Congratulations, Madam President Of Croatia – Now Comes The Hard Part!

11 January 2015 Victory Night Centre: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, President elect of Croatia Right: Jadranka Juresko-Kero, Election Campaign Leader Standing behind Grabar-Kitarovic to left: Tomislav Karamarko, President of Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ

11 January 2015 Victory Night
Centre: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, President elect of Croatia
Right: Jadranka Juresko-Kero, Election Campaign Leader
Standing behind Grabar-Kitarovic to left:
Tomislav Karamarko, President of Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ


Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, the newly elected President of Croatia has achieved an amazing victory even though the winning margin between her and her opponent Ivo Jospovic in numerical value is considered minimal or very low. But to achieve victory in so profoundly politically divided country at this particular time of economic slump and brinks of threatening bankruptcy is a result worthy of greatness in its own right.

Since Sunday January 11, when the highest voter turnout in the last 15 years voted for a new president – aroused from a rather deep democratic sleep by the emotions unleashed by the Centre-Right (Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ and coalition currently in parliamentary opposition) and Centre-Left (Social Democrats and coalition currently holding government) face-off – Croatia is being forced to take the temperature of its body politic. For months, the former have, rightly so, accused the government as incompetent and responsible for the country’s dire economic woes with unemployment running at over 19% and some 70% living in relative poverty, while the latter wrongfully, in efforts of imputing collective guilt, keep accusing the former as being a criminal and corrupt organisation because its former leader, Ivo Sanader, had been convicted of corruption and fraud.

To demonstrate the deep divide in the country one needs only to look at the reaction of Croatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic: even three days after the presidential victory he has not found the decency to congratulate Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and thereby acknowledge, if not applaud, the democratic rights expressed through voting by Croatian voters that voted for her! Furthermore, he announces his unwillingness to collaborate with the new president of his state!

So the great irony of Croatia’s current situation is that it’s facing both a cliff and a standoff. Grabar-Kitarovic has won the election despite the enormous and seemingly unconquerable divisions in the country. The division is building up into a vicious standoff between former communists (often representing those who did not want the breakup of communist Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s) and those who fought and defended the nation’s right to self-determination and an independent Croatia. But all are facing a looming “fiscal cliff,” and the new President must overcome the divide and navigate towards achieving a greater unity within the nation against the backdrop of Centre/Right – Centre/Left face-off.

Indeed, Grabar Kitarović stressed in her first interview that now was a time that Croatia united and did not become divided which is what has happened over the last few years. She stated that she wants now to get to work on lifting Croatia out of the deep economic crisis it is in together with Prime Minister Milanović. Grabar Kitarović, says she will call Milanović herself if he does not call in the next few days.

That is a sign of a good leader: duty takes priority. Something Croatia’s Prime Minister Milanovic evidently lacks. A true leader is a master of bringing together two opposing bodies to form a single, cohesive group – or at least as cohesive as possible. The extreme polarisation in politics has caused a splintering of the public’s perception, trust, and faith in government and the government insists on staying put!

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has worked very hard campaigning for a better Croatia and captured the trust of multitudes. But the hard part of her path to the presidency is just getting started. The Social Democrats holding government and their political coalition partners are behaving like two-year-olds with a temper-tantrum! They’ve dug their heels in and keep attacking Croatian democracy with utterly unfounded and unfair nationalistic slur and awful vilification against those voters and the political parties who stand by Grabar-Kitarovic. Croatia is so very lucky to have a new President in Grabar-Kitarovic who knows well how to handle the twisted suggestions that try to portray her modern conservative politics as akin to nationalism, and blow them right out of the water. She is a world-class politician who has earned most of her stripes living and working in Western democracies, which cherish patriotism and unity towards the benefit of all.

But elements within those same democracies play the same hateful games with nationalism as do Croatia’s former communists who did not want an independent Croatia. So, often you may across articles by BBC, by AP, by New York Times … that enter into the same unfounded allegations of nationalism against Grabar-Kitarovic as Croatia’s former communists.

For example, in New York Times article “Croatians Elect Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic as Their First Female President” (Jan 11, 2015) Joanna Berendt and Joseph Orovic, without any reference or specification of facts they rely on, say that the victory speech given by the Croatia’s President elect on Sunday 11 January “suggested a return to the nationalistic politics that dominated Croatia in the postwar dissolution of Yugoslavia”. They quote a part of Grabar-Kitarovic victory speech “Let’s go together. A difficult job awaits us. Let’s unite. Let’s unite our patriotism, love and faith in our Croatian homeland,” and in it see nationalism with negative connotations!

