Croatia: The Horror of Communist Crimes Still Swept Under The Carpet

iFilms and Croatian Film Institute Youtube Channel – a wealth of truth

If it weren’t for truth-dedicated people like USA-based Nikola Knez and those involved in the Croatian Film Institute, iFilms and KnezTV and the wealth of truth they endow the world with, most of communist Yugoslavia and Serb crimes against the Croatian patriotic and independence-loving people would be buried deep, never to be seen and/or prosecuted in the mind if not courts of law.

As the 77th Anniversary of May 1945, the end of World War Two, approaches it is most distressing that Croatia, which seceded from communist Yugoslavia paying an enormous price in blood, still has not paid due respect and recognition to the hundreds of thousands of communist crimes victims  found so far in 1000 mass graves and pits (1,700  across Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina so far) but it has a few days ago, 27 April, raised yet another big monument to the victims of the Holocaust and the WWII Ustashi regime! It goes without saying that I do not begrudge commemorating and honouring the victims of the Holocaust, however I do think that it is an abomination to use the memory of these victims, raise monuments to them, to deny the same to all victims of the times relating to World War Two. Indeed, in Croatia, there is no doubt whatsoever that the current powers that be are made of former Yugoslav communists’ sympathisers and protectors, of those who committed horrendous crimes during and after the War against freedom-loving Croatians and they have much invested in life to cover up their or their ancestors’ sins that were within the parameters of Croatian borders many times more numerous and more murderous than any Holocaust-related events that had occurred there.  Croatian government and authorities should have also raised a monument to the victims of communist crimes on this 27 April and before since Croatia seceded from Yugoslavia in early 1990’s. Placing a wreath at a mass brave or a pit where in each say lie 15,000 or more bodies, as the government does from time to time, to show it cares for victims of communist crimes, is nothing compared to grandiose monuments communist Yugoslavia raised to victims of the Holocaust and Croatia now follows suit, ignoring completely the thousand mass graves its communist predecessors dug up and filled.  And the government and all Croatian authorities in power, laced with communist blood, tell us that respecting human rights is their priorities! The Yugoslav communists used to say the same but the human rights they respected belonged only to communist regime lovers and supporters – the same continues to this very day!

I take then this opportunity to, once again, draw the readers’ attention to an extraordinary source of historical information and accounts of communist crimes against patriotic Croats and those who during and since World War Two fought for Croatian independence and truth as well as accounts of the hard and merciless fight in the 1990’s to achieve an independent Croatia away from communist Yugoslavia. That source of course is the iFilms’ Croatian Film Institute based in Texas USA, headed by Nikola Knez, producer and film director. On the Croatian Film Institute’s Youtube channel there is an amazing selection of documentary films, interviews and presentations in both the English and the Croatian languages.

Approaching the 77th Anniversary of massacres of Croatian people by communist Yugoslavia operatives, which are many, but the massacres known as the Bleiburg Massacre are extremely well presented in the Croatian Film Institute documentary ”Bleiburg: Tito’s License for Genocide.”

“In 1945, just a few days after the end of World War II, Tito and his Partisans initiated an extermination campaign against men, women, and children they viewed as enemies of the regime. The mass slaughter began with the forced repatriation of 700,000 civilians and soldiers who fled Croatia and Slovenia seeking asylum in Austria immediately at the close of the war. The refugees, deceived by the British into believing they would be provided with a safe haven by the Americans in Italy, instead were loaded onto trains and sent back to Yugoslavia. Large numbers were massacred outright, others died on forced death marches and in mass executions across the country.

Through filmed interviews with survivors, confessed perpetrators, British officers, military intelligence officials, and scholars, as well as through the analysis of historical documents and newly released evidence of mass graves, the film traces the violations of the Geneva Conventions and international law that resulted in what has come to be known as The Bleiburg Massacre. Through analysis of historical documents, newly released evidence of mass graves, and interviews with survivors, witnesses, confessed perpetrators, military officials and scholars, the film examines the atrocities in the context of international human rights law, with discussion of subsequent promulgation of protocols for the protection of refugees, asylum seekers, and prisoners of war from crimes against humanity and genocide.

This film examines the long-term challenges to democratic nation building that have resulted from the forced repatriation of hundreds of thousands of Croatian civilians and military personnel to Yugoslavia at the end of World War II. Data suggest that violations of the Geneva Conventions led to the death of many of these asylum seekers at the hands of Tito’s Partisans in both death marches and in mass executions.”

