Devastation is sweeping across Eastern Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Floods so harsh and merciless have claimed dozens of lives so far, towns and villages evacuated – despair all around. Such a natural disaster has not been seen in these areas in memory. All I can say: Please help if you can – every bit counts!

Croatian Red CrossCroatian Red Cross launched emergency appeal for flood-affected areas in the Republic of Croatia, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia. You can help by donating via a secure payment on-line and although instructions are in the Croatian language the forms are easily followed (or click on PDF below for instructions in English) and on drop-menus you can choose for which devastated area you can donate: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Serbia.




Croatian Red Cross 2The Croatian Red Cross has published on its website the following information:
You can donate from abroad by:
• making a cash transfer to the bank account IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 ref. nr. 08 (multi-currency account SWIFT: PBZGHR2X)
• making an on-line donation https://secure.webteh.hr/donate/79 (see instructions in PDF)
Until 20 May 5.662.833,18 kuna were collected on the bank account for the people affected by floods in the Republic of Croatia. There were 426 476 calls on the donation telephone (2.665.475 kuna).
For all those who are trying to reach their family members in the flooded areas and need assistance with this, the Tracing Service of the Croatian Red Cross can be reached at +385 1 4655 814 or +385 1 4655 813.
Thank you for your donation! Croatian Red Cross


Also The Croatian Caritas has launched an emergency appeal for help to the flood affected areas.




Here are some photographs from the flood devastation in Croatia. Please click on photos to enlarge.

Slavonski Brod Croatia Floods 2014


Gunja Croatia Floods 6


Slavonia Croatia Floods

Slavonia Croatia Floods 2014

Floods in Croatia 2014 4

Floods in Slavonia Croatia 2

Floods in Slavonia Croatia 1

Floods in Croatia 2014 7

Floods in Croatia 31

Varazdin, 01.04.2013 - Zbog obilnih kisa i topljenja snijega, poplave prijete kucama na podrucju Ludbrega

Floods in Croatia 11

Floods in Croatia 10

Floods in Croatia 9

Floods in Croatia 5

Zagreb, 18.05.2014 - Akcija prikupljanja pomoci za poplavljena podrucja ispred Krscanske adventisticke crkve

Floods Croatia 30

Floods Croatia 29

Floods Croatia 28

Floods Croatia 27

Floods Croatia 25

Floods Croatia 24

Floods Croatia 23

Floods Croatia 22

Floods Croatia 21

Floods Croatia 19

Floods Croatia 18

Floods Croatia 17

Floods Croatia 3

Flood in Rugavice Croatia

Flood at Gunja near Slavonski Brod Croatia

Croatia Floods 2



  1. SendingLoveFromDenmark says:

    Thank you for the article. It was due to your article I could help with donating to the three countries.

  2. brankec says:

    I truly feel bad for ALL the victims of this natural disaster, and I am glad that people have banded together to help everyone who has lost all their belongings, or worse, a loved one. I feel bad for their families, their animals, and their future, because they have really taken a hit over the past few days. And I hate to have to draw attention to a political aspect of the crisis, but there is an elephant in the room.

    The one thing I don’t understand is why Serbian premier Vucic felt it was necessary to call for martial law in Serbia. I mean, Croatia sent some of its special forces to help out in Sabac and Obrenovac, so why dig out the war measures act if everyone is pitching in to help everyone else out in this crisis? What exactly was his intention upriver along the Bosnian/Croatian border?

    It’s hard to know whether there is any reason to suspect the Serbs (or Bosnians) of damaging the dykes along the border in order to alleviate the problems further downriver in Serbia, but hearing the reaction of their premier doesn’t let me to put much faith in the whole “good neighbor” thing. Especially with the secrecy surrounding the arrest of two individuals for possession of explosives not too far from one of the suspicious breaches of one of the dykes along the Croatian/Bosnian border.

    • Yes Brankec, and the “weirdest” thing I heard from Serbia’s Premier’s mouth (Vucic) yesterday was: I know people don’t like us, we must do something… nothing like that ultra-nationalist to use such a devastating tragedy as the floods to spin some political mileage…perhaps martial law will attract more things than we see or it’s because too many thieves roam the streets? Tragic, all around.

      • brankec says:

        Ina, if it were thievery, I would understand. Many countries would declare the flooded area a disaster area and call in the national guard to prevent looting. But I don’t remember him even mentioning it in his address. What he did mention though, several times, is that Sabac and Obrenovac must be saved, “at any and all cost”, followed by a directive to his minister to organize busloads of individuals that would execute his directive, the details of which he would discuss in private. I also don’t remember in his speech that the buses were headed in the direction of Sabac and Obrenovac, or at least that this is where they would be stopping.

      • Hm the secrecy and the force, Brankec – re Sabac and Obrenovac – this should be “interesting” then

  3. Aleksandar Vucic in Serbia bring martial law during floods and the head of Serbia’s Orthodox church Irinej blames Gay Pride for the deluge – God, he said is taking revenge for such lawlessness and hateful vice… http://www.vecernji.hr/balkan/patrijarh-irinej-poplave-su-bozja-opomena-da-se-sklonimo-od-poroka-i-zlobe-939090
    Truly pathetic to come up with that at this time of despair.

    • Thank you on comment. Monty – I agree – it is pathetic what Irinej has uttered in the name of the Orthodox church

    • so what let him say what he wants the more he speaks the more the world sees how the serbian people and faith are truly are.

