Wikileaks show-and-tell: Croatia’s former President Stjepan Mesic’s horror show

The latest revelation about Stjepan Mesic’s hateful ranting against Croatian dignity and truth takes the cake of evil. I say that believing that Wikileaks are in fact leaks of the truth behind political wheeling and dealing among those that could and, sadly, still can.

The distressing fact that Stjepan Mesic still enjoys the frills and benefits of an ex-President in Croatia at the expense of the taxpayers who shed blood and fought for independent and democratic Croatia during 1990’s is utterly humanly indecent and profoundly politically corrupt.

If you still have any doubts about the former USA Ambassador Peter Galbraith’s vicious opinion (recorded also in the ICTY transcripts where Galbraith served as witness for the Prosecution/ joint criminal enterprise theory at play) about the late dr. Franjo Tudjman (First President of Croatia) then you needn’t linger in stressful doubts – any more. Thanks to Wikileaks, you can now safely conclude that Croatia’s former President Stjepan Mesic “helped” Galbraith chisel out from lies his opinion of Tudjman (and, hence, the Croatian Army 1991 – 1995).

If you wondered why after Stjepan Mesic’s secret testimony for the Prosecution in the ICTY from 1996 – 1998 wickedly coincided with worldwide blackening of dr. Franjo Tudjman’s name, with the “joint criminal enterprise” being spearheaded towards Croatia in the Hague, with increasing attempts to equalise the victim with the aggressor in Croatia’s Homeland War, with increased blurbs how Tudjman and Milosevic were in cahoots to divide Bosnia and Herzegovina among them, or why so few of international “government dignitaries” attended Tudjman’s funeral in December 1999,  you can fairly safely bet your life on the likelihood that Mesic’s secret testimony in the Hague contained elements of shocking ranting and unfounded attacks against Tudjman and his War-Government he splattered to Galbraith in 1995.  No wonder Mesic insisted his testimony be secret, if it weren’t then surely Tudjman would have demanded to be heard in the Hague for the truth’s sake if for nothing else (regretfully he died before details of Mesic’s testimony trickled out; he died before ICTY indictments against Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac were laid).

If you wondered why Mesic still enjoys some popularity in Croatia and abroad and why nobody in authority in Croatia has done anything about extracting the full truth of what Mesic had said about Croatian people (excluding himself, of course) in ICTY, then you and I are in the same quandary: how to get to this truth and have it dealt with.

Well, don’t count on the leftist, antifascist/communist coloured current government or the President – unless you participate in some mass-revolt and demand organised by citizens who love their Croatia.

Now we know why the ICTY Prosecutor had for years tried to dig out or make up “evidence” to fit the crime of joint criminal enterprise they concocted. Well, Wikileaks tells us that it was Mesic who started the idea of “joint criminal enterprise” almost 3 months before Operation Storm occurred!

By May 1995, when he met with Galbraith and others, to voice his “concerns and thoughts” Mesic was like a raging wounded bull. A year before he had been ousted (justly, I add without any prejudice) from Croatian Democratic Union, ousted as Speaker of Croatian Parliament and went on to form his own political party (now known as HNS/to which current foreign minister Vesna Pusic and First Deputy Prime Minister Radimir Cacic belong) and considered himself in Opposition, although he did not represent the Opposition in the true sense of the word. But then, it would seem, Galbraith didn’t care about that, he listened, most likely lapped-up the lies with glee, noted and passed on the dangerous garbage that came out of Mesic’s politically vindictive mouth.

It is clear that Wikileaks document shows that in 1995, prior to Operation Storm, Mesic approached Galbraith with concocted, convoluted and wrong theories that would in years to come form a basis for ICTY’s criminal charges of “joint criminal enterprise” against Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac, says Croatian Cultural Committee portal

The absurdity of a judgment for joint criminal enterprise (deportation of Serbs by the aid of alleged excessive artillery shelling) is even more pronounced today with Wikileaks revelations and with the recently published transcripts by Sense agency of the August 1995 Supreme Yugoslav defense advisory meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, where it’s clear that Serbs ordered their people to evacuate/leave Croatia.

