Croatia: Joint Movement of Good – A Refreshing Force for EU Parliament Elections


Croatia will become the 28th member state of the European Union on 1st July this year – it will enter an established “international club” and it will strive to positively contribute to the life and the future of this “club”.

The Croatian Democratic Centre party (DC) had invited a group of distinguished Croatian citizens, who have excelled in the creation, defence and work for Croatia, regardless of any political party affiliations they may have, or not have, regardless of their political activities, to be candidates from EU Parliament elections.

Good, diligent and capable people exist. The system needs to facilitate and enable the expression of their activities, and DC has achieved this by compiling a list of independent citizens into its List of Candidates for the 14 April EU Parliament elections to be held in Croatia and its diplomatic missions abroad.

These are their Values, who they are and what they propose.

Our Values of Good:

•    All that is morally correct and just, is Good
•    Croatia is Good because it arose from the expressed will of the majority of its citizens
•    The civilisation of Good is the only path and it is possible
•    The civilisation of Evil is no longer possible
•    The Joint Movement of Evil had defined the International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague
•    We have realised Joint Movements of Good – through our will, knowledge, networking and actions
•    Good is the awakening of the will to do and spread the good, to foster knowledge, to join people, act and transcend the good – excel in the good
•    Our truth binds knowledge, beauty, experience and faith into the joint movement of good and builds a civilisation of good
•    We reject political and religious dualism, the division into good and evil
•    There is only one God – People create the Universal Good, either individually or jointly, where all are equal and all alone are weak, transient and sinful
•    We support freedom, democracy and human dignity for all
•    There are no superior people, no inferior people and no inhuman people
•    Europe, Croatia, all states and all the people of Europe, need and want a better world
•    Through vision of the Good, we apply ourselves and actively create a better world for Europe, Croatia, States and people

Support the Joint  Movement of Good

•    Every one of us (the EU Parliament candidates of the Joint Movement of Good) can and will represent our proposals because we have become Good People through our past work and actions
•    If no one from this List is elected, every Good person from other lists can represent these proposals
•    If no one from Croatia wants to represent them, any other Good person can represent them, any representative from another European country can represent them
•    If no member of the European Parliament wants to represent them, every European Good person can represent them, regardless of his/her gender, nationality, age, religion, political persuasion …
•    Visions should be expressed in words, join people and realised through actions
•    Calls for help to Dubrovnik, to the hospital in Nova Bila, Help for the Elderly after the Operation Storm, Peaceful Reintegration and others, were conversions of words into actions.

Matthew 25:40: “Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me!
Today they are the unemployed, the young who lack the courage to have children.

The Candidates of the Joint Movement of Good for EU Parliament elections, 14 April 2013: 
All the candidates have through their own actions demonstrated that they are Good people, in the creation and the defence of Croatia, and in their own personal careers to date.
Each one of them can enrich the future of Europe with Croatia and Croatia with Europe.
All can successfully represent Croatia before the European Parliament and across Europe.
Each one of them is, in his or her specific knowledge, experience and work, irreplaceable.

slobodan-langSlobodan Lang
Born 1945 in Zagreb; Professor of Public Health in Croatia and the world; Performed at highest state, parliamentary and diplomatic functions; President of network of healthy cities;
Prominent veteran and humanitarian; Published several books, scientific and other works;
Medical doctor; Believes in God, loves people and searches for the Good – everything else is less important

Aida Cvjetkovic

Aida Cvjetković
Born 1949, Island of Sipan; Called upon the women of Dubrovnik to remain in the city during its siege in 1991; Docoral disseratation under heading “Dubrovnik shipowner Frederiko Glavic”; leading professional in Tourism

Vida Demarin

Vida Demarin
Born 1944 in Zagreb; University Professor of Neurology; 2011 Woman of the Year; An Academic; Leading world professional in Neurology; Significantly contributed to the prevention of stroke

Darko Dovranic

Darko Dovranić
War TV correspondent, film director; Directed several films on the defence of Croatia; President Assembly of war correspondents of Croatian radio and television;
Again, the truth becomes the main criterion according to which we must live”:
During the aggression we were guided by the idea that only truth can save us. However, today we have forgotten the truth and a great deal remains unsaid, and the situation is so hard that a person cannot move away from his own problems, let alone worry about someone else’s problems”.