One needs to wonder why Berendt and Orovic found no other to quote but Mr Dejan Jovic, who is a former advisor to Croatian president Ivo Josipovic and recently sacked from his advisory position as Croatian media reported in association with his abominable publicised views that the 1990 Croatian referendum on secession from communist Yugoslavia was “very illiberal”, a known opponent of Croatian independence and the breakup of communist Yugoslavia, to flesh out their mean-spirited and utterly unfounded nationalistic innuendo.

The authors of this NYT article lead us to believe that patriotism and sticking together for the betterment of ones nation, democracy and independence are something nationalistically negative!


My goodness, what might they have said about the part of US President Barrack Obama’s 2012 victory speech when he said: “Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward…It (union) moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression, the spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair to the great heights of hope, the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an American family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people”?
Or is this NYT article attempting to portray a message that self-determination is not a human right of all nations?
No doubt about it: Croatia is at crossroads to either economic/existential ruin and political unrest or to unity and economic prosperity. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic wants the latter and is prepared to work hard to achieve it.

So, I would say that one of the most important tasks ahead of her, preferably within the first three months of her mandate, is to confront reality and take action. Although her presidential powers for direct action may be limited I would say there are more ways than one to achieve a goal. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Michael Silovic says:

    Croatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic is obviously mentally unbalanced, Anyone who has watched him over the years can certainly see that not only in his character but in his expressions and more so by the way he leads. I will say to you and all Croats again.THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A NATIONALIST ! We do not have to defend ourselves for our beliefs nor should we try to . Anyone who thinks being a nationalist is being other then patriotic is wrong . As an example when Bin Laden was assassinated by the USA people around the country took to the streets chanting USA USA! That is nationalist chant and no one in the press called them nationalists. Every country has nationalists. With out nationalists many countries would cease to exist and loose what little freedom they have. I am a proud nationalist / fascist and even prouder to be a Croat.It is better to be a nationalist then being pissed on by others as we have seen from our past and never again.All Croats should stand up and be counted as ones who are proud of who we are as a people and where we came from and where we are heading. WE should never forget that it was the so called nationalists who stayed home during the homeland war to defend what is our homeland today. They were not the ones who hid nor ran away when time came to defend who we are as a people and we should not be the ones to run away from nationalists or nationalism…So screw the negative press because when we prosper they will be singing a different tune. It is ashamed that our new president is having that label put upon her by a few cowards in the press because with her credentials there is nothing else they can write about her in a derogatory fashion. She will work hard for Croatia and its people make no mistakes, We can not get into any worse position that we currently are.. The recent press articles referring to her being nationalist is rolling off her easily!That is a sign of courage and strength and is what we need in leadership. Being raised and educated in America she knows how the press plays their games and who controls and manipulate the press. She will not allow that to take from her leadership and responsibility to our country and yes we nationalists will stand tall and strong to defend her as we did for our country,…….~ Za Dom Spremni ! ~

  2. History teaches that one of the two faces of nationalism almost always predominates. A society with a lot of positive nationalism is more likely to be tolerant and open toward the rest of the world because its people have learned the habits of good citizenship and social justice. People who feel little responsibility toward one another will turn against one another, against minorities in their midst and outsiders across their borders, in return for promises of glory or comforting fictions of superiority.
    Kolinda is so right in emphasizing patriotism and unity around the homeland that Croatia is.

  3. Social Justice says:

    Where social capital is in short supply, such as in cases of deep divisions or accentuated polarization in society only trouble and misery can exist for people at large and political elitism for few. Political party affiliation should not play a part in what Kolinda has set out to do. I would expect that she cherishes freedom of association, political affiliation, religious beliefs etc but also the reality that these must be set aside while working together for the betterment of the country as a whole

  4. Steve Ward says:

    The moral force of prosperity and social benevolence rests on the preexistence of strong bonds among a people who share common values and aspirations. Nationalism is not the danger. The real danger comes in allowing the negative nationalists to claim the mantle of patriotism for their own ends and in the case of Croatia there is no negative nationalism only positive and only healthy patriotism that, if eroded, will give way to total destruction of Croatia. That is why the ex-communists and those nasty pieces of work who call themselves antifascists in Croatia keep pushing the false notion of nationalism in Croatia.