In the Wikileaks document one sees that Mesic’s opinion about the multitudes of Serbs leaving Croatian Western Slavonia region (months before Operation Storm, for which the Croatian Generals are currently standing on Appeal in the ICTY) was that such migration of Serbs from Croatia “is equivalent to ethnic cleansing”! It was this wrong and vindictive construct Mesic came up with that served well, it seems, the ICTY Prosecution who used it in subsequent criminal charges for Operation Storm. I wouldn’t put it past Mesic that he repeated the same vindictive allegations as secret witness at the Hague during 1996 – 1998, at least three years before initial ICTY indictment against Gotovina and Markac.

But, CRY MY BELOVED CROATIA, this is not the only lie Mesic told Galbraith – according to Wikileaks – and probably told to the ICTY – behind closed doors – he also said that Tudjman’s Defense minister Gojko Susak  “was implicated in the destruction of 32 Serb villages after military action ended in 1991”.

Galbraith, of course, didn’t bother to check that there were no 32 Serb villages destroyed by Croatians (or anyone) in Bosnia and Herzegovina as Mesic ranted – had Galbraith checked surely, as a professional Ambassador, it would have been his duty to insert a comment about his opinion as to the veracity of Mesic’s ranting. Looks like, ICTY didn’t check either, but its Trial Chamber was very quick to pass judgment against dead Tudjman and dead Susak in April 2011 as part of judgment text in Gotovina and Markac cases.

Seventeen years later,” says in regards to Mesic’s May 1995 ranting to Galbraith, “all the malice and political weight of these false accusations against Croatia is now best seen in the Hague”.

If Wikileaks was the only way we could find out more of the lies told by Stjepan Mesic or anyone whose opinions turn into actions that adversely affect human lives, then I’m all for Wikileaks, all for whistleblowers, all for historical revisionists who set the truth right. And as far as Mesic goes, the matter of the damage he caused with profound untruths to the reputation of Croatian people surely must surface as a priority action in Croatia, if not by authorities then by organised and effective citizens’ organisations/taxpayers.  Enough is enough! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Another excellent article Ina. The only thing I might take exception with is that I would hardly call this government leftist or antifascist.

    I would not call them leftist because the chicken coop has nothing to do with politics that promote social justice that is associated with socialism. They have done nothing for workers, nothing for the poor, except tax them to death. This government is corrupt and hypocritical. Look at Linic. He raises PDV, axes thousands, and then takes his wife to Monte Carlo for vacation. Huh? Cacic telling people that if they want some things they will have to give up talking on cell phones and give up smoking, just as his private, government-paid chauffeur leaps towards him to open his door and light his cigarette on time. There are hundreds of other examples that would make calling them nepotistic criminals more appropriate than leftist.

    I would not call them antifascists for similar reasons as above, but with the added observation that they could actually be considered just the opposite. Fascists. Milanovic, when asked “Tito or Tudjman”, unhesitantly answered “Tito”. So our premier, rather than honor the man who brought us democracy, chooses a man who brought mass murder, corruption, and a dictator-led totalitarian regime. I say this with all due respect to true antifascists who happened to don the red star to try and rid their homes of invaders, but that is a different case – it wasn’t that they necessarily believed in communism, it’s just that it was the only available option at the time. (which of course sounds like another very familiar dilemma people were faced with during that same period).

    Once again, congratulations on another great article.

    • Agree and noted re leftist/antifascist. I meant “awful Communists” or something of that nature – repulsive and oppressive and such. Will need to come up with a better label. Thanks.

      • Out of the two, I guess I would have to say that their self-composed title of ‘antifascist’ is the really disturbing one. Their constant, disingenuous paralleling of NOB with the Homeland War is so despicable, and it was the bearded bast**** who began using this association. The chicken coopers and our spineless fraction of a president have continued his legacy effectively. At each and every opportunity, wherever there is a function honoring the heroes of the Homeland War, NOB participants have to be attached as adjuncts. Fred Matic is given the Veterans ministry portfolio, and almost immediately following that, NOB pensions are placed under his department. NOB pensions. I repeated that because it’s almost impossible to believe that there could be such a thing. Meanwhile, here’s an example of how much the Chief of Staff at the time (Mesic was at that time the president) thinks of the troops that he was in command of:

        Nickel-and-diming the heroes that helped bring freedom and democracy to Croatia, stomping on their dignity to the point where more than two thousand have now committed suicide, the latest being just a few days ago.

