Former ICTY Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte and Serbia ain’t whistling Dixie – Again?

When Carla Del Ponte, as ICTY prosecutor, with fervent support from the powers that be in Serbia set out to “lighten” the terrible Serbian guilt for mass murders and ethnic cleansing in Croatia particularly between 1991 and 1993, by pinning a wildly dreadful theory of joint criminal enterprise against Croatian 1995 Operation Storm (which liberated Croatian territory from terror and occupation) they weren’t just whistling Dixie – they were very serious about it!

It was a plan filled with dreadful and immoral fantasy that evidently had the aim of suppressing and minimising in the eyes of the world the horrible crimes Serbs perpetrated in the aggression against Croatia (1991-1995) and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which resulted in more than 1 Million refugees (forceful deportations of Croatians and non-Serbs/ ethnic cleansing), thousands of mass killings including genocide.

Del Ponte went about gathering “stuff” she might use as evidence for this dreadful construct whereby the ICTY Trial Chamber would eventually convict in April 2011 Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac of participating in a joint criminal enterprise against Croatian Serbs. This joint criminal enterprise was said to have been a plan of Croatia’s then President dr. Franjo Tudjman and his whole leadership circle. This joint criminal enterprise came, Del Ponte fantasized, in the form of Croatian military Operation Storm August 1995. ICTY prosecution said that Operation Storm was executed solely for the purposes of forceful deportation of Serbs from Croatia (some 200,000 Serb refugees, laden with their personal and household belongings, fled Croatia after Operation Storm in 1995)! To ICTY Prosecution, liberation of occupied Croatian territory, which the Serbs had ethnically cleansed and terrorised with murders, rapes and tortures during the years leading up to August 1995, did not factor in Del Ponte’s wicked reasoning.

For Carla Del Ponte, branding Croatia’s defence of its people and territory from Serb aggression 1991-1995 a criminal, illegal enterprise was a fantasy of the most dreadful kind.  She didn’t keep it a fantasy; she went about making it real. The aggressively and hatefully optimistic and warped ways of her attempts to achieve this was exasperating as Croatia’s bids to negotiations for EU membership were consequently thwarted for years.

She set out to falsely characterise Croatian defence from mass murders and ethnic cleansing by Serb aggressor as criminal enterprises, branding Croatian leadership, including its President dr. Franjo Tudjman, as ultra nationalistic and as whips that planned to and executed forceful deportation of Serbs from Croatia.

To succeed in realising her dreadful fantasy she set out collecting “evidence” that would or could fit into it. She got Croatia’s former President Stjepan Mesic (who spent 1990’s undermining Dr. Franjo Tudjman with unfounded but wicked fables and lies in attempts to become Croatia’s President himself) and former Prime Minister Dr. Ivo Sanader (convicted in Croatia today/20 November 2012 to ten years prison, for corruption/war profiteering) on board. Mesic, without a blink of an eye would sift through State secret documents and hand them to her at the ICTY (just as well that these State secret documents did not amount to what Del Ponte and Mesic thought they would). She spent years pursuing so-called artillery shelling diaries for Operation Storm that would prove there was illegal shelling during Operation Storm that was really (according to her) meant for Serb civilian targets. These diaries were another of Del Ponte’s fantasies.

As this fantasy was shot to smithereens, ICTY prosecution was in ecstasy when Trial Chamber judges came up with a new fantasy: any artillery shelling by the Croatians during Operation Storm that fell beyond 200 meters from military target was targeted at Serb civilians – to drive them out from Croatia! This fantasy was turned into a horrible reality (albeit utterly false) when ICTY Trial Chamber convicted Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac to 24 and 18 years of imprisonment in April 2011. To make the matters worse Serbia was never subpoenaed to produce known documentary evidence that would show how the said 200,000 Croatian Serbs left Croatia in August 1995 as part of Serb orders to evacuate Croatia, even though Croatian authorities guaranteed safety.