    • I guess, Steve – the communist respiratory system will collapse sooner or later. In the meantime, one needs to sail through it and watch out for damage control at all times until we reach the other side where life’s free of the ghosts of the totalitarian regime past.

  5. Kolinda is an amazing woman – an amazing human being and politician. Croatia is so fortunate to have her. She will do as she promises for Croatia – you watch and see! She will come across barriers, hard barriers that often will not budge for the ex-communists are sore losers, sorer than others I think – but Croatia is in for an exciting ride under Kolinda’s leadership and example

  6. Croatia is not the only country that is divided…Europe is full of them, America follows suit…that’s why leaders are needed who confront this and work with it. Not an easy job at all. Wishing Croatia the best of luck with the new president

    • Thank you, Jessamy – and, yes, divisions and polarisations on the basis of political affiliations is a common theme throughout many developed and developing countries…a good leader will make inroads to improvements however narrow or seemingly small they may be but they are inroads to betterment, nevertheless

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  8. Sadly, the American Presidential elections are rigged via the poor choices of candidates we the people get to vote for!

  9. Zoran Nosic says:

    Great article, as usual Ina.
    “I am a nationalist”…there I have said it. “I am a proud Croat”.

    The issue is nationalism is obfuscated only in Croatia. The rest of the Western democracies have no issue with it. Consider only this point. Loving your nation crosses all political divisions. Being a socialist or fascist has no bearing because the evidence shows that a Democrat and Republican both love America. They may express it in a varied manner, but love her no less.

    Now to the Croatian paradigm. The absolute hatred that epitomize Yugoslavia about all things Croatian have never been purged. These socialists (read communists) have never possessed love for Croatia so it is unnatural to expect civility and mutual respect. That requires two parties that share something.

    Future generations will bridge the gap. I have to believe the new generation of politicians will not perpetuate this lunacy. My logical side however, feels “once a godless heathen, authoritarian and sociopath, always one”. Hate is the only pervasive tendency this Milanovic government has…hate for Croatia and anything Croatian. Just like his role model;Tito.

    • Good to be proud, Zoran! Yes I too believe that Croatia’s younger generation will reject hatred and uplift the pride in being for Croatia as a matter of priority

  10. Rex Croatorum says:

    Exactly Zoran,
    In the normal world nationalism, patriotism call it what you want crosses political divisions (both left and right) but in Croatia the biggest issue is the left are marginally Croatian, the majority are political yugoslavs who still never came to terms with Croatian statehood as they (and their offspring) miss the social, economic and political privilege their little red books gave them in that failed artificial state, a prison of Croats.

    The constant witch hunt on any and all forms of Croatian patriotism (most visibile in sport and on war vets) has reached unprecedented levels under the kukuriku era and has to stop. Kolinda, as the first president who did not grow from the KPH/KPJ can start, and ceremonially signal this change with throwing out Titos bust from Pantovcak. I hope she has the courage to do so and not try to please everyone/appease the other side.

  11. Ante Saric says:

    Croatia’s leftists really are sore losers. It just shows that they don’t believe in democracy nor an independent Croatian state. Some of their comments have to be heard to be believed. Radical leftist, Ante Tomic, said Josipovic lost because he was too soft. He was not prepared to get down and dirty. That is news to anyone following the campaign which revealed the true character of Josipovic.
    Also it would not be Croatian politics if we did not hear something insane from Vesna Pusic. She said KGK must change her “rhetoric”. Basically she wants KGK to betray her supporters who want radical change to way politics in done in Croatia.
    The message from the election is simple. We want change. We want results. And we want Pusic out. Hopefully that sick woman will get the message. I won’t hold my breath.

