Croatian Serb Leaders: Serb War Crimes Suspects Should Be Handled Delicately!

Croatian Police arrest 12 Serbs suspected of war crimes in Trpinja - Photo: Davor Jovanovic/Pixsell

Croatian Police arrest 12 Serbs suspected of war crimes
in Trpinja – Photo: Davor Jovanovic/Pixsell

Croatian Vecernji list reports that compelling and credible evidence – witness statements etc – points to mass murders committed by (from September to the end of November 1991)members of rebel Serb led “territorial defence” for the self-proclaimed Serbian autonomous region Krajina (SAO Krajina) within the sovereign borders of Croatia, in Trpinja near Vukovar. It is alleged a number of Serb rebels had illegally arrested, mentally and sexually abused and killed some 14 Croatian civilians and 60 members of Croatia’s defence forces, at the time.

On Thursday 11 July a joint operation by the Osijek and Vukovar police had seen swift arrests of 12, out of 15, Croatian Serbs suspected of having participated in committing the above war crimes. Trpinja was a village of intense Serb aggression against Croatia in the early 1990’s. Court in Osijek had Saturday 13 July ruled a one month investigative remand for those arrested, thus enabling further investigations and preventing witness tampering.

All this is good! Right?

War crimes suspects must be arrested any which way! Right?

Not when it comes to Serbs – it seems. Such firm handling and justice doesn’t seem to figure in their reaction to the above arrests.

Belgrade, Serbia, based Novosti news portal wasted no time in securing and publishing statement by a joint council of ethnic Serb refugees which suggests that Croatia is, via these arrests, intimidating Serbs, driving fear into them and that the suspects should have been sent a letter of invitation for questioning in regards to these alleged war crimes!

Yeah right!

Novosti reports that “the police arrested people in their homes, even on their farm fields, where they were working, at their places of employment and that the Trpinja residents (Serbs) were upset by the police ‘Phantom – like’ uniforms and weapons in their hands”.

It’s a matter of intimidating the Serbs. This spectacular action by Croatian police brought fear into the village near Vukovar where Serbs live,” Novosti was told at the SDSS (Independent Democratic Serb Party) office in Vukovar, Croatia.  The SDSS is led by Vojislav Stanimirovic, who was very active in the Yugoslav People’s Army during it’s brutal aggression against Vukovar in 1991).

Chairman of the Serb National Council in Croatia, Milorad Pupovac, also voiced concern last Thursday over the manner in which the arrest of the Serbs from the village of Trpinja near Vukovar was carried out, emphasising that there were elements of force and intimidation.

It certainly cannot be that both Stanimirovic and Pupovac are not aware as to how arrests by police occur in the democratic world. Raids, surprise elements, physical force are often crucial to securing arrests of suspected criminals.

And, as far as these latest arrests in Croatia of suspected war criminals are concerned it seems the Croatian police authorities might have learned a lesson from the recent past when even convicted ethnic Serb war criminals (rapists) fled Croatia (Vukovar) into Serbia, thus avoiding prison and punishment for their crimes.

As for Croatian Serb leaders Stanimirovic and Pupovac, if any one of them actually lodges a complaint about the manner of the above arrests with Croatia’s president Ivo Josipovic, then the best reply to this complaint would be to send these two appalling politicians on a seminar or short workshop of demonstrations of police arrest techniques in some “Western” democratic country. No mercy there! And rightly so!

The victims of the above war crimes certainly did not get any mercy when they were arrested (without even being suspected of any crimes, but because they were Croats), raped, and murdered. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Marianna J says:

    why? Are they made of glass? Did they handle delicately people they murdered?

    • Marianna J thanks on your comment. It seems they think they deserve better treatment than their victims. An illness to root out mercilessly

  2. I admire your efforts for the continual awareness. Thank you for sharing and bringing my attention to this. So unfair. Unfortunately, these intimidation tactics appear to be escalating in other areas as well. Take care.

    • chasingtheperfectmoment – the issue I guess is that not everyone sees intimidation as being a part of arresting serious crimes suspect process, it’s seen in many cases as “necessary” use of force with view to securing arrest of those that are more likely than not going to flee from authorities to avoid prosecution. Yes sadly intimidation does occur in places but in this case I don’t think intimidation is what occurred. Thanks on your comment

  3. Yea, it’s so agonizing for those “fine” families including Serb leaders Stanimirovic and Pupovac. My heart goes to them…… those Serbian banditos should have got the proper invitation to visit the police station at their earliest convenience, that’s how it is done…..

  4. @ Thank you for like !

  5. It’s the Serbs.People who were killed by Serbs should feel blessed.Serbs are God’s people according to Serbs.

  6. This is a touchy subject. War and violent create demons. I believe men who killed the innocent need to be punished. As soon as possible. Time apart from the crime. Make them less. But they are not for the poor people killed and wounded. Need some resolve.

    • Indeed johncoyote – sadly in this case the dead are still missing, no bodies found (along with more than 1,700 others), buried “god knows where in mass graves”… it’s a mess. But hopefully justice for the victims will surface, soon.

  7. Croatian police should have warned them and give them time to flee to Serbia so they can enjoy freedom there like the other few thousands cares some 20.000 Croats got killed?

    • No, exactly the fear – such persons have been known to flee Croatia into Serbia and bang on to the world that they’ve been abused in Croatia. What a crock of rubbish. Criminals as these suspects will do anything to escape the wrath of justice; but this time let’s hope they don’t get bail after the month of remand for further investigation etc – wait for trial in prison as it’s done in the civilised world where real risk of absconding exists.

  8. Thank you for the hearty support. I don’t take it for granted. I appreciated your passion. Cheerleading your success…Diana

    *Plan to revisit*

  9. therealamericro says:

    The barehanded Serbian innocents are being symbolically genocided again, says Poooooooooopie.

    I like the “Phantom-like” phrase, another false parallel to WWII.

    Pooooooooopie needs to fess up to supporting greater Serbian politics, which he has N E V E R denounced in any way shape or form.

    • It’s a real shame that some Croatian media outlets give the Poo space, therealamericro. Milorad Pupovac will continue taking that space until his words get stuck in the trash bin. If his politics and dribble and poo were actually about Croats in Serbia within the legal framework of Croatian citizens right and responsibilities then one might excuse the media who like the sensational clap-trap that leads to nowhere but dark abyss of vilification; he holds the candle for Serbia even though he is in Croatia. You are right, he is subscriber to Greater Serbia and it’s mind-boggling that he has not yet been booted out of parliament for disregard of Croatian rules and laws and interests. Croatian parliament needs a brisk broom

  10. Sadly, not many Media outlets here in the us cover these occurrences. Its great to read your updates

    • Thank you psychologistmimi for comment – yes mainstream media can be so-not-mainstream i.e. cover a variety that reaches/touches all but get selective


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