I guess, most of these 200,000 Serbs (if there were that many) fled rather than having to live with a guilty conscience among the Croatians and non-Serbs in Croatia against whom they had perpetrated so much evil from 1991.

When on 16 November 2012 the ICTY Appeal Chamber upheld the Generals’ Appeal against ICTY Trial Chamber 15 April 2011 judgment, in effect saying that there was no joint criminal enterprise and no forceful deportation of Croatian Serbs as far as Operation Storm was concerned – all hell broke loose in Serbia. Serbian leadership, including its foreign minister Vuk Jeremic (who currently sits at the head of UN General Assembly) protested against the ICTY Appeal Chamber’s acquittal, calling it politically motivated and unjust. Threatening unrest in the region.

Vuk Jeremic reacted by saying “It is an undeniable fact that about a quarter of a million (ethnic) Serbs were driven out of their homes in the space of only several days, and that the court, set up to investigate such misdeeds, in effect decided that no one was guilty or responsible.
This could lead to a conclusion that no crime in fact took place, which evidently stands in contrast with reality. I think that a full understanding of the work of the Hague Tribunal and its consequences must be accessible to the wide international public, so that history can have the final say, and so that it never happens anywhere again that evil deeds are pardoned and declared a virtue.

Now, this man, Vuk Jeremic, sits in a high chair at the 67th Session of UN General Assembly and if he is to be judged by these words, he has no place in being there one moment longer.

Why, you may ask? Well the ICTY Appeal Chamber found no evidence of forced removal of Serbs from Croatia as argued by Del Ponte’s indictment against the Croatian Generals and he should respect the finding of the Appeal Chamber. Furthermore, he purposefully ignores to talk about the ethnic cleansing of about 700,000 Croatians and non-Serbs perpetrated by Serbs in Croatia (plus about 300,000 from Bosnia and Herzegovina who sought shelter in Croatia) before Operation Storm. Further, he tries to twist the Appeal Chamber’s finding into that which it is not. I.e., that the finding also meant that there were no crimes committed during Operation Storm.

The ICTY Appeal Tribunal found that the Croatian Generals had not committed the war crimes they were accused of, it did not delve into what else might have happened through whom.

Carla Del Ponte declared that she was shocked as to how such a verdict by the ICTY Appeal Chamber could have come about – she said that she “had done everything as it should have been done” in the case, as prosecutor.

I would tend to agree: Del Ponte had done everything that should have been done in order to falsely characterise Croatian Operation Storm as a joint criminal enterprise but the evidence she had worked so hard to fit into her fantasy just didn’t hold water in the end.

As for Serbia, it is in its interest to make Operation Storm look like a criminal enterprise because, in doing so, the horrible crimes Serbs committed prior to Operation Storm might get forgotten by the world, or at least placed on the back-burner.

Serbia’s and Del Ponte’s reactions do nothing except perpetuate Serbia’s denial of its joint criminal enterprise against Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1990’s.

I have no doubt that as far as Croatia is concerned any crimes committed by individuals during the war will be processed and brought to justice; and they should be.

And if Serbia threatens with continued unrest in the region because of ICTY Appeal Chamber decision to acquit Croatian Generals of war crimes, such threats are merely desperate attempts by Serbia to equate its aggression with its victims. That surely cannot be permitted, because if it’s up to Serbia then they would “guarantee” peace and reconciliation if Croatian Generals were convicted of war crimes despite being innocent.

Do Serbia and Carla Del Ponte really have a warped and offensive view of what truly happened during Serb aggression against Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990’s? Or are they just playing a dangerous game?

Perhaps both. Surely both.

Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Until Croatia starts standing on its own two feet in the world of diplomacy and fights back against the bullies of the geopolitical world, we will continue to see Serbs and their allies continue to try and paint us (and other victims of Serb terror) as the instigators.
    Its that simple- either stand up for yourself or let the world’s bullies walk over you!