    • Won’t hold my breath either, Ante – but there are general elections coming and let’s hope the current opposition and other “hopefuls” do their work properly and boot the government out

  12. Most journalists are left leaning die-hard RED hacks.
    The press corps that covered the wars of aggression in the region were like this too. Nothing has changed in 25 years…Croats are ‘nationalist’ ‘ustase’ ‘haters’ etc….
    Basically, back then, the press corps shilled for the Yugoslav National Army and the Serb terrorists waging war. Plain and simple. Imagine that, they were writing articles for groups that supported communism and were wiping out a people fighting for survival.
    How very noble of the free western press corps.
    I wonder how many of them would write about Chairman Mao’s ‘generosity.’
    These same hacks still support the reds and they’re not only local Titoists but journos abroad as well.
    Living Marxism magazine reported a few years back that the Serb-run death camps were a fabrication.
    That says a lot about the business of reporting today.
    Let me guess: Orovic is a Josipovic supporter and a ‘Yugoslav’ by nationality. My comments to all hacks: Just report the news, no need for your ignorant editorial commentary.
    For a good overview on some of this re. the media please see: James Sadkovich’s book: “The U.S. Media and Yugoslavia, 1991- 1995” A review can be found here:
    Pathetic that few hacks saw fit to cover a great story on a very young, talented, female leader.
    How many female presidents are there in Europe? On the globe? That’s the story right there.
    Shame on the press corps for their blatantly biased writing.

    • Perhaps, Erica, it just may be a woman that’ll set things right despite the onslaught of many journalists and politicians. One certainly needs to grow a hard skin to defend fairness and truth in the current political and media storm that blows with nonacceptance of the breakup of Yugoslavia and communist fist.

  13. A very interesting post! Good Luck to her in the future! 😊

  14. Hi Ina, very good post. I agree with you about Nationalism, but I think we also need to protest and speak up about what is wrong with our country. There is no perfect country because there are no perfect humans…unfortunately. But that said, Croatians need to feel pride in what they have accomplished despite all odds. Hugs my friend, Barbara

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  16. What a wonderful achievement!… We also have a woman as president here in Argentina… The experience was a good one indeed (well, still is!)… All the best is about to come, as the saying goes Inavukic!. Regards!~ Aquileana 😀

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    Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic is the newly elected President of Croatia, and this blog post explains the political issues she is taking on as Croatia’s first female President. Very well written! Thank you to Ina at the blog Croatia, the War, and the Future for writing the post. Reblog!

  18. She sounds like a woman who will be able to handle whatever Croatia throws at her. Madam President sounds really cool! 😀

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    It’s good to see women making a stand, getting ahead and showing the world that they too can make a difference… Well done Kolinda! Now where’s the American one? 🙂

  20. therealamericro says:

    I just read in Vecernji that the President elect is looking at the Homeland Security model.

    That is a very bad idea. Please forward this as well Ina.

    1. The mis-named PATRIOT Act itself is unconstitutional and tramples the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, as well as U.S. Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Sections 241 – Deprivation of Rights – and 242 – Deprivation of Rights under the Color of Law.

    2. Homeland Security has stopped zero (0) terror attacks. All of the so-called plots were, thanks to Orwellian surveillance and targeting of people for their views, and then using FBI agents and or informers looking for a plea deal and doing FBI dirty work, have all been false flag terror plots where the subjects were radicalized, cajoled, coerced, bribed and honey trapped into plots that were initiated, plotted, monitored and materially assisted by the FBI before it swooped in to “save” US Citizens from their own plot. See the crazy cat guy loser in Cleveland and of course the good Judge Napolitano’s analysis (

    3. Homeland Security operates with not little, but absolutely no oversight. The entire surveillance panopticon is not just unconstitutional, but psychopathic and sociopathic and is used for online false flags, as well as blacklisting and placing citizens under surveillance under idiotic “criteria” and the whims of intelligence operatives – either for meeting one of the absurd “criteria” (, or the whim of any agent or operative who can now write their own warrants based on alleged “hunches,” not evidence of any crime. The result is millions of “thought criminals” barred from employment in state or federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, as well as civilian bureaucracies – because some algorithm ID’d them based on their online comments on US foreign policies, a haughty agent with a God complex who doesn’t like someone’s opinion, or some other form of illegal, unconstitutional power abuse, is used to rob people of their liberties because of their opinions. The room for abuse is so broad it is even broader than the obscene entrapment interpretation of the Supreme Court. In fact almost every “terror” case and many hacking cases are clear cases of entrapment – the government creating criminals and or terrorists after identifying them illegally for their views, engaging in entrapment and or parallel construction, then wasting tax dollars in prosecuting and incarcerating people – for thought crimes and playing national security theater with law enforcement and intelligence agents of out of control bureaucracies and government.

