George Soros’s Democracy Wrecking Ball In Croatia – Condemned!

Croatian National Ethics Tribunal Saturday 11 February 2017 Photo: Oscar Sarunic

Croatian National Ethics Tribunal
Saturday 11 February 2017
Photo: Oscar Sarunic


In July 2016 the globally influential financial analysts Zerohedge claimed George Soros “singlehandedly created the European refugee crisis”; Breitbart news said Soros’s funding of Black Lives Matter was part of an agenda to swing the US presidential election; and popular US radio host Alex Jones says “Soros is behind the Muslim takeover of the West”. In August 2016, hackers thought to be linked to the Russian government found thousands of documents from Soros’s foundation’s servers and put them online, the year prior to that Russian state prosecutor found that Soros’ Open Society fund was not desirable in Russia because it reportedly represented a threat to the national security and constitutional order in Russia. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has recently ousted all Soros’ non-government organisations because, it was said, they serve global capitalism and are seeking political correctness at the expense of national interests. US President Donald Trump has accused Soros of being part of “a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.”

George Soros Photo: Bloomberg NE WP

George Soros
Photo: Bloomberg NE WP

As the world turns to the right more and more, Soros and his Open Society network of organisations are increasingly under the watchful eyes of political and economic analysts with view to unraveling the complex mesh of damage it has done particularly to the transition into democracy and independence in former communist countries. We remember – he was credited with goals to help countries transition into democracy from communism, but it appears that was a sinister mask and disguise. As the analyses and moves to distance Soros from influencing non-government organisations with money it is to be expected that all moves of such distancing will be attributed to some hatred or conspiracy theories by the left. But the fact remains that the conservative side of politics has “smelled a rat” in Soros’ operations and the rat is real!

And so, there are a series of reasons why Croatia still, after a quarter of a century since it began its path to democracy and independence, suffers chokingly from communist mindset and habits. While the high-profile politicians on the left (former communists of Yugoslavia) received a great deal of attention in Croatia as it proceeded to secede from Yugoslavia, get rid of communism and develop a full democracy mirrored on Western democracy, people tend to forget that they were only able to push and maintain their anti-Croatian national agenda because the society had money injected into it to do so. One of the major sources for that money: radical leftist billionaire George Soros, who is single-handedly funding many of the left’s projects that concentrated on a good part of civil society playing a part in stifling the transition from communism. He has also wielded influence upon Croatian governments to fund organisations that push his agenda.

George Soros, the ardent supporter under whose patronage grew pro-liberal associations and societies in the post-communist countries of Eastern Europe; his so-called Open Society operates in over 50 countries throughout the world, by rule and no exception its impetus is on destruction and the weakening of the conservative or the patriotic side of politics. Soros is said to come from an anti-Semitic Jewish family. “My mother was quite anti-Semitic, and ashamed of being Jewish,” Soros said in an interview with The New Yorker (2010). “Given the culture in which one lived, being Jewish was a clear-cut stigma, disadvantage, a handicap-and, therefore, there was always the desire to transcend it, to escape it.”  Soros later said in an interview with US 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft that he did not feel any remorse “about confiscating property from Jews as a teenager.” No wonder all the former communists or their supporters love Soros in Croatia – many still live in WWII and post-WWII confiscated/nationalised properties.

George Soros, or better said – his money, has been present in Croatia since 1993, when he (mainly due to the support he received from Croatia’s two former presidents, anti-Tudjman operators, anti Croatian independence operators, Stjepan Mesic and Ivo Josipovic) founded his Open Society branch there, under the guise that it’s important “to study the ways in which the existing system would push through so that it may be possible to act from within.” He had said that his goal was to topple “Franjo Tudjman’s dictatorship!” As years passed many associations and organisations were founded as part of civil society of non-government organisations. According to Kamenjar portal, out of 1400 associations formed in Croatia the strongest ones among them were the ones in the business of acting against the sovereignty of Croatia: Croatian Open Society, Croatian Helsinki Committee, Croatian Legal Centre, Centre for Peace Studies, GONG, B.A.B.E., Rekom, Platforma 112, Documenta (leader of which, Vesna Terselic, was personally ethically convicted by the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal for treason).

Prof. Zvonimir Separovic President Croatian National Ethics Tribunal Saturday 11 February 2017 Photo: Oskar Sarunic

Prof. Zvonimir Separovic
President Croatian National Ethics Tribunal
Saturday 11 February 2017
Photo: Oskar Sarunic

In the literary sense of the word they are destroyers. The are the opponents of the sovereignty of the Croatian state,” said Prof. Zvonimir Separovic, president of the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal in his summation on Saturday 11 February 2017, emphasising and paraphrasing Blessed Alojzije Stepinac that enormous effort is needed in order to sustain our sensitive, vulnerable Croatia and the lasting victim that Croatian people are. He added that Stepinac himself was a victim. Established in 2014 the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal is made up of distinguished Croatian intellectuals whose aim is and has been to examine ethically the behaviour of individuals and the operations of some institutions.