”Bleiburg: Tito’s License for Genocide”’slicensefor.html

Besides dealing with the World War Two and Post WWII massacres and oppressions of Croatian people Nikola Knez and his Croatian Film Institute have also produced a series of documentaries/ interviews with various known dignitaries and activists in relation to the Croatia Homeland War of 1990’s, of Serbian aggression against Croatia, of the amazing efforts that went into creating the modern independent state of Croatia.

The latest series of the interviews for the Globezoom sector of KnezTV for Croatian Film Institute and iFilms includes:

Interview with Peter Galbraith

An interview with US based Peter Galbraith (in English), United States of America Ambassador to Croatia 1993 – 1998. The interview covers the Croatian Defence War and the war for independence and independence (Homeland War), negotiation missions, about Serbian crimes in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, about Operation Storm, about driving a tractor, about Dayton, about President Franjo Tudjman.

Interview with Count Nikolai Tolstoy

An interview with UK based English-Russian Count Nikolai Tolstoy (in English) about his findings on the English repatriation of Croats, Slovenes and Cossacks (army and civilians) on the Bleiburg field in 1945. They all had assurances from the English that they would be accepted and forwarded to safe American zones in Italy. Instead, they were fraudulently handed over to Yugoslav and Russian communists who, without trial, liquidated them in massacres.

An interview in two parts with myself, Ina Vukic (in Croatian), as the most prominent Croatian woman in Australia – in this interview I talk about my contribution to the creation of the Croatian State, about the cooperation with the President of the Republic of Croatia Dr. Franjo Tudjman, about the embezzlement of money raised for Croatia from Australia, on the Croatian Spring, on my family, on the Communist Yugoslavia Security Services UDBA and the Croatian Yugoslavs in Australia, about  Croatian emigrants and their attitude towards the war in Croatia.

Interview with Ina Vukic Part I

Interview with Ina Vukic Part II

The unresolved and horrific legacy communist Yugoslavia left behind remains a terrible burden for those communist crimes’ victims left behind; the victims themselves remain unimportant as if cattle that had to be slaughtered. All that and more to ensure the life of communism!  The Croatian governments since year 2000 and all its Presidents since then have purposefully and cruelly brushed aside and trodden upon the vitally important moral reckoning and legal responsibility for the crimes committed by the communist regime of Yugoslavia.

Every day, we come across strivings to remind the world that communism is the most vicious idea in human history, one that has murdered, enslaved, and ruined more lives than any other, by a massive margin. It has already killed more than a hundred million men, women, children, infants, and unborn across the world. It has massacred, murdered, and purged hundreds of thousands of Croats, wielding knives and guns and barbed wire not only at home but also across the diaspora. How long can Croatian people endure the utter and perverse disregard for the victims of communist crimes while victims of the Holocaust keep on receiving the attention and recognition due to all. All victims of crime deserve justice, but all are not receiving it. Accountability for communist crimes can wait no longer in Croatia and until it happens, we are so fortunate to have been blessed with avenues of Croatian truth, such as Nikola Knez’s Croatian Film Institute, the world can walk along and keep the memories and truth alive. Ina Vukic

Wikileaks show-and-tell: Croatia’s former President Stjepan Mesic’s horror show

The latest revelation about Stjepan Mesic’s hateful ranting against Croatian dignity and truth takes the cake of evil. I say that believing that Wikileaks are in fact leaks of the truth behind political wheeling and dealing among those that could and, sadly, still can.

The distressing fact that Stjepan Mesic still enjoys the frills and benefits of an ex-President in Croatia at the expense of the taxpayers who shed blood and fought for independent and democratic Croatia during 1990’s is utterly humanly indecent and profoundly politically corrupt.

If you still have any doubts about the former USA Ambassador Peter Galbraith’s vicious opinion (recorded also in the ICTY transcripts where Galbraith served as witness for the Prosecution/ joint criminal enterprise theory at play) about the late dr. Franjo Tudjman (First President of Croatia) then you needn’t linger in stressful doubts – any more. Thanks to Wikileaks, you can now safely conclude that Croatia’s former President Stjepan Mesic “helped” Galbraith chisel out from lies his opinion of Tudjman (and, hence, the Croatian Army 1991 – 1995).