Josko Juvancic

Joško Juvančić
Joško Juvančić – Jupa born in Dubrovnik 1936; Legendary and very distinguished Croatian film and theatre director; Dean of Academy and especially active in Dubrovnik Summer Festival; Awarded with numerous distingushed awards and recognition, among them are Nazor Award, Dubravko Dujsin Award, and several awards by the Croatian Association of Theatre Artists; Irreplaceable in depiction of Croatian culture

Dragan Milanovic

Dragan Milanović
Born 1946, in Gospic. Graduated from High School and Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb; Played for 10 years as professional football payer for FC Lokomotiva and FC Zagreb; Adviser to Croatian government 2000 in Donji Lapac, Licko-senjska county;
Worked alone for eight years in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade; exceptional skills in communication, information and team work


Branko Pek
Born 1952 in Podrute
Leading member of the organisation for Croatian refugees and returnees since early 1990’s
Knows more than anyone else in the world about the persecution of Croats and their return to their Home.

Danijel RehakDanijel Rehak
President of Croatian Association of Detainees in Serb Concentration Camps (HDLSKL).
He emphasised that about 30,000 Croatian detainees were held in Serb concentration camps, of which there were 70. “About three hundred of the detainees were killed in the camps and about 2,400 considered as missing”; the truth about the camps has not been fully considered

Tibor SantoTibor Santo
Born 1954 in Zdenci. A Hungarian
Specialist in public health
Has been a member of parliament in Croatia and the president of the parliamentary club on national minorities
Fighter for health from his youth to today, in war and in peace

Vjera KatalinicVjera Katalinić
PhD in musicology, Vienna, 1999
Editor-in-chief of the Journal Arti musices (1999-2006) and several proceedings
Organised several international and national musicological symposia
Scientific advisor and director of the Dep’t for the History of Croatian Music, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb. Part-time associate professor of the Dep’t of Musicology, Music Academy of Zagreb University. Author of books and scientific papers published in Croatia, European countries and USA. Participant in domestic and international scientific projects.
Ina Vukic 2013 FebIna Vukić
Born 1949 in Zrnovo, Island of Korcula. Left Yugoslavia in 1962.
A professor and master of psychology.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of services for people with disabilities and mental health difficulties in northern Sydney area.
Recipient in 1995 of Croatian medals of honour “Commemorative medal of war remembrance” and “Order of Croatian trefoil”; From Australia, since 1990 to today, she defends and builds Croatia, every day; of recent Wikipedia has included her opinions (the only ones from Croatia), as human rights activist, into its article on the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia


Petar Bašić
Born 1971 in Slavonski Brod
A Historian and Secretary of DC (Democratic Centre Party)

Proposals of the Good:

I.    To the European Parliament/Union

1.    Committee on full employment
2.    Committee on demographic Health (birth, family, the aged, living arrangement)
3.    Sustainable development (the country that proposes a sustainable development – democratic + economic + ecological + human rights), to be freed from debt within European Union countries
4.    Establishment of European forces of good (humanitarian, educational, work actions …)
5.    Adoption of the Romani as a nation of people of Europe (not only minorities in different countries)
6.     European conference about good

II.    To Croatia
1.    Nora’s conference on experimental therapy in Croatia
2.    Protection of Croatian “peasant women” (kumica) and farm produce markets (advice of the respectable)
3.    Franjo’s fund for superior international education of successful students
4.    Book “A Righteous War”
5.    Conference on Croatian future (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, minorities, émigrés and invited internationally)

III To Respecting the Good – History and Dignity

1.    Commemorating the significant places where good was done
2.    The Roads of Good
3.    Sign on houses of the righteous among nations (returning good people from the museums to be among the people – there are 20,000 of them from countries of the European Union)
4.     Jewish flag at half-mast in front of the European Union Parliament building (a sign of responsibility for small nations. The Holocaust had turned the Jews into minorities)
5.    Town and city squares dedicated to Victims (respecting the past and responsibility for the future)

Am so proud to be an active member of this Joint Movement of Good. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Andrija Kastelan says:

    The world would be a perfect place with this Action plan for the Good – if we set out minds to it it can be achieved. Congratulations to you all and may you win!