On Saturday 11 February 2017 the Croatian National Ethics Tribunal (members: Zvonimir Separovic, Nikola Debelic, Josip Pecaric, Josip Jurcevic, Nevenka Nekic, Zorica Greguric  and Zdravko Tomac) held its public meeting in Zagreb at which George Soros was declared persona non grata. In its conclusions the Tribunal said the following:

1. Ban George Soros’ and his organisations’ work in Croatia and declare George Soros a persona non grata in Croatia.
2. We need to examine the financing of the civil society in Croatia and place under strict control all form of financial assistance from abroad.
3. We propose to the government of Croatia and to the Croatian Parliament to pass a law on control of financing of non-government organisations, along with banning finances from overseas if the organisations are used for subversive aims against Croatia’s sovereignty and interests.
4. The meeting especially emphasised that it was essential to: condemn practices of hatred against Croatia especially in the media, to prevent the implementation of (Serbia’s) SANU Memoranum II that has the aim of destabilising Croatia, to protect the dignity of supreme authorities, Church and values in Croatia, to condemn corruption in Croatia, e.g. at HAVC (Croatian Audiovisual Centre), to protect our citizens before the court in the Hague.
Well done Croatian National Ethics Tribunal and keeping pressing on! Ina Vukic


  1. I am glad Croatia expelled Soros. I hope USA does the same.

    • Still work to be done on the official state side, alvarezgalloso, but it’s a great start! Thank you

    • Sorry, but that is not the case. It is quite the opposite. A few days ago, pm of Croatia mr.Plenković, endorsed mr. Nikola Baketa to the position of the head of the program council of HRT(national TV house). Mr Baketa is representative of the GOOD initiative, part of 112 platform wich is a Soros founded project in Croatia. Croatian National Ethics Tribunal does not have executive powers in Croatia nor do they have any significant media coverage. So, as much as I would love to have Soros and his drones kicked out of the country, I am affraid it would not be as easy as we wish. Mr. Trump needs to take special interest in Croatia and put some honest people in charge of the US interests over here. Zeljko-

      • True Jasminka the Tribunal doesn’t have executive power in Croatia but their voice is heard far and wide and, hence, will lead to an executive decision sooner or later. Croatia is lucky to have an Ethics Tribunal and the fact that media doesn’t cover well of course it doesn’t the mainstream media is biased anyway and glued to the NGO’s funded by Soros or government but influenced by Soros…the Reds so to speak, I’m sure. Thank you

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  3. I am disappointed you would cite Breitbart. It wilfully distorts news, as does Alex Jones (the American one, not the Welsh one who is a charming entertainer). And beware Mr Trump, soi-disant billionaire (though we don’t know how much he owes) who is now making money from the Presidency, and disturbingly pro-Russia. He warns of the super-rich robbing the working classes, and his cabinet appointments and executive orders empower those super-rich to rob even more, or set the rest against each other by inflaming hatred against Muslims. Trapped between elites, one of the “little people”, I prefer to ally with the “liberal elite” than the “Moneyed elite” which includes kleptocrat authoritarians like Mr Putin.

    • Well Clare, it is a widely spoken thing that Breitbart is biased and xenophobic etc but then it’s hard to find many that aren’t these days especially the liberal leaning ones and if one is biased etc it does not necessarily follow he/she is wrong always. As to the rich and billionaires I find it impossible to find a liberal US president of the past that was not wealthy, so why is it that Trump’s wealth bothers people and not Clinton’s or Obama’s or … I think people need to be given a fair opportunity to prove themselves after all election results are results of people will and electoral system will.

    • Michael Silovic says:

      Claire, It does not matter how wealthy people are who serve the goverment. Put poor people in office and they would be just as crooked.These are some of the most successful people in the business world wide. They have their wealth and I am sure they are more concerned with their place in history. President Trump is not making money from his presidency. He is donating his presidential salary to charity so I am at loss as to where he is making money? I also am not aware of President Trump inflaming hatred against Muslims. He has spoken the truth about the problems with Muslims not only wanting to come to america but through out Europe. The horrors we are witnessing against the European people by some Muslims is enough for his policy of vetting those who come from certain areas that do not share the same values of the country they are entering. I would say France is a perfect example of that problem of not integrating and the hatred and disrespect that some Muslims have against the west and its ideology. As to siding with the liberals not everyone does and both sides need to be heard.As a nationalist I oppose all entry into the country from those who do not want to give up their way of life and integrate into the laws and culture of the host country. I do not believe in giving citizenship to people who have no ancestral relationship to the countries they are entering. No one has any responsibility to take anyone in. It is the choice of the host country to decide if they chose to do so and one can argue that liberal countries are learning the hard way that it is not worth sacrificing your people, ethnicity, culture and heritage on those who are unworthy. Your comments about the rich goes the same way for Soros. They do not come anymore corrupt as him.