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  5. Painful incidents, it appears that rescue operations are going well
    God bless them with great courage and peace in the life of victims
    with regards

    • Yes, advocatemmmohan, rescue incessant and help coming all the time – so much needed – such tragedy. Thank you on your blessings and kind thoughts

  6. God bless your wonderful nation with His peace, grace and strength during this difficult season. Praying for you.

  7. Excellent job of reporting; my prayers will be with them, Ina.

  8. My family sent a big box of clothes to the victims, and many other people bought underwear and other things to help. Red cross says that people are constantly giving things away . No flood happened in my city thank goodness.

  9. ROMANIA 🙁 🙁 🙁

  10. …I don’t understand some things! Serbia, which has been responsible for so much bloodshed against Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, not just during the 1990’s, but during WW2, Balkan Wars 1 & 2, etc., yet everyone ( eg. France, the EU, Israel, Russia,Greece, and even Croatia) is rushing to aid this troublesome country! And, yet in Croatia there is flooding now, and NO ONE (not even the “catholic church” in Europe) is coming to the assistance of poor Croatia!
    Does Serbia have some satanic, demonic power of attraction that everyone wishes to forget their iniquities and help these demonic people? Is there a God , did Jesus Christ exist, and, if so, they seem to be on the side of EVIL incorporated! Why!

    • Tempus Fugit, you will find that there is help for all three countries affected by the flood. You are wrong regarding help to Croatia – there has been enormous help from people within and from diaspora.

  11. Heart breaking event,we pray for the victims ,and the rescuers .God bless the kind hearts.

  12. I know, and my heart has gone out to all over there.. Floods are happening everywhere, And for these people its been devastating as they have seen so many homes destroyed not to mention those who have lost their lives and possessions.. Its heart-breaking for a Nation which has endured so much..

    I know only too well here in the UK last year how the floods caused so much damage and even now residents are not back in their homes. ..
    My thoughts and prayers are with them..
    love Sue

  13. Those poor people…they never get a break do they…not for too long anyway. 🙁

  14. Thank you so much for bringing this disaster to light here at Word Press. You have provided a wonderful service.

  15. So much tragedy and so many natural disasters around the world. I even got hit with five hours of severe storms and tornadoes. My roof leaked in the living room. The plasterers were here today. Need new roof. It has been stressful but I am lucky when so many others have lost so much. I will pray for the responders and the victims. Bless the Red Cross and every person who reaches out to help someone else. Hugs and prayers, Barbara

    • So sorry to hear about the tornado damage, Barbara, it sounds terrible and I can only imagine the agony. As for help to flood devastated areas in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia donations have been so generous and I pray they continue. The people especially in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have lost everything twice in 20 years: first in war and now in floods. Let’s pray for a better and merciful future.

  16. Hope the situation improves! So sad to read about

  17. This is heartbreaking! How awful it must be for these poor souls — and how helpless the rest of us are. God bless them all.

  18. I had hoped against hope that at least Croatia would be spared much of the damage, but unfortunately the floods hit Slavonia pretty badly too. 🙁 God, hasn’t that region been through enough bullshit? The country has barely recovered, people are barely surviving, now this. Same for Bosnia, it’s horrible. The fact that people have lost all their livestock which is basically what allowed them to survive in such terrible economic conditions, makes it all the more horrible.

    I tried to make an online donation via the Croatian Red Cross and my payments didn’t go through at all. I’m wondering if there’s anyone here who tried that and had problems too?

    • Kat, it should work on-line via the Croatian Red Cross – unless at the time you tried the server was overloaded with those trying to donate? It worked for me and all the people I know, we actually did quite a few from my house as some people I know aren’t good with computers etc…the Caritas on-line also worked…it’s wonderful news that so much has been donated so far

  19. Incredible photos! Water disasters are so tough. Not only due to waiting for help, but also for the very difficult cleanup and salvage afterwards. And mold is another hazard they will have to be careful of. Thanks for sharing because I hadn’t read about this flooding in the news.

  20. dreadful flooding! Very similar Inavukic to those in UK and even here over Xmas this year.. Govns. do not spend near enough on flood defense and with the weather and climate changes now in progress, there will be more of the same.. I wish you well – sorry I cannot give you cash, we live on a small pension.. my heartfelt blessings are with you though… fondly eve

    • Thank you, Eve, prayers and fond thoughts are a treasure too…the help has been absolutely wonderful through Red Cross and Caritas…the clean-up operations look awful, so much devastation…and yes the climate has gone mad – everywhere.

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    Our states are under water as well as many other places around the world

  22. I’d read about the floods but this is a very powerful collection of pictures. Good information on donating as well.

  23. sono immagini veramente impressionanti che purtroppo si rivedono sempre più frequenti in ogni parte del mondo, causa della assurda trascuratezza dell’uomo per l’ambiente, ogni persona civile deve contribuire ad aiutare queste popolazioni! grazie per il tuo appello, ho seguito la situazione in Tv, spero che ora sia tutto migliorato
    un abbraccio solidale

    are really impressive images that unfortunately you review becoming more frequent in all parts of the world, because of the absurd neglect of man on the environment, every civil person must contribute to help these people! Thank you for your appeal, I followed the situation on Tv, I hope that now everything is improved

    un abbraccio solidale

    • True, ventisqueras, a great deal of neglect for the environment is widespread and, hence, disasters strike randomly, anywhere…thankfully the appeal has been very successful so at least some consolation to those who have lost everything they had

  24. I am so sorry

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