Croatia: So Proud To Be Part Of Land and People

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Croatia’s Identity Card


For all those who would like to know (or refresh knowledge) about Croatia, its land and its people, there is a new book dubbed the “Croatia’s Identity Card”. It’s fresh out of press, a separate book in Croatian, in English and in French language.

It’s a wonderful goldmine of concise information, photographs and achievements of the Croatian people throughout the ages.

There is also a new website (in the three languages) dedicated to this publication.

The PDF format of the book can also be downloaded from the website (DOWNLOAD BUTTON on bottom of webpage). However I have included that pdf file on the left margin of this blog. If you click on the book’s cover photo/image you will access the book in the English language.

I am so proud to have personally contributed to this publication by way of collecting and taking photographs, many of which did not make it into the book due to its limited size.  However, I do want to thank here Stephen Asic (Croatian World Congress, Perth, Western Australia) and Diane Didovich (Croatian Centre, Auckland, New Zealand) for their amazing energy and will to drive around fair distances, securing some valuable photographs for this project; for helping me in this voluntary endeavour, for this great cause. Seeing the fantastic finished product, the book “Croatia: land and people” in three languages – Croatian, English and French  (one book for each language) – has brought home to me once again this reality:

it is so personally fulfilling to love ones country of birth!

On Thursday 11 July 2013, the Miroslav Krleza Istitute of Lexicography in Zagreb, Croatia, has launched its book “Croatia: land and people”.

Croatia: land and people

The book “has been produced in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia to mark the entry of Croatia into the European Union. It is primarily intended for the huge public in the other member states and for all those who want or need information about the newest EU member. So it has been produced in several languages. It is a sort of ‘identity card’, providing the most important information about the country in a concise, readable way – its geography, history, political organisation, population, economy, culture and society.
Alongside an overview of generally known facts, we have included some interesting details through which Croatia can contribute to the unity and diversity of Europe, and which the editorial board considered were probably less well known to the wider public until now. Of course, as with any selection, this one is arbitrary to some extent.

Attention is paid to the centuries of links between Croatia and other European countries and peoples. Due to its position within Europe, modern Croatia was in the past exposed to different influences, which are reflected in its national and cultural identity, and in its tangible and spiritual heritage.
The book was produced at the Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography. In compiling texts and selecting illustrations for this publication, the authors and editors relied primarily on previous publications by the Institute, with the aim of making Croatia more accessible to the foreign public”.

Croatian émigrés on ship to Canada in 1923.  According to estimates Croatian diaspora,  from Europe, over North and South America to Austrtalia …  encompasses more than two and half million people  (more than half of current population now living in Croatia)  Photo:

Croatian émigrés on ship to Canada in 1923.
According to estimates Croatian diaspora,
from Europe, over North and South America to Austrtalia …
encompasses more than two and half million people
(more than half of current population now living in Croatia)

Hope you all enjoy “Croatia: land and people”! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. I hope in three years to save enough money to travel to Europe. I would love to visit Croatia. It looked like a beautiful place.

  2. I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Just look for the ‘continued’ post at

  3. Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved parts of Europe. It is a land where the hues of the sunny and warm Mediterranean happily blend with the tranquillity and freshness of mountains and the gentle sway of the golden plains of Pannonia. A land of truly divine inspiration that has delighted many of the world’s prominent men of letters. A rare European landscape which boasts as many as eight national parks in so small an area!

    With Risnjak, Paklenica, the Plitvice Lakes and Northern Velebit in the mountainous area, and with the Kornati Archipelago, the island of Mljet, the Brijuni Archipelago and the Krka waterfalls in the coastal area, Croatia is indeed a jewel of the primeval beauty of nature. Adding to that two arboretums, one in Trsteno, near Dubrovnik, and Opeka, near Vinica, numerous historical parks and protected nature parks, it is indeed a green land, with as many as 4300 plant and as many animal species.

    Do not delay: sail the azure blue waters of the Adriatic and discover the island which is one of the last habitats of the griffon vulture in Europe. For dedicated nature lovers in Croatia you can put to sea with an adopted dolphin or, if you are particularly lucky, encounter the mysterious and rare Mediterranean monk seal. Whatever you decide to do, you will find that this is a place where the colours of nature are at their warmest and fullest.

  4. Hi Ina,
    Very excited by this new book. Is it only available as PDF download or can an actual book be purchased?

    • Not sure about sales/distribution of the book/s – Sunman. I have a copy so I presume it could become available in shops or online, need to look into that. The pdf version is made available through the website for public to access; it’s a new publication so I think it needs to reach outlets … but I have found it on online bookstore in Croatian language version
      It’s a really nice little book.

  5. annathrax says:

    Thanks for this, can’t wait to check out the PDF and learnmore about my parents country!

    • Thanks annathrax – the book version is really nice too – only need to investigate whether it has been distributed for sale; found the Croatian language version online – see link to my reply to Sunman comment here

      • annathrax says:

        Might get a copy as a gift to my parents. Thanks for link!

      • You know, I was thinking what a great idea for a gift for someone too. Going through the book makes one feel such surges of pride especially if one has connections to Croatia or Croats. Great idea.

  6. I wanted to inform you that I nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

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  9. On a bright side, many have survived. It is good that you are choosing to bring dark matters to the surface and light! Kudos to you.

  10. Hello,
    Greetings from Romania. You do a great job. Well done!

  11. You can pick up the award for which I’ve nominated you off my latest post. Diana

  12. You are a wonderful example of the difference one person can make for good in the world. Blessings for you and your work. . . .Namaste. . . .. Anne


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