    • “I prefer to ally with the “liberal elite” than the “Moneyed elite” which includes kleptocrat authoritarians like Mr Putin.”
      I live in Croatia and I can tell you first hand, as one who lived in socialist “heaven”, that exactly the ones you call “liberal elite” are the richest ones and they run almost everything. And also, being in good relations with the power like Russia is a smart think to do in these times. To me, seems like the liberals are almost sorry that we dont go to war. -Željko-

      • The problem with socialism, Jasminka Zeljko, “is that you eventually run out of other people’s money,” said Margaret Thatcher and Yugoslav socialism was all “dandy” until foreign funding and loans started taking their tolls… no heaven in socialism then

  4. Michael Silovic says:

    He is certainly not the one most would want to stand by on earth no doubt.Hungary was the first European country to condemn him. His assets should be seized for suspected criminal actions he is creating. I predict he will meet a not pretty fate if he keeps playing the way he is in Eastern Europe. Sadly it hasn’t happened yet.

  5. Soros is a Communist – so his intentions to expel communism are completely masked in an effort to guide like a wolf, not a shepherd.

  6. Mr. Soros is certainly well-known here in the US.

    Substitute “buyer”: donors and recipients beware!

  7. How fair should be expulsion. There is no other way. The signatures should make more pressure.

  8. Wow Ina – you’ve gone full alt-right. Briebart News, Alex ‘info wars’ Jones etc, I find that actually pretty upsetting. Alex Jones is a terrible person and I’m surprised you’d quote from a person with such a poor record. His conspiracy theories around the Sandy Hook massacre are particularly horrible.

    When I look at this article from a purely fact based view – I can’t see very much. None of the sources in the first paragraph are credible, the original zerohedge article has no attribution for any of the claims it makes. The Donald Trump quote is particularly odd considering he’s a billionaire himself and has just stacked his cabinet full of executives from ‘large corporations’ including Goldman Sachs.

    Generally I read your articles and there is a conservative opinion, well thought out and explained. Sometime I don’t agree and thats Ok. But there is nothing here – accusations against the man are not proven. He’s accused of being anti-semetic, but the proof is a quote of his mothers where she indicates that she is ashamed of her own jewishness, and a listicle from the Daily Wire, and a 60 mins quote. But the 60mins quote only tells part of the story, you don’t quote him on why he doesn’t feel a sense of remorse, this feels selective – “And it was the–whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the–I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.” Personally I’m not going to judge the man on this obviously traumatic experience from when he was 14 years old, I’m certainly not going to draw on the conclusion that he’s anti semitic, being a Hungarian Jew himself.

    The fact George Soros’s organisation in Croatia have come under scrutiny is obviously worth exploring but what you’ve written throws up more question than answers for me. What are examples of wrong doing? Does this man worth 20 billion really have anything really to do with these day to day operations in Croatia and if not, who is really to blame?

    When you say ‘the conservative side of politics has ‘smelled a rat’ in Soros operations and the rat is real!; – what is the evidence? All I can see is the far-right having seen a man that has helped some refugees in his time (not surprising considering his own childhood) and has championed some progressive causes – is now being attacked because of his convictions.

    • The fact that some of the leading Croatian intellectuals, academics, politicians had brought to the Ethics Tribunal on Saturday reams of evidence about the destructive work against Croatian sovereignty and Croatian nation as an independent state that has broken away from communist Yugoslavia is and was enough foundation for me to write this article and praise their work, and indeed courage, Ken. It is not a far right it is not an ultra right thing at all it is a thing of a path to finally shape freedom and democracy in Croatia without communist remnants and mindsets. Mention of Alex Jones and Briebart – both of which sources are known widely to be controversial and biased and, like others, engage in conspiracy theories – was done to simply put out a string of different things or issues associated with Soros but the article does not say the things said were factual or proven, simply opinions and I happen to think that everyone has a right to opinion and the person about whom opinions are made will eventually prove people right or wrong. As far as Soros is concerned I am completely satisfied that the Tribunal in Croatia was right and hopefully soon the evidence as presented will be published and available. These people on the Ethics Tribunal are of good stock, directed by thoroughness, facts, professionalism – many are renowned throughout the world for their work in professional, academic and other circles. I will check the link to Zerohedge article it could be I linked the wrong one, so thank you on your comment.

