Croatia: A Face Of Beautiful People

2013 summer season has well and truly passed in Croatia and downtown Zagreb is once again abuzz with the now traditional “Špica” street fashion on Saturdays.
Coming from the German word “shpitze” meaning “tip”, the Zagreb “špica” is almost a unique social phenomenon that doesn’t happen that often in other European cities.
It happens on Saturday mornings, more precisely between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.. People get out to do things they didn’t have time for throughout the week on Saturday morning – going to the market, doing some shopping around town, meeting friends for a coffee and catching up etc. But what is specific about “špica” is that everyone tends to do that in the range of a couple of streets downtown, looking their best.
So, if you take a walk around Bogoviceva, “Cvjetni trg” area, Tkalciceva and the Ban Jelacic Place (main square), you’ll see women dressed in latest styles and fabulous accessories as if they just came out of the hairdressers, some in the highest imaginable heels just being their everyday fabulous selves. And the men aren’t far behind either. It’s the place to be seen and to show off the latest trends in fashion.
So, if you want to see the best of the best in Zagreb, meet celebrities and celebrity wannabes, witness the latest trends, or bump into almost everyone you know in Zagreb, “špica” is the place to go.
Certainly, given the harsh economic climate and not a great deal of spare cash to spend on fashion in many cases, the “tip” of Zagreb is a living example that one does not need a great amount of money to look stylish. Money cannot buy style as with relatively little one can truly shine. All one needs is the will to uplift ones spirits and take pride in ones appearance.

Following are photos from the streets of Zagreb this past Saturday 2 November.  Just fabulous! Elegant! Proud! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

Zagreb “Spica” 2 November 2013 Photo series by Sinisa Buzan:

Zagreb 30

Zagreb 29

Zagreb 28

Zagreb 27

Zagreb 26

Zagreb 25

Zagreb 24

Zagreb 22

Zagreb 21

Zagreb 20

Photo series Street Style Zagreb Facebook Page:

Zagreb 18

Zagreb 17

Zagreb 16

Zagreb 14

Zagreb 15

Zagreb 13

Zagreb 12

Zagreb 11

Zagreb 10

Zagreb 9

Zagreb 8


Zagreb 7


Zagreb 6


Zagreb 5


Zagreb 4

Zagreb 3


Zagreb 2

Zagreb 1


  1. Great images 🙂

  2. Mesmerizing fashion show.Its nice to see other European countries(Croatia) compete for the market.Beautiful post.jalal

  3. I absolutely LOVE Zagrebs špica! It’s my most favorite part, drinking coffee on cvjetni trg and just people watching!!!!

  4. Wilkinson says:

    Sensational everyday people! Love it.

  5. Chrissy H says:

    Sounds like community spirit alive and kicking very nicely. Thanks for sharing this Ina

  6. Robert Lah says:

    Nothing beats seeing people looking good, knowing they put an effort in looking good despite the fact that lots of things are going down the tube politically.

  7. Marion Mann says:

    Watch out Paris, Rome, London… – here comes Zagreb! Love it!

  8. Miso Sorbel says:

    Yes politics, corruption, deceit, theft … can tax ones patience severely, this is a nice pause Ina. Normality is great to see and lets hope the young generation will know how to make the Croatian dream of prosperity and freedom thrive. There’s certainly many I’ve met and read about that have all the makings of worldly trendsetters and not in fashion only but in knowledge, professionalism…

  9. Great photos.!!

  10. Računovodstvo says:

    I have to give people credit for putting on a show and their best foot forward. After visiting this summer, I noticed that there is not quite the selection of goods such as in Western Europe. But, I have to say if there was, then watch out for one of the newly fashion capitals of Europe!

    • I agree Racunovodstvo – Most Croats know how to put their best foot forward, there should be more of it for positive energy breeds positive energy. Something much needed not only in Croatia

  11. yes indeed! beautiful country, beautiful people. hugz to you and your blog~

  12. Great photos! I love seeing people walking around cities: what they look like, how they’re dressed, what they’re doing. So many of them are staring at phones! I probably guilty of the same thing.

  13. Hi Ina…another great article! This country of Croatia always amazes me…the people, their pride,their style and so much more…it’s in the genes…..warmest regards from Split.

  14. Thank you very much for this beautiful post. 🙂

  15. I love the look of the last couple!

    Dalmatian summer fashion remains my favourite though. It’s almost fascinating how everyone looks so lovely in such simple outfits – shorts, t-shirts and Converse or simple sun dresses and sandals. Doesn’t sound like much, but everyone looks so good.

    • Exactly, Kat – it doesn’t need to cost much to look good – you need to have style and a sense for mixing colours, accessories etc and the people in Croatian cities etc seem to have abundance of talent for style. In Dalmatia, the “spica” on Split’s riva is just as good always, not just in summer I think.

  16. Wow I M so happy to see such affluence
    In your wonderful country compared to the dreariness when we were there years ago ! No doubt, they are beautiful people.

    • Thanks annetbell – it’s not all sparkly, as anywhere else, but it’s certainly great to see such positive energy about the place in Croatia. Uplifting!

      • We were there in 80s and it was very hard life there then even with food shortages. Coffee zi remember but it was available fot tourists. We visited friends in Rieka.

      • Ah yes, annetbell, the 80’s was still Yugoslavia, shortages of everything almost in supermarkets etc, inflation was around 1000%, it was difficult times indeed – things are changed on that level much now, since Croatia became independent etc – seems like time for you to visit again 😀

  17. This is fantastic! A contemporary reinvention of “korzo”, perhaps? My mother often reminisced how Zagrebcani loved to stroll in their Sunday best!

  18. Please accept this award. 🙂

  19. Croatian ladies are exceptionally good inside and outside. They are not spoiled and with little money they can make life beautiful. Zagreb spica is a really good representation of Croatian ladies, because most of the universities are in Zagreb. When I was in Dubrovnik few years ago on the main street of Stradun, virtually all the ladies young and old were like a Hollywood-movie-stars

  20. Beautiful images Ina & a 5 ***** fave/vote :~} Valz ♥

  21. elegant and classy, Ina… LL=large like and my very best! have a great week and good luck in all your endeavours, cheers! Mélanie

  22. Nice !!!

  23. Ina – I can’t help but compare these photos to those in the next post. On one hand – life goes on, prosperity, etc., but we cannot forget the past, either. Thought-provoking.

    • Yes Theresa it would be reasonable to assume that the past would have been as present today had all war criminals been prosecuted, if known rapists weren’t still walking the streets freely, were some 1,700 Croats not still unknown or missing from Vukovar from 1991 (considered massacred and buried at secret locations and Serbs just will not say where…)…For the presence to be truly glorious we must reconcile the past and respect it, I think

  24. We are heading there in December, and I am already getting worried about what to wear. Perhaps I’ll remain indoors during this time, and peer on all of those from my hotel window.

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