If you wondered why after Stjepan Mesic’s secret testimony for the Prosecution in the ICTY from 1996 – 1998 wickedly coincided with worldwide blackening of dr. Franjo Tudjman’s name, with the “joint criminal enterprise” being spearheaded towards Croatia in the Hague, with increasing attempts to equalise the victim with the aggressor in Croatia’s Homeland War, with increased blurbs how Tudjman and Milosevic were in cahoots to divide Bosnia and Herzegovina among them, or why so few of international “government dignitaries” attended Tudjman’s funeral in December 1999,  you can fairly safely bet your life on the likelihood that Mesic’s secret testimony in the Hague contained elements of shocking ranting and unfounded attacks against Tudjman and his War-Government he splattered to Galbraith in 1995.  No wonder Mesic insisted his testimony be secret, if it weren’t then surely Tudjman would have demanded to be heard in the Hague for the truth’s sake if for nothing else (regretfully he died before details of Mesic’s testimony trickled out; he died before ICTY indictments against Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac were laid).

If you wondered why Mesic still enjoys some popularity in Croatia and abroad and why nobody in authority in Croatia has done anything about extracting the full truth of what Mesic had said about Croatian people (excluding himself, of course) in ICTY, then you and I are in the same quandary: how to get to this truth and have it dealt with.

Well, don’t count on the leftist, antifascist/communist coloured current government or the President – unless you participate in some mass-revolt and demand organised by citizens who love their Croatia.

Now we know why the ICTY Prosecutor had for years tried to dig out or make up “evidence” to fit the crime of joint criminal enterprise they concocted. Well, Wikileaks tells us that it was Mesic who started the idea of “joint criminal enterprise” almost 3 months before Operation Storm occurred!

By May 1995, when he met with Galbraith and others, to voice his “concerns and thoughts” Mesic was like a raging wounded bull. A year before he had been ousted (justly, I add without any prejudice) from Croatian Democratic Union, ousted as Speaker of Croatian Parliament and went on to form his own political party (now known as HNS/to which current foreign minister Vesna Pusic and First Deputy Prime Minister Radimir Cacic belong) and considered himself in Opposition, although he did not represent the Opposition in the true sense of the word. But then, it would seem, Galbraith didn’t care about that, he listened, most likely lapped-up the lies with glee, noted and passed on the dangerous garbage that came out of Mesic’s politically vindictive mouth.

It is clear that Wikileaks document shows that in 1995, prior to Operation Storm, Mesic approached Galbraith with concocted, convoluted and wrong theories that would in years to come form a basis for ICTY’s criminal charges of “joint criminal enterprise” against Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac, says Croatian Cultural Committee portal

The absurdity of a judgment for joint criminal enterprise (deportation of Serbs by the aid of alleged excessive artillery shelling) is even more pronounced today with Wikileaks revelations and with the recently published transcripts by Sense agency of the August 1995 Supreme Yugoslav defense advisory meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, where it’s clear that Serbs ordered their people to evacuate/leave Croatia.

In the Wikileaks document one sees that Mesic’s opinion about the multitudes of Serbs leaving Croatian Western Slavonia region (months before Operation Storm, for which the Croatian Generals are currently standing on Appeal in the ICTY) was that such migration of Serbs from Croatia “is equivalent to ethnic cleansing”! It was this wrong and vindictive construct Mesic came up with that served well, it seems, the ICTY Prosecution who used it in subsequent criminal charges for Operation Storm. I wouldn’t put it past Mesic that he repeated the same vindictive allegations as secret witness at the Hague during 1996 – 1998, at least three years before initial ICTY indictment against Gotovina and Markac.

But, CRY MY BELOVED CROATIA, this is not the only lie Mesic told Galbraith – according to Wikileaks – and probably told to the ICTY – behind closed doors – he also said that Tudjman’s Defense minister Gojko Susak  “was implicated in the destruction of 32 Serb villages after military action ended in 1991”.

Galbraith, of course, didn’t bother to check that there were no 32 Serb villages destroyed by Croatians (or anyone) in Bosnia and Herzegovina as Mesic ranted – had Galbraith checked surely, as a professional Ambassador, it would have been his duty to insert a comment about his opinion as to the veracity of Mesic’s ranting. Looks like, ICTY didn’t check either, but its Trial Chamber was very quick to pass judgment against dead Tudjman and dead Susak in April 2011 as part of judgment text in Gotovina and Markac cases.

Seventeen years later,” says in regards to Mesic’s May 1995 ranting to Galbraith, “all the malice and political weight of these false accusations against Croatia is now best seen in the Hague”.

If Wikileaks was the only way we could find out more of the lies told by Stjepan Mesic or anyone whose opinions turn into actions that adversely affect human lives, then I’m all for Wikileaks, all for whistleblowers, all for historical revisionists who set the truth right. And as far as Mesic goes, the matter of the damage he caused with profound untruths to the reputation of Croatian people surely must surface as a priority action in Croatia, if not by authorities then by organised and effective citizens’ organisations/taxpayers.  Enough is enough! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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