  2. Ina,
    Please submit this article to leading news organizations around the world. It is well thought and written, it deserves to go global; I would be love to see this article as an op-ed in the NYTimes, Global and Mail, Washington Post, and leading Euro and Aisan news. If the Serbs can can unlimited and sympathetic news coverage, we can at least get some coverage for the real truth.

  3. Carla del Ponte has hidden the crucial evidence from the ICJ court that would have found Serbia guilty og genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina,all three of her collegues have said that he was pro Serb.Hoare,Nice and Hartmann have all criticised her openly.Crla Del Ponte is personally responsible for ICTY not handeling the Vukovar case.She stopped the investigation almost at it.’s end.Geofferey Nice stated that in Govorina case she wasn’t impartial and objective.Hartmann stated that she hid evidene,and Hoare stated that she stopped the Vukovar investigation.Above all in her book she openly without hassitating calls Croats sons of bit**es!!!Croatia must sue her.

  4. I just read that Mr. Misetic is in a proces of suing her.Is that true?I hope so!!!

  5. Serbs know they lost this battle legaly,but trought their havey propaganda they want to cast a shadow on us again as some kind of genocidal people who need to be exterminted.The meeting on ICTY’s work at the UN on Jeremic’s request is nothing less then that same propaganda that was used during the 90s to persecute Croats.Serbs want to erease the collective worldw memory of Operation Storm and Croatia,so that’s why he calling “victims” of the Operation Storm to speak at the UN.I wonder why he wont invite a Srebrenica Genocide survivor.
    Serbs are out to get us on a personal level but creating a global picture of as as some Nazis from outterspace that need to be exterminated.They are doing the same as in the 90s but now they are globalizing their hate to their allies and people not familiar with the Balkans.Serbs want to exterminate their neighbours again!

  6. Michael silovic says:

    Very good article Ina! It is proven by the recent comments of Serbian officials that they are still playing the role of aggressor and will continue to twist the truth. As for Carla Del Ponte she needs to be charged with lying under oath and our former presidents and other who betrayed us should be charged with treason.I am not sure that we have a goverment at this time that will stand up against any new Serbian aggression or defend Croatia’s history when the Serbian propaganda machine starts running its mouth again.We have a long way to go towards total reconciliation as it shows by the attitude of Serbia but non the less Croatia will take the high road. The recent comments by General Gotovina (They are citizens of Croatia, this is their homeland in the same way it is mine… This is their home and they should be here if they want to,” said Gotovina. ) proves that he is a leader that can help integrate the two peoples and a willingness on the parts of Croats to move forward.

  7. Michael silovic says:

    I sent Luka Misetic an email this morning in reference to putting General Gotovina on the Ballot for president of Croatia. I hope that i can get a response soon and will inform you as to it when it arrives.If we can get him on the ballot I am sure we will see more truth coming out of Zagreb rather quickly.

  8. Let’s set-up a facebook page devoted to revealing Carla Del Ponte’s miscarriage of justice, bias and at the same time start a fund to take legal action against her. There must be consequences. Can the new diaspora reps take charge on this as a priority?

    • Diaspora reps could do many things but let’s see how that body shapes up and whether they’ll have pull for initiatives or whether their advisory capacity will actually make little difference to what comes out from the government office. But even if the latter will surface there are always more ways than one to skin a cat

    • Michael Silovic says:

      I agree Ina i do not think much energy at this time should be put into Carla the witch. She already has been exposed as an idiot for failing to be able to know the difference between the truth and lies. The focus should be on Croatia and Gotovina for President and to elect those who will create a Croatian first Policy.

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  10. Here is a shameless article that calls our Generals criminals even after they’ve been proven innocent by the ICTY. mr Misetic should sue them as well.