  2. Dinko Ores says:

    Very BRAVE, VERY good! You have my vote!

  3. Jessamy I says:

    Not only for Croatia but for Europe too – that’s the ticket! Go show what you can do. Best of luck.

  4. Marko L. says:

    Something to unite the people of EU! All to join in the deeds of Good! Bravo! The other option is misery and we don’t want that! Turn our minds to the good, despite much despair. Yes, I’m getting on that train! Good for you! Good for us! Can’t wait for April 14!

  5. Spectator says:

    Go Croatia! So refreshing! Politics can be about ordinary people and you show that here! Many politicians have forgotten about us. Greetings and good luck!

  6. Not only are you running for EU Parliament but you want to change the whole world too, by the same token. Now, that is refreshing!

  7. Maslow1234 says:

    Clever platform you define here. It just might work. All we need is the will to do good and everything else will follow. The joint movement of good has much more in it than words can say. Solid recommendations you put here – much good can flow from that and permeate everywhere. What a great group of people on this electoral list. Proud to be Croatian, proud to be European, proud to be of the World. Fare well and good luck.

  8. Northernstar says:

    Many, actually most, politicians claim at election times that they have THE people’s platform – but, you have actually nailed it succinctly and yet so widely clear. I like it. It’s a mixture of politics, common sense and recipe all bundled into one. If nothing else, this is a start of something Good! I’m sick of politicians throwing around big phrases of promises they cannot deliver and although new to EU Croatia can bring freshness into it. Your way is a good way.

  9. Wilkinson says:

    Before I read this all one can hear in Croatia from EU Parliament candidates is the ELECTION-SEASON-SPIN, all saying how they will look after Croatian interests! Duh! Of course they will even if they don’t, I mean who will notice in that humungous parliament house. Most talk as if it’s elections for Croatian Parliament and that tells me they think that the Croatian people are idiots and don’t know the difference! Your platform, however, is different. You know you are heading into an established institution and that you need to bring fresh ideas for Croatia to make its mark there. No doubt, you think clearly and have the courage to enter the “big house” (EU Parliament) WITH BELLS ON! Just fabulous!

  10. Slaven Bijok says:

    Good deeds, turn into good habits! Victory to all of you!

  11. Ramon Ost says:

    Sick and tired of hearing how there is no future for the great majority of the young in Europe. Well there is! If we all think of good and do good then something will turn up to change this miserable course. For starters, I will vote for you because you have the courage to say out loud that civilization of good is possible only if we put our minds and deeds to it.

  12. Romani people to be recognized as a nation of people in Europe – brilliant! Power to you people on this list of candidates!

  13. Finally some sensible and meaningful words about Croatia and its future, and a list of people that one actually does not need feel ashamed to support! Thank you. You most certainly have my vote.

  14. No, you definitely are not running for Croatian elections but really?………..What a bunch of gibberish! At this particular time in our history, when the political atmosphere in Croatia is at its lowest antapex, when there is such popular dissatisfaction with the government of the day and with political parties as a whole, with the number of jobless people rising daily and situations where employees work for months without getting paid, where our Branitelji have reached the limits of their tolerances and are staging demonstrations throughout Croatia etc. etc…….And here is your agenda – your promise to the disillusioned, misused, hoodwinked populace!
    I’m sorry for my harshness but has no one pointed out to you that you really don’t have a platform? Please tell me that you are not oblivious to the fact that your policies(?) are too ethereal, too intangible to ever be taken seriously. What is this platform of Good vs Evil? Are we to understand that upon being elected you are going into the EU Parliament expecting to have philosophical debates about the meaning of Good, the meaning of Evil, the question of Absolutes, etc, etc, ….reminds me of a course I took on literary criticism – it was of no practical purpose then, just as your platform I suspect will be of no practical purpose to the common Croatian who will be pushed to even more dire straits upon entering the EU. In which way will you represent Croatia really—-give some real agenda items, give some goals that are clearly thought out and are concrete and therefore can be measured. All this lofty talk is just that – no one can be held accountable, no one can be seen to have really accomplished anything if there are no means to measure success or failure! Or is that exactly the point – you aren’t expected to accomplish anything of any importance anyway, just be a “seat-filler” and collect your hefty cheque every two weeks? Ina, if you want to be taken seriously than lead by example and help set real and attainable goals that will benefit the average Croatian, and here`s an idea – donate your earnings to Caritas or to some other benevolent organization that will help feed and clothe those people who will find themselves even more marginalized upon entering this great European experiment!

