basis, Erasmus gatherings, published articles and their eventual failed magazine that generous USAID funds could not save, touted the line and gave the anti-fact agenda political legitimacy as they included many academics who rose to prominence within Tito’s Yugoslavia.

Here was yet another case of foreign aid subsidizing another controlled opposition – who foreign governments would openly put into power in 2000, and again in 2011.

The main propaganda agendas of these foreign-subsidized controlled opposition fronts, and foreign-financed controlled opposition political actors, as well as Belgrade’s propaganda, was during the war and remains the following, in no particular order:

  •  Push the “all sides are guilty” and “civil war” lie to spin Serbia’s aggression and the moral responsibility of the Western powers that overtly and tacitly supported Serbia’s aggression diplomatically and through domestic media filters and planted stories;
  • Equate Croatia’s defensive war effort with Serbia’s offensive aggression;
  • Equate Croatia’s defense of B&H in 1992 and the HVO’s defense of B&H Croats in the face of Serbian and later Muslim aggression with Serbia’s aggression against Croatia;
  • Push the Karadjordjevo fable and “Tudman divided B&H” myth;
  • Criminalize any and all symbols of Croatian statehood (the Kuna currency, Croatia’s Grb, etc.) by tying them to the Independent State of Croatia (WWII NDH);
  • Look for “Ustashe,” if you can’t find them, make them up;
  • Blow any Croatian backlash or isolated criminal act during wartime out of proportion and tie it to the highest levels of power while entirely ignoring the top-down, bottom-up systematic war crimes by the YPA/Yugoslav Peoples Army and VRSK/Army of Serbian Republic of Krajina (see the Zec family politicization since 1991, with the recent street naming ruse);
  • Lobby for “Krajina” political legitimacy at Western embassies and in Western capitals while domestically attack the government for being weak for not defeating “Krajina” while simultaneously claiming the “Krajina” is too strong to fall and Serbia will get involved if Croatia operationally engages it, implication being that it is better to leave it alone and recognize it;
  • Criminalize the Homeland War, all Generals, and all Veterans, with phrases like “turbo-Generals,” “Oluja/Storm was ethnic cleansing, “fake veterans,” “drunk veterans,” “gambling veterans,” etc. – anything to do with the Homeland War, the men who led it or the men who fought in it must be all negative, all the time with qualifiers regarding “our crimes” at any opportunity, all under the banner of “de-Tudmanization”;
  • Sack competent wartime and intelligence commanders whenever possible;
  • Legitimize ICTY political prosecutions and show trials of Croats from Croatia and B&H and applaud all politically-charged, logical acrobatic convictions based off of cherry-picked misquotes out of context, evidence suppression, and constructing events entirely out of chronological order;
  • Stay silent on Momcilo Perisic, Franko Simatovic and Jovica Stanisic’s acquittals, as well as no ICTY convictions of any Army of B&H commanders for the systematic war crimes and gunpoint ethnic cleansing of Croats in Central Bosnia and North Herzegovina between October 1992 and the1994 Split Agreement;
  • Paint Franjo Tudjman as a warmonger and authoritarian; compare to Ante Pavelic and Adolf Hitler when possible;
  • Push anything and everything Serbian in social and cultural spheres, no matter how low-brow (Baja Mali Knindza, Ceca, Cajke, how to be a Sponzorusa program on RTL, etc.);
  • Rehabilitate the cult of Tito and Communist Partisan “liberation” and infallibility myth at every corner, with if not daily then weekly stories referencing the “glories” of Tito and the Partisans, and make sure to have a weekly Yugonostalgia session on HRT by airing second rate, low-budget Yugoslav Communist political cinema;
  • Continually push WWII debates as if it was ongoing to cover up for failed policies and collapsing economy and no actual long-term political or economic strategy;
  • Frame all political and economic discourse about independent Croatia, especially the Homeland War, in a negative context while simultaneously framing any discussions about Tito’s Yugoslavia in a positive, at a minimum, neutral context;
  • Demand Croatia “come to terms with its crimes” of the 1990s while savagely denouncing any suggestion of the same in regards to the Communists’ crimes during and after WWII, or that the Serbian community in Croatia do the same in regards to both the 1990s, WWII, and the first Yugoslavia;
  • Ridicule the very idea of lustration laws being passed; label it “nationalist” to nip it in the bud;
  • Do everything possible to drive a wedge between Croatia’s diaspora and the Homeland;
  • Demand that Croatia abide by every single UN, EU, or ICTY demand, no matter how idiotic or how much of a double-standard, especially when they negatively affect Croatia’s sovereignty, national interests, and national security while simultaneously using all means available in defending the CCP (KPH/Communist Party of Croatia) and UDBa Octopus (Yugoslav Secret Police) at the expense of diplomatic relations with Germany and the EU;
  • Criminalize the very thought of Herceg Bosna or any Croatian legal or political equality, economic freedom, local self rule, or even following the Dayton Agreement as was agreed upon, and always support Sarajevo’s line, or remain silent on the burning Croat question;
  • Push a pro-London, anti-Berlin and anti-Vienna policy – sign a strategic partnership with the one state that comes in second to Serbia only in terms of damaging Croatia politically and diplomatically (UK) once foreign subsidies and foreign subsidized (and facilitated in foreign media) propaganda bring you to power;
  • Ignore Central Europe, never speak of the Visegrad Four (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary), and speak only of the “region” to Croatia’s south, not to its north, northeast or west – never even entertain the idea of making the Visegrad Four the Visegrad five, and never demand Serbia meet the same criteria and extra criteria Croatia had to fulfill for EU entry;
  • Accept money from anyone, including those “capitalist pig” governments who were supposed to submit to the superiority of Yugoslav Socialist Self-Management;
  • Denounce, decry and try to legally bar the right of Croatia’s Diaspora and Croats in Herceg Bosna to vote while not demanding the same for Croatian citizens of Serbian origin in RS (Serbian Republic) and Serbia, who do not pay Croatian taxes – organize bus transport for them to vote in Croatia;
  • Thwart any meaningful investment with bizarre regulations, a monstrous tax code, bureaucracy, and torpedo any business investment, including sweet-heart deals, at the strategic and state level through incompetence if they conflict with Anglo-American business or geopolitical interests (see the Qatar debacle).

About the author: Ante Horvat was born in the USA in 1970′s. He has recently moved to live permanently in Croatia and although spending most of his life in the USA he had made several temporary residence visits to Croatia during that time. His education and professional development in history and international relations also spans across the two continents. He is an active observer of and participant in the development of democracy in Croatia since the early 1990’s and its correlation with the developed Western democracies.


Part VI – The next installment will look the new and subtle English-language information warfare against Croatia, subsidized by allies no less.



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