      • Sorry Ina – after re reading my comment it was a little too abrupt. I have a particular distaste for Alex Jones, he is as you say entitled to an opinion, but I don’t believe he’s entitled to his own facts, which he seems to make up to suit himself. That aside, I’m sorry for my etiquette, I look forward to your next post 🙂

      • All good, Ken – I expect to receive criticism and feedback from all sides, after all we are here in the realm of applied politics and in that field one always comes across with facts, half-truths and outright lies and the sanity is found in trying to see through lies and spin, my mentioning of Alex Jones etc and their claims also serves a function of showing that some claims against Soros can be unfounded but that does not mean such are unfounded everywhere…appreciate your comments and feedback. We can only get better by talking to each other as a rule in general

  9. An eye-opener on Soros. Well done!

  10. Vlado Lušić says:

    George Soros is much worse than any communist or fascist leader. He was a typical filthy rich capitalist when he suddenly decided to create his own kind of world order. He used his money to recruit the most vulnerable individuals and groupings around the world – the people who despise work, laws, order, governments, national identities and sovereign countries. In other words, his worldwide armies consist of paid international anarchists who are consciously or unconsciously creating chaos in order to occupying the world on his behalf. For him – the mad king of all kings. Unfortunately, the banning of Soros in Hungary, Croatia, Russia, the USA or in any other country cannot and will not destroy his armies – they will only fall apart if and when the money from his organization stops flowing in. One day, Soros will suddenly realize that even the king of all king cannot last forever. Let us hope that we will be able to repair the damage he has done and will still do to our world.

    • Soros’ network of paid armies no one seems to audit as long as they talk “right” is like socialism that Margaret Thatcher described once: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” And yes – let’s hope the damage done is repairable when his world crumbles, Vlado.

  11. Great article Ina. Ive known about Soros for 6-7 years. As far as I understand although he is a billionaire himself and funds a lot of these NGO’s and media organizations to shape public policy, the real culprits behind all of it are the Rockefeller and Rothschild’s families and he’s their puppet. You mention Alex Jones in your article and he is one of the main reasons I know about this stuff. I use to listen to his show daily and have watched all of his documentaries. He played a big part in opening my eyes up to what is really going on behind the scenes in the political world. He exposes “the evil empire” including the Bush family, the truth about the Clinton’s, Obama, 911 etc Some I’m convinced to be absolutely true and some of it are just theories. The big problem i have with him is the absolute lies he tells and it does more damage to his message and people just dismiss him because of it. What pushed me away for good was the lies he tells about Croatia. He actually blames us for the the homeland war. I figure he has been influenced by the Serbian propaganda machine. We all know how good they are at “twisting the truth”.

    • Take on board re Alex Jones and his way down side, Valentin Perkovic, I in no way mention him as someone I look up to but rather in a string of things said from people who said them about Soros whether true or conspiracy theories…it always good to keep friend close and enemies closer just in case one can influence or change the enemy’s course while always keeping in mind that it is your enemy – to win you must know and keep in check both friends and enemies…glad you like the article

  12. Soros or Kiissinger . Left or Right . Liberal or Conservative .
    These days it’s all military industrial . Two sides of the same coin. The pacifist middle way is best but that’s not good for business and wars .
    Reminds me of The Who song in seventies – ” Meet the new boss same as the old boss …. and I get on my knees and pray we don’t get fooled again “.
    Every election time , anywhere , we are promised change that never happens because the powers that are always finance opposing sides . Sadly it’s been that way for about 104 years .
    The only way to end conflict and stop feeding the monsters is by non participation . That requires the 99% majority to wake up .

    Pray for peace , courage and strength to overcome this insanity they call MAD (mutually assured destruction ) .
    Above all pray for all children , they didn’t need this .

  13. I admire your work for fairness in Croatia.

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  15. You lost me immediately when you mentioned Breitbart. America’s #1 fake news source.

  16. As long as organizations like CMS (Centar Za Mirovne Studije) exist we will have Soros dictating the “social” aspects of the political discourse by virtue signalling our politicians into submission. CMS people are regular guests on the N1 (CNN branch) televison, where they push for mass immigration, abortion and lgbt agenda. CMS receives funds from “Open Society Fundation” and is mentioned in the Soros leaks. Im confident that they also stage “hate crime” events and then organize protests in order to condition us into feeling guilty and having more sympathy towards these destroyers. CMS also sponsors the political party named “Pametno”. Goal of these demons in human form is to destroy any sense of pride, heredity, tradition and nationalism. Subversive NGOs must be banned as soon as possible.


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