    • Thank you Velebit on your comment. However, it does seem you failed to pay attentions to proposals by the group as well as values, had you done that perhaps your lateral thinking could have led you to see beyond the written words, points etc. If, after seeing specific proposals (which of course are not exhaustive) and values etc you still claim there is no platform then you may be missing the point of a platform, or you just may harbour some misdirected anger (?). You seem to believe that Croatia has a different role in EU Parliament to any other member state. That is a feeling I get from listening to other EU Parliament candidates. If our Proposals to EU listed are not real agenda items to you then sorry to say, you are being quite ridiculous. And, as an adult you should know that when one enters a new job (being a member of EU Parliament is a new job) you get a new job description and you work at it, with it, to it and you build into it specificities needed to represent your specific country. As part of EU the work of EU Parliamentarians is set and in that build the support and the know how to act for the interests of one’s own country (Croatia in our case). You obviously do not like the reality that Croatia is entering the EU and you lash out left right and centre. Unlike you, we have decided to fight within that reality rather than letting others do it. As for the earnings and the idea of using parts of them for a project that will benefit others our group is ahead of you there, but personally if elected it would mean for me to give up my current job that is very comparable to EU parliamentary remuneration, and safer as far as long term is concerned.

    • Scorpion says:

      Velebit here seems to be towing the Kukuriku coalition’s government’s line who at the time of EU Referendum told the public how EU will solve a great deal of Croatian problems including opportunities for jobs! What rubbish Velebit writes here – all Velebit read were two words good and evil and completely failed to read on to see what those words mean in practice in values and proposals for actions. For crying out loud Velebit, isn’t forming a committee on full employment a platform, recognition of the Roma’s as nation of people a platform etc. How are these two examples from the Joint Movement of Good ethereal!?

      All in all you seem to have no clue as to what EU Parliament does.

      • Thank you on your comment Scorpion. A goal of full employment is a goal in achieving the basic Human Right of the right to work.

    • Posavina u Srcu says:

      What a ridiculous and mean comment. Velebit being a member of EU Parliament is not a seat filler, the Parliament has agendas, EU legislation, sitting on various bodies ensuring institutions act democratically, etc etc – plenty of work to do there. Seat-fillers happen in Croatian Parliament and that’s why the country is down the tube. EU Parliament is not to blame for individual countries’ mismanagement and troubles, it is there to help if it can… start using your positive energies and don’t assume you know everything about what people may or may not do in future. If I look at the track record of the candidates on this list then I have no problem in believing that they will act responsibly in the EU Parliament just as they have in their own lives. And don’t assume their lives were easy, either. To achieve heights takes a great deal of work and personal sacrifice.

      • Posavina u Srcu, thank you on your comment. The candidates on our list have never been seat-fillers for anything, they’ve actually made a difference wherever they’ve been or worked and they’re not about to start doing anything different now.

    • VELEBIT – get your eyeglasses on! Nothing ethereal about this group’s proposals and values. For instance in EU there is no committee on full employment Europe-wide, there is a committee on employment and social agenda but that’s different. When it comes to jobs every member country of EU is a law for itself and not under the umbrella of EU, every country has its own rule – so, wouldn’t it be nice if the EU took a different approach, a more collaborative approach between countries on employment – full employment – I see the proposal here as such an attempt.

      • Harvey, that is so true – every day almost we read or hear from different EU member countries which country will impose what restrictions to job seekers from other countries. Thank you on your comment

  15. Ina, you deserve it. You have my support and vote. It is a pity that only a few people deserve such an honor. You knowledge of Anglo-Saxons mentality and their lingo certainly put you in a commanding position, despite the fact that I do not support Europe. Look Cyprus and Greece.

    • Thank you Oracle. Yes, it’s not a matter of supporting Europe or not, it’s a matter of being in there since it exists, and being positive.