  11. The ICTY was set up politically to ‘make all sides equally guilty’ so that there may be reconciliation. All sides had to be guilty because otherwise the Serbs would not come to the reconciliation table and the Serbs couldn’t be made out to be less guilty because the evidence and truth is so overwhelming. So, Carle del Ponte and predecessors thought it would be easier to just make the Croats look like criminals on par with the Serbs. Only problem was that this wasn’t true and they couldn’t prove it because it was total fabrication. So they bring in Savo Strbac, former propaganda minister of the so called ‘Krajina’ and former KOS agent, to manufacture some grotesque charges against the Croats – i.e. the case against Operation Storm. Del Ponte, having nothing else, runs with it with glee in her eyes and heads full bolt into it. I think she probably realised at one point that the case had no legs to stand on but her ego convinced herself otherwise. Now, instead of accepting the due legal process that has been undertaken by the ICTY, she still defends mistakes trying to save face and her ego. What a sick person to think her own ego is of greater importance than truth, history, and the innocence of a nation.

  12. Another thing… before this case came along nobody in the world even considered Operation Storm anything other than the liberation of a country and the ending of the war.

    This lie that was manufactured by Carla del Ponte and Strbac was immediately taken up by Serb propagandists and their sympathisers. They repeated and exaggerated their lies exponentially. And you know what they say, if you repeat a lie so much, people will start to think that there must be some truth in it.

    So even though their innocence has been proven, the operations, the generals, Croatian leadership, soldiers and people have been tarnished because a lie so great has been created that some people will still believe it

    • There was a plan to secrafise the Serbs near Topusko and to make it a genocide and an equalent to Srebrenica.It wqs discussed during the trial.Serbs already then tried to neutralize the impact of Srebrenica genocide to precent the airstrikes and accuse Croatia of doing it.

  13. Thats not really true . (that’s what I think) .
    Later , you will find out what trully happened in 90-s.
    That can’t be revealed now , because there are so much theories about what happened.
    And nobody knows the real truth , even Stjepan Mesić , or Radovan Karadžić . But I can bet for this : “Carla Del Ponte have done much more for Croatian people , compare to Serbs. And this is about them .
    But what about Americans ??? How much pain they have caused in last 100 years troughout the world ??? Compare to that , Serbs are really angels !!! And who may know , maybe some of you (posting comments) are Croatians and want to create new picture of happenings in 90-s.

    • No new picture MajorMax17. Situation was like this: 94% Croatian voters voted to secede from Communist Yugoslavia. Most Croatian Serbs did not vote for that, they wanted to live in Yugoslavia, not independent Croatia. Croatian Serbs formed rebel formations and started blocking roads into places where they lived – the so-called balvan revolution. Then they (Serbs) began attacking their Croatian neighbours, etc terrorising them until the Yugoslav Peoples Army from Blegrade headquarters joined them. Rebel Serbs & YU Army killed, burned, ethnically cleansed 1/3 of Croatian territory, they wanted no peace, they wanted no independent Croatia. This continued to 1995 when Croatia had to liberate its occupied territory.
      If those Serbs are angels then they’re not my angels because angels I know and believe in don’t steal territory, don’t forcefully deport people from their homes, don’t kill. The only angels that do that are black angels! You can have them.

      • Well sorry to tell you but that is why the judicial system throughout the world has the so called due process which involves the Trial and then the right to an Appeal. Appeals have overturned judgments of Trial courts millions of times throughout the world, and this one is no different! In Croatia it’s called “Prvostupanjski sud” and “Drugostupanjski sud”. I am certain you know of this fact and you know why Appeals exist and Appeals are allowed only in cases where ground of Appeal are assessed as allowable by the courts. So the only thing that bothers some people is the fact that the Appeal judges in their majority evaluated the evidence from original Trial in a different way and their judgment is higher and final and accepted as higher than that of lower court in a democracy that respects the judicial system

  14. Well , I didn’t said that they are angels . I said that they are angels compare to countries like America . And also , do you know why Serbs didn’t like seceding from Yugoslavia . It’s because they through history wanted to make the country where they can live in peace . That happened only when Tzar Dušan Silni (car Dusan silni on google or wiki) made a new Serbia that was so powerful . But then Turks came and attacked them . Dušan asked Pope for help but he didn’t want to help him . After that , Turks conquered Serbia and started spreading Muslim relegion , and then Pope organised the attack on Turks . The point is that Serbs were about 5 centuries under Turks and they couldn’t make their own country. After that Serbs didn’t get the independence , then Austro-ugarska came and occupied them . So Serbs wasn’t able to get rid out of this . And this is why they didn’t like seceding of Croats – they wanted country where all can live in peace and can be protected from other countries , but Croats wanted to destroy Yugoslavia with Ante Pavelić (their leader). Then the second world war begins and lot of Serbs were killed .
    After that , people who lived in Balkan never stopped fighting until 1996 .

