Croatia: Antifascists Vilify Veterans To The Disgrace Of The Nation

Monument to the HOS 9th Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban raised in Split, Croatia - 9 May 2014

Monument to the HOS
9th Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban
raised in Split, Croatia – 9 May 2014

On 9 May of this year the mayor of the city of Split, Ivo Baldasar (a Social Democrat) presided over the unveiling of the monument to the 9th HOS Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban. Croatia’s communist lot, who boldly call themselves antifascists even though no antifascist organisation in the world protect from condemnation and processing of WWII and post-WWII communist crimes like they do, formed a so-called “Antifascist league”. These two events in Croatia on the same day did not occur by accident.

No Siree!

The communism lovers from various NGO’s are all about calling and labelling members of Croatian defence forces from the 1990’s Homeland War as fascists, maliciously and without any truth, except for communist political agenda, linking them to WWII Independent State of Croatia Ustashe! Some have even gone so far as to say that the monument in Split for a 1990’s Battalion carrying the name of WWII Ustashi Rafael Vitez Boban who formed the WWII Black Legion alongside Jure Francetic is designed to equate WWII fascists (Ustashe) and WWII communists/antifascists and this to them is not acceptable! The WWII Black Legion consisted mainly of Croatian and Muslim refugees from eastern Bosnia where large massacres and atrocities were committed against the population by Serb Chetniks and Yugoslav/communist Partisans. Communists or antifascists of Croatia still sweep under the carpet the communist crimes committed against innocent Croats, the scale of which far surpasses the crimes committed by the so-called WWII Ustashe regime.

There are it seems no limits to where Croatia’s antifascists will venture in order to protect their predecessors from being prosecuted and condemned for communist crimes. While many rejected to take part in creating the independent and democratic Croatia in the 1990’s – as they wanted communist Yugoslavia – they now enjoy and abuse the independence, democracy and freedom which they use to label Croatian veterans and indeed anyone who loves an independent Croatia – a fascist!
On 25 June of this year the televised program “Calender” by editor Vladimir Brnardic sparked Croatia’s antifascists into a new frenzy in which they labelled Homeland veterans as fascists!

Above Video: Croatian TV Kalendar program 25 June 2014, editor Vladimir Brnardic – transcript translated into English:
Upon the embarkation of the Greater Serbia aggression against Croatia, Croatian Defence Forces (HOS) were founded 25 June 1991 as a military wing of the Croatian Party of Rights (HSP). HSP leader Dobroslav Paraga became its commander in chief, and Ante Paradzik undertook the duty of headquarters chief. Volunteering was exclusively the only criteria to enlist into HOS. Regardless of the label of radicalism that followed them at all times political party membership and nationality were not important. On the contrary, members of other nationalities and émigré Croats and a large number of foreign volunteers fought with HOS. Conscious of the fact that war was inevitable HOS leaders were preparing for the defence much before the eruption of the conflict.


In collaboration with the Slovenian police one of the first military training camps was organised in Zumberak (area between Croatia and Slovenia). From the very beginning members of HOS were active on all crisis battlefields. They were especially prominent in the defence of Vukovar, but also of all Slavonia, Dubrovnik, Banovina (central Croatia) and later in Livno and Bosnian Posavina then Mostar and other parts of Herzegovina.


The murder of HOS chief Ante Paradzik, in September 1991, sharpened the already high tensions between leaders of HSP and leaders of HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union), the party in government. In an atmosphere of distrust pressure mounted to abolish HOS, whose members either joined units of the Croatian Army or went to voluntarily defend Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Despite the allegations of extremism it’s essential to emphasise that they fought honourably and not a single one of the several thousand members of HOS has been convicted of war crimes.


Although many HOS members were wounded and became profound war invalids and laid their lives for Croatian freedom their status due to political disagreements, especially with the head of Croatian secret services Josip Manolic, has been devastating, even after the war. It was only in 1996 that HOS was officially recognised and only in 2004, in line with Croatian Homeland War Veterans’ Act, HOS members were recognised as true defenders and a part of Croatian armed forces. It’s interesting that the only formation that retained the HOS name and symbols was the 9th Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban, which is included in the 114th Brigade of the Croatian Army. Those killed from HOS formations still await their memorial symbols and only the city of Split had in 2014, with the erection of the monument to the 9th Battalion of HOS,  in a dignified manner paid its respects to the formation that had 46 of its members lay their lives for the defence of the Homeland.