    4. The last terror attack in Croatia was an Islamist attack, in 1997. Croatia is such a small country that a Dept. of Homeland (in)Security is absolutely unnecessary and a waste of time and money. If someone from the Diaspora is visiting and gets drunk and makes a fool of themselves somewhere in ZG, let alone outside of it, some Aunt in the Diaspora will eventually find out outside of Croatia. Croatia has the population of a larger Western city – and its government bureaucracy should act and be proportional to that. A Croatian DHS is just another bureaucracy we don’t need, partly because Oceana – I mean the Five Eyes – are already reading every text message, email and listening to every conversation, including those in Croatia (since 2012 – I am going to go on a limb and assume no permission was asked for regarding the owning of Croatia’s cell and internet network / infrastructure: anyway, Croatians doing it is overkill. And the fact of the matter is that the Hebdo attack took place not despite the pervasive, Orwellian surveillance Leviathan, but BECAUSE of it because the Five Eyes and their NATO counterparts are busy reading teenage girls text messages, profiling citizens who some bureaucrat doesn’t like for one reason or another, building blackmail against political opponents, trying to find out what whistleblowers journalists are talking to, and overloading the system to the point where analysis of raw data analysis and worthwhile dissemination is impossible due to everyone being under electronic surveillance – which is a violation of privacy and basic civil and human rights in of itself. Agents are bogged down with globs of useless information – unless for blackmail or false flag entrapment operations – and the terrorists have a get out of jail free card thanks to this.

    5. Islamic terrorism is the biggest physical threat to Croatia and the region, however it has been limited since the last Mostar and Central Bosnia attacks on Croats – in regards to Croats r Croatian interests being threatened. The bearded freaks in Gornja Maoca are under close watch, as are former jihadis (though not close enough for political reasons – namely Bosniak nationalism). Second, Croatia’s Muslim community is self policing, and is so small that if someone talks jihad, someone will find out. Now, we have the case of Dora from Bjelovar. Well, if Oceana was not profiling everyone for future blackmail, entrapment, or reputation destruction, they could have passed on to Croatia what this guy was doing because the surveillance would have been targeted early on and not fogged out due to LOVEINT and mass surveillance which aids and abets terrorism and terrorists (yes NSA and other agency members and politicians who support bulk surveillance, you are Al Qaida lovers and collaborators). Dora was an exception to the rule and in terms of statistical probabilities, lightning striking a winning lottery ticket.

    6. Croatia should be far more concerned with the shady funding and overt political support for subversive, anti-Democratic, anti-Croatian organizations hell bent on equating guilt for Serbia’s genocidal aggression to create desired political outcomes and historical revisionism unfavorable to Croatia, Croatian national interests, the truth, and elementary logic and reason. The intelligence agencies should be more concerned with the foreign individuals that engage in this, and, as the case is for State Department online English language strategic propaganda front, Balkan Insight, its writers from Croatia, who are nothing short of willing paid agents of foreign influence. If some refugee starts talking jihad at a Mosque or in Croatia’s Muslim community, or some Albanian in Dubrava starts talking jihad, they will be outed immediately. I’m more concerned with the pompous, tatooed, pierced British “analyst” in Rovinj, the Debka or Mossad or Oceana Israeli operative in Zagreb’s Center, and their local agents of foreign influence, along with the stand-out like sore thumb Micky Mouse / Mr. Bean Anglo-American spies like North Carolina moron or his friend from Manchester and these individuals working with yellow journalists and “former” KPH, UDBa and KOS members, and deep covers such as certain people in Croatia’s medical community (who have access to all records and therefore can blackmail anyone for anything) than I am Ahmed the terrorist.

    The greatest threat to Croatia is Yugoslav nationalist socialism (national-socialism), and subversive activities of certain EU and NATO allies which is quite open.

    Croatia’s security demands Lustration, not a Department of Homeland Insecurity.

    • A no mercy cut with the communist past is in order indeed – lustration – I agree, therealamericro. Cheers and will forward

    • Michael Silovic says:

      Homeland security is another way of oppressing people and does nothing to protect a country.It is a financial burden on countries and allows for corruption on a large scale by goverment and cronies.Croatia does not need such a department. All we have to do is look at America to see the failures as it is used more to oppress the american people then it does to protect the country.The way you protect a country is to limit immigration by non Croats. You can not fill a country full of people who do not understand your culture or Heritage and only seek to change it for them to be of comfort in religious or other areas.You can not integrate a country of other people and expect them to integrate into a society that conflicts with their way of life. No one likes change and very few can integrate easily. DHS is a farce. The real problem with security has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. It has to do with the fact that many people were displaced because of other goverment interference in their countries which wreaked havoc and destruction.People were forced to leave their homeland and are angry.Forced to live among others who do not share their religious beliefs or way of life.If you want a safe country you begin by getting rid of everyone that does not belong their legally and you do not issue instant residency and citizenship’s. Increasing the size of goverment does nothing for the people. Government is never the solution but always the problem the bigger it becomes.

