Shame on you Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic

When it comes to unwanted or unwarranted national symbolism promoted or promulgated via monuments then Zagreb’s Mayor Milan Bandic takes the cake! But it’s a bitter and twisted cake that’s being shoved down the citizens’ throats! When it comes to Zagreb, Bandic continues to place priorities on historic monuments that attempt to uplift the communist […]

A Croatian Success Story

  By Jonathan Bousfield, Timeout The more popular Zagreb gets as a tourist destination, the more difficult it gets to describe it. Is it really a little Vienna? A cute cousin of Prague? A near-Mediterranean Manchester? Maybe it’s a sign of Zagreb’s ongoing success that labels like these no longer make any sense. With its […]

Reply To German Journalist Who Found Zagreb Boring

By Zoran Stupar/ (Translated into English – Ina Vukic) Before you arrive in a city you’re visiting for the first time – whether it is London, Lisbon, Zagreb or Krapina – the first thing you do is to inform yourself about what to see in that city. Every city has its own attractions of […]

Croatian Capital Beats All In Christmas Markets

Travelers, tourists – people in the know when it comes to these matters have on the European Best Destinationsportal voted the Croatian capital Zagreb the ‘Best European Christmas Market’ (in Europe). So, Zagreb has beaten the off the likes of London, Vienna, Berlin, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Brussels, Manchester and Nuremberg  … Every year the Christmas program […]

Croatia: Festival Of Equal Opportunities For People With Disabilities

It’s occurring now, May 27 to 29 – Festival of Equal Opportunities (F = M) or I=You in Croatia’s capital Zagreb and 2014 is its 13th year! The purpose of the festival is to present the creative possibilities program, spreading the message that people with disabilities should enjoy the same rights and obligations as other […]

Croatia: A Face Of Beautiful People

2013 summer season has well and truly passed in Croatia and downtown Zagreb is once again abuzz with the now traditional “Špica” street fashion on Saturdays. Coming from the German word “shpitze” meaning “tip”, the Zagreb “špica” is almost a unique social phenomenon that doesn’t happen that often in other European cities. It happens on […]

Croatia: Happy Statehood Day – Once More!

The Statehood Day in Croatia used to be celebrated on 30th May, while President Franjo Tudjman was alive (died 1999). It marked the day when in 1990 the first post-Communist multi-party Parliament was constituted. Since 2002 June 25th has prevailed as the Statehood Day because it marks the day of Croatia’s declaration of independence from […]

Croatia: Catholic Church set on ending distressing injustice for victims of communist crimes

Croatian authorities have late this month uncovered a yet another horror that befell innocent people in Croatia at the hand of WWII and post-WWII Communists. Authorities have exhumed a new mass grave (so far over 900 have reportedly been discovered in Croatia) with the remains of 30 people executed at the end of World War […]

Croatia: Antifascist citizens show their ugly face at rally in Zagreb

On Friday 13 April, in the evening, several hundred visibly rowdy followers of Citizens action United Against Fascism came to Zagreb’s Ban Jelacic Square – ready to pounce upon the right-wing Croatian Civilisation /Culture Movement (HUP) gathering. But the HUP gathering attracted barely twenty people. The police presence was strong and they formed a human […]

Croatia: violent clashes involving Europe’s ultra-nationalists imminent

As I sensed in my previous post, Croatia’s minister of interior affairs, Ranko Ostojic, has Thursday 12 April banned International nationalists’ conference and rally that were organised by Croatian Pure Party of Rights. Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic confirmed the ban and stressed that the reasons for the ban had to do with one’s view of the […]

International ultra-right nationalists’ conference and rally: Tempers will flare?

Croatian Pure Party of Rights is hosting on Saturday 14 April an international conference of ultra-right parties or movements in Europe. It’s said that after the conference the organisers plan a rally against the ICTY’s judgment against Croatian generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac, of April 2011. Ultra-right wing movements or parties from Hungary, Germany, […]

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