    • I understand what you’re saying MajorMax17 but Croatian Serbs could have lived in Croatia peacefully, but they chose not to and went on the attack, a horrible attack and now they try to put it as if Croatia had no right to defend its people from their attacks and murders. Besides, there were Croatian Serbs who were happy to live in Croatia (and still do) and did not go about knifing or shooting their neighbours or banishing them from their homes into concentration camps in Serbia or just forcefully deporting them before 1995.

  15. Really I agree with MajorMax17 , nobody can know real truth . So I will ask you “Who first started with agression in Croatia” ?

    • Nobody can know the truth! What rubbish. If nobody can know it then it wouldn’t exist. Who started the aggression, you ask Dadan. Check it for yourself, start with the days of political opposition to Croatia’s plights for independence.

      • How on earth you can say that ???
        If nobody knows sth , that doesn’t means that doesn’t exist.
        So I’m going to tell you how the truth can’t be revealed never – It’s because Croatian headquarters doesn’t want to other countries find out the truth . Some of fair Croats have spoken about crimes of Croatian army , but they are still in fear and doesn’t want to justify on court .

      • Excuse me Dadan, the crimes you talk about, if they were committed were not done by Croatian army but by individual soldiers who did not follow orders. And you will find that there are and have been trials against individuals in Croatia. The difference between Croatian Army and Serbia’s (Yugoslav + para-military) is that the latter went into all-out destruction and murder and the Croatian army had to defend its people and territory, finally after years of torture. Please, do not comment with uncorroborated statements as you may run the risk of your comment being deleted.

  16. I wonder why this text appeared after release of Gotovina and Markac? No one was so brave to tell earlier that Carla del Ponte is liar? Or you just follow decisions of “superior” countries as usual, whatever they are?

    • MaxPayne, evidently you haven’t been reading much in the past few years about Carla del Ponte. If you had, you would know that this is nothing new, this time. She has been consistent in her bias all along and many have criticised her methods and her ways, including myself, over the years.

  17. I couldn’t find any criticism in past, maybe it was present in some other media, which I didn’t follow. Evidently, ICTY is showing that it isn’t so serious organization, and it is very unstable, because of significant difference between first and last decision. Also, first verdict came after years of detailed analysis, and second, totally different came only one year after !?