Damir Markus KutinaOn 1 July 2014 Damir Markus from the town of Kutina arm of the Association of HOS Volunteers (UDHOS) published a firm statement and plea on the Dragovoljac (Volunteer) website protesting the labelling of Croatian Homeland War veterans as fascists. Indeed, he states that Croatia in the only country in the world that calls its army fascist!

He says: “If we intend entering into history as the only nation which won’t process all war criminals, regardless from which war, in the name of all of us who have defended and created this country we ask you to please ensure that we don’t become a rare state in which its own army is labelled fascist.

The last of the many media outbursts in which formations from the Homeland War, especially HOS, are equated with fascism points to a clear tendency to generally criminalise the values of the Homeland War. For the first time since Croatia’s independence HOS is openly and unambiguously called a fascist organisation, i.e. an Ustashe formation, in the announced lawsuit ‘Antifascist league’ versus the author Vladimir Brnardic, who in his TV program Calendar examines the events from the war. How is it possible that the so-called ‘civil associations’ like that phantom one called ‘antifascist league’, which is well funded from the state budget, openly name-call and vilify as fascists the volunteers who defended the Homeland in 1991 – 1995? In which country of the world is it at all possible for an association or an individual to call their country’s victorious army formations criminal and treat them as fascists?!!

Let alone the fact that we have repeated many times that we have no connection with World War II but that we are a formation founded during our holy Homeland war and in reality are, as are all other Croatian army formations, the answer to the Greater Serbian fascism. It’s becoming more and more evident that our clear responses cannot bring results also due to the fact that the anonymous individuals who hide behind the phantom civil associations are still conducting calls to account from WWII. That is their right.

But, they do not have the right to draw us into their dirty games and it’s scandalous that the institutions of authority permit such things. In any other country the institutions would have long ago gone about sanctioning of subjects who vilify the values of the war for freedom of the Homeland and the formations that reined in that freedom. In our country, regretfully, the situation is reverse. Not only the WWII and post-WWII criminals are not sanctioned but also the terrible crimes committed by the Greater Serbia fascist hordes during the aggression against Croatia have not been investigated. In light of this, the paradox that the Croatian army formations are called, nothing more and nothing less than fascists is possible and that historians like Vladimir Brnardic, who objectively research the Homeland war, are threatened with lawsuits for promoting fascism!?!

Of course we also are contemplating lawsuits but it’s difficult to undertake anything under the law when we do not have the protection of the state and when the ghosts from the past vilify the Homeland War without signing their name to their deeds from within phantom associations. We invite all the state institutions to protect us in this, i.e., to respect the law of the country and to not succumb to the laws of phantom pressures of ghostly associations, who still live for retributions for events that occurred 70 years ago”.

Turning the clock back to 24 February 1990, Croatia’s first president Franjo Tudjman said: “The advocates of the hegemonic-unitarian or Yugoslav state attitudes see in the goals of HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) nothing except a demand for a rehabilitation of the Ustashe NDH (WWII Independent State of Croatia). They forget, though, that NDH (The World War II Independent State Of Croatia) was not merely a ‘puppet’ creation and ‘fascist crime’ but that it was also an expression of both the political aspirations of the Croatian people for their independent state and of the perceptions of those Croatian aspirations and its geographic borders within the international factors, in this case the government of Hitler’s Germany, which tailored a ‘new European order’ on the ruins of Versailles. Accordingly, NDH was not a mere whim of the Axis forces but rather a consequence of the quite specific historical factors.”

Of course, as one would expect, the 1990’s anti-Croatian independence pro-Yugoslavia communist forces hurled around the world and in Croatia maliciously branding this speech by Tudjman as pro-fascist and “as a beginning of turning the Ustashe into good and patriotic boys”, reiterates Novi List journalist Ladislav Tomicic with a mean spirited slant.

Who benefits from labelling Croatia’s independence defenders of the1990’s as fascists? Certainly not Croatia! No one but communists or false antifascists benefit! Do Croatian authorities truly want such social rot to take hold? It would seem that the answer to the latter is yes and that yes is closely associated with sabotaging growth of democracy and freedom. Why else would authorities tolerate the situation where antifascist organisations and their individual spawns label the country’s honourable veterans as fascists?