  2. Michael Silovic says:

    I have no respect for Stjepan Mesic. He does not deserve to be respected as an ex president as he is nothing more then a political low life lying scumbag who I despise. President Dr. Franjo Tudjman will always be remembered as someone who gave us our freedoms. This is something that many are trying to dismiss with their distortions but they will fail in attempting to do so. As I stated in other opinions on former Ambassador Peter Galbraith’s , we know he lied to protect those in the American government who could and should have been brought up on charges along with our generals as part of the so called phony joint criminal enterprise. The reason they were not is because this false charge did not exists and was fabricated to jail Gotovina because everyone knows he would have been president of our beloved country and would not have played ball with the EU and the USA and act as puppets like the current government. Again I say that there are many in our former and current government who betrayed our country and it’s people. Again I say they all should be charged with treason. Should I ever see Mesic in public I will spit in his face and call him a traitor that he is. When the generals are freed we will then get the whole truth and learn very much more of those who betrayed us.

  3. For a small nation, we are messed up big time! How could anyone with a sense of dignity and pride for who they are as Croatians betray the very blood they come from?? Shameful. Disgusting. I feel more distressed now than during the war.

  4. Michael Silovic says:

    sunman it is not we the people of the country who are messed up it is those in government who do nothing more then attempt to make themselves saviors of our people and country when they are not. It is those who betray our people and country through greed and corruption. It is those who distort the true facts and lie about anything to project a better image of themselves as if they are better then the rest. It is they who failed us and our true heroes that are messed up. Many of those who I mentioned above should be ashamed of what they have done to our country. The Croatian people have nothing to be ashamed of. We are a proud and strong people regardless of what is done to us by others. Za Dom Spremni!

  5. Excellent article Ina. As I read it, it comes as no real surprise that Mesic is by all accounts a traitor to Croatia, it’s citizens, and veterans of the war. Following the Croatian situation from aborad, I’m shocked that he has not had to answer for any his actions. But more surprising is the lack of political will in Croatia to set the record straight, and expose this individual for what he really is: a coward and traitor!

  6. Michael Silovic says:

    Petrus I agree and you can bet that there will be more so called secret documents made public very soon. More then anyone could have ever imagined. In fact the next batch will be so shocking that it will have grave repercussion for those who betrayed us. Then they will know what betrayal really means and is. You cannot stop the truth when people want the truth under any circumstances.
    Za Dom Spremni!

  7. I am sorry to have to disagree Michael. As a Croatian living in Canada my sense is that it is indeed the people who are ‘messed up’ as Sunman suggested. Believe me, I take no enjoyment in this view but lets face facts. As in any democracy it is the people who hold the ultimate power and it is they who decide who will represent them and form their government- they alone voted in the Tudjmans, Mesics, Sanaders, Milanovics etc. and if they are not satisfied who can they blame but themselves? “Fool me once, shame on you-fool me twice, shame on me.”


    Ni u vrijeme “Rimskog carstva” nije bilo veće zle štetočine od Stjepana Mesića – on je kreator rata u Sloveniji i Hrvatskoj.

    Стјепан Месић: Šest godina je puštao premijera RH, Ivu Sanadera da radi što hoće, a sad bi svjedočio protiv njega.

    Utaborio se doživotno u državni dvorac, kao da ima neke zasluge. Stjepan Mesić misli da je nezamjenjiv na političkoj sceni u Hrvatskoj. Mesić zapravo ponavlja komunističku mantru*, po kojoj su vlast i politika samo za odabrane i podobne pojedince, a svi drugi moraju šutjeti. Kad smo već kod vladavine prava, u takvoj zemlji znali bi se kako je Stjepana Mesića na čelu JNA, punih sedam mjeseci 1991.,rušio Hrvatske gradove: Vukovar i Dubrovnik, Bjelovar, Lipik, Pakrac, Daruvar, Osijek, Glinu, Šibenik, Zadar, i.t.d. Vodio je krvavi rat protiv Hrvatske.

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    Bjelovar / 09.03.2013.
    Kućni telefon: 00 385 43 231 297
    Mobitel: 00 385 95 814 82 90
    Žiro-račun: 2340009-1100203086
    Privredna banka Zagreb
    URED: Masarykova 8

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