  18. Respected friend

    European countries have introduced an embargo on the import of weapons and the inability to defend the people of Croatian, Serbian National Army became Army and weapons from its stockpile and the weapons that he had in units of former Yugoslavia (teritorijalned defense weapon) gives the Serbs in custody, during which time “Serbs” fifth column, (Croatian population is Orthodox Christian faith is joined as a fifth column in the attacks on the Croatian people (Roman Catholic faith) and the Croatian police force where they comprehensively helps Serbian Army by 1991, the third in strength in Europe and fifth in the world. Croatian people was unarmed and then our Croats living outside the Croatian military decisions and material to help their homeland. many are caught with weapons and committed Serbian army, where they were executed on the bestial way. Cardiff, Antin, Dalj, Aljmaš, Kusonje, Vocin, Dubrovnik , Straight, Salt … are bombarded every day and then the Serbian army entered the town, killing on the spot, slaughter, pillage, rape, destruction of churches and the World Heritage monument and evacuation of civilians in detention camps, where many stay after Camp wanted them killed immediately, begged to be killed because they were horrible pain, especially to children, women and the wounded. Does it say that the blocked logs and large boulders of rock for roads and transit, so that all traffic from Dubrovnik unfolded over the island and the ferry which are often shot Serbian military aircraft. Banovic My friend Baby Pistor from Cavtat was caught by the Montenegrin army, was taken to a concentration camp in Morinj, Montenegro. Three times they are doing it to be shot without that, “shoot “And a lot of it, and therefore it is unthinkable to me to see that the arresting Croatian heroes and heroes and taken to The Hague or sit in Croatia. gentlemen Yes it’s true, and when we were tired of rudeness and Serbian bombardment of Croatian cities, launched We first release of Dubrovnik and its surroundings, and then Slavonia and unblock the main road Zagreb-Osijek, former road brotherhood and unity, because that was the lifeblood of Croatia. Greater Serbian aggression is a name that unites the Patriotic War and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina that are simultaneously took place on the integrated battlefield. It is a unique war on connected territory. greater Serbian aggression in the literature in different ways or shared, depending on the territorial or temporal narrow part of a single war in which it puts the focus. history of Serbia in the aggression against the Croatian and BiH covers a period of history Serbia, a decade that began with the wars in in Slovenia and Croatia in 1991., and ended with the Kosovo war in 1999 and Presevo 2001 conflict. year. Serbia at the beginning of these events were part of the former, that is so. rump Yugoslavia, and from 1992nd to 2003rd newly created Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. himself territory of Serbia, with the exception of a few pieces of artillery and mortar attacks on border towns and the 1991st and 1993rd year, was spared from the effects of war until the beginning of the Kosovo war and the bombing of Serbia by NATO Alliance-1999.. Serbia from the beginning involved in the Greater Serbian aggression in Croatia and Bosnia, sending Serbian reservists, conscripts and officers who have served the JNA, then through various volunteer and paramilitary or military, logistical, intelligence and technical support the provided bulk armed self-proclaimed Serbian para-state in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Serbian and Republic of Serbian Krajina. goal Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina was gaining independence, while the JNA, Serbian rebels and paramilitary forces, under the command of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, had intended to keep these areas under the control of Belgrade, with the help of “ethnic cleansing” of non-Serbs and the creation of two new Serbian formations in Croatia and Bosnia.
    Milosevic tried to create a unified majority Serbian state encompassing the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, the Republic of Serbian Krajina and the Serbian Republic. Serbia under Milosevic since 1992. in international (especially Western) public held responsible for the conduct of wars and numerous war crimes, which led to international sanctions, the UN in the period 1992-1996. The isolation and Yugoslavia, which had far-reaching negative economic, political and cultural consequences. Although Serbia has persistently tried to prove that is not participating in the war, former Chief of the General Staff of the Yugoslav Army, Gen. Momcilo Perisic is 2011. was sentenced to 27 years in prison for bombing attacks on Sarajevo and Zagreb.

    • It’s better for them to be killed then to be tortued like many Serbs during the WW II and 90-s.

      • I mean that they were tortued and killed ( even a little childs and women) and this is what Serbs never did .

      • Oh please, Dadan, keep to facts, visit some monuments of Serb victims in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina – you’ll find many women and children there