Croatian veterans of the 1990’s had sacrificed everything to defend Croatia from Serb and communist Yugoslav People’s Army aggression and atrocities. They sacrificed their lives for democracy and freedom only to find themselves vilified and falsely accused as being fascists, as being an extension of WWII fascism! This is beyond insulting! This is a disgrace for the whole of the Croatian nation! This cannot be tolerated! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Ina a second revolution is required in Croatia to unify the country. How could the left be so treasonous? What is the gain – do they really want an impoverished country so that they can recreate a 3rd Yugoslavia? Has history taught us nothing about our relationship with Serbia? Our Croatians after centuries of foreign rule not capable of governing themselves? When friends ask me about how Croatia is doing today I am at a loss for words..the truth is that we are worse off and have less hope – we are de-industrialized, have a bureaucratic and bloated government, ineffective and incompetent leadership, no vision, we have politically alienated our allies, made agreements with people/countries that are openly anti-Croatian, lack of entrepreneurial environment, and rapidly de-populating ourselves. While I hope things will get better, hope however doesn’t pay the rent.

    • It seems to me, Sunman, the nightmare to achieve democracy won’t subside until the antifascists get placed where they belong: at the seat of condemnation of communist crimes. This would clip their wings to the size that belongs to their movement. But yes, it seems they’re now trying to push Croatia into “the region” – perhaps that’s a name for 3rd Yugoslavia they contemplate. No one expected that transition from communism will be an easy task but this what’s happening in Croatia is very disturbing, indeed.

    • why would “croat” politicians want to recreate a 3rd Yugoslavia!?
      The serbians would be the masters in Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia,Montenegro etc. and Josipovic, Mesic, Milanovic, Pusic et al. would be thrown into the garbage as “USEFULL IDIOTS”.
      Josip Tito is dead, as is King Peter II and King Alexander!
      So what is the point to under serbian jackboots? But give the serbians credit…..IT’S SAID THEY KILL THEIR TRAITORS!

  2. I agree Ina. Calling freedom fighters fascists is troubling to say at least. I had even had people of other nationalities call me a fascist princess just because of my country’s origin.This is how deep brainwashing goes!

    • Sadly, dani, such are the effects of communist propaganda and we know communists never wanted an independent Croatia. We must stand strong and stand proud and recognise evil when we see it, speak out against it

  3. The Serbs are calling the independence of Croatia/Bosnia for illegal tribal secessionism and calling us to return to Yugoslavia but they were the ones who destroyed the country with genocide. The so-called antifacists expected non-serbs to accept their daughters to be put into serb rape camps ? or maybe to accept to get ethnic cleansed ? or see your family get killed in front you ? the only option non Serbs had in the 1990s was to fight or accept all the ugly things I mentioned. The only thing we should be ashamed of is not getting armed more quick and better and we could avoid genocide. Ustashe is long gone they are dead concentrate on serb war criminals from the 1990s who are doing very good.

  4. Alija Derzelez says:

    I think they,antifascist have started reading your blog,the one where you explain how you don’t celebrate 4/10 as independence day and only god knows why you defend HOS today since you don’t believe in it.

    • Alija, your comment proves so well what kind of mean and evil enemies Croatian independence has. If they read my article on why I do not celebrate the 10th of April then they would call the HOS Batallion of Croatian Army – veterans of the Homeland War, which they were. But I know many of them do read my articles but you see, it’s not in their interests to come clean with their WWII and post-war crimes, rather than starting to come clean with the atrocities of communist crimes and give democracy a decent chance they prefer to label all who love Croatia with WWII fascist labels.

      • Alija Derzelez says:

        On your fb page he wrote “They all ,antifascist have to be removed a bullet at the time … DELETED”. Why don’t you get yourself a life.

      • This blogs fb page does have similar a comment however your quotation was misrepresented here and that’s why that part is deleted because the two parts in your quotations did not come immediately one after the other, Alija. By the way, it is well known that people don’t always mean what they say, or say what they mean so unless one knows the commentator personally and was told what one means one cannot even then say in definite terms this is what he/she means what he she was thinking. As to getting a life I assure you I have a good one, and that could be something that does not agree with you but thanks for your “concern” anyway.