    • You are 100% right. Excellent insight. KGK could use sober and focused minds as advisers – she would do well to establish both formal and informal advisory boards made-up of Croatians from around the world. You have my vote.

    • Informed reply:It would seem that Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic concept has been misunderstood. There’s no thought of surveillance of people and communications as in the American system, but rather better networking of the existing system toward better effectiveness. Illegal immigrants, ISIL fighters and natural catastrophes are going to be an increasing problem against which we will need to fight, and the intelligence services and politics will need to fight against those who undermine the system.

  21. I appreciate very much your objective attitude in your posts, you give facts trying to restrain from comments, erratic or correct .The nationalistic speech of KGK was the part of the euphoria, I think her politics will be very different from it, Her task is to make us Croats proud that we are Croats without untrue stigmas. Because the division you describe (I quote from your post The division is building up into a vicious standoff between former communists (often representing those who did not want the breakup of communist Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s) and those who fought and defended the nation’s right to self-determination and an independent CroatiaI is only STATISTICAL. most of the politiucians are generated from former communist party (once a politician, always polltician),the only party we had in Yugoslavia. we are not devided into communists and nationalists, , there is a silent majority of people who had no voice equally then and now, who love their country and don’t make profession and profit out of it,

    • therealamericro says:

      Her speech wasn’t nationalistic, it was spun into it. In fact, she only repeated what Josipovic said in 2011 – his position was praised, however.

      • My point, exactly – therealamericro – her words will be twisted by those behind the likes of Josipovic but I think she can handle it and good on her!

    • So true, Vesna, regarding the silent majority who want neither one or the other from the past…the diaspora is full of them, particularly those who left during 1950’s onwards. Thank you, and the stigma is felt all over and slowly, with truth, it will disappear, much work till then as there are many in the world in whose political interests it is to maintain it but it will blow away, it will…as long as we stand proud to be Croat 🙂

  22. It’s very odd and frustrating the response from the media and the Croatian Serbs about KGK statement that all citizens of Croatia are Croats. In every other country of the world this is the norm and expected value – in Canada, France, USA, Australia, Russia, China, etc. people are all citizens called the by national name of the state regardless of background. But not in Croatia and not allowed for Croatia to take this stance. There is nothing wrong with this statement or point of view…unless one has other designs for Croatia…like disunity and division to weaken Croatia and ultimately to dissolve Croatia and to rise a Greater Serbia.

  23. Thank you for the informative post and I wish your new president, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and Croatia all the best for the future.

  24. Always insightful thinking and prose from inavukic, reading and appreciating her, distracts me from my work as does watching a glorious morning sky alighting to reveal itself.

    In America, the expiration of an incumbent President who seeks reelection is way rare. Only for when the nation is bleeding from many wounds and amputation surgery is critically needed regardless of uncertainty. Kolinda, I met her in WDC when she was Ambassador to USA (SAD if you prefer), is like a transplanted new heart in the nation body that all who feel themselves to be Croatian-Americans have family historic compassion toward. I am returning to Zagreb for President-elect Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic inauguration on February 19th (as I was also in St. Mark’s Square attending Mr. Josipovic inauguration).

    Regarding “My goodness” US President Barrack Obama’s 2012 victory speech … his utterances were words written for him by professional wordsmiths that he read from a text display. Yes, the words sounded charming coming out of his mouth (he practiced the speech a-lot) as beautiful as the song “The Sound of Music”, but it was all together self aggrandizing more than as he desired to imply it was validation of “our nation moves forward” because he was reelected at a greatly reduced voter electorate affirmation.

    I look forward to President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic (five years hence) valid reelection being similar to President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection winning in 49 of the 50 America states. You can’t go wrong with duplicating success.

    Sve najbolje tebi i tvojima, Have a nice Day 🙂

    Connor Vlakancic

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