  19. Mined dams Peruča

    17 years ago the Serbian criminals blew up a dam Peruča. Led by blind hatred and a desire to retaliate for the Croats suffered military defeats in action Maslenica Serbian para-state forces, based in Knin started a vengeance spree. Under cover of darkness, a group of less came to Knin by washing and by members of the Kenyan battalion of UNPROFOR, which are expelled without opposition, took control of the dam. There were numerous artillery installed on the tower Alebić able to re-shelled pour Sinj.
    When there are few members of the Army noticed movement of Serbian forces, are independently, without orders superior military power, artillery beaten road, preventing the arrival of larger Serbian forces from the direction Vrlika. Since most of the fighters from Sinj still on sacred buildings at night at the 28th January brought together the available power 16th Defense Regiment, 126th Brigade, Military Police, Infantry Training Centre and part of the 141st members Brigade.
    Seeing that, because of the successful action artilleryman from Sinj, prevented from increasing their arrival, Serbian criminals 28th January at 10:52 pm activate 30 tons of TNT, which, according to brag Ratko Mladic, set in the control gallery defend another in September 1991. year, shortly after the occupation of that part of Cetina. Serbs blew up the dam in order to bring it down, and that the accumulation was almost full of water, have calculated that the water wave to sweep all before them downstream to Mullett. The Serbian ecocide was threat to the lives of more than 20 000 innocent civilians in villages downstream along the river Cetina. Fortunately, thanks to a British officer from the composition of military observers to Mark Gray, the dam has not collapsed. Resisted is because Gray few months ago, realizing all the danger threatening Serbian mining dams, and at the urging of his friends Sinj, disabled the fuse that kept overflowing constitution. Toppling the floodgates overflow from the lake began releasing water, and by then the maximum water level of reservoirs awaited day blasting from about four meters below the water column. That the water level at the time was blasting at maximum level, the dam would have claimed after all Croatian and numerous international experts on Large Dams, surely been demolished. In that military action Sinj defenders 28th January 1993. release all settlements to Maljkova. On the Croatian side, killing one soldier, Ante
    Buljan, who was killed by the Serbs in the evening of 27th January, and one was wounded.

    • Serbs have tried to mess up the truth since the beggining the war.Luckly the ICTY has all the evidence so no matter how much propaganda they use it will never overturn the evidence against them.Slobodan Milosevic and his commanders along with his lead terrorist in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.have been found guilty of a Joint Criminal Enterprise (thus means the state of Serbia) in order to attack Croatia and to forcefully take Croatian land and ethnicly cleanse Croats from their lands.Serbian mentaliny now hasnet changed a bit and they would do it all again tommorow if given a chance.Croats must always be ready!But what amazes me the most that noone in the International Community even mentions Vukovar nor the ethnic cleansing of 800.000 Albanians from Kosovo.All the Serbian crimes including genocides get to little attention by the IC.,while the legitimate Operation Storm that ended those warcimes got all the attention.Sometimes i just dont get the “inteligentia” in the EU.

  20. Where do you all people live??? In our beautiful new countries? Don’t think so… Or if you do… well, I feel sorry for your long lost brains…

    • Well pacifist, I have long ago ceased to keep company with people who have similar opinion to you – i.e. that people who take an interest in things happening around them and to other human beings have lost brains.

  21. Sits in KUSONJE 1991st years (VIDEO)

    Sits in Kusonje, such as the Battle of Rosinjači, is one of the lesser known, but najherojskijih and most tragic war.
    In early September 1991. the western Slavonian battlefield but water heavy and intense fighting. Few and poorly armed Croatian forces trying to stop seizures Banja Luka Corps of the JNA and Serb rebel forces that seek to nip the highway Zagreb-Belgrade and acquire larger settlements. One of these places is Pakrac. The first day of September 1991. to help defend Pakrac got an “A” Company 1st 105th Battalion Bjelovar Brigade National Guard. To reconnoitered the situation on the battlefield, the Scout Platoon “A” Company of 8th September 1991. improvised armored personnel carriers moved to scouting Pakrac area. When they found that the entrance to the village Kusonje no enemy barricades with conveyor penetrate deeper into the village, but they fall into a prepared ambush. Given that they were struck by conveyor under drumfire all 20 Croatian soldiers escapes into the first house. The house was soon found itself under strong pedestrian and fire Tromblon and cumulative mine Serbian paramilitary aided logistics and armament JNA. However, Croatian soldiers, although few in number and surrounded by superior enemy repeatedly provided very strong resistance. The enemy has failed to even approximate opkoljenoj home, and any attempt infantry attack ended with many killed and wounded Serbian soldiers. When the Brigade Headquarters learned of the ambush, was besieged sent personnel support that was able to penetrate only a dozen yards from the house, calling the besieged Croatian soldiers punching. Given that the besieged defenders had already killed and wounded members, survivors refused to leave and leave wounded comrades. Only when the enemy managed to blow up the house in the morning 9th September 1991., survived six defenders with his hands raised went to the surrender.
    Contrary to all the rules and conventions of war, a Serbian paramilitary prisoners were killed and wounded recruits. In February 1992. exhumed from a mass grave Rakov Potok 18 uniformed bodies and 23 civilians. Memorial in KUSONJE is made to commemorate the tragic death Bjelovar knights who were laid on the altar of the homeland as much as one man can – your life heroes village Kusonja permanently live in our hearts and in perpetuity stopped kissing altar. The Association of Families of deceased veterans war BBC