  5. Michael Silovic says:

    I am a PROUD Croatian fascist and make no apologies for it.There is only one way to solve this issue and that is to to remove all of the anti fascists from Croatia one at time.The truth is that they need to label everyone a fascist because they would no longer be relevant if they did not stir up the pot.They are has – been scum of the earth that are traitor to the true hero’s of our country and I would have no problem pulling the trigger….. ~ Za Dom Spremni!~

    • I like to think that the “trigger” you mention Michael is called Lustration, getting rid of all of them who held high positions etc in Yugoslavia from important public service or publicly funded NGO’s. And what you say is so true: they would no longer be relevant if they ceased stirring up some of the WWII past.

      • Alija Derzelez says:

        Well no he meant … DELETED

      • Alija, when you supply a diploma, certificate etc of a fool-proof mind-reader parts of your comment would probably pass the criteria of comment policy here

      • Alija Derzelez says:

        Let’s pretend like we don’t know what he meant,let’s keep guessing.

      • Guessing or hoping is the only thing others can do, including me, however claiming to know what someone else thinks, like you did, Alija, crosses the borders of normality into abnormality

  6. Hi Ina, off-topic but important: The annual ultramaraton Vukovar-Srebrenica is on. Read @

  7. I feel very inadequate in my response to this Ina, So much injustice here still needs addressing.. And the lies and cover ups of the real truths will I hope come into the light…
    It is still happening… and I agree with your comment about the UN….
    Sending you love and thank you for your visits and Likes.. xox

    • Thank you, Sue, many feel inadequate and more to the point – helpless! It’s a treacherous road indeed transitioning from communism.

      • It does feel helpless. There is much that is heartbreaking. Much that perhaps the international community should sort through. Why is is so hard to walk away from Communism? Thank you for all you do and your comments and wisdom. Hugs, Barbara

      • Thank you, Barbara. It’s indeed a hard road walking away from communism for many people it seems – whether this includes the justification of the unjustifiable is probably something that should be put in the formula; communists have maintained a mentality of superiority for whatever reasons and in that the oppression and the crimes committed by the regime have not yet been properly addressed and perhaps a high level of resistance to that exists which makes it “harder” to move away from communism, but it will come if democracy persists

      • We must persist and we will. All people must have a voice. Corruption must be punished by long prison terms. If we lose democracy, then we will lose our planet. Hugs, Barbara

      • In there with you, Barbara.

  8. I have always had an intense interest in history, and I really enjoy coming to a blog like yours and basically reading history of another country as it happens, reading about the immediate past as viewed by people in the present. It’s really interesting reading. Thank you!

  9. Good morning ! 🙂–RhM

  10. Charlie says:

    The only “fascists” in Croatia are the Commumist Criminals who hide behind their murderous crimes and who will do anything to try to discredit the brave defenders of the homeland war who believed in a free and democratic Croatia. That freedom and democracy continues to be poisoned by those who do not believe in democracy or in a free independent Croatia. Croatia needs to wake up from its slumber and make these Communist Criminals accountable for their ugly lies and crimes. Sooner rather than later!

  11. How horrendous! 🙁

  12. ..if just ONE more time, the Croats vote for (Dr. of what?) Josipovic as President and the stupid Montenegrin Milanovic as Prime Minister, then the Croatian nation should be TOTALLY & FINALLY annihilated from the face of this earth—FOREVER! The serbs know how to manipulate (as they are the classic Byzantine politicians) and they are just waiting for Croatia to go bankrupt and population decline so, they can capture the country without firing a single shot!
    …and BTW, where is this “Lady of Medjugorje” and other fictitious GARBAGE that the stupid catholic church invented! The “lady of Fatima” said that Russia will be converted to her “sacred heart”! —oh yeah!!!!
    Russia is worse than ever! But getting back to Croatia, just ONE more time, then they deserve to be destroyed-FOREVER!

    • I agree Tempus Fugit, Croatian people are responsible for their own future and high time they kicked the communists out of power. It’s not for me to judge whether Lady of Medjugorje – in Herzegovina – is real or not. I think that she is real in the hearts of the believers and they are people like everyone else.

  13. Charlie says:

    I believe that Croatian people are responsible for their own future. However, I also believe that many are disillusioned with the economic problems and corruption from all sides of politics. In addition, the communists have divided society with their manipulation and divide and conquer politics. I believe that Croatia desperately needs a president like Ms Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic who is not a communist (what a change that would be!) and has demonstrated that she is prepared to speak up and criticise the government of the day. I do not know if this will happen as the communists will do anything to stay in power but for the sake of Croatia and the future of its citizens, I sincerely hope that Croatians seek change.