  16. Ana Mendes says:

    This is a solid and believable campaign. Not like some in Croatia, there are some candidates that say if they get into that parliament they’ll get Croatia out of EU. And some people will believe that rubbish not realizing that a member of EU Parliament cannot get Croatia in or out of EU simply because their job as members of EU Parliament does not allow for that. That is the job of Cro Parliament and people.

    What this Joint Movement of Good is sensible, doable and would benefit Croatia and EU countries and people.

  17. Kirk Bruxelles says:

    Quote from the platform of Good: “Sustainable development (the country that proposes a sustainable development – democratic + economic + ecological + human rights), to be freed from debt within European Union countries”
    LOVE IT!

  18. Wolfgang Meier says:

    Well, no one can say to this group they’re only out to get votes. They don’t propose or promise what the Croatian government has not been able to deliver. They think globally – they think Europe-wide. They think of others as well as of Croatia. That’s the true spirit Europe should be about, heck, the whole world should be about that

    • Wolfgang Meier, as with everything in life there is no sustainable unity without joint efforts towards a common good. Thank you on your comment

  19. Friends…interesting interview of Daniel Srb of the Croatian Party of Rights…check it out:

    • Ultimately, I believe that the way of spending money in the European Structural Funds benefits first of all the most influential EU countries and does not benefit to the same extent the development of Croatia. After entering the European Union, Croatia will in the long run lose any opportunity to influence its own future.

      Historically we have had very bad experiences along these lines. Croatia came under the control of the Hapsburg monarchy, and then the Hungarian monarchy, and lost all possibility of making decisions regarding our future. The same will happen with the European Union.

      Yes thank you Sunman for drawing our attention to this interview – it is an interesting one, I agree. Srb says: “… In addition to this issue of our future sovereignty, there is also the issue of economic development, and we will lose influence here too. Those who are against our view usually say, “You wish to close off Croatia and become isolated.” Absolutely not. Croatia should be a completely open country, with close cooperation with the European Union, including a customs union. We would communicate very closely with the European Union and coordinate with European legislation. But we would also to a great extent like to have our own policy of economic development…” – I would expect that Croatia does have and is required as member of EU to have its own policy on economic development. So, one could construe from Serb’s interview that it doesn’t, which I think is wrong. Of, course the policy it does have may not be the best one could have, but that’s ultimately the government’s responsibility.

  20. Your agenda is cool, Ina, and I like it as most of the commentators here. Unfortunately – and you certainly are aware of that – your list is not sufficiently marketed, it is not on TV, in the press, etc. The ruling coalition is aggressively pushing their lists/candidates, every day they are strangling us with the surveys where, of course, they are rating first, etc. Another important issue is the number of people who will boycott the elections for EP and it is quite likely the number will be high since the people in Croatia is totally revolted with both government and the politics in general. A low turn in of voters is favourable to Kukuriku coalition as their disciplined members as well as those depending on them, such as those working in public companies, state officers, etc. will vote in in a great number. Therefore, I am a little bit sceptical about the outcome? P.S. Of course, I will vote for DC list.

    • Thank you Klara, the relative lack of media coverage is not because we don’t try but because of things you mention and others. Having said that and in times of unemployment and harsh livelihood reality for many in Croatia we see it as perverse to even contemplate claiming any public funds that might be available for election campaigns. We do hope that Good will get its message through and word of mouth is very potent too. It is important to get our message out there, at least, a future awaits. While a victory at the elections would be our desired result, we are ready to continue our work regardless.

  21. Wonderful platform and noble goals. Congratulation.
    Ina Zec

  22. Michael Pack says:

    There are many points in Your program and I support it, but we are lost in space of KUKURIKU and Communists unity in Croatia who know what they want, systematically destroying our Croatian Nation. On the other side we have to many fractions of good, clever and honest Croatians, who are dispersed in to many small patriotic organizations and parties I support You Ina, but first we need good leader and patriotic candidate for the next president of Croatia.
    We also need unity of all good Croatians. We need to wake them up and go to vote.
    Happy 2014 and good luck
    Michael Pack

    • Happy New Year to you too Michael Pack! And yes I agree with what you say – too many people want to be “chiefs”, too many parties … need a solid new movement that will capture a good deal of people… a new President is a MUST!


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