    Kusonje 08th September 1991.

    Nicholas Benkus
    Zeljko Besek
    Marinko Crnogaj
    Mato Cancar
    Miroslav Černak
    Marijan Dukic
    Stipe Gađa
    Peter Grubeša
    Anto Ivandić
    Stephen Wheeler
    Vladimir Krivačić
    Stephen Mamic
    Tadija Markić
    Ivan Palic
    Zlatko Pavlovic
    Nedjeljko Pekic
    Mario Posarić
    Igor Stipić
    Dubravko Štefulinac
    Anthony Tandara

    Kusonje 08th September 1993.

    Stanko Palic
    Mirko Peres
    Zeljko Segovic

    List of deceased veterans: Nikola Benkus, Zeljko Besek, Marinko Crnogaj Mato Cancar, Miroslav Černak, Marijan Dukic, Gađa Stipe, Peter Grubeša, Anto Ivandić, Stephen Wheeler, Vladimir Krivačić, Stephen Mamic Tadija Markic, Ivan Palic, Zlatko Pavlovic, Nedjeljko Pekic, Mario Posarić, Igor Stipić, D. Štefulinac Ante Tandara, Stanko Palic, Mirko Peres, Zeljko Segovic

    Dubrovnik, rujan 1991

  22. Serbian army surrenders Croatian army

    Serbian tank column runs in front of the Croatian army, commander of the Serbian tank columns Mile Novakovic and tanks trampling their Serbian civilians, and civilians that were planted by Croats killed during the storm, Carla Del Ponte knows about this

  23. Why you don’t show comments posted by ” pacifist” ???

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  25. Amazing how people do not conduct ‘real’ research using multiple sources and independent analysis. Crimes were overwhelmingly committed by Serbian forces in a planned, systemic and deliberate attempt to wipe out Croatians and non-Serbs as part of a Great Serbia strategy. In fact the CIA documented that about 90% of war crimes were committed by the Serbian side. So, understand the scale and magnitude of difference. There is no equating the two sides; especially when the crimes committed by non Serbs were really in direct response to the overwhelming suffering and criminal activity perpetrated upon non-Serbs by Serbs. The war started as an attempt to create a Greater Serbia – that is why all attempts at negotiations failed in Croatia and Bosnia. That is the truth, it is documented by Serbia itself – government and academic institutions. Any crimes committed should be punished. But clearly there would be no crimes if there was no war that was initiated – first bullet, first bomb, first provocation – by Serbia. Crimes committed by any side should not be tolerate, but defending yourself is not a crime and winning the war is not a crime. Now think of how different things could have been had the Serbs not resorted to violence, but to negotiation…but as Serbs know this was not possible because the real prize was a Great Serbia at all costs.

  26. Maybe You are blinded with HATENESS , and don’t measuring things right . If Croats kill their people and the guilty shaddow falls on Serbs , it’s understandable that Croatian leaders have been hiding that and that you don’t know that .
    This things would never happened to Serbs , they would never have killed their people and threw the guilty on Croats . The fact is that Croats have done the same things as Muslims.
    All this can be confirmed in justifying proccess of Australian(or Canadian)general of Radovan Karadzics CASE !!!

  27. There’s no hate in seeing truth, there’s only hate i hiding the truth or twisting it


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