  14. Fascists are those who cannot accept the freedom and sovereignty of Croatia which 100% applies to these senile imbeciles that call themselves “anti-fascists”. They and their media butt-lickers are the lowest of the low. Absolutely vile, heartless scum. Sad excuses for human beings who sell out everything of value to satisfy their greed.

    Croatian veterans have too much patience it seems, because it is long past the due date to start hitting back with all their might.

    • Yes, Kat, some strong assertion of veterans’ rights is well overdue, I agree

      • I don’t want to say everyone in Croatia is being apathetic, but whatever is being done it is clearly not enough. We are constantly on the defense against accusations of fascism, joint criminal enterprise, this and that. It is painful to watch and knowing first-hand what some veterans are going through, it is heart-breaking to see them spat on like this time and time again. It’s time to stop being on the defense and assert our rights and the truth about our country.

      • I TOTALLY agree, Kat. It’s insufferable

  15. Veronika says:

    Anti-fascist in Croatia does not mean what it does to the free world. Anti-fascism in Croatia is a euphemism for anti-patriotism, anti-Croatian, anti-anything that is not communist. It is the clever term used to exalt all that is communist in Croatia.

  16. Croatian Hope says:

    The Ustaše movement of WW2 should be treated as a disgrace for modern day Croatia, especially in the city of Split which the regime sold out the city to the Italians.
    Resistance was wide spread through the region right down to the football team, Hajduk Split who defied the italians and the U movement.
    Modern day Croatia need to wash their hands from its communist and fascist past and move forward.
    I really feel that these so called ‘Croats’ that live abroad have a greater problem with the history of the land than of those who live there, yet the majority will never reside within its borders yet their “CROATIAN”
    Anyway peace out hate gets us no where

    • Croatian hope, there’s no problem with Croats who live abroad when it comes to history or today – they have always responded to what is happening in Croatia and it’s the Croats in the homeland that have little will to move forward from history to rectify the past wrongs of all sides. Living abroad often means often living for Croatia, helping people, they’re called upon to invest etc etc while many that live in Croatia live for Croatia much less. Just look at the thieving and corruption of the past done by those that live there, to only mention some. It’s happening even today – many, many people especially the young are emigrating because those who lived in Croatia failed to create conditions for a decent life.

    • Veronika says:

      ‘Croatian Hope’ needs to read more. Suffice to say that the Ustase and Domobrani fought for a free and independent Croatia (people seem to forget how awful it was under the Serb king and gendarmes) while the Partisans and Communists fought for a Greater Serbia under the guise of Yugoslavia. The Partisans and Communists slaughtered more people in the region than the Ustase ever did. The Communists killed more than 600 member of the clergy for example. Read: Don Anto Bakovic’s book if you don’t believe me. If the Ustase did all of this killing explain to me how Jasenovac was still in operation 5 years after the war ended, explain the slaughter of more than 300,000 innocents by the hands of Tito and his followers AFTER 1945 (see Bleiburg and Krizni Putevi), explain the arrest, puppet trial, and poisoning of Blessed Stepinac, explain the hunting down and killing of emigres across the globe by the UDBA agents, explain prisons and camps like Gradiska, KPD Zenica, Goli Otok…etc. I could go on but I don’t want to take up so much space. Truth will set people free not the regurgitated alleged ‘stats’ or so-called facts pounded into peoples heads from 1945 and onwards. This is the problem with people they don’t read and they repeat nonsense. If you don’t believe me go back and read all of Glas Koncila’s issues. They have had the most fair and well-researched coverage on the region’s history.

    • Veronika says:

      “Croatian Hope” Your comment: “these so called ‘Croats’ that live abroad have a greater problem with the history of the land”…speaks volumes of your disdain towards Croats abroad. These same ‘so-called’ Croats sent millions in aid before the war, during the war, and continue to after the war. Don’t bite the hand that feeds. Were it not for the diaspora you would be speaking Serbian now and be a part of a Greater Serbia. Furthermore, were it not for the diaspora, many Croats, (not all), in Croatia would have built a monument to Milosevic a long time ago since so many people there had NO IDEA about their own history, culture, identity, traditions…. Monuments to TITO that STILL exist speaks volumes of the sheer ignorance and denial there. (Like the Russian fools who carry pictures of Stalin around to this day.) We grew up aboard, in freedom, not in a bubble called Yugoslavia where bread lines, hyperinflation, electricity shortages…existed. By the way, that bubble still exists only under another regime today. Only abroad do you see the true picture of the reality of the situation and thankfully here we can read everything and distinguish truth from fiction. Any ethnic group, regardless of where they reside, should be able to belong to the group they wish to belong to. Just because I only visit Croatia and spend my money and holidays there does not mean I am not a Croatian since I was not born there but my family was.

      Like the poem by D. Ivanisevic says, :

      Ni brda nisu,
      ni doline, ni rijeke, ni more,
      ni oblaci nisu,
      ni kisa, ni snijeg nije moja Hrvatska…
      Jer Hrvatska nije zemlja, kamen, voda,
      Hrvatska je rijec koju naucih od majke
      i ono u rijeci mnogo dublje od rijeci,
      i ono dublje s Hrvatskom me veze,
      s Hrvatskom Hrvata,
      s patnjama njinim,
      sa smijehom i nadom,
      s ljudima me veze,
      te ja kao Hrvat brat sam sviju ljudi
      i kud god idem sa mnom je

      pardon the lousy translation, it’s more beautiful in Croatian:

      It is neither the hills,
      or the valleys, or rivers, or the sea,
      or the clouds,
      Neither the rain, nor the snow, is my Croatia …
      Because Croatia is not land, rock, water,
      Croatia is a word that I learned from my mother
      and in the word there is more depth than the word itself,
      and that which is deeper is what ties me to Croatia,
      with Croatia, Croatians,
      their suffering,
      laughter and hope,
      it ties me to the people,
      and I as a Croatian, am a brother to all peoples,
      and wherever I go, Croatia is with me.

  17. Croatian Hope says:

    ‘Veronika’ Your comment- “Suffice to say the Ustaše and Domobrani fought for FREE and independent Croatia”
    Unless your were of Serb, Jew, Roma, anti-fascist/Croatian and Dalmatian/Croat origin, right?

    In September 1920, Mussolini said:

    “When dealing with such a race as Slavic – inferior and barbarian – we must not pursue the carrot, but the stick policy. We should not be afraid of new victims. The Italian border should run across the Brenner Pass, Monte Nevoso and the Dinaric Alps. I would say we can easily sacrifice 500,000 barbaric Slavs for 50,000 Italians.”

    —Benito Mussolini, speech held in Pula, 20 September 1920

    Croat origins- Slavic theory, according to the most it is the most widely accepted theory (Take a look at a photo of Ante Gotovina and tell me he’s not of Slavic origin)
    – Iranian theory
    – And the Mythical Gothic theory.
    Whilst there is indeed evidence of population continuity between Gothic and Croat times in parts of Dalmatia, the idea of a Gothic origin of Croats was more rooted in the political aspirations than historical reality.

    The Italianization of Dalmatia during WW2, the Croatian people would now have a choice to either conform or resist.

    The Partisans were the only faction that did collaborate with the axis powers, the choice for Croats within the region id imagine would have been a simple one.

    Modern day Croats acknowledge the importance of this movement by celebrating the establishment of the Partisans, on the 22nd of June 1941. (Known as Anti-Fasicist struggle day)

    Janko Bobetko, who 50 years later became one of the most prominent Croatian generals in Croatian War of Independence, was one of the founding members of this unit.

    Veronika. Like it or not this is an extremely important part of Croatian history that nobody can/ should deny!

    Peace be with you “Croatian Hope”

  18. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel.

  19. I can only shake my head in disgust at “Croatian Hope”!! Pavelic would NEVER have deliberately sold Dalmacija to the Italians… This is an age old argument once again orchestrated by the leftie partizani. As for you Ms Vukic, yes what happened in WW11 is the past, but it’s a valuable piece of Croatia’s past that should never be forgotten, the USTASE fought for an NDH, they fought for their sovereignty and freedom and quite frankly I’m proud of that…These people have been harshly vilified by the allies and the pathetic commies…Dear “Croatian Hope”, you have no hope, your only friend is ignorance and you clearly live in sweet bliss as result.

  20. What happened in Bleiburg “Croatian Hope”?? Who do you think was responsible for the systematic massacre/genocide of half a million Croats in 1945?? Any ideas??

  21. It’s a shame that some feel they must push other under…to make themselves rise to the top! 🙁

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